Being A Five Star Christian

If you search on Google for “be a five star Christian” the results predominantly come from Independent Baptist churches. The funny thing is that although the sites you’ll find all use the exact same points and text, none of them cite exactly where this concept comes from. It’s possible that it all started with this book by Tom Sexton — or possibly he just took these five points that were going floating and decided it was high time somebody made some money off them.

Whatever the case may be, many IFB churches seem to agree that the path of being a five-star Christian is as follows:

Read God’s Word
The Bible says, “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Reading the Bible is vital to the Christian life. As we read the Bible, we should search the Scriptures, comparing Scripture with Scripture. Also, set a goal to memorize Scripture and meditate on the Word of God. In our personal lives and with our families each day, we need to be reading the Word of God.

We believe that God hears and answers prayer. There is no doubt about it, the greatest untapped resource in the Christian life is the matter of prayer. Pray each day. Pray for loved ones. Pray for church leaders and their families. Pray for your church. Pray for our nation. Pray for the lost. Establish a prayer list. Pray.

Attend Church Faithfully
The Lord Jesus Christ deserves your faithfulness. Attend every service of the church. A great deal of the strength of the church is based on the faithfulness of the people. Support special meetings at the church with your faithful attendance.

God’s work is to be supported God’s way. The Bible teaches that we should pay the tithe and give our offerings. Practice tithing as a conviction. Bring the Lord’s tithe with you to church each Sunday. Support the ministries of the church with offerings. By faith give to worldwide missions. Support the Christian education endeavors of the church. We cannot outgive God.

Witness to the Lost
Our Lord Jesus Christ came to seek and to save that which was lost. He left us on earth to tell others about the Savior. Determine to bring others to the Savior. Work to bring other families to Christ and to the church. Set a time to go. Make a list of names and addresses of people you want to reach for Christ.

Determine to Be a Five-Star Christian
This is a time when you can be a real help and encouragement to your pastor. May God help you to work together to see something beyond the ordinary accomplished for Christ through your church.

Shorter: DO, DO, DO, DO, DO, AND THEN DETERMINE TO DO MORE. Outside of a reference to “loved ones” the word love is not mentioned here. Neither is grace nor mercy nor justice nor humility. I wonder if Christ can see himself at all in this Christianity.

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        And can it be
        That I should gain
        A five star Christian status
        for my pastor’s love.


      1. You get saved by grace, not of works. But grace isn’t an excuse to continually produce bad fruit. The Bible teaches we shall know them by their fruit. There are so many “Christians” that say they’re saved, but live like the world. This is showing how to serve and love for God in 5 key areas tha make up a Christians life. It’s a relationship not a religion.

  1. Never heard of this.

    So, how many stars does it take to get to heaven?

    On SFL Forum, I have five stars. Does that count for anything?

  2. I remember back in the day when I had to get rid of my ” pentagram ” jewelry, even my treasured sterling silver just because there should be no chance of mistaking that symbol of the star in a Christian’s life.

    I guess they, once again, can make up the rules as they go along. Of course they can because this very “incentive” is used just as the dangling of the carrot before the horse (or was it a jack ass?) while the driver at the reins presses on to his own agenda!

    It’s all about how to fool the foolish into working for the church and getting big numbers and money!

    All I want to say is… You are a star individual merely for maintaining a responsible life and your star rating is between you and God and while on some days you may feel not so “star-ish” His grace is sufficient, enabling you to lean on Him and continue on without having to live your life at the church 24/7!

    You’re BRILLIANT! Never mind this gimmick! Don’t live because of a gimmick!

    You know what to do! Shine!

    ~~~Heart πŸ˜€

    1. Heart, if your pentagram was silver that means it was clearly of the devil, as only witches wear silver, or they can only wear silver, or something πŸ‘Ώ . If it had been of gold, you know, like reflecting the Eternal Light of the LAWD, it might have been passable, though probably not πŸ™„ .

