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  1. Well, this kind-of says it all, doesn’t it? “Nothing is more important in a church than it’s DOCTRINE!” Don’t worry about feeding the poor, helping the widows, showing mercy to the helpless or clothing those who are naked. Let’s celebrate our doctrine!

  2. You literally have NO idea the depths of the racism, xenophobia, and general craziness of this pastor. I went there and was a lay minister a bit over a decade ago. Yes, some people put bullets in the “plate.” During revivals, they use a KFC bucket as an offering plate. He almost killed a puppy during a service one time. People about freaked out. I am not kidding you… A puppy was barking outside the church during the sermon and people were chuckling. Tony York became furious, pulled his gun, and went out the side door to go kill it until another man went out and sent him back in. When I eventually dealt with him personally about the horrible racism, I was called an “antichrist.” I left the next week.

      1. Well, I talked to him one Sunday about the racism issue. After the blow-up over it, I thought about it and went the back next Sunday again to “formally” leave. I wanted to give him and his father (the former pastor and founder) a summed up letter on the reasons in person and why he was wrong for his own accountability. If he was going to twist the reasons I was leaving, I wanted him to have to be a liar in order to do it. I also hoped it might have some impact on him. (It didn’t)

  3. … where I’ve heard the people sometimes tithe in bullets because they know how much their pastor loves to shoot.

    First Church of Zardoz?


    1. When I went there, on “Pastor Appreciation day” on year, the church have him a new shotgun. When he got it, he took some shells out of his suit pocket, popped them in the gun, walked out the side door and shot it up in the air. That’s why any time a person asks me about the church/pastor, I usually say, “You just have no idea…” :)

  4. Although I do not agree with this Church or their views, I believe we are all missing a far more important detail. We live in America where, for the time being, we have the freedom to believe how we want to believe. For the time being, We have the freedom of speech. I myself am a 68 year old Catholic man here in Indiana. I love America and our freedom. I served our country in the Army.
    I have heard of Pastor Tony and his Church. Our beliefs are on nearly opposite ends of the spectrum. As a devout Catholic I can not fellowship with him or his Church. As an American I must applaud him for standing up and speaking his beliefs. Obviously many here believe he is wrong or a lunatic and that is your right. We must be careful to not condemn this Church for their beliefs and rights while exercising our own. I must admit I found a few of the comments on grammar to be amusing, but who here is perfect? “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone” It is in my humble opinion, after 38 years of being a Catholic, that most former Church members are the worst people as far as gossip, lies and saying anything else that makes them look the part of righteousness and in the process making their former Church looked warped and false.
    Do not get me wrong I am not attacking anyone here but we must be careful. If and when the day comes that the law limits any Churches speech nearly all Churches will be doomed and “We the people” will be soon to follow.
    Is it not enough that we can choose to disagree with these types of Churches and turn away? Did God lead the former member here to sling mud? Did God lead us all here to make fun of grammar and confederate flags? I visited the website and while there are things I personally disagree with I have to say “So what!?” There was nothing on the website that looked hateful. I took a lot of the comments (the ugly kid, etc) in a light hearted manner. I believe they were having a little fun. I do not agree with many of their views such as the King James Bible being the only true word of God. But I applaud, again, the dedication they have. Think about it. When we all stand in judgment do you think God will punish them for the unpardonable sin of putting their faith in one Bible alone? I think not. And speaking of judgment day, we all will have to answer for our sins and our skeletons we keep hidden so well in our closets won’t we? I long for yet fear that day.

    We should all forge ahead. Move past with what we do not agree with and be at peace and be thankful that, as Americans, we have the right to speak, believe and disagree with other people who have those same rights. This is key for American brotherhood.

    Peace to all,
    Jeremy Stevenson

    1. Father Stevenson,

      With all due respect, I need to disagree with you.

      It is not enough that we respect people for what they believe. I wholeheartedly speak out against the ideals of who believe that certain classes of people deserve no rights. It is not for me to just let them alone, keep my own counsel quietly and let them keep yelling. The only thing required for evil to win is for good people to do nothing.

      Frankly, that is what you are proposing. Fundamentalism *is* an evil, and its practitioners are active in assailing the rights and dignity of others, assured that they alone are in God’s favor, they alone know the truth, and that God will put them on Thrones to rule over everyone else with an iron rod of intolerance. They can hardly wait!

