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  1. Second!

    I have played this old-timey song on the piano and organ (to my own amusement) but have never, ever heard it sung in church. Without the lyrics, it plays like a pretty good Sousa march — you’d never know it was a gospel song. I can picture it being done at a football game or on the Fourth of July.

    What an exercise in nostalgia . . . no wonder the third guy in the row is wearing a tie clasp. :mrgreen:

    1. It does work pretty well as a football rally pep song; too bad most Fundy colleges and schools don’t go in for that. πŸ™

    2. This is a certified “Song for Men.” You will NEVER hear ladies sing this song in a fundy church. All those martial references are not feminine and lacy enough.

  2. Second! Another post by Darrell the Reprobate. Darrell it is terrible enough to wind up in Hell because you’re a sinner, but you are going to be in a hotter portion than some because you are not only a sinner but a worker of iniquity. That’s right, you and the followers of this so-called blog work at feverishly at your sin. You’ve been warned. Bro. Ray ➑ SEE BIBLE FOR DETAILS

    1. Which verse in the bible states that some will be in a hotter portion of hell than others based on their works?

      1. Matthew 11:20-24:
        Then He began to denounce the cities in which most of His miracles were done, because they did not repent … “if the miracles had occurred in Sodom which occurred in you, it would have remained to this day. Nevertheless I say to you that it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment, than for you.”

        Many have interpreted this verse to mean that hell will have varying degrees of punishment based on how an individual responded to what he/she heard of God’s word.

        My own personal pet theory is that the suffering in hell is less due to flames and worms and more due to the mental regrets of missed opportunity to serve the Lord and enjoy the fellowship of Heaven …

        1. … not to support Brother Ray’s theory that hell’s deepest torments are reserved for those that disagree with him and have the audacity to post a link to a freely available video and comment that they miss singing with their father!?!

          Is that really what is being said here?

        2. “Bro” Ray is the author of the Ezekiel 3 blog that was reviewed recently by Darrell. It’s all kinds of special – and everyone who disagrees with him is considered (by him) to be both gay and going to hell.

        3. @Andrew – not to mention that the Scriptures teach that the lost stand before God and are “judged out of those things written in the book” – if these men are lost, what is the point of making a judgment based upon their works unless there are degrees of punishment?

          (Just another passage that, in my opinion, supports the concept of degrees of punishment in hell – I am NOT claiming that parts of it are hotter than others)

        4. @GuiltRidden – I was always taught that that passage specifically applies to Christians, since it says ‘not so as to lose their salvation’.

        5. Tiarali, you forgot that his foes also live in trailer parks. Trailer parks are apparently hell on earth or something.

        6. There are some really nice trailer parks in my part of the world. Landscaped, having rec centers and meeting rooms, some have tennis courts and even golf courses. Most of the residents are retired schoolteachers and farmers and the like. So you can’t scare me with talk of mobile homes, either.

        7. So that’s why tornadoes and UFOs always head for trailer parks, I knew there had to be a reason. πŸ˜›

        1. He’s real, unfortunately. Darrell may have made a mistake by posting the EZEKIEL3 website.

          Now we get to hear the truth from a MOG on the daily posts. SFL is a gathering place for a people who have escaped fundamentalism, and Ray is the street preacher outside damning us all to hell.

        2. Charles – Love your interaction with Bro. Ray on his website. I don’ think he answered a single question you asked.

    2. wow, you’re up early. Shouldn’t you be having your own personal devotions right now?

      And there are no degrees of hell…now Kevin Bacon, that’s a different story.

        1. Actors are given a “Bacon Number” based on the degree of their separation from Kevin Bacon. This from Wikipedia:

          “The Bacon number of an actor or actress is the number of degrees of separation he or she has from Bacon, as defined by the game. This is an application of the ErdΕ‘s number concept to the Hollywood movie industry. The higher the Bacon number, the farther away from Kevin Bacon the actor is.

          The computation of a Bacon number for actor X is a “shortest path” algorithm, applied to the co-stardom network:

          Kevin Bacon has a Bacon number of 0.
          Those actors who have worked directly with Kevin Bacon have a Bacon number of 1.
          If the lowest Bacon number of any actor with whom X has appeared in a movie is N, X’s Bacon number is N + 1.

