309 thoughts on “Fundy Tweet Of the Week: Reformation Is Like the Holocaust”

  1. Hmm, he rejects all 5 points of Calvinism inclduing ‘Perseverance of the Saints’, which basically means “you can’t lose your salvation but will persevere”. And yet, he also rejects any doctrine that says you can lose your salvation.

    I am befuddled.

    1. Is there anywhere he lists the doctrines of Calvinism? It’s very possible he doesn’t know what they actually are.

      1. He doe. Makes his hack-job even more deplorable IMO.
        From his site:
        The word TULIP is an acronym for: Total Depravity of man; Unconditional Election; Limited Atonement; Irresistible Grace; and finally Perseverence Of The Saints. The five tenets can be briefly described as follows:

        (1) Total depravity states that the lost person has absolutely no free will and is absolutely incapable of responding to God. In other words, the sinner cannot repent unless God overpowers him.
        (2) Unconditional Election states that a lost sinner is chosen to be saved regardless of whether they want to.
        (3) Limited Atonement states that Christ died only for the elect and not for all men.
        (4) Irresistible Grace states that the elect, or in other words those predestined to be saved, will not be able to resist the saving grace of God. They will be saved in spite of themselves.
        (5) Perseverence Of The Saints states that the “elect” will, by nature of their salvation, persevere to the end and that the identifying mark of one who has been predestined to be saved is his perseverence in the things of God.

    2. Well, to be clear, Calvinists will tell you that perseverance of the saints is nothing at all like “eternal security”. Personally, I think that makes it a bit of a truism, but we’re kind of out in the theological weeds here…

      1. >Well, to be clear, Calvinists will tell you that
        >perseverance of the saints is nothing at all like
        >“eternal security”. Personally, I think that makes
        >it a bit of a truism, but we’re kind of out in the
        >theological weeds here…

        The older I get the more I realize Lutherans are about the only Protestants whose view of church history I can tolerate.

        1. Lutherans were the first to answer my questions and actually explained the implications of Calvinism for me better than several years of Reformed sermons, oddly enough. I like how Lutherans can hold Scriptural paradoxes in tension, that has helped me tremendously. Would be in an LCMS congregation if they existed here.

        2. There was some interesting dialog between early Lutherans and the Patriarch of Constantinople. Both allowed for a lot more mystery than the Bishop of Rome and his followers did. In the end, however, the Ecumenical Patriarch stuck by traditional Eastern doctrine and rejected any attempt at explaining it. Just because.

  2. “and the printing of the NIV was like what? Hiroshima?”

    Now that’s funny when you consider the worn out comparison of things one disagrees with to the Holocaust or Hitler or whatever.

    I believe this “Preacher” Logan Parton needs to explain himself. Hey, maybe he has a valid point!

    1. Or perhaps it can be said that sitting under the lording-overship of an IFB 501(c)(3) CEO for years can be likened to subjecting oneself to the deprivation of Allied prisoner-of-war troops during the Bataan death march in WWII.

  3. Logan’s next tweet: “The day I found a nest of possums in my skivvy drawer was much worse than the day Kennedy was shot but not as bad as the day I crapped my pants screaming that excellent sermon on Ezekiel 3!”

  4. Out of curosity, primarily because I’ve never heard of Logan Parton, I googled him. Maybe someone else did and mentioned it earlier, I don’t know. But every link associated with this guy has been removed.

    Is it even possible that SFL has this kind of influence on the affairs of such men?

    1. I saw that he was on Linked In, but I didn’t click that link. He was linked to a FB page, which was that of his church, and that’s where I stopped.

    1. Dear Lord “Preacher Logan” and “he who shall not be named” are tweeting affirmation back & forth.

      1. “he who shall not be named.” Okay, why can’t I remember the context here? He who shall not be named, he who shall not be named….I feel a bit slow and somewhat stupid.

        1. Troll commenter from 2010 that was about as big a douche as you can be online. Post was about him, and he was commenting without identifying himself as the subject of the post. Had been trolling the site for quite a while by then, etc. Lots of painful stupid from him for like a month or more back in 2010. Not surprising Preacher Logan & he would be good pals affirming each other on twitter.

    2. Well, I just sent my first tweet (ever) to this joker. I can’t let raving ignorance of that caliber go unchallenged. 😆

  5. I just love it when these guys call themselves ‘Preacher’. Not I have almost come to despise that word. And there is nothing wrong with the word, if you get my drift.