      Frankly, I will not let the fear of days ahead limiting free speech limit my free speech now! No, if Free Speech is limited, it will be enacted by fundamentalists, not by liberals! I do not need to be careful. Their contempt for others is contemptible. Their desire to damn others is itself damnable.

      Yes, God will judge. I think He will judge our own silence in the face of grievous error — even those of us who were once part of that error.

      I have escaped from Fundamentalism. I will never go back. Nor will I tolerate what they continue to do without speaking against it.

  5. You say you live close to this “nutshack” as you call it. That doesn’t mean you have a right to talk bad about the Church. Have you ever stepped foot inside the doors and sat down for a service? No you have not! You people who bad mouth VBC are a bunch of sissy libs who hate God and Gods people! Oh yeah, also want to add… the Confederate Flag is AWESOME! No, I’m not a member of VBC. Member of a different King James Bible believing Church.

    1. I used to be good friends with Preacher Tony. What is important about his church and his ministry is the result of lost souls being won to Christ! Who cares about the crudeness displayed on his website if he is winning souls? Praise the Lord for His blessings despite our ignorance and faults!

      1. So, the “ends justify the means?” As long as people are apparently being “won to Jesus,” who cares what else goes on. That is an unwise viewpoint that will lead a person to letting lots of things slide that should be addressed due to pastor worship and thinking “soulwinning” is the most important thing going.

      2. Is he really winning lost souls to Christ? or to himself? Is he actually helping people become more like Jesus, or more like the crude person he is?

        Jesus told the Pharisees that all their evangelistic work accomplished was in creating converts who were seven-fold the sons of hell than they were. Something to think about.

    2. Actually, just as the church has the right to exist, people have the right to talk about it and its practices. Look! The First Amendment! We have freedom of speech! “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      1. It is my experience that Fundamentalists are generally against freedom of speech for anyone but themselves.

        When they rail against others, it is called “Preaching” or “Speaking the Truth.” When others point out their faults, it is called “Persecution” and we are told we have no right to speak what we think.

        Notice that CP called names, “a bunch of sissy libs” (as if being liberal were a *BAD* thing!). And he (or she) is doing that objecting to Victory Baptist Church being called a “nutshack.”

        It is always a double standard. Always. Just rile them up a bit and it is easily seen.

  6. Praise God & Amen! Its good to have people who stand up for God & his word in this messed up world! I thank God for the King James Bible, my Southern Heritage (keep it flyin!) & Pastors who won’t bow down to the world! CP in Morgan Co. Indiana

    1. And I am thankful for Jesus’ blood that saves and cleanses white as snow! Thank God for the KJV – Because of its Words – I have eternal peace and a home one day in Heaven!

  7. To the person who thinks being a liberal is not a bad thing. I will pray for you. If you are a liberal, why are you on this website? The name of it is Stuff Fundies Like. I’m guessing liberals are interested in Fundamental beliefs. Well, that’s a start. Great! Wait, or could it be that libs are on this site just to put down good conservative Christian people?

    1. “Wait, or could it be that libs are on this site just to put down good conservative Christian people?”

      I *was* a “good conservative Christian” once. I have to tell you that I do not see conservatives as good. Conservative attitudes are usually simplistic, self-centered and hurtful.

      Not that I knew that when I was a “good conservative,” mind you. I thought the problem was with all those other folk who disagreed with me. Those liberals who hated their country (they don’t). Those lazy ****s on welfare (usually not lazy, but certainly disadvantaged). Those dam* educators who thought they knew more than me (they did). Those scientists who hate God (untrue!). Those immigrants who came to steal our jobs (the ones we wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole!).

      No, as a person who was once a Conservative, I have to say it was fueled by my own ignorance, arrogance, and Pharisaical pride. It certainly wasn’t Christ-like. It didn’t look to set the captive free. It didn’t love enough to love the unlovely. It had no compassion, no heart. Its worship was more one of entitlement than of receiving grace and forgiveness of sins.

      I am proud to be a liberal now. I look at what I was and I shudder at the thoughts and notions that enslaved me. Christ came to make change, radical change. He didn’t do it because I deserved it. He offered His grace freely, to all (not just to my socio-economic-political group).

