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      1. God needed someone to sit on a website and hit refresh over and over again until the next blog was posted in order to be the first to comment so God made a megaforte84.

        1. It was a completely random first, actually. I had gotten sidetracked in the random-links, clicked back to the main page to get the MOY link I’d meant to read, and there was a new post right there.

        2. So you were predestined to be first. Just reiterates my first point. πŸ˜†

          Let me know how the butt cushions feel.

    1. It’s a parody.

      I’m not sure if the people who made it know it’s a parody, though.

      1. I don’t think “parody” is the right word – there is nothing intentionally humorous.

        This is an imitation of the “farmer” commercial with Paul Harvey’s voice that was shown during the Superbowl.

  1. I couldn’t make it through the entire video because God apparently needs a preacher to learn not to abuse the reverb plugin.

    I could stand a preacher who would ‘complain’ by honestly talking about how hard all that is for one person to do. It’s the ones who brag about all the hard stuff they do “without complaint” that get on my nerves. Um, one you’re complaining by the metric you’d apply to the church secretary if she started talking about what her job requires and two you’re making it so that’s the standard of ‘if it ain’t this bad, don’t complain’ which keeps people who are getting burnt out or discouraged by any job can’t do even a little gripe to church friends to help cope because ‘pastor’s got it worse’.

    And that’s not even the effects it has on other pastors – I know of a church who ran a good pastor off for ‘not visiting the sick enough’ when he’d do things like dash off to see churchmembers in the hospital out of town in the ICU and not see someone’s ‘been ill for years, poor dear’ relative that week when nothing had changed in her condition for months and the entire church knew where she was and how she was doing. Because he was supposed to manage both, and three services, and everything else, and because the preacher visits the sick no one else has to.

  2. Wow, it’s good to know that since I’m not a Preacherβ„’ I don’t have to do all of those things. What a relief! Particularly since the Preacherβ„’ is God’s one hope for humanity. I certainly wouldn’t want the pressure of having the success or failure of God’s plan depend solely on me. πŸ™„

  3. Wow! Nothing about what Jesus did for us? Looks more like man centeredness Mog training to me

  4. A friend of mine wrote:

    “If the conference going on, where it was shown, is according to the FBCH/HAC playbook (I would take that to the bank), it is part of the strategy to get as many young men as possible to surrender to the call to preach and attend GBC when they graduate High School. “Who will say, “I’ll be that preacher!” will be in the invitation call. And it will work.”

    1. I have been discussing this with a friend who thinks it is beautiful. I keep showing her how anti-Bible it is and she has yet to show me how it is biblical. It’s boiling down to nothing more than idol worship with her, I think. πŸ™

    2. Yeah. We have done exactly that.

      A book I read recently – it may have been Pagan Christianity but I’m not sure – pointed out that we’ve rolled just about every responsibility of the Christian community as a whole onto the backs of the pastors… and that this really harms the pastors. When you ask one man to do all the visiting the sick and ministering to the hurting that his entire congregation is supposed to be doing, OF COURSE he’s going to end up emotionally and physically burnt out if he manages to do it all!

      And it also means the church doesn’t realize it needs to be doing things. If all the time in one small town I know of that was spent gossiping amongst all the churches about Pastor Hasn’t Been To See [Particular Homebound Member] was spent actually going to see the homebound members, those people would not have a day without someone from outside to talk to face-to-face… instead of maybe a thirty-minute check-in by a pastor trying to fit people in between meetings and sermons and other events.

  5. Wow, and I used to look at the preacher doing this as glamorous. Now I see a video of this and wonder why someone would want to do this.

    The fundies seem to have lost the verse about the yoke being easy and the burden light.

  6. I don’t mind this video much except for two points: (1) on what day of creation was creating a preacher supposed to have occurred? and (2) the commitment to rejoice with those who rejoice seems a little tepid.

    1. I believe he said “the day after Adam fell…”, but I’m not planning to listen to his self-righteousness again, so I’m not positive about it. So it must have been post-creation creation, which would be a new form of evolution.

