Sports Cars?


Apparently it’s not just Jack Hyles who wanted to use a flashy car to lure young people.

I’m confused about what the message is here. Is there some sort of symbolism between each car and the personality of the person? Or is this just shameless pandering to the young males they hope will be attending their conference?

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  1. Well, you know what they say about guys who buy expensive sports cars – compensating for something, perhaps?

    1. Yeah, why do they call it a “Young Fundamentalists Conference,” instead of “Conference for Preachers Having Midlife Crises”?

    2. I make 90 grand a year. I couldn’t afford any of those cars. If you want one of THOSE rides, you’d better be pulling down six figures, willing to go into hock more than when the market crashed leaving you holding those flipper condos, or be a CELEBRITY preacher-man with lotsa Tithes & conference speaking fees coming in.

  2. Don’t know Derek Young, but you gotta feel sorry for him since he only rates a basic pickup truck when everybody else gets cool cars photoshopped in behind them.

      1. “*Remember that even advanced technology cannot overcome the laws of physics. It’s always possible to lose control of a vehicle due to inappropriate driver input for the conditions.”

        That has to be my all-time favorite disclaimer. :mrgreen:

      1. Even if they’re Honorary Doctorates bestowed by other Honorary Dr preacher-men.

        Larry awards Moe an Honorary Doctorate,
        Moe awards Curly an Honorary Doctorate,
        Curly awards Larry an Honorary Doctorate,
        Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk…

    1. Sorry, I had one and forgot to post it. It’s there now.

      This running two different blogs thing is hard! πŸ˜€

      1. “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

        See how I just Jesus-juked you there?


    1. I actually am pleased that I don’t recognize any of the names. Maybe there is hope for me…

    1. Actually, it’s an apropos comparison, considering they”re trying to sell “the Old Pathsβ„’” to a new generation.

    1. Ha! I see you got your comment in before mine. Oh well, they’re going to get high-centered, for sure. They’re riding new cars down an overgrown, meandering cow trail.

  3. It’s difficult for me to be sure (without much context), but I think that the promotional poster is attempting to illustrate “new” vehicles on an old road, hence A New Generation On The Old Paths. The old paths of Fundamentalism are probably better suited for a plodding jackass, but hey, why not get a nice, shiny Camero out there and see what happens?

  4. So this is an exciting event for young people from a new generation. Does it strike anyone else that the people in the pictures look, well, kinda OLD?

  5. So why is the flaunting of expensive flashy vehicles not seen as worldly?

    The fundy application of their opprobrious accusation of “worldly” is rather subjective. I remember wanting to wear clothes that were modest but fashionable and being told that following the trends of the world was a sin. So why isn’t following trends in cars a sin? Is it because this is something MEN want to do? Or is it just another example of double standards?

    How much better (and more biblical) it would be if the IFB would allow Christians individual soul liberty in deciding things instead of arbitrarily condemning certain things and celebrating others, never seeing the hypocrisy.

    1. I would gladly trade any of those big-bucks late-model cars for a good restored Sixties-vintage pony car or muscle car. All five of those rides combined wouldn’t be enough to swap for a mint-condition ’67 GTO…

  6. Obviously this is not a top of the line Youth Conference. There are only three Dr’s and not five. I guess they spent too much money on the graphic design work and used up the budget for the other two Dr’s.

    1. Don’t you wonder why they didn’t just slap honorary doctorates on William Davis and Derek Young, so their speakers would all be Drs.?

  7. This looks like a PhotoShop project to me. I wonder if the vehicles are just stock photos and they have imposed the speaker’s pictures on them. I also want to know what “car person” wears a tie with a mechanics jacket.

  8. I would take the pickup truck over the cars any day. Especially if it had a gun rack fit for a doctor!

    Need some help though, I see no mention of Christ, God, the Lord. Am I missing something? Is it in the hover text?

    1. Well, someone on another blog commented that the most common job for ex-pastors where he is is Used Car Salesmen.

  9. The web page for the conference says, “Be Sure To Check Out Our TEEN STOOGES …”

    Sometimes they just make it too easy. πŸ˜•

  10. You can take a poor, uneducated white man and throw him in a suit and make him speak the king’s english, but at the end of the day we’re all still just plain white trash at heart.

  11. This is about the most un-hip advertisement I have ever seen. The sad part is that this is what the fundies consider “cool”. Not to mention that the photoshopping is horrendous. (Are the auto pictures actually of MatchBox cars?) The only things less genuine than those pictures are their “doctorates”. I am at a loss for words..

  12. Because the first place you’ll want to go with your shiny new sports car is a dirt road.

    Fundamentalists need new PR.

  13. registration of $20 for 1 skit (I think), 3 meals, afternoon games, great singing and 7 fundamentalist sermons!
    hm, 5 sermons and 7 speakers. This means that seniority will be designated by which 2 get to preach 2 sermons instead of 1, ala BJU Bible Conference.
    I wonder what the afternoon games will consist of?

  14. My daughter has looked at this from a designer’s POV. She asked, “Why are the men wearing technician or inspector clothes? Is this supposed to be for the youth? Can’t they afford a better designer?” Then she went on to do a fake gag, waved her arms in frustratio, and shouted, “This is designed for OLD PEOPLE!”

    I β™₯ my girl! :mrgreen: 😎

    1. I’ve been accused of being an “old people”, and the ad does nothing to attract my interest.

      Give away an M6 convertible, and I may be a little more apt to attend. It would look good between my ’89 C2500 and ’89 Bronco in the driveway.

  15. Since this is only an hour away, maybe I ought to drive down and go to the conference with my youth group? Ha! My teens would have no clue what to do in a place like that!

  16. It’s amazing how blatant they’ve become about what their true god is. They worship fundamentalism. That’s their idol. It’s what they spend all their time talking and thinking about. Their appetizer is fundamentalism. Their main course is fundamentalism. Their dessert is fundamentalism. Occasionally, the breath mint on the way to the car is Jesus.

  17. I teach at a Christian university (one where I got hired for having a real Ph.D. in English from Louisiana State University). I cannot imagine any of my students finding the fake sports cars and “teen stooges” appealing.

  18. Looks like a youth conference to me. Ours always had stupid themes with horrible graphics and usually they played movie soundtracks for when the guest preacher ran up on stage and we all cheered, etc. One year the theme was sports and they ripped off the Gatorade logo for their flyer. Another year it had a medieval theme, and they played clips of battles from LotR and other well-known medieval movies while Tony Hutson or some other similar evangelist talked in a voiceover about spiritual warfare. Copyright violations galore!

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