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    1. and with works sanctification just keep nailing Jesus up there over and over and over and over and…

      1. Just like those ungodly Kath o licks do everyday in their ungodly rituals – when they kill Je-he-zus before they eat him.

    1. Incidentally, I just noticed that there seemed to be a distinct lack of crosses in the church. Seems like the ol’ courthouse square isn’t the only place Ole Glory is all alone. 🙄

  1. I know this won’t souhnd very nice, rather judgemental, but when I was first saved as a teenager I used to wonder at these types of songs.

    Where were these older,(even older than this guy), Christians in 1963 when Madeline Murray O Hare (or Hair) as some spell it, and her atheist organization got the Bible and Ten Commandments out of the public schools? Lordy, all I’ve ever heard from these Fundies is that’s when the USA started to go downhill! If that was such a huge thing then, what were they doing, sitting on their ‘blessed assurances’!!!

    Now, they sing these kinds of songs about our country, because ya know, it’s really not the cross that they’re missing! It’s the 1950’s culture, all looks religious on the outside, conservative good o’l USA!

    But who knows, if I had been in their shoes at the time I might have been in denial that anything like that could happen in a country that stamps “In God We Trust” on our coins, too!

    1. Where were we in 1973 when our country legalized abortion, and began the biggest holocaust the world has ever known, makes Hitler’s atrocities look like a walk in the park (not a good analogy, but there is no comparison with the number of murders, or the pure innocence of the precious boys & girls that are slaughtered)

      A great song, a great message, a great performance! Indeed bring back the cross, and may the U.S. return once again to her Christian roots, and the things that once made her great!

      1. @greg….Yeah, but I wasn’t voting or protesting age then too!

        The anemic church in the USA needs the cross, Jesus Christ, living the Gospel as the early(Book of Acts)church did, loving one another in Christ and loving those who need our Savior, turning away from false teachers who water down, and distort the Gospel.

        God in His Sovereignty has a plan for His Kingdom and the good o’l USA. Are Fundies too obsessed with the return of our country’s “greatness” than His “Kingdom come”? I wonder???
        Matt. 6:33 “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness;…”

      2. Dear greg:

        Hey there! What if it really is Christ OR Caesar? What if you have to choose BETWEEN the cross OR the flag? That’s the rub!

        Christian Socialist

        1. That’s the crux of it, Christian Socialist. Christians should make the best citizens wherever we are on this earth because our allegiance is to the King of an everlasting and heavenly kingdom that we await.

          We’ve had a false sense of righteousness for a long time in America because some laws and a seemingly majority complied with some Judaeo-Christian values. Obviously a brief overview of America’s beginnings and history would dispel that this was ever truly a Christian nation much less a theocracy. Horrible atrocities this fledgling country committed. Nationalism is a competing religion.

          Keep your true loyalty to the kingdom that will never end that is still not inaugurated. Have to learn to appreciate our citizenship on earth and abide by the laws where they agree with God’s rule. We may have freedoms but don’t be surprised when the tide turns. We’re promised to be hated.

        2. That’s what threw me off about the song the most. It explicitly said that “old glory” and “the cross” make quite a pair. There’s a reason we’re not supposed to have idols. We have a nasty habit of choosing the idol when the pressure is on.

        3. Dear beensetfree and fundyfascinated:

          Bravo! You have grasped the issues exactly. It is the kingdom of God and Christ the king, OR it is our earthly system of power/extortion/injustice/oppression/violence/blasphemy/sacrilege/idolatry. That in a nutshell is the message of the Revelation of Christ. It is the Seal of God [baptism by the Spirit] OR it is the mark of the beast, evidencing our commitment to that earth-bound, hell bound system.

          God bless you, my friends!

          Christian Socialist

      3. As that fellow went on howling, I kept thinking, “Greg is going to love this song.”
        Glad you enjoyed it, Greg.

      4. yeah, like when we could legally fight pistol duels in the street; and when prostitution was legal; and when we broke every treaty we ever made with the indigenous people; and elected a guy who cut up the bible as president; and enslaved a whole race of people… indeed bring back “the cross” and our “christian roots”

      5. “Christian roots.” Are those the roots that killed and stole land from the native peoples, that enslaved Africans, that went to war to build an overseas empire, that put American citizens in camps because they were of Japanese descent?

        1. Yea, maybe we should have just stayed in England!

          The U.S. is the only country whose people, rather than celebrate their heritage, berate it at every point, curious!

        2. Gary, this is a great country. I am thankful for all the freedom we have in this country. I just have a hard time believing that America was ever a Christian nation with all the stuff that has been done. A part of Christendom maybe. But to equate the Kingdom of God with the United States is making far too much of a kingdom of this world

        3. @greg

          I’d only speak against the injustices. If those happen to be “at every turn” well then that’s saying something about our so called xian roots doesn’t it?

        1. The two are not mutually exclusive.

          Scripture is clear that sin is not imparted until the knowledge of sin is obtained. I have been labeled a Calvinist but I do not agree with the idea that innocent children and the mentally incapable are condemned for what they have no capacity to understand.

