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    1. I believe all true conspiracies. And I am the determiner of what is true. ~ the true umbrella man

  1. For those of you without the inclination to watch the video, I’ll sum it up for you: The world is becoming an authoritarian dystopia because you’re not being authoritarian enough in regards to Bible versions.

    1. I just love that line of fundy argument. The corollary to “I’m not given free rein to persecute others, therefore I’m being persecuted.”

      1. …which was a reply to Jack B.

        I like the new look, but I can’t exactly tell who’s replying to the above, and who’s just speaking. Could use some more indent here.

        Merlin’s Beard!!
        What just happened!
        *ouch* Oooo, I gotta quit stepping on this thing… where’d that come from? !!
        george! get me some scissors!

  2. Holy Textus Receptus, MOG-man!! Those perversion-version Satanists Wescott and Hort have sent their goons to persecute the “Remnant”!!

    Roger that my faithful sidekick Preacher Boy. Quick! To the little red sports car purchased for me by my congretation. Let’s hit the Trail of Blood and beat feet to the harem….I mean the MOG pastor’s study. We haven’t one moment to lose!!

      1. It was briefly attempted by a major studio but too many MOG’s/Evangelists claimed it was a TRUE story of their life and demanded royalities. After many months of trying to find any resemblance to the many MOG’s, production and filming was abandoned allowing the MOG’s to proclaim for at least another 20 years; “Hollywood refuses to make anything reflecting family or Christian values.”

    1. Oh yeah, you might be scoffing now, Bibb, but when the Bible Version EnforcementTeam (BVET) breaks down your door and busts your head wide open for not joining the NWO, you won’t be laughing then. Better get your KJV-compliant Apocalypse gear together while you can.

      1. Dude. Huge business opportunity right there. Just back up your choice of over-priced gear with a Bible verse. (Think Eph. 6 body armor, or a tactical ammo bag like Jesus may have mentioned in Luke 22:36).

  3. The compare and contrast with the KJV is outright lies. I looked in the NIV where the MOG states that they change Christ from Cornerstone to Capstone…It’s a total fabrication. I checked the NIV-Readers Version, NIV, NIV-UK and all render the word cornerstone.

    In the other comparisons just because the word “New order” doesn’t automatically mean its a bad thing…Such shoddy scholarship here its not even funny.

    1. I looked it up in Bible Gateway. The only english version that renders that word in that verse as capstone is the Common English Bible , which is a fairly new translation. Nowhere near as popular and well used as the NIV.

    2. I believe it’s The Message that says capstone. And it even says “The Masons” rejected him. Yeah buddy… And The Living Bible says capstone too.

      Then again, anyone who’s using The Message or The Living Bible for anything other than cursory reading wouldn’t survive a one world conspiracy anyway. So we’re good.

    3. Yeah the comparison might show a difference in the translations but fails to indicate which one is wrong. Just because they’re different doesn’t mean the KJV is right and everything else is wrong

  4. That pastor pointing out the “differences” in Bible versions must think everyone in the congregation will just take his word for it (maybe most will). Just because the phrase “new order” is found in a Bible verse does not mean it’s even remotely related to future world events. His example verse deals with personal salvation, not world events. Sheesh.

    I can do this: Hey folks, let me show you an amazing prophecy that’s come true here today. Please look in your KJV’s at Job 20:16 and notice that the phrase “he sucketh” can be directly applied to the preacher is this video today! Amazing, is it not? 😀

    1. You hit the nail on the head. Sadly, Many IFB’ers (myself included at one time) have outsourced their thinking to the MOG. I hate that comeback “cause Dr. so and so said so”.

    2. I remember once our pastor preached a “why KJV is the only right Bible” sermon and literally EVERY SINGLE EXAMPLE he gave of how other translations were inferior (I think it was about 20 examples) later checked out to be completely false. This was before my parents did their Bible purge that I mentioned the other day. I went home from church, took an NIV, NASB, and a couple other versions to my room and checked his sermon out. All lies.

      I reported this to my parents and they just said, well, just because some of his examples were wrong doesn’t mean that his underlying point was wrong.

