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The fun on today’s website pick starts with the domain name. BibleRays? What’s a Bible Ray? Oh, the pastor’s name is Wray! I get it!

Even though this site looks like it’s a big steaming bowl of crazy soup you don’t have to worry. It’s very clearly stated in big captial letters that “THERE IS NO HATE, MALICE, RACISM, ETC. ON THIS SITE. ” If you have to say it…

Don’t miss the random image gallery, all the Baptist charts, and a page dedicated to The Sinfulness of Sin which features what looks like a screen cap from Doom 3.

I think it’s safe to say that there’s something here for everybody.

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      1. LL.D. Honorary Doctor of Law. That’s not the only thing our friend has forgotten about his hero. I don’t think he’d go within 200 miles of Ruckman would he?

        1. Sorry, you must have been misreading Litt.D. Doctor of Letters, or Literature. I love how fancy these country preachers get when they are showering their friends with degrees from the school in their fellowship hall.

  1. “The Two Jacks – Jack Hyles and Jack Schaap.” Might need to revisit that image, guys.

  2. I have a headache this morning. This guy’s website is not helping. White font on a black background is bad. Then I clicked the page where he discovered that he could change the color of individual words and the predictable result.

  3. Oh my. Check out the page on race mixing:


    This may be the most racist content I have seen here. Below is an example of what is to be found. And that is mild compared to the rest of the page.

    “The cross between a white man and an Indian is an Indian;
    the cross between a white man and a negro is a negro… “

    1. Good ol’ one-drop rule. Nope, no racism there at all.

      Also, Jesus was a white guy. And so was Adam. Clearly.

    2. I would wager if we could see his surfing habits he visits non-white porn sites. The depth of his hatred screams that he has a major character flaw in this area and he’s over compensating in order to cover up and shoutdown his internal conflict.

      1. Ok, that may have been over the top.

        It just boggles the mind that such ignorance, stupidity and thinly veiled hatred can call itself “Christian.”

        Reminder to self: Just because something/someone calls itself/themselves Christian doesn’t mean that it is or they are.

    3. I couldn’t read the whole page, but what a load of tripe! He certainly doesn’t like anyone except white males, who get the only “noble” excuses for wanting to mix “races.” He doesn’t seem to mind “coloured” females, although they shouldn’t be mixing with white guys. And Jews… whoa! I wonder if they know they run the world…

      I think this quote goes along well with yours. Under “Coloured Male”: “The desire he may have to ‘better his race’ or to ‘pull down the White race’ by taking a White woman is nothing more or less than a huge inferiority complex which he refuses to admit and hence, to solve.”

      Funny thing about those 2 quotes – reminds me strongly of genetics (for obvious reasons), where, if a combination produces traits of only one of the components, the produced traits are called “dominant” and the not-shown traits are called “recessive”. Such as white+black=black, which would mean black is dominant over the recessive white. Biologically true, but makes me wonder – who has the inferiority complex again???

      1. Actually, human skin color is not a case of dominant vs. recessive genes. It’s much more complex than that. If one parent is very light-skinned and one is very dark-skinned, their children can be dark or light or any shade in between.

        1. Indeed. Every few years there’s an article about a family where one parent is very light, the other is very dark, and the bio kids cover the human color wheel in between. It can happen. (Of course, I never read the comments!)

        2. Sorry, I see I wasn’t clear what I actually meant to say. I didn’t mean to imply that that was the case with human skin colour inheritance, and you are correct in what you say.

          I was mostly basing off the quote “The cross between a white man and an Indian is an Indian;
          the cross between a white man and a negro is a negro… “ I was trying to point out that, with this view of *racial* inheritance, they seem to be saying that everyone other than white is dominant over white. Combined with the quote I gave, “The desire he may have to ‘better his race’ or to ‘pull down the White race’ by taking a White woman is nothing more or less than a huge inferiority complex which he refuses to admit and hence, to solve.”, I wondered who really has the inferiority complex – the coloured person as he claims, or the white man that sees his race as recessive to all others.

          And that was a really long sentence. I hope that might clarify my point, and, if not, it’s not that important a point in the first place 😀 But thanks for clarifying the skin colour inheritance issue.

    4. That is a collection of some of the most racist piles of garbage I have ever skimmed over. And what’s enraging is how many people do read those verses and actually do believe they have anything to do with race. Israel wasn’t to keep itself racially pure–it was to keep itself spiritually pure. And all of the passages he uses make that very clear when they then discuss how intermarrying will bring idolatry into Israel. It boggles the mind that someone can write all of that and then protest that they aren’t racist. Pro tip: if your argument centers around one race being superior to others, you’re a racist. The end. Ugh. Just ugh.

