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    1. Godwin’s law states that whoever first draws a comparison to Hitler loses. Just sayin’

      1. Actually it states that the longer an Internet discussion goes on, the more likely it is that somebody is going to bring up Nazism in some way.

        1. Actually, you’re both right:

          Godwin’s Law states: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1”.

          The corollary is: “Once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress.”

        1. Maybe, but if they’re comparing Satan to Hitler, they’re probably also comparing Satan to all their standards and minor issues that aren’t sinful at all. You aren’t an evil genocidal… not even sure how to finish that… just because you, as a lady, wear trousers. Or because you read the bible other than a kjv. Or because you choose to go to a secular, fully accredited college.

  1. (Ok, last time I do a response off my smart-phone whilst only one eye open!)

  2. Can anyone tell me how “cursing” is destructive? I mean I get annoyed when someone swears every other word, it just seems to be a lack of creativity. But other than making the person sound ignorant if they use swear words too often, how do they destroy a society?

    1. As a matter of taste, I prefer not to curse, except in emergencies.
      But I’m quite taken aback by the equivalence between cursing and the Nazi Holocaust.

      1. exactly…I could not understand the inclusion of cursing with the list of other sins and Nazism..

      2. The more I think about it, it has always been this tendency for dooms day declaration over cultural trends that opened my eyes to the smallness of fundamentalism.
        When swearing is blamed for the deterioration of a society, or if another democrat gets in office the US is doomed, or its the end of the world because gays are being allowed to marry–its hard to take anything else they say seriously. Thankfully I was able to differentiate between the Christ of the Bible and the folly of his followers after a long while of many crises. But when doom is around the corner over every little infraction, and then the doom never happens, you somehow lose credibility.

      3. it’s a well known fact the Allied powers never cursed. As a matter of fact when the bombardier dropped the bomb on Nagasaki he is quoted as saying, “bless their hearts”!


        1. “Bless your heart” is a Southerner’s way of saying, “Screw you and the horse you rode in on”. Or should it be, “… and the horse in on which you rode”?

    2. My favorite line from Risky Business is, “Sometimes you have to say ‘what the f….'”. I’ll let you fill it in, don’t want to cause WW III!

    3. I can totally understand — and even admire — people who don’t cuss, but I don’t understand people who think others shouldn’t cuss. It comes off as a control issue, and makes as much sense as demanding people not use exclamation points.

      1. One of my writing teachers told me a person is allowed only three exclamation points in a lifetime. And was pretty much serious about it.

        It didn’t cure me, but it made me think about whether or not I really mean it before I hit that key.

        1. Someone also said that using hyberbole is absolutely the worst thing anyone can ever do.

        2. Wow! Oops – I mean, wow.

          Now, when I listen to the band !!! I’m gonna hear them with a whole new respect – used up their whole supply in the band name right there.

    4. There’s research that says that people that use foul language are more dependable, more trustworthy, more reliable. (That’s what i read on Facebook, anyway) 🙂

      1. Actually, I read the same study, courtesy of NPR. It looked pretty legit. I know in my experience, people who are noisily squeamish about profanity are annoying, and tend to be dishonest by omission and avoidance. People who will let fly with a four-letter word under duress, or as emphasis at point, tend to be more down-to-earth and genuine. Just sayin’.

        1. As dedicated, loyal Fundies you should know that cursing, foul-language, profanity, and so-called “christian cuss’n” are outright signs of a serious character flaw, outward rebellion, and a reprobate mind/spirit. Just one slip of the tongue could bring shame and dishonor on your church and pastor.

          According to my MOG, no one with a reprobate mind can be trustworthy or reliable. As my MOG would weekly threaten/bully from his pulpit on high: “You may be good, but your’e not Godly.”

        2. Well, crap dang, Fundy Mental, if I can’t Christian cuss, then what shall I do? What ever shall I do?

        3. I saw that study. Someone who doesn’t curse definitely is using self-control, which could also be used to evaluate a situation and manipulate it for his own advantage and to other’s loss, thus making him untrustworthy.

          However, I see a distinction between cursing in annoyance and calling a specific person a foul name. If someone were to curse AT me, I would consider them untrustworthy. I wouldn’t be able to depend upon them to care about me or protect my emotions.

        4. Pastor’s Wife, I agree with you there. I can think of only once that I specifically cursed AT someone. As you note, there is a difference.

    5. Leanne,

      Have you ever tried talking to a blue-collar person? They are impossible to try to engage in conversation. Everything is f this, f that, effing this, ad nauseum. It is crude and ignorant. And, the only thing they can talk about is “How dat dar Packer deefense is gonna be pretty good, doncha know. I’m gettin’ mee a brand new Chevy tranny today.” The can only talk about sports, hunting and fishing, and transmissions. And they often vote Democratic because they are so ignorant that they think that higher taxes and more regulations and less freedom is somehow good for the “working man.”

      1. Or, they vote democrat because they have wised up to voting against their own self interests.

      2. For the record, that came across bad. I am NOT saying that I am any better than any other person or that there is anything wrong with being blue-collar. No progress can be made in any project without the blue-collar worker, and they are an admirable group whose input is highly valued.

        I was just pointing out that in many cases, but not all, swearing and cursing, which is crude and ignoble, goes hand-in-hand with Democrats and ignorance. Many blue-collar workers are naive and think that Democratic policies help them instead of hurt them. That is sad. They are just as ignorant in their crude language as they are in their voting…….Again, my apologies if I offended anyone or came across as harsh. That was not my intent.

        1. Lolz.

          I can think of some other people you can’t have a conversation with….

        2. You’re making it worse.

          Your assumption is that anybody who is a liberal democrat is crude and uninformed. That’s a pretty poor assumption.