      I have come to realize that the KJV-only crowd misquotes other versions based on what the KJV-only crowd THINKS the translators of the other versions WOULD HAVE SAID if they had actually translated according to the biased agenda that the KJV-only crowd attributes to them. It’s like the time my mother posted some shocking Hillary Clinton quote on her Facebook and my wife send my mom the Snopes article debunking it and my mother replied, “well, it wasn’t false because it sounds like something she would have said.”

      1. I like your Mom’s standard of proof!

        Let me try it:

        Ted Cruz said he loves to snort meth and eat live puppies for breakfast. I don’t know exactly when and where he said it, but it’s like something he WOULD have said, so that’s the same as him actually saying it.

      2. I’ve heard similar statements from my father before when I would point out lies or inconsistencies coming from the pulpit. I would say something like, “That’s not true!” and my dad would say, “Well, I know, but the principle behind it is. He means well.” Bugged me to no end!

    3. The context of Scripture has never been the concern of most IFB-ers I have heard or encountered.

    4. Truth doesn’t matter any more either in religion or in politics. It’s no wonder people are getting disgusted with both.

      1. I may steal that first line at some point. Both certainly take truth and bend it to fit their needs.

    5. I’d dispute that the new order in 2 Cor 5:17 is referring to a personal salvation, however you are absolutely correct that it is not a reference to some kind of evil satanic world government instead of God’s plan for the way creation was created to be is preposterous & heretical by the guy saying that.

      1. It’s referring to salvation, but also to the restoration of all things that began when Christ rose and will be finally culminated when he returns.

  5. Ok, a couple of language comments. First, the Isaiah passage is difficult to translate, a rough translation being something like, “Therefore, thus says the Lord God: behold, I establish/fix/founded stone stone a testing (corner?).” The word for corner is פִּנָּה, which can mean “bulwark, chief, corner, stay, tower” (Strong’s). It is the feminine form of פֵּן and means an angle or corner, and is used of pinnacles, city walls, street-corners, and even figuratively for rulers or leaders. The doubling of the word stone might be for emphasis, emphasizing immovability or some such. So I don’t think cornerstone is wrong, but capstone or keystone is equally correct. Interesting use of 1st Peter, since this is a quote from Jesus, in Mark 12:10, referencing the Isaiah passage. However, in Greek (from the LLX), it is “head of the corner” (or angle, or even hiding place); again, used of keystones, capstones, etc. Furthermore the word “head” is the same word used to speak of the relationship between a husband and wife, most probably meaning source or authority. It is difficult to insist that this means a cornerstone, although if it does it might through the fundy view of family structure into disarray. Just one more reason why arguments from English language are not a good idea.

    1. And now to correct the Latin. Annuit Coeptis does NOT mean “announcing a new beginning.” (Just because he has a British accent doesn’t mean he knows what he is talking about!) It means “He [or it] has approved the beginnings.”

      Or, to use a more dynamic equivalent, “God has favored its beginnings.” (Or maybe its the creepy eyeball that has favored them??? Who knows? Actually, the designer of the seal stated “the eye over it [the pyramid] and the motto annuit coeptis allude to the many signal interpositions of divine providence in favor of the American cause.”)

    2. Also, novus ordo seclorum does mean “a new order of [or for] the ages.” However, this phrase was chosen from Virgil’s Fourth Eclogue, which attributes messianic qualities to Caesar as founder. In other words, its from a poem that was a celebration of the founding of the Roman Empire. Early and medieval Christians also believed the poem to be a prophecy of Christ. Thus, it made sense for a classically educated WASP designing the seal for the new American empire to draw on the Fourth Eclogue for both its historical and religious overtones and provenance.

      1. Thank you; I was going to post this… in addition, the “eye” is NOT Horus, nor any Free Mason symbol; it is the all-seeing eye of Providence.

  6. Only a week left to donate!
    Does that mean they’ll refuse any donations that come in next week or next month?

    I don’t think I’ll be donating money to the movie fund, but I’m seriously thinking of sending Paul Wittenberger a comb.

