Fundy Tweet of the Week

Two questions:

1. Is Marc making a distasteful joke about packing the tent beyond legal capacity and endangering kids or is he bragging because he honestly thinks it’s a good thing?

2. What does he hope to gain by tagging @stufffundieslik? Is he really that upset that he hasn’t been featured here in a while?

Update 1 @ 8:42: Distasteful joke it is!


204 thoughts on “Fundy Tweet of the Week”

  1. Ah, george.

    And if anything does happen, it’s gawd’s judgment on them wicked shorts-wearin’, bobbed-hair wimminz, right?

  2. Nothing wrong with his tent, or with his church having VBS.

    But tagging a site that he knows is frequented by people who disagree with him on a lot of theological points, making a joke in that post about endangering kids (even if it is just a joke) KNOWING that many of the people who comment here have actually been endangered and abused when they were kids in the IFB movement and would take a dim view of it, you would think he would be smart enough to expect the negative response he got.

    But no, of course not. Like a typical fundy preacher, any negative response from others is unspiritual and obviously not his fault.

    Another tweet of his on June 11:
    “Humorless people are usually bitter people. Losing the ability to laugh is symptomatic of deep-seated, unresolved resentment issues.”

    That’s the most hilarious accusation I’ve ever heard anyone throw at SFL. Most fundies accuse us of not taking them seriously enough. In his attempt to throw accusations at SFL, he just diagnosed any number of IFB churches. 😛

    1. Monte is conceited, arrogant, and loves the attention. If he doesn’t get enough of it, he will seek it. One of the worst fundy tweeters going…

    1. It’s hard to lighten up when you’re not sure what the original point was. A photo of bored kids in a hot, stuffy tent; is it just me, or is the humor really that elusive? 😕

  3. A fundamentalist has heard of the internet and knows how to use Twitter? Color me at least marginally impressed :mrgreen:

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