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  1. Well, this kind-of says it all, doesn’t it? “Nothing is more important in a church than it’s DOCTRINE!” Don’t worry about feeding the poor, helping the widows, showing mercy to the helpless or clothing those who are naked. Let’s celebrate our doctrine!

  2. You literally have NO idea the depths of the racism, xenophobia, and general craziness of this pastor. I went there and was a lay minister a bit over a decade ago. Yes, some people put bullets in the “plate.” During revivals, they use a KFC bucket as an offering plate. He almost killed a puppy during a service one time. People about freaked out. I am not kidding you… A puppy was barking outside the church during the sermon and people were chuckling. Tony York became furious, pulled his gun, and went out the side door to go kill it until another man went out and sent him back in. When I eventually dealt with him personally about the horrible racism, I was called an “antichrist.” I left the next week.

      1. Well, I talked to him one Sunday about the racism issue. After the blow-up over it, I thought about it and went the back next Sunday again to “formally” leave. I wanted to give him and his father (the former pastor and founder) a summed up letter on the reasons in person and why he was wrong for his own accountability. If he was going to twist the reasons I was leaving, I wanted him to have to be a liar in order to do it. I also hoped it might have some impact on him. (It didn’t)

  3. … where I’ve heard the people sometimes tithe in bullets because they know how much their pastor loves to shoot.

    First Church of Zardoz?


    1. When I went there, on “Pastor Appreciation day” on year, the church have him a new shotgun. When he got it, he took some shells out of his suit pocket, popped them in the gun, walked out the side door and shot it up in the air. That’s why any time a person asks me about the church/pastor, I usually say, “You just have no idea…” :)

  4. Although I do not agree with this Church or their views, I believe we are all missing a far more important detail. We live in America where, for the time being, we have the freedom to believe how we want to believe. For the time being, We have the freedom of speech. I myself am a 68 year old Catholic man here in Indiana. I love America and our freedom. I served our country in the Army.
    I have heard of Pastor Tony and his Church. Our beliefs are on nearly opposite ends of the spectrum. As a devout Catholic I can not fellowship with him or his Church. As an American I must applaud him for standing up and speaking his beliefs. Obviously many here believe he is wrong or a lunatic and that is your right. We must be careful to not condemn this Church for their beliefs and rights while exercising our own. I must admit I found a few of the comments on grammar to be amusing, but who here is perfect? “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone” It is in my humble opinion, after 38 years of being a Catholic, that most former Church members are the worst people as far as gossip, lies and saying anything else that makes them look the part of righteousness and in the process making their former Church looked warped and false.
    Do not get me wrong I am not attacking anyone here but we must be careful. If and when the day comes that the law limits any Churches speech nearly all Churches will be doomed and “We the people” will be soon to follow.
    Is it not enough that we can choose to disagree with these types of Churches and turn away? Did God lead the former member here to sling mud? Did God lead us all here to make fun of grammar and confederate flags? I visited the website and while there are things I personally disagree with I have to say “So what!?” There was nothing on the website that looked hateful. I took a lot of the comments (the ugly kid, etc) in a light hearted manner. I believe they were having a little fun. I do not agree with many of their views such as the King James Bible being the only true word of God. But I applaud, again, the dedication they have. Think about it. When we all stand in judgment do you think God will punish them for the unpardonable sin of putting their faith in one Bible alone? I think not. And speaking of judgment day, we all will have to answer for our sins and our skeletons we keep hidden so well in our closets won’t we? I long for yet fear that day.

    We should all forge ahead. Move past with what we do not agree with and be at peace and be thankful that, as Americans, we have the right to speak, believe and disagree with other people who have those same rights. This is key for American brotherhood.

    Peace to all,
    Jeremy Stevenson

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