          So let’s take a policy like “right to work.” This benefits me HOW? How about letting insurance companies hose me every time I turn around. This benefits me how? How about policies like corporate welfare. How does it benefit me that, as a teacher, I have paid more federal income tax in the last year than many of the Fortune 500 companies have paid combined?

          How does cutting public education help me?
          How does cutting community funding for after school and summer rec programs help me?

          Here’s a challenge. Watch “What’s the Matter With Kansas.” Perhaps your eyes will be opened to the greatest social inequality that this nation has seen since the gilded age.

        3. “Your assumption is that anybody who is a liberal democrat is crude and uninformed. That’s a pretty poor assumption.”

          Mr. Bean, I don’t assume that for all people who vote solidly liberal Democratic. Many people who vote Democratic are not naive and ignorant and are just cruel, selfish people who with full intent really do mean to vote the way they do. At least the gullible type who sincerely think that leftist policies, as ignorant as that is, have their naivete as an excuse. But people who really know what Socialism stands for and how it is nothing but a tool used to destroy the economy and the culture of a nation and still vote this way are not good role models.

        4. Wow. So as a highly educated person who once was a conservative, but now am a liberal–I am one of those truly evil ones who “knows what they are doing?”
          Wow. LOL…..

        5. Mr. Bean,

          I still don’t know if you are one of those pernicious leftists who knows that you are purposefully destroying America when you vote leftist. If you are highly educated, you may just be telling us that are highly brainwashed by the system and you might actually be one of the useful idiots (don’t blame me, I didn’t coin the term) who thinks he is actually doing good.

        6. Stacy, are you Camp Meeting Girl??
          BTW, I vote Republican, what the f@&k does that have to do with anything?

        7. Wow. Stacy do you need abdominal thrusts? Did you choke on your silver spoon? Those blue collar workers you just bashed are the majority of the reason this country keeps going. I happen to know many of them who don’t curse or talk about Chevys or football. I’d rather talk to them any day then sit and listen to you spew hate. Why don’t you get down off your high horse and get your hands dirty helping people instead of calling them idiots or ignorant.

        8. @stacy Mc Anderson
          Not brainwashed. Woke up and tired of believing crap. Tired of believing poor people are lazy. Tired of the constant assault on people who are gay, on immigrants, on abortion, on the big social issues that are fodder for working up the sheep but will never.ever.ever get addressed. (They are big turnout items to keep RWNJ’s in power.)

      3. I know many blue collar workers who do not swear every other word and are quite well at conversing in many other areas–including Bible Study–than you have cited.
        And for your below comment, I have heard swearing come from die-hard republicans.
        I find that swearing doesn’t really add to a conversation’s value. Your comments here on this thread have not really added to the conversation either. They are pitiful distractions from the topic at hand. I find people who swear every other word to lack creativity. Your comments tend to decide to introduce politics into every thread. It seems you too lack the creativity to engage in conversation outside the political realm.

      4. Dear stacymcanderson:

        You wrote: ‘Have you ever tried talking to a blue-collar person? They are impossible to try to engage in conversation … the only thing they can talk about is … sports, hunting and fishing, and transmissions.’ ‘It is crude and ignorant … Many blue-collar workers are naïve … just cruel, selfish people …’

        And you wrote:

        ‘… they are an admirable group whose input is highly valued.’

        Lastly, you wrote: ‘my apologies if I offended anyone or came across as harsh.’

        I reply: You didn’t. Duplicitous? Yes. And on this point, certainly honest.

        Christian Socialist

      5. Do you even know many blue collar workers? As a teacher, I rub shoulders with people across the spectrum: PhD s to high school dropouts. Funny thing is, I can have an enjoyable and enlightening conversation with all of them. Sure, we talk about sports and hunting and fishing, no matter their education/work level. We also talk about travel and culture, religion and politics, and fascinating things, such as what strange thing their kid stuffed up their nose.

        Maybe the problem in your conversations isn’t the other person.

      6. When, on the rare occasions I have encountered a pack of blue-collar persons in the wild, I find it best not to attempt to engage them in conversation. Such an endeavor can only end in foolishness. There are exceptions, of course. If I have engaged the services of a local guide on my excursion, for instance, it can be quite amusing to banter with them. In some localities, the success of the local sports ball team, or lack thereof, will engage these creatures in a form of chatter that can be quite diverting. In other climes, a blue collar may attempt to offer you part of the fried food substance on which he is feeding – this should be seen as an act of friendliness, so be amused, but check with your guide before partaking. Be aware that most blue collar persons are harmless. It’s not advisable to try to pet them, however. And the funniest thing – their collars aren’t actually blue. Not always, in any case. When your encounter has come to an end, back away slowly, so as not to startle the poor things…

        1. Ok, ok, I get it. I was a too broad-brushed in my comments. By the way, this is not simply a blue-collar phenomenon; it can be impossible to talk to highly-educated (brainwashed is more like it) people as well. There are many of those people who it is virtually impossible to engage in conversation with. The only things they can talk about are homosexual rights, global warming, and gender equity in education and how women aren’t educated enough in math and science and are somehow cheated. If you don’t bring up one of these three topics, you have no chance of even trying to converse with them. And even when you do, good luck. Who cares about that kind of propaganda anyway?

        2. You left global warming off your list. We liberals like to talk about that too Stacy. We also like to talk about John Maynard Keynes.

        3. Dear stacymcanderson:

          Of the intelligentsia, you now write: ‘the only things they can talk about are homosexual rights, global warming, and gender equity in education and how women aren’t educated enough in math and science and are somehow cheated.’