  7. There’s nothing like adding your own chapter to the first part of Genesis, is there?

    I’ll have to try that myself sometime.

  8. The end looks like a car commercial…Oh I get it, it was that Farmer Dodge commercial from the Superbowl! πŸ™„
    Next they’ll have Predestiny’s Child do a “special song” at half time.

  9. Way to top the Catholics, Grace Baptist College, by claiming that your line of succession goes back not just to the Apostles, but to Adam!

    1. Reminds me of Poo=Bah from The Mikado, who claimed that his august family lineage went “back…back…back” to a pre-Adamite “protoplasmal primeval atomic globule.” πŸ˜†

  10. I’m mildly disturbed by what was meant by taking care of others wife and children.

      1. Yes and after events we have seen in Hammond, wife, teenage daughters it really makes no difference.

  11. That was the “great” John Jenkins. I am not surprised that a video like this would come from his chruch/kinder-college.
    For those of you who may not know, Grace Baptist is way up in the Northern part of Michigan. And Jenkins is so full of himself. He used to come preach at my old church and the man worship was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I shutter to think that I used to take part in that man worship. He is “famous” for his thunderous 90 minutes sermons.

        1. Why is a hick from the backwoods of South Carolina preaching in northern Michigan?

          At least, he sounds like that’s where he’s from.

        2. The pastor in that clip is not John Jenkins.

          Some one took a photo from the church website and attached it to some other preacher

        3. BG – He is actually from West Virginia. As to why he is in Northen Michigan? Easy – The Callβ„’ :mrgreen:

        4. Allen – are you saying that something on the internet is not what it is supposed to be? I don’t believe it! :mrgreen:

          If it is not Jenkins, the preacher in the clip does sound a lot like him.

        5. Wow, he was really into whatever his point was – sounded like he was losing his voice.

    1. And all his bio info on all publications, college info etc

      Soiled more like you are mistaking him for someone else. Or just making up “facts”

  12. Just a hunch but something tells me the church and preacher shown at the 1:00 mark are not IFB.

  13. I like how the lack of care about money is repeatedly mentioned, and then the end of the video is a ‘preacher’ in a suit next to a nice, shiny, and new Ford truck. How does one get a $50,000 vehicle w/ no money? Better yet, how does someone pay to drive it at 12 mpg? Weird huh?

    1. I believe it’s a Dodge Ram he’s standing beside. I thought rams were supposed to be sacrificed.

  14. Ok, I’m just a clueless Kat-o-Lick who never reads her Bible (because the Vatican Jesuit-Illuminati Cartel has forbidden Bible-reading)…but humor me here, please, y’all. Where in the Bible did God say all that stuff? πŸ˜†

    1. The original edition of Genesis was hamstrung by a lack of stock photos, plus insufficient familiarity with Independent Fundamental Baptist customs, so The Lord has improved it by means of new revelations to Grace Baptist College.

  15. So what happens to all the little lemmings when the pastor absconds with the money, or the head deacon’s wife, or just dies?

  16. I’ve never been comfortable with people who put words into God’s mouth. I wonder how the narrator would explain that in light of Revelation 22:8? I realize that it may not be technically adding to Scripture, but definitely could be said to border on heresy.

  17. I took some teens to a youth rally. I never heard of the guy before. During the service he called one of the young men that we brought a homosexual from the pulpit because he didn’t own a particular type of dog.

    1. Wow!
      Insecure about our masculinity, aren’t we, preacher?

      I know at least two tough-as-nails cops who have fluffy little lap dogs as pets.

    2. Because he DIDN’T own a certain type of dog? πŸ™„ What else DIDN’T he do that proves he’s homosexual? Not play football? Not wolf-whistle at girls in short skirts? Not say his favorite food was a big juicy steak? Talk about your sins of omission…

    3. And what was the properly manly type of dog to not be a Fag?

      Doberman? Pit Bull? Spotted Hyena?