          Here is an example, using Elvis Presley:

          Elvis Presley was in Change of Habit (1969) with Edward Asner
          Edward Asner was in JFK (1991) with Kevin Bacon

          Therefore, Asner has a Bacon number of 1, and Presley (who never appeared in a film with Bacon) has a Bacon number of 2.”

        2. To expand: This is a game based on someone’s observation that any person in the U.S. is only separated by a chain of six social connections from any other person. The original is known as six degrees of separation; the game is Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

    3. Folks headed for your blog looking for honest debate and discussion. You headed back here to mock, insult, and belittle. That ought to say something about which group Jesus is happier about.

    4. This is the Ezekiel 3 troll, right? There’s no point in pointing out the post by Darrell didn’t post anything negative about the song or the singers?

      1. Nah, liars are still second to those who corrupt the Word of God with extra-Biblical BS based on arbitrary cultural standards from one corner of the world. I’m thinking Pharisees, the guy who came up with indulgences, bloggers with so many crazy theories Snopes couldn’t begin to ID them all. . .

    5. Could someone tell me the difference between sinner and “worker of iniquity.”

      Ray, using big words doesn’t always make a person seem intelligent.

        1. You mean to tell me we can receive monetary compensation for being sinners? My gawd, I can quit my job!

    6. You know, I think it’s ridiculous when fundies lay a guilt trip on people for drinking root beer or going into a theater, because they are supposedly damaging their witness and leading others away from Christ. But when people like Ray act like jerks in the name of Christ, that really does lead others away. I know, because it worked for me; if Ray and others like him represent Christ, I want nothing to do with that god. So there you go, Ray–your actions and behavior affect other people, and not in a good way. What do you think Jesus will have to say to you about that?

    7. You can’t scare me with heat– I’m from Texas. If you want to put fear of Hell into people from the Gulf Coast, tell us it’s freezing cold there.

    8. Dear “Bro. Ray”:

      Get angry if you like, but I have nothing in my heart but pity for you. I hope and pray that one day you will know the God Who is rich in mercy and filled with love and compassion for us.

      May He have mercy on your soul.

    9. Bro. Ray,

      If you wouldn’t mind posting a list of your judgments of who is and who is not going to Hell, we wouldst verily appreciate it. All this time we have believed that faith in Christ’s finished work on the cross which paid the penalty for our sins would be enough for us to merit heaven. We were foolish enough to believe that it was by grace (God’s one-way love applied to ourselves) through faith that we are saved. Now we know that we now have to pass your judgments of whether or not we are indeed Christians or not.

      The sooner you can post this list, the better, so that we can, you know, like, go tell people about the Gospel. I realize that you may not be able to invest so much research into our lives as you obviously did with Darrell, so I just ask for your best efforts.

      Eagerly awaiting to see if I make the cut,

      Christian Commentor

    10. I am actually grateful to Bro. Ray. He has now shown me, after years of wandering in the wilderness of Sin (if you don’t believe it, read the King James BIBLE), and that now I believe that the King James is the WORD of God. And the Bible says JESUS is the WORD of God. So, in the name of the father, and of the King James Bible, and of the Holy Ghost, bless you Bro. Ray in your ministry.

      πŸ™„ (This smiley is brought to you by Poe’s law.)

      1. And all this time I thought King James was a philandering king who had a flare for blinged out shoes with cute bows.

        I find it ironic they like having a Bible named after him.

    11. Ok,
      We’ve been warned… your work here is done.

      Now go bask in the luke-warm knowledge that you have excelled in your religious zeal. Go tell God how diligent you have been in rebuking sinners and setting folks straight… I’m sure you are storing up some serious chaff and stubble in heaven.