          Isn’t it time you stopped throwing out broad, insulting generalizations like so much candy?

          Christian Socialist

        4. Dear Bald Jones grad:

          stacymcanderson’s point seems to be that she is linguistically challenged when communicating with anyone unlike stacymcanderson.

          On her 2:02 PM post of today, stacymcanderson admits to using sweeping generalizations. Immediately, we read that it can be impossible to dialogue with well-educated people and that they should be regarded as ‘brainwashed’ [stacymcanderson’s word].

          This seems rather like pulling yourself out of the mud-puddle into which you just fell only to step and fall right back into it again.

          Christian Socialist

        5. Christian CS (not Lewis),

          I didn’t mean my post as insulting or as praise. It was simply a statement of fact. It’s like stating that the people at the front desk of a hotel only want to talk about hotel-related issues. It’s neither a praise nor a condemnation, simply just a fact.

          But if you meant that the global warming propaganda that is being pushed down the throats of all of us, and especially the youth in the schools, is insulting, then yes, I highly agree with you. Somehow I don’t think that’s what you meant. 🙂

        6. Dear stacymcanderson:

          I believe I used the word ‘honesty.’ By adding that ‘it was simply a statement of fact,’ you agree.

          You depict people as ignoramuses, then admirable people whose input is highly valued, and then again as people with whom you cannot talk. After all this, you affirm that these are simple statements of fact.

          James the half-brother of our Lord wrote: ‘from the same mouth come both blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be this way. Does a fountain send out from the same opening both fresh and bitter water? Can a fig tree, my brethren, produce olives, or a vine produce figs? Nor can salt water produce fresh’ [Ja 3:10-12].

          Saint James explains this behavior saying:

          ‘…you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart. Do not be arrogant and so lie against the truth. This wisdom is not that which comes down from above, but is earthly, natural, demonic’ [Ja 3:14-15].

          Stacymcanderson, ‘the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy’ [Ja 3:17]. Speaking in contrariety to these things, your posts bespeak the corruption of unbridled lust [Ja 4:2] and hostility against God that make one God’s enemy [Ja 4:4].

          In the sacred Name of Jesus Christ, you are admonished to draw near to God and to seek cleansing and purity of heart for the double-mindedness [Ja 4:8] which is the source of the fresh/bitter water which you issue.

          James admonition against arrogance and lying against the truth is necessary and ever timely because of our human propensity to absolve ourselves of the wrongdoing in question. Of what comes from the mouth, James says: 1] a world of iniquity, 2] defiles the entire body, 3] sets our life course ablaze, and 4] Is itself set on fire by hell. With this, Jesus concurs [Mt 15:11].

          Fig trees produce no olives, and vines produce no figs. Nor can salt water produce fresh’ [Jam 3:12]. Closely related to James’ imagery is Jesus’ withering reply to some Pharisees:

          ‘Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for the tree is known by its fruit. “You brood of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak what is good? For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart. “The good man brings out of his good treasure what is good; and the evil man brings out of his evil treasure what is evil. “But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment. “For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” (Matthew 12:33-37 NAU)

          Good, evil and their conjunction is speech reveals the heart. And lest you brush off ‘careless words’ as a minor thing, note that Matthew places this material immediately after Jesus’ discussion of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which will ‘not be forgiven either in this age, or the age to come’ [Mt 12:31-32].

          Stacymcanderson: you are in more danger than you realize. Now I don’t know if you ever darken the doors of a church. You may have no profession of faith at all. But in either case, Scripture is clear that you stand in need of repentance. You cannot do this yourself. You need to recognize your misery as described in Ja 3-4, Mt 12, Mt 15 and many other texts. Change your mind. Turn. Take God’s promise of forgiveness and cleansing.

          Without this, you cannot be saved.

          Christian Socialist

        7. That was a great sermon, Christian Socialist! Jesus condemned “idle words.”

        8. I am still trying to work out if Stacy MacAnderson is a poe. I really cannot tell because I share a house in Belfast with a couple of Christian guys who sounded exactly the same. (Even if the acvents were different) Used the same kind of “logic” and similar vocabulary . so Stacy may actually be legit. That scares me.

        9. Sorry. George got in the way. I USED to share a house with these guys and they came across a really bad caricatures of fundamentalism. I have since moved out of the city. So there is now a chance that what’s left of my sanity may remain intact

        10. I half hope that Stacy is genuine, simply because I really hope that nobody around here would take the Poe thing so far. I really don’t like the idea of people playing poe to be nasty to others.

      7. To all my friends and acquaintances on SFL, an apology.

        I apologize that all I ever talk about is sports, hunting, fishing, and transmissions. I never realized I was such a boor. In the future I will do my best to keep my conversation free of obscenities and my desires for greater taxation.
        As someone who works in a mechanical field I obviously have nothing of intelligence to add, and will bow in humility to the views of my betters.

        1. CS (not Lewis),

          I really believe you are what they people around here call a “Poe.” You can hardly be serious with any of your posts. You talk of arrogance and double-speak, yet you continually lie to us about how Socialism is a good thing. Socialism/Marxism/Communism/Progressivism (all the same thing) is not a good thing and throughout history it has always destroyed economies and cultures. The reason it’s being pushed so highly right now is to destroy America so it can be abolished and reemerge as part of the world government. The only ones who do well in the system are the few elites at the top. They want to control everyone else, make them all little servants and worker bees, and try to brainwash them to live their servitude. And you have the audacity to call ME arrogant!?!

          The only thing I can thing of is that you are a Poe who is really a conservative and you are pointing out how arrogant and cruel Progressives really are. (If you are coming from the angle of you thinking you are one of the elite who will be in control of us.)

