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    1. Maybe it’s a strange or unintended admission to the nature of the IFB way of life. It’s a trap and they’re baiting poor, unsuspecting people to ensnare themselves. Kind of reminds me of Jesus rebuke of the Pharisees in Matthew 23:15, about how they travel across land and sea to win a single convert and unfortunately for that convert, he/she becomes twice a son of hell for signing on the dotted line.

      1. Most epic! The second incarnation of Pitfalls devoured most of my Christmas vacation in 2002

  1. Wow. Jim Henson would NOT approve.

    But then, nothing says fundamentalism more than outright theft, uhhh, use of attractive materials to draw in the young! And it gives the appearance of corporate sponsorship. After all, if Kermit endorses it, the nice people who produce those wonderful shows must like it, right?

    Nothing says fundamentalism more than the willingness to be deceitful in a variety of subtle ways.

    1. I will say, whoever was voicing not!Kermit did a pretty good job.

      Except now I’m curious as to how anyone from IBF discovered this voice talent, and whether it was this talent that spawned the idea for blatant copyright infringement, or the idea that unearthed the talent.

    2. “Jim Henson would not approve.”

      Moreover, Disney (who currently owns rights to the Muppets) would not approve. Seeing as they’re a world-wide company, they could easily sue for violation of their rights.

  2. Americanization is a critical part of “seeking God’s way” – you really can’t be legitimately saved without it

  3. I suddenly have an entirely new appreciation for what it means to defile something. I feel really bad for the Muppets and the late Jim Henson, that they will associated with a IFBer not by their own choice.

    For what it’s worth, I’m surprised that any IFBer would use the Muppets to promote a ministry of theirs because Jim Henson was born into a Christian Scientist family. Admittedly, he renounced he membership in Christian Science before his death but his estranged wife believe it was his Christian Science upbringing that prevented him from seeking the medical attention he needed which inevitably led to his death.

    1. This is an urban legend–check the new biography. Henson was raised CS but was more of a New Ager, and very independent in his beliefs. He died because they didn’t catch his illness in time, not because he objected to medical treatment.

  4. I’m not finding fault here. But I’m questioning something I hear all the time (and saw on the little sign in the first video). We, as Christians, are all the time telling people to “choose God’s way”. I do not mean this in a “hyper-Calvinistic” way, but God chooses us. I believe scripture is abundantly clear that God chooses people for salvation, not the other way around. Telling someone to “choose God” is pretty arrogant.

    “Hey God, look, I know you created the entire cosmos, but listen, I decided just this moment that I want in on that eternal life thing. HEY!! Are you listening to me? *snap, snap* Yeah, so, are you gonna give it to me or not? Yeah, that’s what I THOUGHT!! So, thanks, Creator of everything, I guess. I mean, I graciously accepted You, so I guess You should really be thanking me, but since I’m such a nice person, I won’t hold you to that. In fact, I’m SO nice that I’ll ACT like You didn’t owe me eternal life and I’ll tell YOU thanks.”

    Been listening to some Todd Agnew lately. Lovin it. Just hearing his music is making me wonder why I don’t put on my cover-alls and get down to the little homeless community (that I only found via a place my work took me) and get filthy and share everything I have with them. Clothes, food, money, and in so doing hopefully share Christ with them.

    So tired of setting in church with the middle class hooty hoos praying “God use me”. Now what am I gonna do about it? Not sure how I got down this path, but here we are.

    1. Telling folks to choose God is arrogant! lol………..how about “look at me I’m so special….God chose me”….now that’s arrogant!!….but I have fallen into the philosophy trap with you…..it doesn’t matter what we think….it matters only what God says….”whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever REJECTS the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on him.” John 3:36 ….one must CHOOSE to reject….

      “The Spirit and the bride say, Come! And let him who hears say, Come! Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and WHOSOEVER WILLS, let him take the free gift of the water of life.” Rev 22:17

        1. I don’t understand this, Dr. Fundy. I used to be under the impression that if we as American Christians don’t get out there in the “world” and tell people about Jesus, they’ll never hear about Him, and also, their blood will be on our hands.

          According to Romans 1:20, creation itself teaches people about God so they are “without excuse”. Again, I don’t understand how this works, I’m just quoting scripture.

      1. Greg. I can only say this with a humble heart and tears barely stinging the corners of my eyes.

        But [I’ve been a nasty human], but [I had a good upbringing and turned my back on it and don’t / didn’t deserve a second, third, fourth, etc. chance], but by the grace of God I am what I am.

        I don’t know what else to say.

        1. I have had a very bad past as well, to the point of getting shot in a bar…..God truly is the God of 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances…..your point is dead-on as regards God making Himself known to everyone ……….no one will be able to look God in the face and say I didn’t have a chance!

          We are supposed to share the gospel because that’s what we are commanded to do….”The Gospel of Christ is the power of God for the Salvation of EVERYONE who believes” Rom 1;16

          So, “Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts…..” Heb 3:15 this notion that we are pre-selected for heaven or hell and can do nothing to change our future is simply not found within the pages of Scripture!

  5. Yet another counterfeit branded product manufactured in east Asia.

    And this time, with better production values than most IFB videos. But it’s the same shoddy stuff under the shiny label.

    I notice in the cartoon of Adam and Eve, they have them wearing full-length suits of leaves. Can’t have any nudity in the Genesis story, can we?

  6. By the way, Jim Henson died in 1990, so the Muppets are now the intellectual property of his heirs (Henson’s children).

        1. Not directly–Kermit had been phased out of Sesame Street a long time before, even though it made no difference in terms of rights (since Henson Associates then held the rights to all the Muppets). Incidentally, Rowlf the Dog also made an appearance on Sesame Street. Rights to the Sesame Street Muppets were ultimately sold to CTS, while Kermit and the other Muppet Show Muppets went to Disney.

  7. These were well done copyright infringements. This is the natural outcome of the belief that the eternal destiny of the lost relies upon our convincing them to pray a prayer. ”

    What’s more important? A copyright infringement or an eternal soul?”

    Bad theology leads to bad praxis.

  8. Can’t watch those, the Muppets meant a great deal to me growing up. Kermit still had the best ice bucket challenge of them all. Ya gotta get a show business professional in on something like that. 🙂

  9. I found it very interesting that Chicken said there were games, crafts, and exciting missionary stories. Um, what? Missionary stories – where are the Bible stories in this Vacation Bible School? Just found that really strange.

    Also found it strange that if they didn’t register early, they’d be a chicken, just like … Chicken. So, is being chicken good or bad or just something you are? So weird…

  10. Dear Darrell:

    Both the December VBS and the blatant infringement are explained by a single factor. Your average Snob Clones graduate has no intellectual property.

    Christian Socialist

  11. In my fundy household growing up, we weren’t allowed to watch the muppets bc they were the “devil’s workshop.” I’m still waiting on the explanation on that one, 37 years later.

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