      1. Which is a kicker, because there’s also a long-standing folk-magic belief (used in a LOT of Manly Wade Wellman stories) that silver — even the sound of a silver-stringed guitar — was a ward and protection against evil and unnatural things.

        1. It’s all enough to drive you nuts! People pleasers, that’s all the true intension! They want all the followers to be people pleasers and that’s the most miserable existence!

          ~~~Heart πŸ™„

  3. The phrase Five-Star Christians reminds me of several things – five star generals (as if Christianity is an organization in which we can rise through the ranks through effort) and the Five Pillars of Islam. I also thought of Max Lucado’s book “You Are Special” in which the Wemmicks award those they consider more deserving with gold stars.

    I do agree with reading the Bible, praying, attending church, supporting the church financially, and telling others about Jesus, but not when done out of obligation or out of a desire to be “better” than other Christians.

    1. I agree that the five headings make good points. I can get behind what he wrote about reading the Bible and praying easily, because it can be backed up by Scripture without twisting it. But the explanatory details of the next two (attending and giving) are church-centered more than Christ-centered. The implication is that Christ is neither honored nor pleased if we don’t spend our time and money *exactly* how the church leadership prescribes. The point about witnessing puts what should be the work of the Holy Spirit in the hands of the believer. I’m weary just thinking about it!

    2. I’ve never heard this five-start thing before, I but I’ve had all of these five points drilled into me for many, many years.

      The only way we can learn about Him is through His word – and it’s a blessing to be able to read – so, I definitely agree with point #1.

      Jesus taught that we should pray and give, so I’m OK with #2 and #4.

      The scripture tells us to assemble together, so I don’t have a problem with #3.

      Being shy, I have the biggest problem with #5, nor can I point to any Scripture that clearly and unequivocally tells each and every Christian to witness to the lost. I should “be ready to give an answer” to those who ask.

      Of course, some groups distort all of these; giving is not out of love to God, but because He will “get” us if we don’t “pay” our tithes and “give” our offerings… Church attendance is required or one is in the outer circle group. And, of course, biggest abused is telling others — “let’s bother busy people at home and sell them going to heaven by saying a prayer”.

      1. Having said all of that, I meant to add that something is missing — the bulk of the New Testament teaching on living a holy life, loving the brothers & sisters in Christ is nowhere in this list… or, as Micah puts it, there is nothing about “doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with thy God”.

  4. I grew up in a Baptist church, the largest in New Orleans, where I learned neat words like benediction and Ambassador Plenipotentiary javascript:grin(‘:smile:’)…apparently I had been designated the gospel emissary, with decorations and honorary title, to the lost. javascript:grin(‘:shock:’) When, as a lad of 9 years, I explained the purpose of my mission to a homeless guy outside the church, javascript:grin(‘:eek:’) he explained angrily that I was disrupting his nap and I should excuse myself to eternal damnation. javascript:grin(‘:evil:’) I cried as I walked away, devastated by his rejection. javascript:grin(‘:cry:’) I never attempted to take the good news to the lost again. javascript:grin(‘:oops:’)

  5. Darrell is spot on with this one. Someone can engage in all of these activities and still not know God. I

  6. These five things are basically the only thing that our Pastor preaches on. Occasionally he will branch off, but most everything he preaches always comes back to these points.

  7. As I wrestle with my extended stay in fundyland I have been struck by what I believe the NT prescribes as a focus on the over-arching themes of faith and love and a good conscience

  8. Oh, and in classic heraldry those are NOT stars. They are “Mullets of Five Points”. The “Estoille”, the heraldic star, has SIX wavy points, not five straight ones.

  9. The Five Star Christian! Ahhh memories.

    This originated from my little corner of Fundystan, East TN. Specifically at the Temple Baptist Church and Clown College.

    During my long years of internment at THE Clown College I had to take a semester of Living The Christian Life. The course was heavy on “Dr” Sexton wandering around the auditorium giving stream-of-consciousness monologues on Being a Five Star Christian.