          Or, you may be a Poe (and quite a clever one!) who is really conservative who is trying to point out how mislead the common man is and how the “worker’s paradise” is always a goal, but never achieved.

          Or, their is slim chances that you are a real person who really believes what you say. That is the scariest proposition of them all!

        2. Dear stacymcanderson:

          You denigrate the working class, then say that you honor it, denigrate it again, and then you say claim to speak only facts.

          To repeat — you contradict Ja 3-4, Mt 12 and Mt 15. You cannot do this in obedience to Jesus Christ.

          One issue alone you need to redress. Go to God through Jesus Christ and seek cleansing, forgiveness and healing.

          Christian Socialist

        3. CS (not Lewis),

          I admit that my post came across bad and could be misunderstood, that’s why I retracted a bit and tried to state it differently. I have no interest in trannys, sports or hunting and fishing, therefore I would have a difficult time having a conversation with many (but not all!) blue-collar people who are only interested in that. That’s not saying I’m better than them by any means; we just have different intersts. It would be like me going to a convention of NBA coaches and trying to engage in meaningful conversation. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with basketball coaching, but I have zero interest in the subject, so I would have a hard time engaging in any meaningful conversation with someone who really wants to talk about that.
          I also would have a hard time conversing with someone whose main interests are anti-family, feminist policies and global warming. And yes, not only do I have zero interests in those particular subject, I also disagree with them because they are fraudulent.

          I still think you are probably a Poe. But a pretty good one! Your posts and your entire premise makes zero sense and you therefore lose all credibility of trying to be a real person. Socialism, Progressivism, Communism are all of the same stripe and are anti-people, anti-working class, and anti-God policies, even though the big lie is that they are pro-worker. But at least they have enough honesty to hide their anti-God views and not try to be duplicitous in that area at all. I will give them credit for that.

          While your Poe antics are funny and humorous, they really don’t make much sense. But maybe that’s part of the shtick! It’s like a black man being a member of the KKK. It just makes no sense at all.

        4. Stacy, Socialism, Marxism, Communism, and Progressivism are NOT the same thing, and continuing to insist that they are shows a willful ignorance of both political theory and reality.

          Christian Socialist has been here for quite some time, and has never before been accused of being a troll or a Poe. _You_, on the other hand, have done nothing but try to sow dissention and discord.

          Proverbs 6:16-19
          “16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
          17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
          18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
          19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.”

        5. Thank you Liutgard for commenting before I had a chance to. You took the words right out of my mouth. Once again, a broad and ignorant generalization by lumping Socialism, Communism, and Progressivism into one category.

          And wait…I’ve lurked on this site for years as well as had two different screen names and CS has always been around.. that’s no Poe or troll. CS always has had something informative and intelligent to say. This conversation with Stacy had become quite the fallacy fantasy.

        6. LlutGuard, I believe that you are a real person. Granted, you are a very deluded, misguided, and sadly naive person if you really believe the lie that Socialism/Progressivism/Communism are such different entities. They are all relatively the same thing. The term “Progressive” is simply used as a moniker because the left is too smart to admit that they are really Socialists/Communists. It’s just a cute marketing term.

          By the way, if anyone wants to be a Communist – be my guest. I just find it fascinating that you try to live a double life. Like I said earlier, it’s an anti-God/pro-Humanist believe which has no room for God. Claiming to be a Christian and a Communist at the same time really is like being a black man in the KKK. It’s just a very odd proposition.

        7. Continuing to purposefully misspell my name only serves to prove my previous point that you are only here to annoy people.

          As to your insistence that anyone who believes that there’s differences between Socialism, Communism, Marxism, etc., shows you to be the one who is delusional. It’s like the people who say there’s no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. One only has to look at proposed policies and actual results to see that there is a vast difference.

          If I were Darrell, I’d bork your account. Luckily for you, I’m not Darrell.

        8. Dear stacymcanderson:

          You wrote:

          ‘They are impossible to try to engage in conversation.’ [Posted JULY 9, 2014 AT 9:08 AM].

          ‘…they are an admirable group whose input is highly valued.’ [Posted JULY 9, 2014 AT 9:28 AM].

          ‘I didn’t mean my post as insulting or as praise. It was simply a statement of fact.’ [Posted JULY 9, 2014 AT 3:04 PM].

          I reply:

          Your words are clear in meaning and intention. Nothing you say is ambiguous or subject to misunderstanding.

          Yet you say:

          ‘I admit that my post came across bad and could be misunderstood.’ [Posted JULY 10, 2014 AT 1:53 PM].

          In the best of Christian tradition, judgments form slowly, with sobriety, and in context of the community. Questions are asked and opportunities given for reply. Once a determination has been made, it is held and articulated with grace but also with unshakable persistence. Provocative statements and evocative language are ignored in order to focus on one, key matter, the crux of what is said.

          I believe that such consensus is now forming here, and it is this:

          There is no misunderstanding here. You speak in direct contrariety to Ja 3-4, Mt 12 and Mt 15. You cannot do this in obedience to Jesus Christ.

          Please confess your wrongdoing to God, to Darrell, and to forum participants.

          Christian Socialist

        9. Currently I am a blue collar guy because I drive a truck. I have had so called white collar jobs in the past, including the ministry, but trucking pays better and I’m happiest in the cab of a truck. I am an author with 5 titles, and my 6th is ready for the publisher. I wouldn’t vote liberal or democrat if my mom ran, but conservatives had better adhere to the constitution or else I suspect them in the disintegration of our republic too. I dont fit into any categories, and it’s difficult to define me based solely on what I do for a living. By the way, I know many truck drivers and blue collar stiffs who are intelligent, conservative, articulate, and highly intertaining. I do what I do because it brings in the money whereas a lot of the white collar jobs I’ve had promise a lot of pie in the sky but never deliver. The presumption that blue collar equals a knuckle dragging Neanderthal is wrong. I’ve known professionals who are superstitious and myopic in every topic and realm, so stereotyping misses the mark often. This is my two cents worth…before the price goes up.