      1. And I’m sure up in Heaven right now God is saying “hey, Jesus, check it, Bro. Ray is working it for us today. Finally a day off” πŸ˜†

    12. Ray, since you’ve oversimplified salvation to simply believing in Jesus without repentance (per your site), I don’t know how you could imagine Darrell is going to hell. He believes in Jesus. You sir, probably ought to go back and examine yourself to see if you are in the faith, because your apparently don’t believe you needed to repent when you believed the gospel. The arrogant manner with which you present yourself is not one of the fruits of the Spirit. Doesn’t the Bible say something about meekness??

    13. The only way to Jesus is through the AV 1611. The NIV is sin right? We just ignore the fact that the inspired English version didn’t exist before 1611 and any other modern foreign language is leading people straight to hell! Amen brother?

    14. I had to perform church discipline on one of our faithful members. I just heard he was β€œsaved” by reading the NIV. I mean it is so clear as mud the NIV is sin and no one comes to Christ through it. For example, look at Romans 10:9 in the AV 1611 (or actually 1789) it reads β€œthou shalt confess” what you would call the HIV version says β€œdeclare with your mouth.” The “inspired” says β€œLord Jesus” but the satanic version says β€œJesus is Lord.”

      It’s so (un)clear as mud, but we (you and I(diots) just ignore it, right Bro Ray?

      Fundy Fred (I put the β€œfun” and β€œdam(n)” in fundamentalism)

    15. You, sir or ma’am, are an awesome Poe. But you should throw in some more typos.

  3. Up until I listened to the song, the only lyrics I could remember were:
    The fight is o’er/the battle won/the church has split/and my side won

    1. Yeah, I grew up in a “first, second, and last verses” church when it came to hymn singing, but when our church split, the youth pastor would get up and make us sing the verse from Onward Christian Soldiers that says, “we are not divided, all one body we, one in hope and doctrine, one in charity.”

      It was disgusting to see everyone smugly singing along all the while hating in their hearts the reprobates who had left us.

  4. Totally true story (as if I could make this stuff up): I know a fundy preacher who had this song played as the recessional at his wedding. As the story goes, the bride was not so amused.

    1. I would have laughed my ass off if my hubs had pulled that prank on me. But this is the gal that suggested Edvard Grieg’s “March of the Trolls” as the processional. The organist cracked up, at least.

    2. The weirdest thing like that I ever saw was when, at my uncle’s funeral, by his own pre-mortem request, a choir sang the Marines’ Hymn. It made absolutely no sense in the service, but it was what he wanted.

        1. He was in the Marines about 50 years before that. After that, he went to college, then to seminary, then was a minister for several decades, then retired and declared that what he really wanted was to be a long-haul truck driver, so he went to truck driving school and then drove big rigs until health problems made him stop. His CB radio handle was “Retread.” He was quite a character, in a good way. I wish I could see him right now.

        2. Once a Marine, always a Marine.

          The fact that he’d have the Hymn sung at his funeral makes perfect sense to me.

        3. Semper Fi!
          β™«If the Army and the Navy
          Ever look on Heaven’s scenes;
          They will find the streets are guarded
          By United States Marines.

        4. One other comment about that uncle– As souvenirs of his military days, Uncle Roy had some rather crudely-made tattoos on his forearms. One of them was a Marines emblem, and I don’t remember what the other one was. But he also had a big, gnarly scar where another one had been excised (tattoo removal was more primitive back then). I always wondered, but was too timid to ask, what tattoo had been there that was even uglier than the ones he kept.
          Just recently, my mother, who must have seen it at some point, told me it was the name of a girl Roy dated before he married my aunt. Quite plausible, but I had been secretly hoping it was something more scandalous.

        5. I have known old Marines to have a girl’s name tattooed on them… the grand kids always ask why grandpa didn’t have grandma’s name put there…

        6. There is historical precedent for warriors putting their brothers in arms first in almost all things. Upon his death bed, William Marshall was asked to bequeath his armor to the church (it was very expensive armor), to which the good knight is said to have responded something like “Go to hell” (an interesting rejoinder to a priest…the earl was said to be possessed of a sharp and somewhat dark sense of humor). The armor was left to his Templar brothers.

        1. Marines are a special breed. If the Lord wills, in the next couple weeks I will be serving as a Chaplain for a Marine Battalion.