    1. Just call him a preacher-man. Logan’s probably too young to know the song…

  6. Weirdly enough, I was looking through an old Bible of mine today. My borderline or beyond criminal Mog gave it to me. How did he sign it? Preacher.

    I returned the Bible to the shelf, minus the title page. That seemed like something the rats at the landfill will enjoy seeing.

  7. According to their Website, they Teach both scripture and baptist Doctrine. Says a lot, doesn’t it? (I’ve been On their Pages too Long. I’m starting To capitalize Randomly.)

    1. I heard all my life how Catholics were wrong because they equated church doctrine with the Bible. How is this different?

  8. In Carroll’s ‘The Trail of Blood’ the author lectures on how the 16th Century Baptists ‘fought bravely with the Reformers’ and gave them ‘continous and valuable aid’ – which makes them (the 16th Century Baptists) #compromisers, #Neo’s and (no doubt in some books) even #apostates… 🙄

  9. Dear Lord, he’s a terrible writer. Check his blog. His posts just ramble on and on with terrible structure and they are so vague. Ugh it’s such a chore even to skim through.

  10. Dear SFL Reader:

    The word ‘irresponsible’ comes to mind. Need I say more?

    Christian Socialist

  11. What I find completely hypocritical about his church’s website is that it has a link to help people find a church. Even if that church stands for everything this clown preaches against. Hilarious :mrgreen:

  12. The sad reality of a young man like this is that he has all the technological means to display his youthful ignorance throughout the world before he grows enough to realize that he regrets many things done in his youth.

    1. Below is a twitted tweet in response to “preacher” logan’s absurd statement:

      Allen Nelson IV‏@cuatronelson30 Aug
      @PreacherLogan When you don’t understand a subject it’s better to just keep silent about it. See Prov 17:28

    2. He has set himself up as a preacher. He is trying to influence people with his arrogant ignorance. If he isn’t waiting until he is mature to teach others, then I feel no pity for him that his ignorance gets broadcast to the world.

  13. Preacher Logan, in as short pithy sentence, has emitted more theological flatulence than a barn full of goats fed on Brussell sprouts. Well done, young lad.

  14. Matthew Henry on all of this: “When persons, especially ministers, swerve from the great law of charity–the end of the commandment, they will turn aside to vain jangling; when a man misses his end and scope, it is no wonder that every step he takes is out of the way. Jangling, especially in religion, is vain; it is unprofitable and useless as to all that is good, and it is very pernicious and hurtful: and yet many people’s religion consists of little else but vain jangling. Those who deal much in vain jangling are fond and ambitious to be teachers of others; they desire (that is, they affect) the office of teaching. It is too common for men to intrude into the office of the ministry when they are very ignorant of those things about which they are ton speak: they understand neither what they say nor whereof they affirm; and by such learned ignorance, no doubt, they edify their hearers very much!

    1. Dear Amy:

      I join Pastor’s Wife in expressing appreciation for that excellent quote.

      I would add only the source of the quote, which is taken from Matthew Henry’s commentary on 1 Timothy 1:5-11, concerning those who turn aside, who wish to teach when they understand neither what they say or affirm, etc. Also relevant may be Tit 1:10-11; 1Ti2:14, 16; 1Ti 6:3-4, 20-21; 2Ti 2:14, 16; 2Ti 4:3; Jam 3:1; 2Pe 2:1


      Christian Socialist

  15. That is appalling. Not quite surprising, but appalling. Dear God, I thought I had seen the worst of Godwins already, but that is somehow more offensive than the numerous lame examples I have run into before in online fandoms and communities.

  16. well, this is a very special type of stupidity. It scares me that he’s considered educated enough to preach, and amuses me that he thinks his age will make people assume he’s ‘soft’ and ‘liberal’- in my experience, the younger the priest/pastor, the more hardline and no-gray-areas he is. It’s the old ones who have some real life experience that understand and offer charity.

  17. Very true. I meant only that my experience in the past lead me to expect closed-minded self-righteousness and intolerance from young clergy.