  4. That image gallery is one of the weirder things I think I’ve ever seen.

    But I haven’t looked at the rest of the site yet, so that statement may be a bit premature. 🙄

    1. The writer of that article says, “From my personal experience, I can suggest that there is a game which Satan uses against ME, to tear ME down and pull ME away from God. And so from my own experience, I would be justified in saying that this is a game which CHRISTIANS should not play.” [emphasis mine] Note how he immediately assumes that if something is spiritually unhealthy for HIM, it must therefore be wrong for everyone else.

      1. So what the pastor’s saying is that he gets distracted by something so insignificant as a stupid game? At least pornography has the fun of real scandal, but playing around with something so trivial and calling that a sin is just silly. Oh well, as Screwtape put it, “Murder is no better than cards, if cards can do the trick.” Still, I can just see Satan scratching his tail and going, “Gee, I didn’t think it’d be THAT easy.” 😈 😀

        1. Oh, he’s talking about his porn habit, just calling it “Solitare” because that way he can feel superior to those evil card playing heathens.

          Let me tell you how I know that this is what he is actually talking about using his own exegetical methods.

          First note the underlying problem that he mentions in the previous article. Solitare is played with a “dirty deck” that you really should be taking out and burning, just like all those dirty pictures under your desk drawer and in those folders on your internet connected device (or more accurately that conduit that connects you to the domain of the devil)

          Next, the setting of his card playing problem…alone, in his private room, depressed, thinking no one would accept him, as well as his description of his dissatisfaction when the game was over, he needed to go back for just one more. Now you may not have considered this, but there is clearly something deeper here. His addictive code language used to excuse why he couldn’t stop staring at those dirty pictures, like the famous potato chip brand, you can’t just look at one.

          The habit consumes time, it doesn’t teach valuable life lessons, and it isolates you from other people.

          Then he admits that he still does it. Clearly a guilty conscience if there ever was one. The Bible says we must be discerning, especially in what we read, so I am helping you see that there is more to this article than just solitare, and want you to watch that you also do not become ensnared by this word of demons, flipping through that dirty deck and being unable to put it down.

  5. A ways down the “The Sinfulness of Sin” page is this gem about playing cards:

    “Regular playing cards are not as innocent as some people would like to believe…I also believe that they will cause a Christian to lose his love for Jesus and his desire to live for Him. Some of the most common places you will find a deck of cards will be with prostitutes, gamblers, thieves (etc)…but never at a prayer meeting.”

    Besides the obvious logical fallacies (there are a lot of things you won’t find at prayer meetings, but he doesn’t condemn those), I’m not sure I can think of a reason a prostitute would have a deck of cards. Maybe I just don’t want to know. 😯

    1. I am now imagining that we’ve all had the wrong idea about prostitutes all along, and they’re just innocent women who want to play some card games.

      This is a Hitler Ate Sugar argument, by the way. Because a bad person does something does not automatically make that thing bad as well. In other words, because Hitler ate sugar, it doesn’t make it evil for the rest of us to eat sugar. Similarly, even if prostitutes do play cards, for whatever reason, that doesn’t automatically make cards evil.

    2. “Some of the most common places you will find a deck of cards will be with prostitutes, gamblers, thieves….”

      Why do I get an image of a wild west saloon with this?

        1. Ooo, now I’m thinking of Marshall Dillon playing poker with Miss Kitty, shocking! 😯 😎

      1. I was about to comment on that, too. Did you know what else, though? Single dollar bills. They are found with prostitutes, casinos, fortune tellers, strippers, drug dealers. Shame on you if you put a single dollar bill in the offering plate.

        1. Thanks for the alert! I was all about abolishing the penny, but it’s clear the $1 bill is evil. Abolish the $1 bill!

  6. Found on the image page:

    WARNING: True Bible Believers won’t be offended.


    On a side note, did you guys know atheism is a cult now? As a theist, of course I disagree with atheists, but I don’t think I’d characterize them as cultish.

    And then they link to a number of classic essays on why Pokemon, the movie Pocahontas (which is, I confess, completely inaccurate from a historical perspective), Dungeons and Dragons (which is a religion now?), Harry Potter, Bridge to Terebithia (including the beautiful line “The truth is that Walt Disney is of the Devil, and is using movies as a means to corrupt America’s families.”), and Narnia are EVUL.