  7. What is the idiot preacher talking about in this video. He says that the NIV calls Jesus the CAPSTONE in 1 Peter 2:7? Here is how my NIV reads 1 Peter 2:7 – Now to you who believe, this stone is precious. But to those who do not believe, “The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone…

    I get so freaking pissed off at these liars. I hope the whole project fails!!!!!

    1. Have you heard about the idiot preacher and his idiot sons who let Dave Hyles come on church staff? There are idiots, and fornicators and adulterers, everywhere, even when they rub “Baptist” off the church marquee.

      1. Dave Hyles also wrote a book didn’t he? To paraphrase a brief excerpt, didn’t he say something like, “God has forgiven me for all the bad stuff I may or may not have done and the rest of you need to stop sinning by constantly bringing up my past?” I am not going to read his book, but I expect he expressed a level of genuine repentance equal to that O. J. Simpson expressed in his book, “If I Did It?”

        I can’t say this with certainty of course, but if I had to guess, Dave Hyles’ born again experience was not a genuine conversion, but instead consisted of 1, 2, 3, repeat after me. . .

  8. Boy, if I was ever wondering how many soundbites someone could come up with of leaders saying “New World Order”, without regard to context, I think I might have found out….
    Anyone else get tired of listening to that?

    1. Which only goes to show that “New World Order” is nothing more than a political sound bite, like “Change” was for Obama or “Compassionate Conservative” was for Bush. It’s a meaningless phrase (or a phrase that could mean anything) that sounds good and optimistic and progressive, but that’s about it.

      I’d also note that in the years right after the Cold War ended, it really did feel like a New World Order, so it’s not surprising to see Bush Sr. use that phrase so much. (Or, we could go with the funner theory that he was in the Illumanati at Yale so he is secretly sending coded messages to his minions. Yeah, that’s more fun and makes for a better Chick Tract.)

  9. Trying to refute the factual and interpretive claims in the video trailer would be like trying to refute this:

    Truffaut next level mumblecore, small batch fixie raw denim vegan stumptown forage fanny pack slow-carb. Small batch retro ennui deep v cray tousled. Irony mustache butcher, typewriter Neutra Schlitz iPhone brunch mixtape. Biodiesel bespoke Marfa, shabby chic kogi sartorial chillwave meggings mixtape craft beer gastropub forage pork belly tousled banh mi. PBR&B deep v DIY single-origin coffee gentrify hoodie, keffiyeh +1 swag literally PBR dreamcatcher mustache. Vegan 8-bit mlkshk Thundercats gastropub try-hard umami sustainable slow-carb small batch. Truffaut biodiesel Echo Park, messenger bag narwhal fap Cosby sweater try-hard Schlitz flannel American Apparel YOLO dreamcatcher mlkshk stumptown.

    There has to be some kind of coherent argument before anyone can argue anything different.

    But I do want to say a thing or two about the phrases “new world order” and “new order,” which, taken as one, seem to be the main hobbyhorse of the movie. They don’t mean the same thing in the different instances where they are quoted. Hitler tried to establish a new order, which he called “the thousand-year Reich. Yesterday I organized my closet, putting my shoes in a new order. So am I part of a worldwide secret Nazi conspiracy?

    1. I hereby refute your whole paragraph of hipster soup! It’s all wrong! You need to switch American Apparel with chillwave, at least, and messenger bag should come much earlier. Sheesh. Some people.

    2. I would like to see a vegan 8 bit milkshake Thundercat! Is a Thundercat a vegetable? And is the milkshake made with soy milk? 😀

    3. Oh, stewardess! I speak Jive.

      Looking at the paragraph as a whole I admit is a bit of a challenge.

      “Truffaut next level mumblecore, small batch fixie raw denim vegan stumptown forage fanny pack slow-carb. Small batch retro ennui deep v cray tousled. Irony mustache butcher, typewriter Neutra Schlitz iPhone brunch mixtape. Biodiesel bespoke Marfa, shabby chic kogi sartorial chillwave meggings mixtape craft beer gastropub forage pork belly tousled banh mi. PBR&B deep v DIY single-origin coffee gentrify hoodie, keffiyeh +1 swag literally PBR dreamcatcher mustache. Vegan 8-bit mlkshk Thundercats gastropub try-hard umami sustainable slow-carb small batch. Truffaut biodiesel Echo Park, messenger bag narwhal fap Cosby sweater try-hard Schlitz flannel American Apparel YOLO dreamcatcher mlkshk stumptown.”