    I always thought his patternless wanderings around the auditorium were inconsiderate. It made it hard to get any truly restful sleep.

    1. Ahhh… I remember those days well! Would that I had left after that first semester. Instead I stayed for the whole four years.

  10. Pastor Sexton gave credit to his brother Tom for the five star thing – or maybe Lee Roberson. It has Lee Roberson’s mark on it – 50% imperative sentences, 50% cliches.
    Strikes me as just more hoops to jump through in order to be one of the good guys. Do. Do. Do. Drop from exhaustion.

  11. This is one area where Fundy doctrine gets wacky.

    Salvation: Justification, Sanctification, Glorification

    Fundies agree justification is by grace through faith, however they believe sanctification hinges on our works…specifically the works Fundies deem important.

    In truth, salvation is ALL of God – Justification, sanctification and glorification.

    Phil 1:6
    Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ

  12. Christ laid out nine points that describe sterling Christian behavior, that state of blessedness:

    Be poor in spirit.
    Be meek.
    Hunger and thirst after righteousness.
    Be merciful.
    Be pure in heart:
    Peacefully make peace.
    Undergo persecution for the sake of Christ.
    Rejoice in persecution.

    1. I’m going to slightly disagree with you there, Jeri. I believe that the Sermon on the Mount is nine things we already are in Christ (though perhaps not fully realized yet).

      I don’t believe that Christ is giving this as law (be meek!) but rather as blessing (you are blessed because you are already the meek in me.)

      More on that here:

      1. I see your point, Darrell. But the Beatitudes is still a list of behaviors. The behaviors have been bestowed upon us just like the rewards.

    2. Bassenco, you are a sister from another mister: I was just getting ready to say the same thing. Jesus laid it out in the Beatitudes… The opportunities for application abound as we walk with Him, and sense The Spirit’s leading.

      Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God… Let the stars fall where they may, and eventually where they belong; at Jesus’ feet.

      1. And Darrell, I see your point as well, but I’m not referring to earning… I’m referring to abiding, and the fruit that results…

  13. Workin’ My Way to You Lord
    *with my apologies to The Four Season and The Spinners

    I’m workin’ my way to you Lord
    By burnin’ non-KJB books outside
    Yeah I’m workin’ my way to you Lord
    Worldly happiness has died

    Driving sinfulness away
    Praying every day

    When you were so in love with me
    I played around like I was free
    Thought I could have the world and Jesus too
    But how I cried over choosin’ you

    See me down and out
    But I ain’t about to go livin’ my life without you
    For every tear, I made you cry
    Now I’m payin’ Lord, till the day that I die

    I’ll keep workin’ my way up to you Lord
    By burnin’ Rock music CD’s outside
    I’m workin’ my way up to you Lord
    By faking happiness with Tithes

    Driving sinfulness away
    Been prayin’ every day

    Now I love to shout and cry (Shout and cry)
    It makes me feel like a man inside (Lord, Lord)
    But I’d be a man in reality (Pree-eech)
    Out Soul-winning every Saturd-ee

    Wednesday nights are long and you get lonely
    And I ain’t too strong Lord, I just miss you so
    Another altar call and I just give in
    But when I think, about all the souls I could win

    I keep workin’ my way to you Lord
    By burnin’ worldly things outside
    Mmm, I’m workin’ my way up to you Lord
    And my happiness is fried

    Chasin’ sin away
    Been prayin’ every day

    Yeah, yeah, yeah

    I’m workin’ my way to you Lord
    Burnin’ my life away inside
    Ooh, I’m workin’ my way to you lord
    And the happiness has died

    Oh, how I cried
    Workin’ my way to you lord
    By burnin’ out inside
    I’m workin’ my way to you lord

  14. When you join the United Methodist Church, you make vows to uphold the church with your prayers, your presence, your gifts, your service and your witness – never heard anything about stars.