      1. My fiancee and I (and it was slightly more her choice than mine) are walking down to the main theme from Jurassic Park. It IS the best melody (not theme or motif) John Williams ever wrote!

    3. The most appropriate music for fundy weddings is something from the oeuvre of Flatt and Scruggs.

  5. I have heard this sung in church, and almost every time, the song leader made a crack about this being a description of marriage. It was funny the first time, but it has been overdone (at least for me).

    1. When my cousin got married, it was jokingly suggested that it should be played as the recessional, either that or the Hallelujah Chorus.

      1. The one that got old FAST was the one chubby bearded “liberal” guy that would always sing a special with a guitar and would ALWAYS say, “well, this is a six-string guitar by nature, but I broke one so now it’s a five string.” HAHAHA!! LOL!! ROFLMFAO!!! Or not. πŸ™„

  6. I can honestly say that I don’t miss this type of music one bit since leaving fundystan. Ugh!

    No offense, Darrell.

    1. I just visited his blog and sadly, he seems to be very real. πŸ™„

      He’s also a Pharisee and a nasty bully. Oh how he must grieve the Holy Spirit with his name calling and hateful speech.

      1. I’m aware that his actual personal blog is real, I’m questioning the guy commenting on SFL.

        1. Agreed. Because if it’s the same person, I really think we are going to have to quit calling it Poe’s Law and start calling it Ray’s Law.

      1. You can look for him for he’ll be there, he’ll be there, he’ll be there! You can look for him for he’ll be there, singing glory to his name ….

  7. My favorite part of most of the GOH videos is how joyous and happy the singers always appear. As a person who was once mired in this culture, I am fully aware that this “enthusiasm” is the accepted mode of delivery…but I still have no idea why.

    1. Because we have to be a Happy Little Sunbeam For JAY-zuz every single second of the day, so a manic fixed smile is mandatory. 😈

  8. I’m a sucker for four-part harmony and these guys got a handle on it by the first chorus, so “well done, guys!!”

    1. It’s hard to find fault with them. They sing (mostly) together, and (mostly) in tune, and they have nice suits with no pocket-hanky foppery, and their hair is perfect (even the older gentleman’s combover is better than most).

      Ah, that last bit makes me miss Natalie. She always knows what to say about hair (and butt cushions).

      1. They creep me out because they look like and ATI family. Especially the “distinguished” dad leading his adult sons in song.

        1. It just goes to show– one person’s innocent fun is another’s PTSD flashback trigger.

        2. Wow DS, you nailed it. I couldn’t put my finger on what was bugging me. They do look very ATI. Navy suits, not being TOO fashionable but at the same time not TOO out of date–hair, glasses, ties from about, oh, eight years ago. Glad our family didn’t get irretractably deep into ATI before recognizing it as a cult. After close to 25 years I had almost put it out of my head. PTSD flashbacks indeed.

      1. Nah, accordions are for Celtic licks, not polka! Accordions rule!

        — I can’t believe I just typed that.

    1. Gotta love the accordian! πŸ˜€ We saw Myron at Disneyland in ’87, when our son graduated from USMC boot camp. My Dad played accordian and I’d love to hear it again but his hands are too arthritic at 96 yrs, 9 mos.

  9. I used to get that burning IFB anger whenever I heard this song done flat. You know what I mean. People describe it like a Sousa piece, and in the churches and on cds, people would sing it slowly and calmly. To this day, I still get upset about it. I know there has to be people in that group wanting to sing it like its Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger.

    1. Singing for the IFB is an exercise in frustration. One must emote without becoming emotional. Above all, one must project a “peace that passes understanding” no matter what the lyrics are expressing, along with a small hint of “the joy of the Lord” – but no charismatic grinning. πŸ™„

  10. I’m done fighting. No more soldiering.

    These songs are why Christians don’t know how to love people. They think we’re supposed to be fighting all the time.

    1. I’m tired if the over-use of military metaphors, as well.

      We were treated to a guilt trip Sunday by the AWANA leader. According to him, “50 years ago, God & His Word were kicked out of public schools, so THIS is the ONLY PLACE that your children -YOUR CHILDEN!eleventy!!- have a chance to learn about salvation. This is the ONLY PLACE where we can combat the falsehood they’re hearing at school. That’s why I volunteer & that’s why you should, too.”