        1. Llut, yes, I do have a purpose for being here; I am the balanced voice of reason and equity to try to bring some balance to the leftist views.

          The purpose of this blog, according to the site itself, it to be a silly place to talk about the silly doings of IFB. The site in actuality has very little to do with that. It has turned into a site whose purpose and meme is completely leftist. Since the board has been hijacked by those who have strayed away from “fun, silly conversations about the IFB” and morphed into a Progressive sounding board instead, I’m here to provide some counter balance.

        2. Do you retype all these sentences or just copy and paste them from past posts. It seems you keep repeating yourself, over and over and over again!

          I’m certainly no leftist. I am, however, as a bi-vocational pastor for the past 20 years or so, a blue-, white-, and sometimes a no-collar (really my preference–overalls with a t-shirt) person. I have worked with pot-smoking, drinking, fornicating, adulterating, and (horrors) cursing people of several ethnic groups. I have also worked with non-all-of-the-above people of several ethnic groups (both churched and non-churched). I have engaged in thought-provoking conversations with some on my construction crew who were high school dropouts and mind-numbing attempts at conversation with “highly-educated” conservative Christians. I have also endured wearisome diatribes against government, God, guns, girls, grits, and several other nouns that begin with g coming from the educated and uneducated liberals and conservatives alike!
          Portraying a vast portion of society (whether conservative Christian or “liberal” Christian, whether conservative non-Christian or otherwise, etc…) shows your ignorance and intolerance.
          Just, for the record, it is just as evil to be intolerant toward the people who are unlike you as it is for them to be intolerant of you! It is equally wicked to judge them without really knowing them as it is for them to judge you without knowing you. Need I go on?

          I love reading this site, though I do not often comment (I usually don’t have the time). I disagree with many of the posts on this website, but I am a firm believer that every person has a right to form and express his or her own opinion, whether I think it is valid or not. What I like about this website is that it does, indeed, point out some of the more notable idiocies found within the huge parameters of what some call the IFB movement. Sadly, the most well-known and vocal aspects of independent Baptists are also the vilest and worst representatives. We little guys, who long ago stopped attending any of the conferences hosted by the “big guns,” have never and will never have a voice in how independent Baptists are viewed as a whole. Darrell and the many and various posters highlight the craziness and help me never to forget that anyone who is a staunch believer could be duped by these “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

          By the way, never stop posting Stacy McAnderson. Though your posts are so far off the mark in so many ways, they are highly entertaining. I am still not sure whether or not you are a Poe.

        3. My name is not ‘Liut’. It is Liutgard, and I’ll thank you to remember that.

          And you are deliberately mistaking the participants here for something that they are not. And if the purpose of the has strayed, it is *Darrell’s* place to correct the direction, if he so chooses. It’s his blog. It’s not your place to take over the steering.

        1. Wanna help me finish my song?
          “Oh, my Granny is a Tranny,
          “And her fanny is uncanny….”
          (runs and hides)

        2. I’m thinking of getting another tattoo. “KISS HERE!” and an arrow on my left ass cheek. (in this context is “ass” a bad word?)

    6. Me, I don’t like cussing, swear words; there’s just something depressing about using them those much, and, as stacy pointed out above, there is something rather limiting about it when it gets excessive. If you took “feces” “copulation”, “Oedipus” and the like out of some peoples’ vocabulary they would not be about to talk at all. 🙁 :sigh:
      That said, yes there are times when “Heavens to Betsy!” just won’t do. And, even if not quite on topic, check this link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/erinlarosa/problems-all-women-who-love-cursing-know-to-be-true

      1. Ha! Next time I want to curse, I’m going to shout “Oedipus” at the top of my lungs.

        1. I am sometimes ashamed that my vintage Coast Guard vocabulary comes out at inopportune times but your post was a certified hee, hee, hee.

    1. Hah! I hit “Submit” on the Roswell reference almost two whole minutes before you did. I win!

    1. Will young kids even get any of these references?
      Hogan’s Heroes ended its original run more than 40 years ago.
      And World War II is farther in the past now than World War I was during my childhood.
      You might as well be talking about the Peloponnesian War.

      1. Wait that was 40 years ago? Oh boy…was a bit young to remember it in prime time but the reruns were all through the 70s. (Sort of like Seinfeld and Big Bang today)

        1. The original “Hogan’s Heroes” was televised from September 1965 to March 1971.
          So, 43 years ago.

        2. The ME TV network has reruns of it at 2100 EST, M-F.

          My kids love it. The German I speak comes mainly from that show. Oh, and a WWII historical fiction book I read when I was about 13. I learned a German slang word for fecal matter from that book.

      2. Col Hogan was quite an amorous fellow. Perhaps this will strike a note with some of the more “adventurous” types out there.

        1. So, what are you saying? Because he struggled with sexual sins, that made him “evil”? I bet if you investigated most of the men in your church, they are struggling with the same issues!

        2. I’d wager that a lot of them don’t struggle with them. Rather, they just do it and don’t worry about it.

        3. Unfortunately it did get him into quite a bit of trouble, including his murder. 🙁

        4. This is in reply to an earlier comment..
          You are sure worked up over socialism. Did you just get done with a John Birch Society meeting or a Tea Party parade? LOL.

          Yes, I am a proud member of the pernicious, left wing group trying to change America.