  18. I have visited this church while on vacation and heard this child “preach” I will not return we left as soon as the service was over. The people there are very nice but to hear the things that came from this childs mouth were horrible. We are Baptist and come from a church that’s pastor stands for our beliefs. But this chid is very immature and preached against educated people I was ashamed to be in there with the things that he said. I was waiting for someone to jump out and tell me I was being pranked. When we got to the car my children were filled with questions of why a preacher would preach so much hate. It seemed to me that the pastor was his grandfather and if it was I don’t understand how he could let him stand behind his pulpit I wonder if he realizes he’s held accountable for what he allows behind his pulpit.. its disgusting. I have also looked at this kids blog and tweets he gives Baptists a bad name when I told our pastor of the service he just shook his head and said well he seems young and I hope God puts him in his place soon or that church will go down quickly. Its a shame that this child will probably do more harm then good to that church than good I guess its a good thing they didn’t have more than about 20 or so people there.

  19. To “oh no”,

    Everyone has a right to disagree with my tweet. But the last post on February 8th by “oh no” is false. The person he/she is referring to is another young Preacher from church that has only stood a few times. I was not there. I can take the other comments, but I will not be completely lied about. I ask “oh no” to be sure when they begin to talk about somebody to make sure it’s the same person. Thank you.

  20. Logan ….I know exactly whom I am speaking of your picture is right there I am not blind. However I will speak a little cleare in your ignorance maybe you didn’t understand my comment.. You are young one day when you regret what you have preached it will be to late the damage will be done. I noticed when we were there that not all of your following agreed with what you were preaching people whispered and heads shook. You basically said an educated man wasn’t a called man you will see one day when churches that have called on you in the past no longer do or maybe it already has because I noticed you have went from preacher Logan to evangelist when that starts happening maybe you will realize your ignorance . A true man of God could give up all wordly possessions ask yourself can you live with nothing but God since it seems you veiw yourself as closer to God that anyone I am surprised that an adult or older preacher hasn’t brought you off your high horse yet I have read some of the stuff you write on your evangelist page I was hoping it was immaturity that made you say what you do but I can see its ignorance. Remember what God says about scattering his flock. I am sure if you stick with your ignorant ways you will need to remember it and that’s if every church hasn’t written you off as having a hopeless ego. You sir need to grow up and realize your faults before you stand behind that pulpit.

  21. To “Uh oh”

    I will assure you, I know who you are and when you visited the church. I will also assure you, you’ve got me confused with someone else from the church. Seeing how, if you read my stuff and paid attention you would find that I have an education through liberty university. I commend any Preacher that has a Dr. in front of his name. I assure you that you are casting false judgment. You may not agree with me, but I assure you, you are wrong. The other guy you heard has short blonde hair, same height and build. I would NEVER preach against an education.

    1. Dear Evangelist Logan:
      I wasn’t at your church. It could be that perhaps Uh Oh is mistaken about who preached the anti-education sermon. You may be correct in defending yourself in this instance. Who knows–maybe you are telling the truth when you say “I would NEVER preach against an education.”

      Maybe. But you seem to have no problem tweeting against education. I did a very quick scroll down on your Twitter page. This is one of many. The discussion afterwards is enlightening.

      “Seminary school is good for fellers that wanna know how to preach with out the help of the holy Spirit.”


      Hope the link works. This is you, no? The tweet is from you? Is someone stealing your name here on SFL to make it look like you’re lying? Do I need to save a screenshot in case you decide to to a little Twitter purge to avoid what looks to be like a fib?

      Or maybe you’re not against education as such, just against preachers being educated? I’m not sure what to believe here. Maybe you could clarify?

  22. Logan in one post you say you weren’t there in the next you know who I am and what message was preached. Which is it and who am I. You probably wont respond to the last post because it proves my point. I don’t believe you would know the truth if it smacked you in the face. I also believe you would twist and turn your story to make anyone believe you but now since in your tweet you basically say exactly what you preached how would you like to change your story now maybe the devil hacked your twitter or something took over your body just to tweet that for you. Hummm maybe I was wrong about you not only are you immature and ignorant you are also a lier. I would love to know what your congregation really thinks of you.

  23. We video record our services from the back of the church. I watched to footage. You can come back anytime and watch the video for yourself if you’d like. So, yes, you are wrong and yes, I was NOT there the night you and your family was present. Thank you… And you say I am immature and ignorant… Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. Good bye all.