      Why is there always something to combat? If you view public school (or public school teachers) as the enemy, you’ve got it wrongity wrong!

      “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Eph. 6:12

      Our battles are spiritual! Christians are supposed to be loving others, not drawing battle lines against them. πŸ‘Ώ 😑

      1. My parents and aunts and uncles are in their 70s and 80s, and they say they didn’t have any religious instruction when they went to public schools (in the Bible Belt), so exactly when was this golden era of tax-funded Christian indoctrination supposed to have happened?

        1. That is so sad that all of your older relatives have decided to lie about America’s Christian past because they have embraced humanistical philosophies of America’s Christian Founders.

        2. You hit a nerve with the “America as a Christian Nation” line of thought. The truth of the matter is that not one of our forefathers met the fundy description of an orthodox Christian. Even more than that, none of the central figures of the Great Awakening did either. Whitfield & Edwards were Calvinists and Wesley believed in Sinless Perfection and also that one could lose their salvation.

        3. Yep. I love how fundies think sticking the suffix “istical” on the end of any word makes it sound scholarly and serious:


          Etc. etc. etc.

      2. Thanks for supporting teachers! I came to faith 40 years ago because of a Christian teacher at my high school who let an “illegal” after school Bible study use his room. I have been teaching for 30 years, and I find that I have many opportunities to share my faith with students and their parents. I’m also a big encouragement for the Christian kids on my non-religious school campus. People won’t be reached until we let the “secret” of Jesus out of the church!

        1. Militaristic isn’t the half of it.
          Change a name or two, and it could easily be used by the Blackshirts or the Hitler Youth.

        2. AWANA has gone all PC. Remember all the Aborihinal American/First Nations references? Braves and squaws and seems like there were vhiefs and papooses as well. I had a Pioneers tie clasp/scarf slide which seems like would be on a different team from that of the Displaced Persons. But I remember there being an Indian-chief-in-a-war-bonnet plastic scarf slide that I thought would have looked really cool with my faux Boy Scout-ish uniform shirt.

  11. AFA the video goes, it’s incredibly difficult to sing 4-part harmony acapella. These guys had a rough start, but they recovered nicely.

    I always liked the song itself.

  12. Diverting from whether or not Bro. Gary is a Poe, and moving to GOH related matters. Why is the super enthusiastic, cheesy grin the accepted method of singing these songs? Try singing the Psalms sometime. They’re not all sunshine and rainbows and victory. For example, see Psalm 69:1-3: Save me, O God!
    For the waters have come up to my neck.[a]
    2 I sink in deep mire,
    where there is no foothold;
    I have come into deep waters,
    and the flood sweeps over me.
    3 I am weary with my crying out;
    my throat is parched.
    My eyes grow dim
    with waiting for my God.

    So yea, there’s that. But make sure to smile while singing kids, can’t let them know how parched your throats are!

      1. Who’s that? Any relation to Edgar Allan Poe, the 19th century American writer? I’m sorry, I’ll go home now.

        1. Oh, I get it now. I misspelled “Allan.” You’re right. I should have written Edgar Allan Poe. 😳

        2. Isn’t it hard to type with those hooves? And the last time I heard about an ass talking was Balaam’s ass…

        3. +1 for the Shakespeare reference
          +5 if it was unintentional!

          Conrade: Away! you are an ass; you are an ass.

          Dogberry: Dost thou not suspect my place? Dost thou not suspect my years ? O that he were here to write me down an ass! but, masters, remember that I am an ass! though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am an ass.

          Much Ado About Nothing, Act IV, Scene 2

          I knew all that haute culture I learned at BJU would be good for something.

  13. @Ray, It is because of “this brand of fundyism” that I no longer go to any organized church. Yet, in my 45 years of being on this earth, my wife and I have never felt closer or walked closer with God. When I went to the fundy church, the anger and venom that was spewed made me wonder if God was “just waiting” for me to screw up so he could squash me like a bug. Then, after I left, I started reading the entire Bible and verses in context. I found out my God is a God of love, not hate. I hope you will realize that one day.