      However, if we break it down a bit:

      small batch
      Small batch
      shabby chic
      craft beer
      pork belly
      banh mi.
      single-origin coffee
      small batch.
      messenger bag
      Cosby sweater

      Very simple… Big Gary is a hipster who rides a retro bicycle, lives in Brooklyn and likes to pose with cheap beer, when in reality he is a foodie with a taste for the good stuff, technology and is probably a Gemini.

      How’d I do?


  10. Ya know, Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura are doing a fine job of alarming us. Leave them to it.
    Why are you trying to cash in on their theories? Have you run out of arguments for KJVO?
    -Go pisseth against the wall, or something.

    1. Note, that should have been addressed to Anderson and friends. -I’m tired of those greedy crackpots, in particular

  11. Blood, explosions, riot-gear, rampant destruction–if this is what we have to look forward to, the hell with bible versions! I’m ordering a trunk load of AK-47s pronto!

    1. Steven Anderson and his bunch already have them. If you join his church, they might share with you.

      1. What’s interesting to me about their gun slinging is how it completely violates the biblical and Christian tradition of martyrdom. Let’s just say that someday the government is going to round up and arrest people for owning KJVs. In the quite unlikely event that were to happen, wouldn’t the KJV itself call for these people to “resist not evil” but to suffer gladly for their faith?

      2. Right–I remember that video from a while back, Bro. Anderson’s protege gave his kitchen-based Soul-winning Seminar with his sidearm on the ready. You can never be too careful–the NWO goons are ready for action, and as the KJV says, we should be ready always to give an answer to any man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear. And if they don’t listen, shoot to kill. And everyone said, AMEN!

  12. So is the dollar bill the Mark of the Beast? Maybe Steve should have a dollar bill burning. But that is after he has taken them, and bundled them upto burn.

    1. “after he has taken them and bundled them up to burn”… but not before strategically drilling holes through the bundle.

  13. Darrell! They left your name off the list of people who have supported them! For shame. Surely posting and sharing their videos counts as support, no?

    I wonder if we could take up a free will offering and send it in on behalf of SFL, just to see “Stuff Fundies Like” in the credits. That’d be awesome.

    Also, I totally want to buy this for my dad for Christmas. He was never on the crazy KJVO bandwagon, but this might be just the comedy he needs to watch to get him talking to me again…

  14. What currency can we use to donate to his project? Surely he has enough integrity to refuse any of that evil ‘new world order money’ with the pyramid & the eye on it?

      1. How long does it take before someone says that bitcoin is the mark of the beast?

        (So I just googled this to see and, yep, some people are calling it the mark of the beast. Another website, however, suggests that since we are in the end times, believers should purchase bitcoins to use as an alternative to the one world currency of beast marks. Have fun untangling the logical fallacy that underlies that brilliant idea.)

    1. I’ve been curious Judson: is your pic that of a hotel and if so, where is it so I can make a reservation?

  15. My first thought on seeing this: the fundies finally have their own version of “What in the World Are they Spraying?”

  16. So if the new versions are preparing people for the anti-christ, and the mark of the beast and all that, then according to their eschatology, wouldn’t that mean the rapture is near? (The Fundie churches I grew up in were all adamantly pre-trib.) So why are they fighting this? I’d think they’d be excited. Don’t fight it, celebrate! Get more New World Order versions out there. Let’s get this ball rolling!

    1. Recently, an acquaintance of mine who is of the charismatic persuasion informed me that “the fall of Damascus is the proof of the Rapture.” So, there’s also that.

      Of course, she also told me that God has put a seal on her forehead so she cannot take the Mark of the Beast. She said she knows this to be true because when she does spiritual warfare with demons, she can see them staring at her forehead.

      1. “… she can see them staring at her forehead.”