      If you are a Conservative, I will pray for you. May you find at last repentance of heart and mind to accept others as Christ accepts them, and accepts you.

  8. To rtgmath, After reading all those words you typed….I still have to say, I will pray for you. I was lost too, but I was saved by the grace of God. It opened my eyes. It changed my life in the best way. I don’t deserve a love so great. I’m nothing without God. I don’t hate people but I will NEVER accept sinful pride in people. People think they can live any way they want to and say God is ok with it because he loves them. Bull! God HATES sin! So liberals will continue to spit in the face of God and live their selfish, hateful, greedy, perverted lives. So if you really are gonna pray for me too, I will thank you but believe me, God knows what he is doing when it comes to me.

    1. Yep. ALL those words!

      I do type a lot.

      Believe it or not, liberals do not believe that you can live any way they want to and God will be okay with it. What we do say is that God is the one who made us, knows us, and will be our judge. Our judge is certainly not those who have upheld injustice and cronyism over the long years.

      Yes, I am a liberal, married and faithful in it for 31 years. I believe in social justice, in a living wage, in the freedom of people to make their own choices without having to have permission of the church or anyone else. If two guys want to marry, it isn’t my place to tell them they can’t . Not that I’d do it. Among other things.

      It takes some guff to claim that liberals spit in God’s eye when conservatives want to take food out of the mouths of the hungry and deprive people of health care. And to despise people who can’t get a job when the jobs have been shipped overseas and the ones that are left are only enough for an eighth of those who need work. Or to declare that God wants us to have guns to defend ourselves with, no matter how many innocent people die in the process….

      Seems to me that Conservatives spit in God’s eyes a lot. They haven’t stopped sinning. They have just done a better PR job to make their sins and greed more socially acceptable.

      Then again, God will judge. And I will trust that God will lead you in the way you need to go, as I am very much assured that God knew what He was doing as He led me toward this path.

      And yes. I use a lot of words. It goes with who I am, a teacher. May God surprise you, and often, with His Grace and goodness toward you and toward those you might not expect to receive it.

  9. Just another liberal who wants to spew their junk and be heard. You are a teacher? Has to be public school. Hope you aren’t teaching English. Poor children. Your comments make no sense. Just a bunch of stupidity. I also can see that you read my comments so fast that you don’t even know what I said. Anyway, we will never agree so bye. Yes, I’m sure you will have to get in the last word. Oh yeah, I DO like guns. Anybody breaks in my house to hurt my family, you better believe I aim to kill. Now, why don’t you go open a King James Bible and read this….Matthew 7:13-14

    1. Bless your little pea-pickin’ heart. Aren’t you all precious and judgmental?

      I have as much a right to be heard as you have. Or would you like to take away my freedom of speech?

      If my comments make no sense to you, perhaps you do not have the language skills to process them. Or perhaps you are reality-challenged.

      And yes, I agree with Matthew 7:13-14. Do you, with your vitriolic tongue agree with James 3:13-16? or with Romans 12:16-21? Do not repay evil with evil? Do not be overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good? Does this square with your aim to kill? I have to wonder.

      I still wish you well. And I still wish you the Grace of God with plenty of surprises. Does it surprise you that He has given grace to me?

      1. Repay evil with evil? I believe CP was saying guns are good for defending his or her family. I don’t call that evil! And God hasn’t given you grace. Its called patience.

        1. What would you call shooting a person who harmed you? (Hint: it is repaying evil for evil.)

          What would you call shooting a person before they harmed you? (Hint: that is doing evil first.)

          Jesus told Peter to put away his sword. Those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword. Peter was defending Jesus. But in the Scripture, being abused by the world and suffering it for Christ’s sake is considered praiseworthy.

          Can you find a Scripture which tells Christians to kill the bad guys? I’d be interested if you could. New Testament, you understand. Even Jesus told Pilate that His Kingdom was not of this world, so His servants would not be fighting.

    1. Oh really? He will deal with conservatives, fundies, and all men. Even you cannot escape standing before Him to give an account.

      And as I am saved, He HAS given me grace.

      Liberalism is not a sin before God. You cannot make it to be sin.

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