  14. An old family friend on the saxophone and I at the piano belted this out at a wedding reception. The kids were clueless but the seniors in the group loved it.
    Life’s too short! I think Bro. Ray needs a healthy dose of bran in his diet. What makes a “blog” become a “so-called blog.” Is it the same as being a “so-called preacher?”

    1. The threshhold for something to qualify as a “blog” is really pretty low.
      I guess if I called a bottle of grape soda a blog, that would be a “so-called blog” (but not a real one).

  15. Dear SFL Reader:

    Is it wrong to want lightening to strike?

    I reply with words attributed to Andrew of Crete, [660 – 732].

    Christian, dost thou see them on the holy ground,
    How the powers of darkness rage thy steps around?
    Christian, up and smite them, counting gain but loss,
    In the strength that cometh by the holy cross.

    Christian, dost thou feel them, how they work within,
    Striving, tempting, luring, goading into sin?
    Christian, never tremble; never be downcast;
    Gird thee for the battle, watch and pray and fast.

    Christian, dost thou hear them, how they speak thee fair?
    β€œAlways fast and vigil? Always watch and prayer?”
    Christian, answer boldly: β€œWhile I breathe I pray!”
    Peace shall follow battle, night shall end in day.

    β€œWell I know thy trouble, O my servant true;
    Thou art very weary, I was weary, too;
    But that toil shall make thee some day all Mine own,
    At the end of sorrow shall be near my throne.”

    Admittedly muddled, the singing begins about 30 seconds into the video. Follow with the above text.

    Christian Socialist

    1. When His disciples James and John saw this, they said, β€œLord, do You want us to command fire to come down from heaven and consume them?” But He turned and rebuked them, [and said, β€œYou do not know what kind of spirit you are of; for the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.”] And they went on to another village.

      Luke 9:54-56

      1. Dear Big Gary:

        LOL! :mrgreen: You picked up on the allusion! Good for you! Anyway, I prefer the lyrics I posted by a wide margin.


        Christian Socialist

    2. Christian, up and smite them…. IIRC, Aunt Dahlia quotes this in one of the Bertie and Jeeves novels. She isn’t being particularly edifying, though. I think she’s thinking of smiting Roderick Spode. πŸ˜†

    3. Christian Socialist, thanks for sharing those lyrics. I ndver knew the rest of that song, just the bit Aunt Dahlia quotes. It sounds very much like the “psychomachia” described by ancient Christian writers like Prudentius.

  16. Surely Bro. Ray was kidding. No one can take themselves that seriously…can they? Darrell is by no means what he described, nor is he destined to burn in a hotter place in hell than Bro. Ray. Remember Bro. Ray what the Bible says in Matthew 7:2: “For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged…” I even used the King Jameseneese version for you there.

    As for the video, they sucked. πŸ˜€ I do find myself listening to the Cathedrals still from time to time on Pandora. That is about the only thing I can listen to from my FBCH days…and Bob Olson condemned me for listening to them…oh Bobby…if we only knew what you were doing to my fellow male classmates at the time. 😈

  17. I listened to the first half of the song. The fact that these guys can pick up a couple hymn books and sing this in harmony without music is impressive. The situation is ironic: Fundamentalism hides abominations in its back rooms and spouts heresies and trivialities from its pulpits. It has created a counterfeit righteousness that it emphasizes while ignoring the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sad to say, that when the Son of God wages war in the earth, He will break down the gates of Fundamentalism to rescue His people.

      1. Wimmin aren’t allowed to preach, sir. Wait, I’m not even allowed to correct you on that point ….. Sorry. Back to the kitchen now.

  18. I had to look on line to see what a “POE” is. Don’t think that Bro.Ray is one. He seems to be very sincere in his beliefs, and we are just his latest cause to roll out his OT prophet routine. Had a church history prof (not at Bob Jones, but at seminary) who said, “Most men are tyrannized by their own insignificance.” When I became comfortable with my own insignificance, I realized that God is in charge of a lot more than I ever gave him credit for. And I was able to relax, realize that other people are the objects of God’s perfect love. @Bro. Ray: Relax. Deep breath. God loves you, and each one of us on this site.