    You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

    Although, there is an interesting article on Jack Schaap, saying, and I quote, “The truth is that Schaap didn’t fall from anything. A cursory glance at his doctrine and deeds over the last eleven years would have revealed to any discerning Christian that he was a false prophet, a wolf, a viper, a dog, and an evil worker.” That is what I call a positive sign! Later, he says “I fear the Schaap issue will only be treated as a moral fall. The doctrine and practice was un-Godly long before the sexual perversion was known. When will it be repudiated by FBCH, David Gibbs, Clarence Sexton, Jack Trieber, et al? Is sexual immorality the only sin that Baptists cry out against anymore? Is false doctrine no longer worthy of our rebuke?”


    1. That last quote is one I could have written myself.
      Craziness isn’t as funny when it has some flashes of lucidity mixed in.

  7. He has whole books posted on his website. Some of the titles:

    The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy

    The Passing of the Great Race

    Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization

    Soooooooooo yeah no hate or racism in sight anywhere.

    1. That right there is plenty of reason for me to not waste one click on his filthy site. Gross and grosser.

  8. Okay dude, make up your mind, wouldya?

    He has some disturbing and Nazi reminiscent articles and “comedy” about Jews.
    For example: a graphic lists all of the Jews who are prominent in media and accuses them of “controlling your thoughts”.

    Various of his drivelings say that the Jews are behind the corruption of the white race. It is apparently some perfidious plan that they have.

    Elsewhere on his site he proclaims his support for the Jews and Israel. Weird.

    1. Odd as it is, this is a pretty standard Fundamentalist trope: Jews are condemned to Hell for rejecting Christ, the Jews killed Christ, God does not hear the prayer of a Jew, Jews control the world banking system, Hollywood, the secret world government, etc.; yet Israel is God’s special country, the Israeli government can do no wrong, and we must support Israel in every way, so that it can fulfill its part of the end-times prophecies.

      I’ve heard from U.S. diplomats who say that Israeli officials in private will admit to the craziness and inherent bigotry of this subset of their American “allies,” but they recognize the pragmatic advantages of cooperating with pro-Zionist Christians.

      1. I would be vaguely Pro-Israel as a whole, but I cannot applaud everything they do. The reason for the Fundies unreasoning support of Israel is that they believe that Israel is the axis around which the whole End-Time Apocalyse Scenario revolves. They also believe that They (as the only true Christians) are going to be Beamed Up to Heaven (They call it The Rapture) before the Antichrist comes and all those miserable Sinners(epecially Non-IFB heretics like me and other SFL perusers) finally get our well-deserved Come-Uppence. Hence what underpins their support for Israel is purely about the selfish benefit of True Christians and a fiendish desire to see Their Enemies come to grief ath the End Times….

      2. In the Political World of the US it is about getting the very-influential Jewish Vote. Lots of people in US Goverment hate the Jews, but love their Votes. Go a against Israel, you Lose the Jewish Vote and you can kiss Goodbye to any sort of political career.

        1. Mostly about the Jewish vote, but Fundies and Evangelicals of the type you just described also have a good deal of influence, especially in financing some campaigns.

      3. Oh yes. Israel must be preserved and protected so that it can fulfill its assigned role in End Times prophecy (sic!): utter destruction of everyone within its borders who does not become an American Fundamentalist Protestant Christian by the imagined deadline.

      1. I never watch Wolf Blitzer or most of the other TV pundits, but “tragically … almost all of them are so poor, and they are so black …” ??

        I think I know what he was getting at there– many people, including me, think that Katrina would have gotten a more vigorous government response if had hit a wealthy white area– but wow, how could you put it any more unfortunately?

        Oh, yes, this way:
        “What I’m hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them.”
        Thank you, Barbara Bush. 😯

    2. Apparently Howard Stern controls my thoughts. Who knew?
      Does it matter that I’ve never even heard his show?

  9. I’m for one glad this crazy/evil is out on the Internet: it makes it easier for me to avoid these people., and it makes it harder for them to deny anything.

    1. I read that the Heaven’s Gate members supported themselves by doing web design. Could they have done this one? It does have a 90s look to it.

        1. @Tony – not to be particularly rude, but his Pastor’s Testimony is a little… light on details. The gifs are pretty hilarious, though, you’re right.