          Romans 5 speaks about sin not being imputed without law, and since we have the law of God written on our hearts (Romans 2) then the power of sin is the law. And it is the knowledge of the law that gives sin power to condemn us. (Romans 7) This is where Paul says I was alive once but sin revived and I died. As a child his innocense protected him from having sin imputed to him but as he learned right from wrong, the knowledge of God’s law, written on his heart gave sin power to condemn him.

          So there is a difference in being heir to original sin and being condemned by the inputation of sin. I am a firm believer in the innocent, who are incapable of understanding the law of God, or knowing right from wrong because of insufficient mental capacity, having sin imputed to them and that’s according to what it says in scripture.

    2. Dear Fundified:

      Madeline Murray O Hare (or Hair) as some spell it, and her atheist organization got the Bible and Ten Commandments out of the public schools…’

      Except that Madeline Murray O’Hare was an urban legend. But try telling that to some church people!

      Christian Socialist

      1. No kidding??? They’ve got her picture on the web and countless sites, too. What’s with that? Was she a figment of fundie’s imaginations??? Are you saying I’ve been duped? Was I just a dumb teenager, ha!

      2. Madalyn Murray O’Hair was a real person who successfully sued the Baltimore school district (1960, with the final decision in 1963) to stop it from requiring Bible readings in the public schools.
        However, almost all the other things attributed to her in Fundy mythology were either done by other people or never happened at all.


        An earlier Supreme Court decision, Engel v. Vitale, established the unconstitutionality of schools prescribing prayers and having pupils recite them. School children are still free to pray quietly on their own in school, just as they always have been.


        1. Yeah, one of those ‘urban legends’ I heard from Fundies was that her son became a Christian! Unless she had more than one son, doesn’t sound like the one who got murdered became a Christian.

        2. Yes, schoolchildren are still free to pray quietly. Which is why it always bothers me to hear someone blame the school shootings on our having “taken God out of schools.” Surely Christ does not abandon the believer at the school door because the Bible and public prayer are not allowed.

          Would it follow to say He abandons us at, say, the mall? Olive Garden? I think He can pretty much go where he wants to go.

        3. Madalyn Murray O’Hair did have two sons. The older one, William J. “Bill” Murray, is the one who became a preacher and right-wing political activist. I gather that this had as much to do with strained relations with his mother as anything else. He has probably made much more money trading on Madalyn Murray O’Hair’s notoriety than she ever did. The younger son, Jon, was the one who was murdered along with Madalyn Murray O’Hair and her granddaughter, Robin Murray O’Hair (Bill Murray’s daughter).

        4. Wow, thx for the info! Glad to hear about the other son, but what a tragic end for the others!

          Prv.14:1 “Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.” (KJV, for our Fundie readers)

          “A foolish woman, that has no fear of God…will certainly be the ruin of her house..”-Matthew Henry

        5. When all’s said and done, despite Ms. Murray Ohare’s best efforts, I stand by my daughters’ statements, to wit — As Long As There Tests, There WILL Be Prayer In Schools! 👿 😈 :mrgreen:
          ‘Nuff said.

        6. Her son used to come preach at our church every year. That’s the only reason I know who she is.

        7. And the push behind getting prayers OUT of schools? The Protestants, who were pushing back against overwhelming Catholic influence in education. So when your Facebook friends send those cutesie things about “Jesus isn’t allowed in schools…”, be sure to send them a mirror.

  2. Um… inanimate objects talk to him and project their feelings. We might have bigger problems here. 😮

  3. Noticed the absence of shouting and screaming from the sheeple 😀 Guess I’ve been out of touch…where did the cross go ❓

        1. Dear Panda Rosa:


          Christian Socialist

          PS: I’ve always admitted that I’m a music snob. That said, the singing is really, really bad. The song is far worse because the theology is terrible. I’m sorry, I take that back. I ought to have said the theology is horrific.

    1. There are so many types of IFB churches. One type encourages loud congregational response and is quite emotional. Another type (like mine and probably the church featured in the clip) prefer things done “decently and in order” and a dignified “Amen” once in a while is all the feedback allowed.

      The singer is much more passionate than most singers I heard in church, though it sometimes happened. Usually special music was a bit stiff because we didn’t want to be like those charismatics! (We didn’t allow taped background music either.)

      1. Ah, canned music! A real no-no in IFBx churches. That’s why Dr. Jack Trieber has 4 grand pianos in his church! Yikes!

  4. Is that the sound of war I hear? Fundie music rule #283,293 states that drums may be used just as long as the singers are loud and bad.

  5. This was so bad it made my computer freeze up. I had to shut it down and reboot to stop the torture 😆

    I remember this song. Listening to it dredged up some long-repressed memories. It’s not any better now than it was 20-odd years ago.

    Oh, and Greg: really, comparing legalized abortion to the Holocaust is pretty crass.

    1. It’s just greg’s latest hobby horse, posting random comments about his views on abortion.

      I guess it means we get a break from the Calvinism debate.

  6. OW! He may have been a fine singer in his day; but bless his heart, his day was over some time ago.

    1. Dear That Other Jean:

      The story is told that at creation, God intended to give the horse 50 years. The horse objected that the horse was a beast of burden, and that 30 years would be plenty for even a very old horse.