          I’m trying to make sure my kiddos in school have a great education..can think for themselves..can read, write, and discuss at length. This way they can go out in the world and be the change they want to see. If they are educated, they won’t be content to sit around being poor their entire lives. They will shoot for the moon and get there. I’m trying to change this country so we have less kids growing up in poverty, we have better health care outcomes, we have a world where those who study and work hard can have the tools needed to earn a great middle class living. I’m hoping to change the fact that we need a middle class in this country, because we don’t have a capitalist economy anymore, we have a fedual economy.

          Also, if you don’t believe climate change, take a look at satellite imagery of the arctic ice shelf the past 20 or so years. Ask the people that are locked into weird weather patterns where it rains every day for 5 months..or doesn’t rain at all. It’s not “global warming.” That’s a very uninformed and scientifically illiterate viewpoint. Sort of like when it’s 35 below in the winter, and some Duck Dynasty fan mutters something about “Global Warming, hahaha!”

          But again, like Neil Degrasse Tyson says…”The good thing about science is whether or not you believe it, it’s still true.”

        5. @bald it’s so frustrating that the level of denial is so intense!

          Last year the meteorologist from Minnesota Public Radio explained it really well. Climate change is real. Unfortunately, there are two problems. 80 percent of the people don’t believe it because of the brainwashing/denial groups. And most of the damage was done 20-30 years ago. His take? Nothing to be done in our power at this point other than get used to what he calls “Global Weirding.” Extended climate patterns. Rainy cycles that last years. Winters that are ridiculously warm where it shouldn’t be, and cold where it shouldn’t be. You see, there is no longer as stark of a contrast between the poles and the tropics so the jet tends to level out and be “flat.” This results in stagnant weather patterns. Wasn’t Alaska really warm this winter too?

        6. Bean, we had a beautiful winter of 2014 here in south-central Alaska. Very few blizzards. No windstorms (amazing news!) And breakup came in March, the earliest I’ve seen it. Yet some of the lower 48 had terrible weather, cold & snowy & miserable. In January 2014 I went to a class at the Emergency Management Institute in Emmittsburg, MD operated by FEMA. The temp was in the teens, while back at home in Alaska, it was near 40 degrees ABOVE zero.

          I’d have loved to have heard that public radio segment. (I’m trying to learn about this stuff.) I lived in Alaska’s Arctic for 11 years, where global warming will decimate the indigenous people (Inupiat). Their subsistence culture is endangered. Their very way of life–yet the climate change deniers will insist it’s not happening. But it is.

          And the pace of warming is accelerating here in Alaska. For all its harshness, the environment here is very fragile. But the flat-earthers insist that there is no climate change that is man-made. God help us. We’ve fused conservative religion with conservative politics with flat earthism.

      1. When I drink beer I don’t always drink Schiltz but when I do I drink “lite”…stay thirsty my friends.

      2. I didn’t know it was still made! (Oops, I used up one of my exclamation points.) I’m not a beer gal but when I was little a lot of my relatives drank it. Schaefer (spelling?), Carling Black Label, and of course Budweiser.

        I checked the Schlitz finder and discovered there’s a bar near me that serves it. It’s a skanky place so I won’t go there but there’s packy around the corner from my cousin that sells it. I’ll have to get some next time and toast my relatives.

        1. That’s L-i-u-t-g-a-r-d. Please be couteous enough to spell it right.

          And how can saying that Schlitz beer is nasty possibly be racist?

        2. I still maintain that stacy is a POE. And a hilariously maddening one. I’ve called out before who I think is the ghost behind the POEs stacy and koolio.

        3. Perhaps criticizing Schlitz and Pabst is anti-hipster, but not really racist.

      3. This comment came out wrong; I am surprised that they had a character (Sgt Schlitz) named after a beer.

        1. FWIW, the “Papst” of Papst Blue Ribbon is the German word for “Pope”. 😀

    2. So does that make Col. Hogan Jack Hyles and the rest of the crew Hyles disciples worshipers (Trieber/Brown/Schaap/Hutson/Vineyard) etc….


  3. What is it with that hand-under-the-chin thing? Is that their modified version of a Nazi salute?

      1. That’s what I thought, too. Took sign language in high school. The Christian school I went to was fairly new and didn’t have a foreign language program established.

      1. That’s not the original Little Rascals/Our Gang.
        The kid with the mullet gives that away.

  4. Our local Youth for Christ had some interns come from the Netherlands. They were in the office and started dropping the f-bomb. They didn’t relieze that it cuss word. They learned it from watching American movies. LOL

      1. Exactly. The subject of curse words is pet peeve of mine. It’s only cussing if everyone agrees it’s cussing; the entire concept is man made. Curse words are different depending on which society you’re a part of. The English language didn’t exist when anyone in the Bible lived.

        P.S. Hi everyone!

        1. I have been making this argument for years. Aside from words with religious overtones, all other “bad” words are synonyms for other perfectly acceptable words. As time passes, some words considered unacceptable by one generation will lose their taboo status in the next (often seen as a symptom of the downfall of society).

      2. That’s a good point, Big Gary. Wow, I actually agree with you every once in a great while!

      3. So they weren’t cursing as far as they knew. But in our culture, to anyone in America who heard them, they were, thus, in all wisdom as ambassadors for Christ, they should remove that word from their vocabulary: “Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place” (Eph. 5:4, ESV)

    1. One of my friends from Ukraine did the same thing. It was pretty funny to see the reaction from all the fundy-lites.

    2. I was acquaintances with a Russian student when I was in school, and he told me about when he first started at school in America. He a few other Russians were hanging out with a bunch of Americans, and he said that at first he and the others were horrified because the Americans kept saying “yep”, which is apparently a curse word in Russian. Funny how context affects things.