        2. It’s extra bad because on top of the 275 fonts and colors used and the atrocious and unnecessary gifs (Do you really need tumbling words?), the home page goes on and on forever. I mean forever. Apparently they don’t realize that a menu bar is a thing. I did scroll all the way through the things–I was sure I had come to the bottom a half a dozen times because of randomly inserted email links, translate bars, and search windows. It was a very surreal experience.

  10. The Bible condemns Interracial marriage? Really? And they are racist themselves? We are talking different skin color not different species. How archaic, and ugly. Sorry….this really ticks me off.

    1. I posted elsewhere I was part of an interracial marriage, emphasize on the WAS. 🙄 ‘Nuff said.

      1. Weirdly enough, they quote that verse as being against interracial marriage. If you wade far enough into their slop you come across a list of verses that supposedly condemn interracial marriage. That verse is on their list.

        1. Been having flashbacks after seeing this of a dear lady I knew, who was Mexican and married to a ‘white boy from Virginia’, listening to Dr. B. Myron Cedarholm from Maranatha Baptist Bible College in the late 70’s preaching against interracial marriages in her church. First time she ever heard such preaching in all her years as a Christian. She was outraged, but sat there and listened anyway. I felt so bad for her when she told me that story.

          “slop” that’s a good word for it!

  11. There is more junk on this one little website than I can shake a stick at. This one site could supply SFL with posts for over a year.

  12. So I went on Google Maps to find this church and Google pointed me to this long, rusty farm building as it. Google Maps is definitely wrong but I’m rather curious as to what the church looks like.

      1. 😀 I think I may had found the building. It’s a little farther up and the rusty building seems to have been torn down there at the Google Maps point. I can’t ready any signs at the Google street level so I’m not really sure. It looks like it would be out in the country in the Midwest, but for some reason I’m starting to miss the East Coast right now. 😥 Oh, to visit again.

    1. The long building is probably a industrial chicken coop. Purdue Chicken is a major employer in that area of Maryland

      1. “How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not!”

  13. “Scripture tells us in both the Old and New Testaments that we are to take God’s Word
    literally, unless figuratively is clearly implied.”

    I must have missed those verses in my Bible reading. I wonder why he doesn’t provide a reference for this claim? 🙄 🙄

    1. We are to take God’s Word literally, except when we aren’t.

      That statement is pretty hard to disagree with.
      (See: Tautology.)

    1. He was a Baptist before there were Baptists.
      This is consistent with those Flintstone Christmas specials and the evengelistic messages in the “B.C.” comic strips– apparently there were Christians many thousands of years before Christ. 😕

  14. i clicked that link from a work PC.

    I’m worried I could be charged with accessing hate-crime material online now.. hideous.

    1. Yeah, I’m sitting in a library at my university with people of all races and nationalities around me, and I don’t want to go back to it right now lest any of them see that garbage on my screen and think I believe it…

  15. I hovered over the link “America’s Great Sin”: a box popped up with the titles “Abortion,” “Race Mixing,” “Same Sex Marriage,” “Sodomy,” and “Origin of Race.”


  16. Our old fundy church used to say the same about taking the entire bible literally. I popped up my hand and started asking questions about the Song of Solomon. Things got strangely quiet, and I was told I have a bad attitude…

  17. Dear Pastor Wray:

    Knock it off, will you? You’re making my state look even crazier than it is.

    1. And “The Wire” made it look dangerous.
      Actually Maryland is a nice, but expensive place to live
      BibleRay’s church is in the Somerset County, the poorest county in the state of Maryland.
      Only ten years ago there were some small black towns that did not have either or water.
      Somerset County is 55% white, 43% black.
      I could not find a photo of BibleRay’s church on his web-site. So I used Google Earth. Still couldn’t find it. Maybe the church just meets at his house.
      It does appear that BibleRay runs a landscaping business from the same address. I just wonder if his day laborers know about his views.

      1. That’s what’s been puzzling me too, Mark. Where does it meet? There might be something a little up the road if you go down on street level for Google Maps, but I’m not sure. IS there even a church? I didn’t see any pics AT ALL about the church or members at his website.

        1. I would assume since there is no photo of the church on the web-site, its probably a house church, made up of Mr & Mrs BibleRay, their kids, maybe an odd relative and the family dog.

  18. I really really love that we Americans have the right to free speech. I love our first amendment right a little less now that I read through that website.

