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  1. Unfortunately, an audio version seems to be almost nonexistent on the Internet.

    There. Fixed it for ya’.

    1. btw, html5 does not support the strike tag. You have to use del instead. Because sometimes W3C messes with stuff just to mess with stuff.

      1. Since we’re talking about camps, maybe we’ll all get the chance to “enjoy” Camp FEMA in our designated portion of the country once the dollar collapses or something else causes massive civil unrest. I wonder if we’ll get the chance to get the t-shirts of our choice, or just be forced to wear what we’re given?

        1. I think she thinks she’s clever with trying to slide from any topic on the planet to whatever crazed conspiracy theory she read on infowars in the morning. She hasn’t fooled anyone yet into thinking she’s clever or on topic though with any of her attempts to hijack threads. She has been successful in hijacking threads into all kinds of lunacy she spouts though.

        2. Pre-selected tshirts, please. I give you this nugget: “When people are given the freedom to choose, they choose wrong.” –The Giver

          No one wants to wear a purple paisley shirt. Just sayin.

        3. I don’t want purple, but I would like to find a blue paisley shirt like the one I had circa 1972. It had a wide collar, and was a pullover style made out of regular dress shirt material. Not a deep vee neck, but enough to look groovy. It looked great with my hemless frayed jeans with the “Indian motif” stripes and cloth belt.

        4. Dear stacymcanderson:

          I outlined your contradiction of Saint James’ teaching regarding the speaking of the truth on the post at http://tinyurl.com/otep9mf . I indicated where your own speech stands in self-contradiction and evidences a pattern of systemic dishonesty.

          You cannot continue to ignore this in obedience to Jesus Christ.

          Please confess your wrongdoing to God, to Darrell, and to forum participants.

          Christian Socialist

        5. stacymcanderson is a troll, troll, troll. Why do we keep authenticating his nonsense? There is way too much time given to his trollish ways.

          Consider his assumption that my moniker is vulgar. Not to mention his continual commenting outside the topic of discussion. Need I say more?


        6. Dear RobM:

          Thank you for this. And also see http://tinyurl.com/m5rdzwl .


          I won’t engage stacymcanderson on issues. But I will continue to insist that [s]he provide the requested confession of wrongdoing.

          Two years ago at this time, someone with the moniker ‘doh’ descended on SFL and accused Pastor’s Wife of posting deliberate falsehoods. My response was of exactly that nature. Eventually, ‘doh’ tired of this and left the forum [unless stacymcanderson is ‘doh’]. In either event, the same will happen again.

          Christian Socialist

  2. No audio needed….it’s now stuck in my head! We used to have Round Up Sunday at my fundy church where you were supposed to “round up” your friends and bring them to church. This song was a big deal for that day. It was a western themed service complete with a chuck wagon dinner afterwards. Very interesting to watch northerners try to act southern. One year we even had a John Wayne impersonator come.

    The best part? It was the one Sunday that denim was allowed for women!!!!

    I consider that a win any day of the week ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hmmm… Denim on women… I’m guessing it was skirts/dresses that came almost to the ankle (“Heaven forbid there be jeans on wimmen….. Sinful!!!”)

      1. At the Bill Rice Ranch you WERE allowed to wear culottes on a horse ride, therefore exposing most of your upper leg *gasp* to the young male “cowboys” during a trail ride.
        If they got “lucky” with you, then you could sit on the front row with them under the “only air conditioned building on the camp”!!!!!! Yipeeeeeeee! And then, you could walk around with an ice cream cone at Cow Boy Town!!!!!!!!!! And then go back to your room for lights out at 10:30. WOW! what a night!!!!!

    2. We had Round Up Sunday, but we were a church in Texas, so it wasn’t quite as anachronistic.

      We also had Old Fashioned Sunday. It didn’t really look that different from all the other Sundays.

      1. I remember Old Fashioned Sundays, DS!!! I grew up in Oklahoma/Texas, so this was normal summer fare. At the time, I was really big into “Little House on the Prairie,” so anytime I got to wear my Laura Ingalls bonnet and moccasins, I was loving it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    3. Our former church did the same thing. Men could wear jeans and a string tie….women could wear old fashioned dresses or denim.

      1. I misread your comment. I thought it said men could wear a G string. I was really sorry (or not) I missed that kind of Old Fashioned Sunday.