  24. And to Nico, there’s a great difference between Seminary School and Bible College. One is a Homoletics based course study. Homoletics is how to interpret the Bible… The other is a hermeneutics based course study, in which they teach one how to preach. I am in no way against Bible College. I am in Bible college. Some of the greatest preachers this generation can listen to are highly biblical educated preachers. But I disagree with men who choose to go to school and “learn” how to preach. I believe we as God called preachers should follow the Holy Spirit as it guides us in how to deliver a message. A basic study of the difference between Seminary school and Bible college will give anyone the understanding of the difference. Now, if you so choose to attend Seminary school, you have that right to do so, and we may agree to disagree. But let’s not take what I’ve said out of context. I don’t believe it takes an education in the Bible in order to preach… But I would never condemn someone for having formal biblical education.

    1. Evangelist Logan,

      Ok. Thanks for the reply! I have no idea if you were the one preaching against education at that particular service that uh oh attended (that’s between you and uh oh to wrangle about, if you wish)–I just thought it was curious that you seemed to be saying one thing about education here and another thing entirely on your Twitter. Many of your tweets could easily be taken as brashly anti-education.

      As for the difference between bible college and seminary, you’re right, there are some differences. But it has nothing to do with homiletic and hermeneutic. Bible colleges are undergraduate schools that usually offer a wide range of majors, taught within a more or less biblical framework. Seminaries are graduate level schools that mainly offer courses to train ministers or counselors or chaplains in a wide range of ministry-related skills.

      You are also a little backwards in your definition of homiletics and hermeneutics–homiletics is the study of crafting and delivering sermons, hermeneutics is the study of interpretive principles, but that’s all right. Both of these are taught in any real school that is training ministers of the Gospel, even on the undergraduate level–and even in fundamentalist/fundy-lite schools like PCC, BJU, Liberty, etc.

      You don’t *have* to be formally trained to preach well, you’re right about that. But you can’t preach well without using these arts, even if you don’t use fancy words to describe them, and even if you had to pick them up on the fly, or by having a mentor teach you the ropes. The preachers I know, even the older ones, are always eager to learn to do the work of a preacher more effectively and make use of whatever helps are available, especially whatever formal help they manage to get. Quite a different attitude from what you said: “I don’t believe it takes an education in the Bible in order to preach.” But, it’s your call.

      1. Dear nico,
        preacher logan is rite. it’s homoletics NOT homiletics. Cant you even spell? you nede to lern from this yung man cuz hes reel smart and has studed under bro jerry fellwell.

        1. I know, BJg–a single letter can change the whole discussion, like back in the day when homoousios and homoiousios was debated in every Waffle House in Christendom.

          But seriously, I feel for the Evangel. Logan. I see a lot of my young self in him, full of piss and vinegar and the power of The Call, and God knows the mistakes I made are burned into my memory. I wish I could help.

  25. I hope this clarifies where I stand on education. Do we have to have one? No. Do I attend Bible college? Yes. Do I agree with seminary school? No. Are there some good things about seminary schools? Absolutely. Will I attend one? No. Do I condemn and preach against a formal education? No. Was I present when uh oh was at church? No. Can they give the title to the message that was preached? No.

  26. Logan. If that is truly how you feel on education maybe you should be more clear when choosing your words. A message title no I don’t remember one being given but I also don’t remember every message title I have ever heard. I do however remember who preached the message and what was said. Could you please since you have pulled the taped message tell me the date you pulled maybe you are mistaken on who I am and who was preaching.

  27. Logan one more thing here you say I have you confused with someone else explain then if your church isn’t against formal education why would your pastor allow it to be preached behind his pulpit I have seen our pastor sit a young preacher down during his message because it wasn’t Bible do y’all have a problem with standing up for your church. When we were there yall had about 20 people for morning service has your church grown in number or lost. members? One last comment and I am done with this does you grandfather have another grandchild that is a preacher that looks like you? The only reason I ask is because the pastor stood before the church and told how proud he was of this particular preacher for being the Godly person he was and was proud to be his papaw he also told. A little story of this preacher riding in a truck with him on his way to work and singing a hymn with him do you happen to be a twin are do you all just look alike?

  28. I’m gonna play a devil’s advocate here – take a look at death toll of wars between Protestants and Catholics in the XVIth and XVIIth century Europe – Germany, Low Lands, France, Britain… Probably NOT what that hapless fool meant, but it does give you some perspective – said Germany lost a quarter of inhabitants (some say 30%!) due to 30 years war.

  29. History on Logan Parton he went too little Cove baptist church in sevierville sit under Jerry Bradley he announced his calling too preach and moved his girlfriend in with him shortly after he moved her in his pastor question Logan about this and ask for his Preaching License that little cove gave him and he still preach and live with her for years before they was ever married

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