  19. Darrell: Leaving for a week end vacation, be back on Sept. 2nd at EZEKIEL3.com to entertain your readers. I could not help but notice your response count is down a bit since you attacked me and my website. Seems your readers are hanging out at a center for truth. I did get the right Darrell didn’t I? Is this DARRELL OR YOUR OTHER BROTHER DARRELL? Good day and my God possibly bless, Bro. Ray πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    1. Premises:
      1) SFL response count is down. (is it?)
      2) SFL recently highlighted Ezekiel 3.
      3) Therefore, people are abandoning SFL and hanging out at a center for truth (Ezekiel 3?).

      This, my friends, is an example of an invalid argument. Unless you are a fundy, in which case, laws of logic need not apply. (Ray, please google “correlation does not imply causation”.)

      Ray probably thinks that the spike in his own web traffic is due to the blessings of the Lord. Might want to check with Evangelist Doug Sehorne on that one (if you can find him). Interesting that two fundies conveniently go on hiatus after being challenged publicly, but once again, correlation does not imply causation.

      1. And BTW, Ray, you do realize that your “Darrell-brother-Darrell” reference is from an ungodly TV show, don’t you? (In the final episode of that show, we find that Bob dreamed the whole thing, including wickedly fantasizing about being married to someone else.) Be careful about those snares of the devil, Ray. He’s sneaky.

    2. Assuming your remark about the response count is remotely true, that’s a perfect[i] post hoc ergo propter hoc [/i]logical fallacy.

      1. Bro Ray needs to be acquaited with some of the threads when “he who shall not be named” was trolling if he wants to see response counts.

    3. Bro. Ray – Vacation from what? Yelling at people? Oh wait, you can do that while your on vacation too.

      Did Jesus ever take a vacation from warning people of bad Bible versions? You had better be street preaching on your vacation Ray.

    4. Dear Bro. Ray McIntire:

      Speaking of following workers of iniquity, whom do you follow? I ask that because we know who leads accusations against God’s children.

      ‘And I harde a lowde voyce sayinge: in heven is nowe made salvacion and strengthe and the kyngdome of oure God and the power of his Christ For he is cast doune which accused them before god daye and nyght’ [Re 12:10 Tyndale].

      Christian Socialist

  20. Why the bitterness and anger about accordions? An accordion is a party in a box. You tell people you play the trumpet, the harp, the xylophone, they roll eyes and yawn. You tell people that you play the accordion and they’re on their feet with bright eyes… almost dancing, if it weren’t so sinful. hmmm Is polka dancing a sin, too? I know about the waltz, the foxtrot and lindy (ok…I’m old) swing, the hustle and certainly swing… but POLKA? How about polka at home with wife only and no unsaved observers? Should unmarried couples polka? Should men over 50 wear lederhosen? Sorry for the rambling… and OOMPH itself… how is that different than “being in the flesh?” (an old pente term)

    1. Polka? Would you happen to be from Cleveland? Remember Polka Varieties? Around there, the Accordion is still the King1 :mrgreen:
      Ah, memories. πŸ™‚

  21. I thought my accordion post was positive. I would love to have some musical talent and be able to play an accordion. I especially like Cajun or Western accordion. See BeauSoleil or Riders in the Sky. Two excellent bands.

      1. Women especially should be very careful when attempting to play the accordion. It’s not a toy and can potentially do a lot of damage.

    1. Next time I’m down your way I’ll have to show off my accordion skills. Being a aircraft mechanic helps. The buttons on a 120-bass loom complicated, but they’re really not.

      I’m 40 now but still haven’t quite gotten over the trauma of playing “The Holy City” on the squeezebox as a special in church during those awkward teenage years. The look of “Really?!” on the rest of the youth group’s faces is still burned into my homeschooled brain.

    1. Had a hard time finding a YouTube version that didn’t sound tinny…oh well. It’s one of the all-time greats, anyway.

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