        1. I wonder if a leather loin cloth and leggings would count as “old-fashioned” attire?

    4. That would be “Magic Mike” Sunday, Lady Semp. I might go back to church for that. Why do I suddenly feel the need to repent for this comment…

      1. Dear Redheadedstepchild,

        When you find out when this “Magic Mike” Sunday is, please let me know.

        Lady Semp

        1. Sweet lord, but there’d be a lot of donations in that offering!

          (I’m aware Fundy gid would probably send me to hell for that comment. And my evil, evil thoughts.)

  3. Ooh 4th! That’s the best I can do. I bet I can do a good rendition of that song on oboe and not make a mistake… You know for a “special”.

    1. I could see Tony Hutson leading a choir in this song. He’d start clapping and hollering and almost get “slain in the spirit”

  4. Ah yes, the only country waltz that is fundy approved.

    Someone who knows old country music better than me could probably point to the “secular” tune that this was ripped off of.

    1. “Sing your way home at the close of the day…” (We sang this one at my “secular” elementary school programs…)

    1. Haha, that was my first thought as well.

      Consider that a Michael Card rendition of a psalm is “shallow CCM”, whereas this or “Glory for Me” or whatever are deeply spiritual…

      1. My normal counter to “CCM is shallow” or a similar comment is to ask if they have ever listened to or read Michael Card lyrics.
        The answer is most often “No. Who is he?”

        1. Curiously, Michael Card was pretty much the only CCM artist that passed muster with my “pre-1850s classical or 1900s hymns” family. Perhaps this is the reason I no longer care for him.

        2. Deacon’s Son, that surprises me, after reading the tales of your family and upbringing. I have a couple of his albums (yes, real vinyl) from the ’80s. They definitely aren’t hymn-type music, very similar to the popular pop musicians of that day.

          Back then, I didn’t know who he was. Southern gospel was as close to CCM as we could get. I discovered him after hearing one of his albums being played in a Christian bookstore in the early ’00s. I have found a lot of ’70s – ’80s CCM artists I really like since then, thanks to Pandora.

    2. Okay, so as I was glancing through this, my brain read CCM as CCR, and I found myself wondering what problems fundies have with Creedance Clearwater Revival (besides the general hatred of all secular music and rock and roll).

    3. All ya need is a pie-anna and a fiddle. Maybe a few brass instruments in some IFB churches.

      I kid you not, one lady hyperventilated at an IFB church where they played a tape of a gospel song and it had drums.

  5. This is only remotely related: I was searching for an mp3 of this, and a result of Jack Hyles sermons came up. He quoted this song in one of his printed sermons, and in the same one he made this classic quote about Bill Rice:

    “…I loved him dearly. I spoke at his funeral service. He thought I was smart. He called me โ€œSolomon.โ€ I used to call him โ€œSolomon,โ€ because he was wise enough to think that I was wise.”

    Wow. Just, wow.

    1. Hi, Solomon!
      Hi, Solomon!

      You’re so smart!
      No, you’re so smart for knowing that I’m so smart!

      Bye, Solomon!
      Bye, Solomon!

    2. There’s Jack Hyles’ definition of a smart person: One who appreciates the splendor and glory of Jack Hyles.

        1. Schaap currently has to use his brains concentrating on keeping his back to the cell wall.

  6. Since Pastor’s Wife gets so much enjoyment out of playing piano, I vote that she take this photograph and record the audio for us that have never heard the song.

    It’d be even better if she wore denim while she did it.

    1. Can’t do that. If she played on a white piano, she would offend. If she played on a black piano, she would offend. She couldn’t win for losing.

      Come to think of it, that’s life in Fundystan.

  7. Maybe Third Day could do a sped up (with a BEAT) version of this song and I’d quit watching television if it ever aired on Jack Trieber’s radio station.

    Now the sun is coming up
    I’m riding with lady luck
    Freeway, cars, and trucks
    Wising I could stay a little longer
    And I lead the parade on this church bus
    Wonderin’ whats all the fuss

  8. Thanks (NOT) for giving me an ear worm for that song for the rest of the day. I’m also now singing “Heaven’s a Wonderful Place” in my head as well. And Billy Renstrom singing “I Cannot Come to the Banquet, Don’t bother me now. I have married a wife, I have bought me a cow…”. Of course, we reversed that as we sang it on the bus heading back home.

