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  1. I dislike it when anyone jokes about how horrible his life is now that he has children. Surely a Christian ought not. I treasure my children as a gift from God.

    1. Thinking back, I don’t remember my parents EVER saying anything like that. I was a difficult child in many ways, but they never said anything except that having children was a blessing and that they loved their children and each other. What shreds of sanity I possess are probably due to that.

  2. Not awkward at all. One time my pastor quipped, “There won’t be marriage in heaven, phew.” His wife’s face nearly imploded with sourness.

  3. WHAT is the deal with friends & family, am I right?? (some laughter) I mean, children and spouses, come on! (more laughter). They are a small group of people who love you and care for you (some light tittering), but I really just wish they WOULD DIE (EXPLOSIVE GUFFAWS) …. nah, but I’m just KIDD-ing! (audience tries to catch breath)

    Thanks! Thanks! I’m here all night! Don’t forget to tip your waitresses, Haymen?? *smirk

    -Bro. Dr. Phill Kidd, PHD in Laughology

    1. Yeah, women, am I right? Ain’t they gross and disgusting? And stupid! Boy howdy!
      And who can stand kids? They’re the worst!

      Thank you, thank you.
      Be sure to buy my videos at the back of the theater.

  4. I am thoroughly disgusted. I wonder what his relationship with his wife and children is like.

        1. Not even close. Oklahoma Baptist University is a fully accredited University offering degrees in a wide range of subjects. They are owned by the Southern Baptist convention. Oklahoma Baptist College is unaccredited, and offers diplomas in fields related to churches and church schools. They are owned and operated by a single fudamentalist church.

  5. Isn’t “mocking” one of the main criticisms directed at SFL by these guys half the time? At least the humour here is funny.

    Sold out crowd!!!!!!

    1. I always expect consistency, but I keep finding out that if THEY do it, it’s OK; if we do it, it’s wrong. 😐

  6. Women, particularly his wife, are the butt of every “joke”. Praying for Mrs. Kidd today.

    1. Poor Phil. Having to put up with his wife’s red and blue-lined stomach while she CARRIED AND BORE HIS CHILDREN. She risks death while he complains about her appearance.

      1. That’s what struck me, too, PW. As a mom to 5, I can TESTIFY that pregnancy ain’t a picnic & labor ain’t a walk in the park. When a relationship is good, having a child together is a joyous, mystical event that bonds a couple even more closely than they already were. How this MOg can mock that loving, shared experience for cheap laughs is beyond the pale.

        I jokingly claim offense sometimes, but I feel the need to be clear: this type of “humor” is more offensive than what I’ve heard “god-hating, atheist, foul-mouthed comedians” use. I am genuinely appalled and offended.

    1. Beat me to it. I was going to ask if it was a laugh track. Maybe there’s one of those signs that whenever there is a punch line a sign lights up that says laugh.

      1. Nah – in cults fundamental churches, the people are told to laugh at the humor attempts, even if they are not funny, to be an encouragement to “the preacher”.

  7. This is the first time I’ve left a comment here. I follow this website pretty regularly, and agree with much if not most of the points made.

    However, in my opinion, I didn’t think this guy’s routine was as outrageous as some seem to think. I thought it was kinda funny, personally, and I don’t think I’m a misogynist at all. I’m not saying he’s the next Brian Regan, but I just didn’t think this was all that bad. Just my two cents (keep the change).

    1. I understand. I think you hear a lot of the same things from other people: joking about pregnancy and mothers-in-law and dirty diapers. I think though that words he’s spoken in the past and the attitude he conveys elsewhere influence how people view what he’s saying here.

      1. Holy Cow! I was waiting for him to have a stroke!

        He needs to pick up his KJV 1611 authorized version and read Colossions 3:12-13

        Put on the therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of MERCIES, KINDNESS, HUMBLENESS OF MIND, MEEKNESS, LONGSUFFERING; FOREBEARING ONE ANOTHER and FORGIVING ONE ANOTHER, if any man have a quarrel against any (liberal): even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.

  8. “Did you cheat on me with a rat?”

    That’s just weird.

    And his negativity about pregnancy? Poor man, his wife asked him to rub her stomach. What tribulations he has endured.

    1. That “cheating on me with a rat” just after his wife gave birth… he’s lucky he survived.

      If I had said anything like that to my wife just after she gave birth, I shudder to think of the consequences.

      1. We all know he never said anything like it. He’s making this all up. It’s exaggeration and embellishment. Tools in a MOG’s chest of manipulation.