  15. I thought Jesus said loving God and loving your neighbour were the most important things?

    1. Indeed. But some “Christians” will go through amazing gyrations excuse themselves from paying attention to Him.

      1. Good morning, george! That’s “to excuse.” Now go bother somebody else while I get some coffee.

  16. Maybe they’re just softening us up so we’ll be more ready to accept another five points… of Calvinism! (cue Law and Order sound effect here) πŸ˜€

  17. Somebody was at an auto repair garage, saw they used the phrase “five stars” or “five star service” and said “that’s a great idea…..we can use it in church!”

    And thus the derpiest idea in IFB churches (since at least backmasking) was born.

    Next they will use Rug Doctor as a metaphor for salvation….

  18. “The Lord Jesus Christ deserves your faithfulness. Attend every service of the church.” Attending church doesn’t show faithfulness to Jesus, it shows faithfulness to the church.

    It makes me think of the old adage, “If the devil won’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.”

  19. If you swap points 1 and 2, change Give to Tithe, and change Witness to the lost to Soul-win, the acronym becomes PRATS. In the urban dictionary, the meaning for Prat is bottom or rump. In Mirriam-Webster, the meaning for Prat is a stupid or foolish person. 😯

  20. Where I did time, in the kids’ program this was known as the “five fingers of faith”. Get them brainwashed early.

  21. I remember getting into a futile debate with a Fundy-lite friend concerning the things in this chart.

    I told him that just because you read your Bible, tithe, pray, attend every service, does not mean that you necessarily ‘become a better Christian’, whatever that even means. Look at pastors who who preached to their congregations to do these things. I’m sure those pastors did these things themselves, and look at how that worked out for them. Just because you read your Bible, pray, and all that stuff does not mean you are someone who has the fruits of the Spirit manifest in their lives. Those things matter more than reading 3 chapters a day to read your Bible through in a year or giving 10% of your gross income. You can read your Bible not understand what you’re reading. You can tithe yet be a selfish, greedy person.

    Next, what is your motivation for doing all these things? Do you do them so as not to receive chastening from God, or to not feel guilty that you SHOULD be doing them, to become a ‘better’ Christian, etc?

    My fundy friend, someone who just graduated from Fundy U said that I was overthinking all of this. Fundy U education, indeed.

  22. All of the things in this post are good habits to get into, but are not the way to EARN your salvation or to prove that you are saved. Possibly the greatest test of your Christianity could be your reaction when your brother turns out to have a male lover, or when you hear your daughter is pregnant…. situations that good friends of mind find themselve in right now.

  23. Remember the Liberty University motto “we don’t smoke, drink, cuss or chew, and don’t go round with those who do”

    1. Then how do they think the ones who smoke, drink, cuss, or chew will get saved, if the Christians are discouraged from going round them?

  24. It’s such a good thing to rid yourself of judging yourself and others by the churches terms and just love the person that you are trying to be and the people you cross paths with.

    You don’t need to condone, for who are we to condone or condemn? But rather accept the individual for the goodness they possess and the creation they are and always hope for the best.

    Judgement will enable you to pick and choose your friends but don’t us judgement to place yourself on a higher rung or in a position closer to God, per se.

    Loving and co-existing this way is not complacency but rather it is Christ-like and will give your heart true happiness!

    Try it by serving a meal at the mission or caring for the lonely or working with the underprivileged or for those who have more than you. Some of the loveliest people are the so-called misfits or outcasts who have been at the brunt of judgement!

    Try it, you’ll feel good to open your arms to that teen girl who got pregnant or to the gay son, cousin, uncle, who is in pain, only wanting to be happy too!

    Yeah… If you want to feel that you earned some stars… you’ll certainly feel them when the true joy of your faith is expended on others… Stop thinking about your own breast plate and the medals that adorn it!

    Just a thought after your thoughts, shared!

    ~~~Heart πŸ˜‰

    1. Forgive me…. I don’t mean to say you, but I include myself in every suggestion!

      I have lived that judgmental life and am constantly on guard to never left myself fall back into that control that is wrongly perpetrated by, what the church has postured themselves into believing is right. It’s not!