    Oddly, this reminder doesn’t give me the horrific flashbacks some of my other Fundy-Daze reminders do. I enjoyed my times at the Ranch even though they’d probably shoot me on sight if I stepped foot on the grounds there now.

    1. Leon, Thanks a lot for the repressed memory resurfacing. I had happily forgotten “bought me a wife and married a cow”.

      I always wanted to ask if any form of lying was so evil, how could we sing ” I like it here at the Bill Rice ranch, it’s the next best place to be…”, then go back to the church and sing the same lyrics except to replace BRR with the church initials. I wanted badly to ask which one was the lie, and how was it right and honoring to sing a lie at church, but my sense of “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” was repressed somewhat by the side effects of the Kool-Aid and brainwashing about questioning leadership. These days, I don’t care who thinks what. I’m happy to ask the “wrong” questions and start an argument.

    2. I haven’t sung either of these songs in over thirty years but as soon as I started them I could go all the way through. That was weird. Thanks (?)

    3. I, too, enjoyed the BRR. My wife was a counselor there for two summers. (Mostly because her horrid parents didn’t want her to come home for the summer so she had to find something to do.) She was recently informed that she would not be invited to the ten year reunion because she was too liberal now and no longer saved.

      1. My son worked two summers at the BRR. The third, he was supposed to be promoted to cowboy. He was uninvited, and the only reason we could get was that his sisters were going to a” liberal” Bible college (one we have discussed here on SFL because of recent changes as well as past leaders) that didn’t fit with their beliefs. It probably didn’t help he didn’t care who knew he was not KJVO and listened to “evil” music.

      2. But, if she’s still wearing culottes she should be saved still….right?!?!
        Culottes are the answer to all Fundy women’s problems…

    4. I heard they’re allowing women to wear *ahem* CAPRIS…..now days!!!!
      SHHHHHHH….Don’t tell anyone!!!
      Haven’t been in 20 years.
      Good and bad memories of that place. The pool was fun, though! Crowded…but fun…. Oh…there weren’t any boys in that pool either…. ewwww…an ALL GIRLS time in the pool.
      Perhaps Bob Gray should preach on that one!

  9. Did anyone go to a camp that was so fundy that they changed the words to songs so that they were more “accurate” to Scripture? At my camp, we couldn’t sing “do Lord, oh do Lord, oh do remember me.” It had to be “my Lord, oh my Lord, He does remember me” because eternal security means God could never forget. That’s way too much theology for most camp kids–easier to skip the song!

    1. Oh dear. This is like the Bible church that my parents attended on their way to becoming fundies. They occasionally recited the Apostles’ Creed, but instead of “holy catholic church” they would say “Community Bible Church.”

      1. WOW. I guess that’s easier than explaining the actual definition of catholic with a small “c”. I guess it is possible they don’t believe in the universal church. I’ve know a few fundies who claim all references to church in scripture refer to the local church only.

        1. Uncle W, my FIL does not believe in the universal church. If he is visiting a church and they happen to be celebrating communion that day, he will not take it.

      2. WOW. It’s not as though they’re changing actual Scripture, but still, WOW.

        Also, way to simultaneously steal the work of other smarter people and deny almost 2,000 years of history. Wanna bet that nobody there ever explains that the original words are much, much older than the Community Bible Church?

  10. Ah, yes, the Bill Rice Ranch where women rode motorcycles sidesaddle (behind their hubbies, course). And who can forget this gem:

    Heaven, it a wonderful place,
    God tells about in his word,
    Heaven, my home is up there,
    I’m saved so my soul’s assured.
    That’s why I like it here on the BILL RICE RANCH (yell this part)
    It’s the next best place to be!
    For heaven, it a wonderful place.
    It’s paid for and it’s free.
    My home eternally.
    Will you be there with me????? (escalating notes)

    Oh, my, the Bill Rice Ranch memories… The awkward “romances,” the “perfect” staff, the fire-spitting and yelling, too often way off-base, legalistic preaching. And to think it used to be the highlight of my summer.

  11. This “song” is in the Soul-Stirring Songs & Hymns “hymnal.” If there’s enough interest, I could record a piano/voice demo.

    (Please say no. Please say no. Please say no.)

    1. Sister, I see the Lord has laid this ministry on your heart and you don’t want to be outside the perfect will of God by quenching the Spirit.

    1. ACK. My FIL/former pastor had a special affinity for this one & requested we sing it often.

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