        He probably said, “That’s the cutest thing ever.”

        He just wants to show his “man card” to everyone and tear his wife down.

    2. The rat “joke” reveals a sick individual who knows no boundaries in his pathetic attempt to get a laugh. Hard to believe that a MOG would stoop so low… no wait a minute… forget that last statement. Just business as usual.

  9. This reminds me to be grateful to my Fundy Mog father for something he taught me. He told me over and over while I was growing up to always be respectful of the spouse God gave you and to never make jokes at her expense. He especially did not like ‘wife jokes’ told from the pulpit. He insisted that it was bullying and wrong to joke about someone like that.
    Coincidentally, my parents will be celebrating their 50th anniversary soon.

    My father always told me that if I wanted to be funny from the pulpit either make myself or a neutral subject the target. He said that if you make fun of someone who can’t respond you are just a bully.

    I have my issues with many things that my father taught me. I happen to think he was spot on in this instance.

    1. Agree… hearing a “pastor” use his pulpit to attack those that cannot respond is very low.

  10. “The first marriage that God ordained was without a mother-in-law”………..okay I have to give him that one! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    My mother-in-law makes me suspect that mother-in-law jokes are all based on actual events.

    1. Maybe I don’t relate to that kind of joke because my own in-laws are wonderful. I sometimes travel hundreds of miles just to hang out with them.

    2. Adam and Eve never had a son-in-law or daughter-in-law since the children married each other. 🙄

      1. Maybe not. See Genesis 6:1-4.
        The big question of who were these “sons of God” and “giants in the earth” or “Nephilim” has not been answered to my satisfaction.

  11. I have to admit, my mother-in-law is pretty amazing. Initially, I think she was a little suspicious as I was dating her only daughter (she had 5 kids, only 1 girl and she was the middle child), but she has really come around. Not all of them are bad…

  12. It is interesting to me that “toilet humor” is what stands for comedy in fundy circles. Underwear, underdrawers, smelly diapers, trying to love a pregnant woman, fat women, etc. It is all on-the-nose, lacking in imagination or creativity and usually extremely stereotypical and obvious. What is the opposite of funny? This guy.

  13. The only thing I know about Phil Kidd is what I have heard at SFL. But I thought all of this was pretty funny, especially for a REAL fundie!

  14. This guy is bad…but hopefully Darrell will post, when it becomes available, a link to the youtube video of last night’s “message” at FBC Hammond. Guy named Ricky Torres…couldn’t remember, at one point, what to call people with a mental illness (he was inartfully using a high school boy with a psychotic episode in an illustration)….then he remembered! They are called RETARDS! He was not joking. He was serious. He said that and a lot of other really idiotic things, and everyone sits there soaking it in and saying amen and tittering at the sophomoric (sorry to insult sophomores) idiocy. shm

    1. Not long a ago, we had a video clip where the head of Hyles-Anderson College said the preaching at FBCH is “the same as it has always been.”

      How right he was. 😥

  15. I wouldn’t condemn the jokes he made, they were all fairly common subjects among comedians, “take my wife, please!” That said, I think it is completely two faced for him to say the things he did considering his “standards.”
    Also, it just wasn’t funny. Good effort, Phil. You’ll do better next time.

    1. That’s what I was thinking, comedians are generally like this. I don’t really like stand-up or the subjects used in stand-up, but maybe it’s bad since he’s a pastor? Or is he even a pastor?

  16. I can’t believe someone would mock their wife for how they look while pregnant. I actually went to the YouTube site and read some of the comments. How can people even like him? If I had done anything like this, it would have devastated my poor wife. This is some of the most discusting humor I’ve ever heard.

    1. It’s OK if he says it, since Phil Kidd is the most attractive physical specimen on the planet. 🙄

  17. Just hearing that voice again gives me the creeps, but seriously that was worse then his rants about hell while he jumped up and down and splashed water everywhere. I’m so glad I’m out, but his poor wife.

  18. I wrestled to hear Balaam’s ass for 40 seconds. Then I caved.

    Christian Socialist

    1. Baalam’s ass was wise. This guy is not.

      (I just realized. . .wise ass, hahaha)

  19. It’s weird that this was at a marriage conference (wasn’t it?). That to me is the weirdest thing of all.

  20. I just listened to half of his “If you … then you are a stinkin’ liberal” rant. Thank you, Big Gary, for posting the link.

    Seriously, while hearing his voice of hate it made me feel violently ill. I think I have developed a severe allergy to “Country Fundy.”