        Wow. Had I been drinking something I would have snorted it all over the keyboard.

        1. Only in the since that many charismatics who take their faith a wee bit too far are in need of some psychological help.

          I once worked in a coffee shop and a charismatic lady used to come in to buy coffee. One time, she literally begged us to sell her one of our tables because God had given her a vision of Jesus floating above it.

  17. With the emphasis on personal salvation and one’s eternal destination, I suppose I shouldn’t be so shocked at their fear of the term New World Order. And I shouldn’t be shocked they don’t see what Jesus was doing as bringing about a “New World Order”. He was bringing the Kingdom of God which compared to the way the world systems work is a new world order. No longer will the divisions we place between human beings be in place in God’s kingdom (Good Samaritan, Paul’s scriptures about there is no longer male or female, etc). No longer would the power be held by the wealthy and the “pull yourself up by your own bootstrap” people (the Beatitudes) but the poor and the meek. But I am surprised that they cannot see the grand narrative of Scripture.
    I am surprised anyone would want to serve the god of most IFB churches or want to live in such fear.

      1. I understand. I still struggle with a lot of fear as well.

        Fundamentalism way down deep in the visceral and more primitive parts of the brain simply will not be removed. I can have every reason to know that God is not waiting with a hammer to strike me for some unconfessed sin or variation from the approved path, but I still find myself looking over my shoulder.

        Part of the problem we have is biological. In the ancient world, our ancestors were the prey more often than we were the predators. What we could see didn’t get us. It was what we didn’t see that was dangerous.

        Still, I am getting a bit better. The thing that worries me the most is that I am afraid my wife will never complete the journey out of fundamentalism and will turn back to it completely. I don’t think I could live with that. My 14-y.o. daughter refuses to leave the IFB church, and anything I might say about it that is less than completely approving is viewed as an attack on her faith. Altogether, in a month’s time they are at the Episcopal Church only a fifth of the time they are at the IFB church.

        I admit that situation brings me a lot of fear.

        I am to the point where I can discuss the idiosyncrasies of Scripture with my youngest son (20). He is pursuing a degree in Forensic Chemistry. He does like to ask a lot of tough questions that my non-sciency wife and daughter quickly tire of hearing. And that I can talk about such things and see that I haven’t been struck down from heaven is comforting.

        I wonder if I will ever stop being afraid. Frankly, I think I might have to become an atheist for that to happen. But I cannot make myself unbelieve some things, even if I can see them to be unreasonable.

        1. rtgmath,
          Thank you for an eloquent and transparent post. I left IFB in 1980-81 (after having been raised by a bat-shit crazy IFB pastor/father) and still feel that fear sometimes. Fear that God is waiting to smite me. I spent years in evangelical churches, even tried the charismatics for a while. I couldn’t shake that fear of God–that he was waiting to punish me, as I’d offended him. That’s why I don’t go to church, and haven’t since 2007. It gives me flashbacks.

          My late brother used to say, “I think the good Lord cares about how we treat our fellow man.” I think of that every day, and try my best to treat people right. I don’t know what else to do, and I’m tired of seeking.

          Keep up your honest posts. In them, I see myself.

        2. May peace be with you. I cannot imagine the pain and heartache you are experiencing with your daughter and your wife.
          My uncle turned to atheism as his search for peace. I do not find him to be any more at peace than most Christians I know or myself. Thats not to say there are no atheists who have peace. But when I think life would be easier as an atheist, he is what comes to mind. Great guy, but I don’t find his life and mindset to be any more peace producing than mine.

  18. I watched the vid to the end. Their email address ends in bigcartel.com. This shows they are part of the drug cartels. They’re raising money for running narcotics. Separate from them before it’s too late.

    1. I think they’re sampling a bit too much from their own supply, if you know what I mean…

  19. In the end times things will wax worse and worse as more nitwits start producing more movies like this one.

  20. As a 32° Scottish Rite Freemason, and Past Master let me say that we start out a candidate by asking him in times of doubt and darkness in whom does he put his trust. When he says ”God” We answer ”your trust being in God your faith is well founded”. Although Freemasonry is not sectarian and all religions welcome, the York Rite, DeMolay, and Job’s Daughters are decidedly Christian.