      1. Funny story about the Canadian team in the Sydney summer olympics. Our team sponsor was the company Roots, so naturally every article of clothing worn by a Canadian had “Roots” written all over it. Apparently, “roots” is a form of the f-word in Australia, so we were rather shocking to the locals. Although our merchandise did unexpectedly well when sold in Australia 🙂
        *so I understand – feel free to correct my memory

  5. I like this quote from my pastor (and I believe he was quoting from a book he was reading).

    “If we go after our children’s behavior instead of their hearts, we are actually shepherding them in opposition to the Gospel.”

  6. The music from The Great Escape may be the most fitting—-RUN AWAY

    And no one there has a clue about Schlitz! Really? Will Falstaff make a guest appearance on Old Style Night?

  7. This is actually clever for a VBS promo – kids might get the reference if they’ve played classic Call of Duty 🙂 Of course there is the problem of minimizing the holocaust (Spitler) and the usual IFB problem of preaching that behaving well saves your soul – only the blood of Jesus does that (See Norm’s preacher’s statement above – love it!)

  8. Hogan’s Heroes?!?! the Lovable Spitler?!?! A FRIGGIN’ MUPPET?!?!

    Holy %^$%!!!! You bet your sweet “Blessed Assurance” I’m going to (*$#$@ be there!!!!!

    This VBS is going to be *&%^#$@

  9. If a mosque somewhere had a vbs that so blatantly mixed religion and war, don’t you think there would be all sorts of wailing and gnashing of teeth over it? Glenn Beck would have an on-screen coronary embolism over it.

  10. The “bad” things at about :45 read like the Chick Tract “THIS WAS YOUR LIFE” when they are reviewing the guys life. JEALOUSY..CURSING…HATRED…

    But hey, it’s free daycare and a free meal every night. Let’s reach out to those stressed out parents working long days!

    Sometimes I wonder if that isn’t what it is about. Marketing tool to reach families that could really use a break. There is usually a program at the end and everyone has a chance to make a commitment.

    VBS in our church is a lot different, by I think they use materials by Spark.

  11. Dear Darrell:

    Any update on your situation — settling in after the move, etc.?

    Christian Socialist

    PS: Anyone else feeling rebellious at the militaristic imagery or at the Manichean vision of the world? Is this really where we begin discussing the Prince of Peace with our children?

  12. This is pretty good. I guess you can’t go wrong comparing Hitler to the devil.

    1. I could see Jim Vineyard doing that. He’s also a well known racist who had his church decorated with the Rebel flag for the “North VS South” Preacher Boy Challenge

  13. Now that I’ve seen the video, I can say what “VBS” stands for. “Verily, bullsh1t”. Or should I say ” Scheiß”?

  14. When I was in VBS back in the early ’70s they didn’t have themes. As a 9-year-old girl, I know for sure I wouldn’t have gone to a war-themed VBS (and I was always given the choice whether to go or not).

  15. Totally revolting. In the name of the millions who died, in the name of history, in the name of my family who spent most of the war in an internment camp (because they were British living in France) How can people make such a disgusting video.
    I was brought up in a family who (because of what I said above) still feels the trauma even if I never lived it for real. This video gave me shivers

  16. So I’m assuming that Jack Hyles and Jim Vineyard inspired these?????

    So the “Nazis” are the Charismatics/Southern Baptists/Seeker Sensitive Crowd/TBN Prosperity Preachers/Contemporary Christian Music etc…………..

      1. Nah, we Presbys could never be anything as interesting as Nazis. In fact, we’re forming a committee about that even as I speak.

  17. I’m to young to march in the infantry
    Ride in the cavalry
    Shoot the artillery
    I’m too young to fly over Germany
    But I’m in the Lord’s Army!

    Yes we actually sang it that way (40s and 50s). Kids loved it though the reference to Germany is probably beyond today’s generation. Came with great actions, especially on “shoot the artillery”. I think some version of this song is still being sung in Sunday School and kids programs today. Could be modified for the VBS by changing “army” to I’m in the Lord’s Air Force. Funny how these songs stick with you throughout your life!

    1. Wow! I didn’t realize the song had been sung that way! I grew up in the 70s singing it this way:

      “I may never march in the infantry,
      Ride in the cavalry,
      Shoot the artillery;
      I may never ZOOM o’er the enemy,
      But I’m in the Lord’s Army! YES, SIR!!!”

      We would in turn march, pretend to ride horses, shoot with “finger guns”, and then hold out our arms like airplanes with a salute at the end.

      I in turn continued singing it with kids in children’s church through the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

      Many VBS programs would change the words to fit the theme like,

      “I may never run like a caribou,
      Waddle like penguins do,
      Bark like a seal or two (bark! bark! bark! bark!)
      I may never freeze to the color blue,
      But what God says, I’ll do!”

      (That was for an Arctic-themed VBS.)

      1. Mexican style

        I may never take a trip to Mexico
        Ride a donnnkkkkeeeeyyy high adoption ssslllloooowwww
        Wear a big sombrero
        I may never eat a crunchy taco
        But, I’m in the Lord’s Army, “Si, Senior!”

      2. Spinsters’ … uhh, I mean Sisters’ Version

        I may never wear skirts above my knees
        Kiss boys behind the trees
        Wear makeup for all to see
        I may never marry till I’m 93
        But I’m in the Lord’s Army, “Yes, Ma’am!”

        1. …and Stacy MickAndersin’s version ( last name purposely misspelled in honor of Liutgard):
          I may never “get” what this blog’s about,
          Still I can rail and shout,
          Just like a loony lout.
          I may never follow the logic route,
          But that never bothers me…. No sir!