    Over the years I have become a “liberal” Christian. Phil Kidd knows nothing about what liberals really are, what liberals believe or do. He has this exaggerated spiel that religiously bloated bloviators have been perfecting for decades, ever since Billy James Hargis and Carl McIntyre.

    It is no surprise that among those who claim to “defend” marriage there are those who mock it rather openly. I have also noted that those who make a practice of eschewing humility and make a show of how hard they are on sexual sin are often guilty of it themselves. Will we find that out about Phil Kidd someday? Would anyone really be shocked if it happened?

    Jesus was really very gentle to sinners. The ones He was hard on were the religious leaders, the ones most assured of their own righteousness, the ones who couldn’t stand nasty sinners.

    Somehow I don’t believe that Phil Kidd has seen one person come to Christ among those he rails against in his sermons. I am sure he feels really great about “giving hell” to those sinners. He sure doesn’t show them the way to Jesus.

    1. “Jesus was really very gentle to sinners. The ones He was hard on were the religious leaders, the ones most assured of their own righteousness, the ones who couldn’t stand nasty sinners.”

      This observation is consistently not made by religious leaders… I wonder why?

  21. Most of the jokes weren’t that bad, with the exception of him making fun of his wife’s appearance when she was pregnant (any woman’s response to that should be “then you have the next one”). Not particularly kind or at all edifying, but I’ve certainly heard preachers wail on their wives from the pulpit a lot worse.

    But in these circles, the joking must always be one-sided. Are not these the same people that teach that wives who tell the same kinds of jokes about their husbands are “dishonoring” them? It wouldn’t be so bad if both sides could poke fun equally, but that is not the case. Would Mrs. Kidd standing up and making fun of his parenting or his appearance be as warmly received by this crowd (or by him)?

    There is also the problem that when preachers make fun of anyone (wife of not) from the pulpit, they do so unfairly. Most people don’t have the same kind of public forum to defend or stand up for themselves if they are publicly humiliated because they are the butt of a joke during the middle of the church service.

    1. Satire is properly the weapon of the (relatively) powerless agaisnt the (relatively) powerful. When it goes in the other direction, it’s just an instrument of bullying.

      As political humorist Molly Ivins once wrote, “If you make fun of the Emperor for having no clothes, that’s satire, but if you make fun of the pauper for having no clothes, you’re just being mean.”

  22. I just want to reach into that caption there and capitalize the V and the second D. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy!

    Half-assed presentation of attempts at wise-ass humor; so, just an ass, pretty much.

  23. I made it about a third of the way. He did a relatively poor job with old, poorly copied material.

    Self-deprecating humor–good (but absent)
    Wife and kid deprecating humor–makes you a jerk!

  24. My gosh, he’s the next Chris Rock. I was actually cringing a bit watching this. And I don’t like the subtle jabs at his wife or woman in general. It might be kinda funny… But it just goes to show how some in fundystan view women as inferior. Never quite stated, but definately implied.

    1. Jack “Jailbird” Schaap sure stated outright that he viewed women as inferior (when he wasn’t talking about how he wanted to slap grandmas).

  25. Surprised that no one commented on the terrible decor he was prancing in front of. Typical IFB Valentine Banquet decorations.

  26. Phi Kidd is a great preacher. See all that has been cut out and just the comical sound bites left. I have been to hear the man preach and I have seen people coming weeping to get saved.

    Put on the therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of MERCIES, KINDNESS, HUMBLENESS OF MIND, MEEKNESS, LONGSUFFERING; FOREBEARING ONE ANOTHER and FORGIVING ONE ANOTHER, if any man have a quarrel against any (liberal): even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye

    Ecc 3:3 says there is a time under the sun for everything,which means there is a time for John the Baptist style preaching.

    1. There may be a time for John the Baptist preaching, too bad Phil doesn’t even come close. Phil is a master manipulator and a pathological liar from the pulpit. He may be able to fill an altar… but next time through he fills it with the same ones over and over again. He is a bully and a fear monger.
      I’ll give him credit that he knows how to manipulate, guilt, and play on people’s emotions to get them to the altar.

      Sorry, don’t come around here singing the praises of the wolf that calls himself Phil Kidd. The Lord rebuke him for all the damage he has done from the pulpit.

    2. If you are gonna quote scripture, typos like “Put on the therefore” are annoying, but adding your own all caps emphasis is a strict no no.

      1. Not to mention the inserted (liberal). There’s somewhere in scripture that says something about adding to or subtracting from scripture like you did with that (liberal). You might want to look it up & heed it.

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