  21. The irony of using George H W Bush speaking about the New World Order as a voice over for images from George W Bush’s unilateral preemptive wars is mind boggling.

      1. I try not to call much ironic. I can’t think of anything that would typify irony than the juxtaposition they did there.

        1. Geo Bush the younger, self-proclaimed born again. Invaded Iraq without justification and caused the deaths of thousands. Made a lot of widows and orphans among our military.

  22. Pardon a bemused Briton, but was he serious? That made no sense at all, his conclusions, even on his own terms, didn’t follow from his evidence. It was all – “Soup is nice, therefore Giraffe”.

    Also the PM was Gordon Brown, not just Gordon – if they can’t get the name of a former world statesman right, why should we believe anything else.

    1. Yes, the folk in the video are quite serious–unfortunately. And now you know the illogical nonsense that exists in the US fundamental church. It is baffling and extremely hard to argue with since rules of logic simply do not exist in their world.

      I love your example of “Soup is nice, giraffe.” I think I am just going to blurt that out from now on in the midst of conversations with the fundies I know. It won’t further the conversation, but I will leave laughing.

      1. Aha! Every scared person is a potential customer. Leo the lamb has given me the encouragement to start a little business. Here’s my sales pitch. I have some KJV-compliant Armageddon gear for sale–you can either buy it now or die a bloody, violent death wishing you had bought it. Interested?

        1. Oh yea, very interested, being the scared person that I am of dying a bloody, violent death.

          What, pray tell, would be an example of your KJV-compliant Armageddon-worthy gear?

        2. Shoot. I guess I should have come up with a product list before launching this endeavor. Well, off the top of my head this is what I have so far.

          >The Refuge and Strength Bunker Kit. Available in three sizes: The Clift of the Rock , for 1-3 people; The Cave of Abdullum, for up to thirty chosen folks; and the Mighty Fortress Noah’s Ark Deluxe, for 8 people and two of every clean animal (comes with 300 free dinosaur stalls).

          >The Ready Answer 12 ga. Shotgun.

          >The Turn or Burn Flame Thrower.

          >The Sword of the Lord Sword, two sharp edges for improved slaying.

          >The Ehud Son of Gera Dagger. For close combat. At a cubit long, it is also very good for concealed carry.

          >The Brook Cherith and Elijah’s Raven Food Supply.

          It’s a start.

      1. BJg,

        Wait! That wasn’t a Monty Python skit?

        So the original Vikings were actually Jews from the Middle East who took their name from the Roman numeral VI and the English word “kings ?” No doubt there’s a lot of DNA evidence to support this theory. Of course that would explain why both the Dutch and Norwegian languages are so similar to Hebrew, or is that Aramaic, or maybe Latin.

        Again, at the risk of sounding really gullible, that film clip wasn’t a spoof?

    1. Right? Did IFB/KJVOs change their position on men’s haircuts?
      If so, how ’bout some equality. Can culottes be updated with capri pants?

  23. So, let me get this straight. If I understand correctly, they are saying that America is Satan’s chosen nation to bring in the new world order? So, we’re not God’s chosen ones? Hmmmmm.

    1. Yep, we are a Christian nation founded by Christians chosen by Satan to bring in the AntiChrist and his new world order.

      1. That’s clever!

        I spent a lot of years in Fundamentalism ranging from the relatively mild Bob Jones variety to the kind that existed just beyond the far side of Looneville city limits. One constant seemed to be that most of the people were patriotic. Do you get the sense that Fundamentalism (at least the more extreme form) is moving away from patriotism?

        1. I would say towards it. As long as it is the patriotism for their imagined founding of a christian nation by likeminded christians. It was not until the Reagan election and the opportunist Moral Majority that the fundamental churches became a Republican outpost and a recruiting branch of the military.