      3. PW, Did we go to the same SS/VBS?!?!?! (Spent my 3). That’s the version and motion we sang and loved. Especially the M&Ms (marching and motions).

      4. I remember our rather overweight principal acting out all the motions, it still makes me giggle to think of it. 😆

      5. I remember that song from my childhood too , PW !! Wow, what a bit of time-travel !!

        1. I rather liked that song sas a kid. It was fun to sing and do the actions. 🙂 But I think the fundies would frown upon the idea of praise and worship being carnal “fun”….

  18. Ahhhh sheesh. This is my hometown. As if the alien drivers licenses were not enough.

  19. I’m honestly surprised CNN hasn’t shown up to cover this yet. It’s 2014. Swastikas?

  20. Ok, trying to think rationally, I could almost give this a pass. It would be a double standard for myself to have seen and enjoyed Hogan’s Heroes, but bash this. From what I see here, it is almost the exact same setup–the Nazis are not displayed sympathetically, and I’m sure the “quick-thinking” hero (though horribly named) will win in the end. Frankly, they could have left out “Spitler” to make it more palatable. If anyone else has a differing opinion, I’d love to hear it out, but as of now, it just seems like a (poorly done and advertised) IFB take on the classic show.

    1. Thinking rationally would definitely be a far departure from your normal comments.

      1. Oops, sorry, I thought hat was mcanderson. shoot. sorry. Please delete me. I’m tired.

    2. I am not certain comparing this to Hogan’s Heroes is a good comparison–not just quality wise.
      While everything listed–jealousy, hatred (minus cursing)–are sins and while I would even call Hitler and Nazism evil, there is a fine line between calling something sin and demonizing the ones we disagree with or consider our enemies.
      The entire war metaphor to me is dangerous. Yes there are war imagery in Scripture–to me it is the war that happens inside myself between my old nature and new nature. The war in this world is to be won by love and grace and forgiveness. Do not repay evil with evil.
      I guess I am concerned that the old fundamentalism’s tendency to condemn people is permeating this vbs message. I cannot be sure since I have not attended the vbs. But it has that potential.

      1. True, I didn’t think about it that way. I agree that Fundies do love war and fighting. This does have the potential to influence kids to “fight for Jay-sus” rather than try and get along with other people who may not share beliefs. I can completely understand that. At least though they’re using a universally hated group rather than “teh gayz” 😛

  21. I remember reading a book jointly compiled my a number of English authors, highlighting the craziness that can exist in ALL branches of Christendom. One related a story about a trip to the state of Mississippi. He was, for some weird reason, invited to a meeting consisting of a Pastor – who was not a Fundamentalst by the way – the Pastor’s wife, and several men from his Church. Before they actually went into the meeting , an African-American teenager who was nearby did something to really annoy one of the men. He punched the teenager in the face, knocking him to the ground, then kicked him in the stomach, yelling”F*** you, you stupid F*****g N*****!” Once the teenager had scrambled to his feet, and escaped, the Pastor stepped forward and slapped the man very hard accross the face. “How DARE you use such foul language in front of my wife!. And you call yourself a CHRISTIAN! Shame on you!” The writer conluded that the Pastor was not referring to the N-Word….

    1. Sometimes I wonder how Christ could have called following Him a “narrow way” when so many say they follow Christ, but examples like this perhaps illustrate why Jesus said that many will say, “Lord, Lord” and He’ll say, “Depart from me; I never knew you.” What a travesty, that violent, vicious, cruel people claim to be followers of Jesus.

  22. I have been reading “what’s so amazing about grace” by Philip Yancey (never flavor of the month in Fundystan) nd the following is from the book

    Author Tony Campolo, who makes a regular circuit as a chapel speaker on Christian college campuses, for a time used this provocation to male a point. “The United Nations reports that over ten thousand people starve to death each day and most of you don’t give a sh–. However what is even more tragic is that most of you are more concerned about the fact that I just said a bad word than you are about the fact that ten thousand people are going to die today” The responses proved his point: on nearly every case tony got a letter from the chaplain or president of the college protesting at his foul language. The letters never mentioned world hunger.

    1. I believe Paul the Apostle judiciously used “shocking” language to make a point from time to time:

      Gal. 5:12 – “I wish those who unsettle you would emasculate themselves!” (ESV)

      Phil. 3:8 – “Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ.” (Maybe in that context “dung” wasn’t quite the equivalent of “s***” but it seems to be close, like saying “crap”.)

      1. Pastor’s wife, I am sure I have heard that the word translated as ‘dung’ is more offensive in the original language and has been toned down in translation.

      2. My greek professor also stated that Paul answers his rhetorical questions in Romans with a hardy “Hell, no!” in the original understanding. “Since grace abounds should we sin? Hell no.”

    2. Yep – I saw Tony Campolo many years ago at Greenbelt and he did just that. Not sure if he got any complaints from Greenbelt though..

      1. The fundies would say “No suprise there. Greenbelt has abamdoned the True Gospel” No fundie would be seen dead anywhere near Greenbelt

  23. By the way, I have just finished the reading “what’s so amazing about grace” I would not be a particularly emotional person and certainly not sentimental in any way but I find the last chapter to be particularly moving, especially the last couple of pages which bring me to the point of tears every time I read them. Maybe it’s because I have experienced some of God’s Amazing Grace for myself.

    1. Definitely a good book! And we serve a good God. I’m so glad I’m done with trying to keep proving how good I am and learning to rest on how good He is.

  24. I suppose it would be moot to point out to the host church of this gallant affair that the Air Force did not exist during World War II? Some say facts; others say “semantics.” Nevertheless, this is bad.

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