      A hug for everyone….. Group hug!

      Smiles πŸ™‚

        1. Aw shucks… Thanks Greg!

          I’m so glad to have found all of you here on SFL! Thanks Darrell!

          ~~~Heart πŸ˜€

  25. Before we criticize, let us practice what is being preached amidst the forum regarding compassion, mercy, and humility:

    1. What is wrong with reading your Bible? Nothing, unless we are doing it to say we did it and nothing more. Consider the many passages of Scripture that state we ought to be in the Word of God, meditate on it, study it, and obey it!

    2. What is wrong with praying? Nothing, unless we do so hypocritically, like the Pharisees. The more time we spend with God, the more we will be like Him!

    3. What is wrong with faithful attendance to church? Nothing, unless we have ungodly motives for assembling together. God does His work in this world through the local church, since that is what the Great Commission was given to! If the church is not unified in direction and purpose, it will not be effective.

    4. What is wrong with giving to God’s work? Nothing, unless we give to be seen of men. it is commanded of every believer to tithe and give as good stewards to help finance God’s work in this world.

    5. What is wrong with being a faithful witness? Nothing, unless we witness to say we witness. it is commanded that every believer be a faithful witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. The purpose of the local church is to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry, which is preaching the Gospel!

    I went to Crown and heard this promoted for eight years. I understand where many churches have fallen into the pit of serving like Martha, instead of serving like Mary, but we ought not to criticize good Bible principles that are clearly taught in God’s Word. Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” This includes the things listed above, as well as some of the things posted in this forum (humility, love, compassion, etc.): there is a balance.

    Too, be careful of becoming critical of the preaching of godly principles. Heresy is one thing, but God will not hold us guiltless for criticizing His man that is preaching His Word faithfully. There is much of that and much bitterness on this site.

    1. I find it fascinating when people identify themselves as “Pastor so-and-so” instead of just using their name.

      Is this an attempt to establish some kind of standing? It’s just odd.

    2. It’s not the principles we are against, it is making the principle a law to be followed in order to achieve a superior christian status that we stand firmly against. We stand against the Christian Caste system. The IFB especially is prone to elevate those who publically proclaim to do these things into a higher spiritual tax bracket. They are the 1%. The more of these 5-star types you have in the pews the more God blesses your church, Hey-men?!
      This isn’t a Mary/Martha analogy… this is a Pharisee/Publican analogy.

  26. There’s nothing wrong with that stuff, Mr Jeb, but it becomes mechanical. If it’s just a check-the-box item on the to-do list, it’s meaningless.

    BTW, tithing is not a NT command.

    I think you are too wrapped up in fundyville, Mr Jeb, to see what this place is really all about. It’s not about criticizing what’s right, it’s about pointing out foolishness and legalism.

    If there had been more loving and preaching of ‘godly’ principles at my former Sunday morning IFB organization I would have stayed. Instead, if a guy came to choir practice without a tie because he used it as a tourniquet at a car crash, he wasn’t allowed to sing. At practice. True story. Maybe if it had been a church member involved in the accident he’d have gotten a pass on the lack of a tie.

    1. Semp, Darrell and Don!

      …in response to “Pastor Jeb”— yeah, why not come to this forum on level ground, rather than bringing your hierarchied title with you? Possibly you may have earned your title as “Pastor” but in the whole spectrum of this Fundamentalist Cult, there has been a great injustice to not giving a special title to all of us who have “served” and have had willing hearts to endure such ridiculous ruling and misuse of the scriptures that, in turn, profit the church and it’s leaders.

      That’s right! All these men with their honorary doctorates! How absurd! I’ve yet to see any women with honorary doctorates who have served these men! We, followers, then too, should have earned a special title, albeit, John Doe, D. D. (Disciplined Disciple) or Jane Doe, H.S. (Humble Servant) Oh, but I better watch the words that I speak in fear that someone somewhere may begin to install such titles… wait… that is what this is all about… the Five Star Christian. Oh brother!