      The question was, ‘what will I do with the other 30 years.’ ‘Give them to the man,’ the horse replied.

      Then God proposed that the dog would live 50 years. The dog looked back with pitiable eyes and asked, ‘you would condemn one of your creatures to live the life of a dog for 50 years.’ ‘Even 20 years would be plenty for even a very old dog.

      ‘What should I do with the other 30 years?’ The dog answered, ‘give them to the man!’

      Now you know why there comes a time in the life of every man when he eats like a horse and sings like a dog.

      Christian Socialist

  7. My cat stormed out of the room with her laid back and her tail twitching about one minute into this song. So far she really dislikes the music Darrell posts. :mrgreen:

  8. I’m going to write a song called, “America, Give Us Back Our Cross.” You’ve exploited it long enough. The Church will take it from here. Thanks.

  9. Without listening to the song, I’ll just assume it’s about how they’d like to execute abortion doctors.

    1. You remind me of the old saying that if Jesus had lived in the 20th century, there would be an electric chair on top of every steeple.

        1. Old implement of execution: Cross
          Newer implement of execution: Electric Chair
          (Even newer implement of execution: Injection needle)

  10. Since when is it America’s responsibility to bring back the cross? What does that even mean? In what way can America do that? Is it something that needs to be passed by congress, or is it individuals becoming/behaving like Christians?

    1. Please do not use logic or critical thinking when evaluating fundy anything. At best it will give you a headache, and at worst it will cause time vortices that may or may not rip giant holes in the fabric of space-time resulting in the annihilation of all human flesh (except those who have been raptured).

      1. I lost my bearings there for a bit. Sometimes you need a reality check, and sometimes you need the polar opposite. Thank you Dr. Fundystan, for reminding me that reality isn’t everything.

    2. I’m going to assume that it’s this sort of thinking that has American IFBs sending out missionaries to nations that already have many christian churches 👿

  11. Dear SFL Reader:

    ‘Seemed old glory spoke to me …’

    Ah yes! Back to the state religion of selective, political piety.

    Nothing like joining the national emblem to the Godhead. I wonder what this means theologically. Do we need to repudiate the Trinity for a Quadunity? Has the national pennant replaced the risen Lord of Creation as the latest revelation from God? Has the flag [or perhaps the nation] become an end-time prophet from God to turn the nations back to the Lord? The possibilities are endless. And blasphemous as they are, some of these notions might glean more support from some quarters than we might care to admit.

    Christian Socialist

      1. agreed. It’s got my vote. I wonder if it would be difficult for the power’s that be to save quotes like this, compile a small list at the end of the year, and then have a vote. That would be fun. You don’t even need context.

        1. Great idea! Why don’t we delegate that task to you! Sounds like something fun to look forward to, or maybe half the year through?

          ~~~Heart 🙂 ❗

  12. Ouch.

    A song about a talking flag?

    I won’t comment on the singing or the camera work here– the material in question doesn’t merit those kinds of concerns.

    It would be an interesting exercise to count all the different forms of idolatry on display in the song and the video.

    1. I did notice 1st, the American flag sorta pushing the Christian flag against the wall and outta the way!

      1. There are also some violations of the code of flag etiquette going on there. Sort of ironic when someone is bawling a song praising the U.S. flag (and the cross).

        1. I so totally noticed that too!

          The put down so many rules but fail to follow proper protocol! Typical!!!

          ~~~Heart 👿

    2. This song took the whole personification thing too far. I’d have to say “You first” to that church and others like it who would feature such songs during worship. Sure,they give lip service to Christ and his cross but they quickly take those benefits away with their sermons on law keeping.

  13. What a foul blood thirsty despicable song!

    I don’t even know what is the most offensive part of that depressingly misinformed drivel.

      1. Commented on the YouTube page (surprisingly open to comments still):

        What a genuine turd of a song. This is one of the most offensive idolatrous worshipping of country I’ve seen in a long time. Bring back Jesus to this misled congregation.

  14. I felt grief and pain listening to him bray I mean sing. Fundies love to merge nationalism with their beliefs its scary this worship of the flag. I was allays disturbed when I heard messages from the pulpit about this nation being a godly nation and the cult of nationalism worship at the 4th of July services.

  15. Dude should have to change the lyrics of the old rugged cross at the end to “I will cling to the old rusty flagpole”. When you worship your warped sense of country this much, it’s no wonder you think the cross is & was invisible or just a symbol. I don’t think I’ve been this offended in quite a while.

  16. I was pretty alarmed the other day to discover that the “American Patriot’s Bible” is an actual thing that exists on the planet Earth where I live.

    As a European, this kind of uncritical, unthinking conflation of American exceptionalism and fundamentalist Christianity makes me very uneasy. Not that I dispute anyone’s right to love their country, but this seems to go way too far to me.

    (As for school shootings being brought about by the end of prayer in schools, in my country, displays of religion in public institutions have never been allowed, and the kids don’t shoot each other. Just sayin’.)

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