        2. They consider it to be a more sincere kind of patriotism. And if America is truly to become “God’s Country,” we will have to get rid of such things as civil rights (“You have no rights! All your rights belong to God!”), civil government (“We ought to obey God rather than men!”) (“The Pastor is the MANOGOD and you should submit to him!”), women’s rights (“Women are to submit to the authority of the man!”), the Constitution (“The Bible is the Highest Law!”), and such the like. Funny, though. They LOVE the Declaration of Independence, presumably because they have their own high list of grievances and they want to bring down “King Barack.”

          And yes, they are racist, by and large.

          The Reconstructionists have in mind making America into a Christian Theocracy. Democracy is incompatible with that. After all, why let your unsaved neighbor have a vote? Or if your neighbor is saved, but doesn’t have the right political views, he shouldn’t be allowed a voice.

          Much of this Tea Party stuff is part of this fabric. And these people wouldn’t mind splitting the US into little fiefdoms where their influence is unchallenged.

        3. Fundy patriotism is always dependent on who’s in office. During the Clinton years, I remember the fundies I grew up with going through their high period of militia style black helicopter paranoia, fear the government, etc. As soon as W. took office, it was a drastic swing back to flag-waving mode – how dare you question our president, my country right or wrong, blah blah blah. Now, of course, we’re back to the paranoid age of America in decline…

        4. Fundy patriotism is always dependent on who’s in office. During the Clinton years, I remember the fundies I grew up with going through their high period of militia style black helicopter paranoia, fear the government, etc. As soon as W. took office, it was a drastic swing back to flag-waving mode – how dare you question our president, my country right or wrong, blah blah blah. Now, of course, we’re back to the paranoid age of America in decline…

        5. I think they are more patriotic….but those who they disagree with are part of the America ushering in the beast. They seem to have a dualistic view of America. Obviously the Christian nation was 1950 and before. And now they are trying to revive that era….because the new world order has taken over America…..which is obvious since they only used the presidents after 1980 to talk about the new world order despite the fact that it has been said by others–I think FDR used the phrase before..

  24. I’m trying to watch the video. It’s boring and my mind is wandering. I’m about three minutes into it, and it’s basically just a bunch of different people using the phrase “new world order.”

    I don’t know if I have the patience to watch the rest of the video. I sincerely hope this is not a wack job appeal to King James Version Onlyism. I don’t think NIVs, NASBs, NKJVs, etc, are going to lead to a one world order. 🙄

  25. Now let’s see. They have taken video from a lot of other sources, video they did not film themselves or even process, and made the first almost six minutes of a movie with cut and paste.

    And it took them six months?

    Can you say “incompetence”? I knew you could!

    1. Well they are using clips of IFB preaching which are never less than an hour long…and you have to wade through all the rants against drinking, women in pants, and homosexuals before the pastor begins to preach on the subject.
      Can you imagine 6 months of that?

  26. The pastor speaking at 3:45 who mentioned america bringing in antichrist (or something) is wearing an american flag tie.
    What if all those speakers, instead of saying new world order, said “america on top, the rest of you can rot in Guantanamo”? No doubt these fools would be leading the [drumless]marching band. That’s what they meant but NWO just sounds much nicer.
    This video has made my colon insist on a purge. Psychosomatic visceral revulsion? Nah, probably a demon. I do have a NASB 12 inches away from me.

  27. The North Korean film producers just called. They’re upset that someone has managed to rip off a hodgepodge of clips and squish them together into a short that’s more paranoid , devoted to a dear leader, loonier, and of a poorer cinematic quality than their own.


  28. I placed a new world order once. Actually, several times. I cancelled my old world order when I saw that I could get several new worlds cheaper at Costco. But when I went there to buy, they were out of stock. So I placed a novus ordo seclorum on back order. But then I acquired an acute distaste for anything Curtis Mayfield. So I thought I’d roll my own and unite the nations the good old fashioned way, through diplomacy and under-the-table cunning. So I enlisted Dennis Rodman to begin the process of cracking the hardest nut on the tree. Stay tuned…

    1. You are going about it the hard way.

      I have informed my children that our family will one day rule the world. Behind the scenes, of course. But we will control news media, reform education, and take away power from wanna-be religious dictatorial zealots.

      The beauty of it is that no one will know we rule the world. But we will, and we will make it a better place.

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