      1. Yeah, my vote’s with the hyena.

        Spotted hyenas are really pretty badassed:
        > Their jaws are so powerful that they bite right through large bones and eat them.
        > They get some of their food by chasing lions away from their kills.
        > Their society is completely matriarchal. Female hyenas are larger than males and dominate them completely, and– get this– they have penises, more or less:
        “Although the genitalia of the male spotted hyena is typical by mammalian standards, that of the female closely resembles that of the male; the clitoris is shaped and positioned like a penis, and is capable of erection. The female also possesses no external vagina, as the labia are fused to form a pseudo-scrotum. The pseudo-penis is traversed to its tip by a central urogenital canal, through which the female urinates, copulates and gives birth. This unusual trait makes mating more laborious for the male than in other mammals, while also ensuring that rape is physically impossible.”


        1. Wait, I’m dealing with some major issues here…I was taught that, in nature, the females are ALWAYS smaller, weaker, and less flashy, therefore God intends for females to stay in a diminished position. You know, eyes downcast, covered from head to toe, in demure colors, and all that. As I recall, robins were the main example used. You’re telling me that females can be dominant and bigger?! What?! Why wasn’t I taught that in school?

        2. Many birds of prey, such as hawks, have females that are larger and stronger than the males. This allows them to fly around when they are carrying the extra weight of eggs.

          The reason male birds tend to be more colorful than females is to attract mates. The females, not the males, generally do the mate selection in the animal world.

  18. I know pastors this can be said of, and they are invaluable. I wish it were true of every preacher/pastor/father/clergyman.

    In fairness to the originality argument, Dodge commercial wasn’t original either, they just put pics to the old Paul Harvey commentary.

  19. The best description ever of a pastor is Chaucer’s description of the parson in the General Prologue of The Canterbury Tales. In second place, John Ames in Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead.

  20. This must be why John wrote:

    “He must increase, but I must decrease.” Jn 3:30

    or not…

    1. Bethania-Loukia, I thought the same thing. I usually don’t click on these videos (because I’m usually sneaking onto this site while I’m at work :D), but this time I made an exception. And oh my — borrrrrinnnnng!

    2. My thoughts too. Some crappy stock images in b/w. A boringly wooden overdubbed narration with a smack of reverb.


  21. So absolutely man centered!!!! God needed someone ….. All sufficient God needed so He created a man to do all of those things that He needed done and then at the end of the day this man’s son looks up and says I want to be just like my dad, not Jesus????

  22. And on the second day after the fall of Adam, God saw that preachers would need some way to spread their message of self-aggrandizement, so He created the lens flare effect and royalty-free stock photos.

  23. Seriously what does the truck have to do with anything? In a promo picture for a Bible college? It takes up half the screen space. And juxtaposed with all the talk of money? I’m a preacher and can’t come close to affording that truck. Not jealous, just don’t see the connection. For hospital visiting? Or visiting other men’s families?

  24. I wish most preachers were sincerely what is promoted in the video. The ones who are (oh, so rare!), don’t have videos made about them. The ones who aren’t, think they are, and instead allow themselves to be put on a pedestal, the object of man worship. It’s a nice concept. They just put the wrong faces to the message.

  25. Is it wrong for preachers to drive $50,000 vehicles? Don’t they work hard? Don’t they deserve to be rewarded for their ministry by the people who love them?!
    Well…sure, if you pay your secretaries and other staff members fairly. Not that $15,000 a year crap.
    And…sure, if your church and college is out of debt and above reproach when it comes to financial integrity.
    Sure, if you are around all week to do the job people are paying you to do (instead of travelling and enjoying the offerings of other churches on top of your salary), then buy yourself an expensive car. Otherwise, your indulgence is repugnant.

  26. This is by far one of the more despicable bits of hyper-cultural-fundy media that I’ve come across in a while, just further fueling the imagined dichotomy between godly laity and the “preachers” as well as the ignorance of the stepchild of conservative Christianity, cultural funnnymentalism. I hate this video.

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