  19. My favorite part is his son’s statement…”Contrary to what his critics and enemies say about him, my dad is a kind, generous, compassionate and Spirit-filled man….”-David D Wray

    Then he ranks his dad with “Christ, Steven, Paul, the Apostles, true prophets of Israel, the martyrs, and faithful men and women of God in the Bible.”

    Okaaaay….so what was he thinking by placing that at the beginning of all the “No Hate, Malice, , Etc. on this site”? We’ll all have a warm, fuzzy feeling about his daddy as we scroll down? Just cracked me up!

    1. I wish I knew how to hack websites — It would be fun (interesting?) to change “true prophets of Israel” to “true prophets of Islam”…

    2. That poor kid.
      Most of us, when we talk about our parents’ good points, don’t have to preface our comments with, “Contrary to what everyone else says …”

  20. He thanked his English teacher by name. I would not want to get the “credit” for the hot mess of grammer and punctuation errors on this site.

  21. Solitaire is Satanic? Angry Birds is Anti-Christ!

    Oh, no. I play that evil Russian (COMMIE!) game Tetris! I am soooo dooooooooooomed.

  22. Sooo, are we to read that he is bearing the testimony and the Word rather than celebrating them. Sounds like he is saying the testimony of Christ and the Word of God is a quite a burden for him to bear.

  23. So, is he attributing this quote to Jesus? (under Sodomizing ‘merka)

    “”If the Murderer is not put to death, Society will be put to death by the Murderer!”
    “If the Sodomite is not put to death, the sodomite will put America to death!”
    Jesus Christ

    1. I thought that, too! That way he has that written it looks a whole lot like he’s attributing that to Christ. I was very bothered by that.

  24. ” It is a bad sign when being a Christian is seen as a mark of respectability
    in the eyes of sinful society.”

    This scared me (the nausea was from the 3 independently moving phrases just below). I get what he means – the world will hate us because it hated Jesus first. Yet we’re to be known as Christians by our love. The early church wasn’t universally hated, mostly by the rich and powerful. The poor and lowly didn’t have many bad things to say, I wouldn’t imagine.

    Love draws and repels at the same time. But if all of “sinful” society hates you all the time, that’s a bad sign. Love cares and protects, but also challenges. Urgh, I can’t explain it, but I think/hope my point is clear enough. Hate, in and of itself, does not mean we’re following Christ. Ask the world what they think of Hitler, then ask yourself if he was following Christ.

  25. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, this website might not be easily grouped with the rest of fundyland. Despite their own shortcomings, I don’t know of any fundies who would embrace what this site has to offer as a whole. Even crazies would see that this site is loony. This type of website actually makes the rest of fundyland look attractive. Maybe I’m delusional.

    1. You are absolutely correct. In fact, this type of thing is how most fundys justify their own position. “Well…I don’t believe all that crazy stuff, so…”

      My main issue with many fundies is that they are quick to pick apart the theology or polity if a conservative evangelical like MacArthur or Dever, or even a fellow IFB pastor who might embrace some elements of Reformed/Calvinistic theology, or use music that is from a source not old fashioned enough, or pick any other extrabiblical and unimportant issue they will separate from a brother over. They will get up in the pulpit and strip flesh off with their language over some of those things, but will immediately go into diversion mode if you bring up the crazies on their other flank, give you some crap about how we are all independent and those things are local church matters, etc. When they apparently think that the errors of CEs are not local church matters, are not a brother with whom they disagree, or are worthy of a national campaign to discredit and disown those who would find value in those things while maybe not total agreement and in so doing they destroy the body. These things ought not so to be! I have seen it so often now, I just cannot give them the benefit of the doubt, its an insidious and hateful doctrine of demons that has taken over much of even moderate fundamentalism where this type of crazy is unheard of.

      1. *high five*
        “My main issue with many fundies is that they are quick to pick apart the theology or polity if a conservative evangelical like MacArthur or Dever, or even a fellow IFB pastor who might embrace some elements of Reformed/Calvinistic theology”
        Spot on.
        I guess I forgot for a moment that fundies don’t just separate from crazy. I was ready to jump on board the separation train. Thanks for shaking me back to reality.
        IBFers don’t have the ability to gauge which issues are important, and which aren’t. “There’s no such thing as a non-essential,” they say. They’d separate from CE’s just as soon as they would a raving lunatic racist like Mr. Wray, claiming it’s for the sake of purity or some such nonsense. I love my IFB brothers and sisters. But I also love my CE, Lutheran, Presby, etc family as well, so my IFB family doesn’t love me back.

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