      Don totally hits the nail right on the proverbial head and there is no swerving from that truth! Every word that Don provided in response to “Pastor Jeb” rings true! As do the words of Semp, in referring to “Pastor Jeb” being wrapped up into the fundyville, I do believe that must be true, for the simple reasoning of your self-presentation, approach, and perspective on this issue and for that matter, resolving a blanket of judgement on this whole site in your closing.

      While most of us here respond to issues posted, with a “been-there, victim-of-that” philosophy, you come and spill your “righteous indignation” atop a soap box, with warnings to us who are full of “bitterness” and to add, you charge us with criticizing “His Man” who is “preaching His Word faithfully” and warn us of pending doom before a judging God…

      … this, my friend, is exactly… EXACTLY… what the majority of us here have had to endure all those long years of abuse in the Fundamental world and you my friend, twist truth with your own philosophy to prove a “better-than-thou” attitude, disguised in a false gesture of concern that is heavily tainted with that arrogance that we are all too familiar with.

      No, it’s judgement itself that stirred your rant and your self-perceived, self-righteous posture that deluded you into thinking that you had the right or the “duty” to, “in a ‘pastorial sense'” guide us and warn us of how we have gone astray!

      If I may be so bold to speak for the majority of the tender-hearted individuals that are here…Β 

      –We are not guilty of criticizing the preacher who is, indeed, preaching God’s Word Faithfully and in Truth! But rather, we embrace the humble servant who has taken up this cross with a genuine love of God!
      –We are not bitter in the sense of holding grudges and bringing down any Christian, but rather, we are hurt and in pain and learning to live beyond the stringent legalism of the cult that has evolved and poisoned our heads and often hearts, unfortunately.
      –We are not against goodness abounding and the progression of good deeds in the name of Christ.

      But we are against the manipulation of people like you, who have presented pompous debate and continue to do so, while they, themselves, blindly follow and refuse to see the truth of the matters beyond the scopes of which they have restricted themselves.

      If you feel that we are what you say we are, then, according to you, you should remove yourself from this forum, because as you believe, how should you mingle with we who are holding the rod to which lightning will strike, it’s origins, that of an angry God!?

      For the record, I stand firm in speaking these words of mine. I would stand before anyone in conversation or debate and humbly deliver what I believe about many of the “stupid” Fundamental implications and rules!

      Truth is truth, no matter it’s source, but truth can be used, abused, for wrong-doing!

      Take time to truthfully evaluate your intentions and your understanding of it all.

      For as long as there is diversity in this world, there will be differences. It is by the earnest knowledge of Truth, that we become of an accordance that allows us to co-exist in harmony within a love that is as the Greatest Love of all!

      Rebutted! Refuted! Reaffirmed!
      Bring it! 😎

      1. Please allow me to respond to these accusations/statements:

        Yes, I earned my title and am thankful for it. I believe there is no greater work or privilege than being allowed to lead a local body of believers. I never wanted this for myself, but am not ashamed of it, because God put me where I am today; nor am I trying to wield it to make myself better or above anyone else. It used to be that being known as a pastor was a good thing and not an offense…

        Yes, honorary doctorates are absurd. I have a Master’s Degree in Ministry and have often thought, “What does it mean to be a Master of the Ministry?” It means that I have a piece of paper that hangs on my wall and that is all. Jesus is the true Master of Ministry. The ministry is not about the titles, but there are titles to determine positions of leadership and accountability, just like in the world and your home. Without titles and positions, there is chaos, which is against the nature of our God.

        Yes, I used to be wrapped up in “Fundyville”, without knowing what it was. I apologize for making a blanket judgment statement at the end of my comment: you are completely right that it does not apply to everyone, especially because we do not know each other personally.

        I am also one of those tender-hearted individuals that you speak of that has been hurt by the “cult-like” atmosphere of fundamentalism. I’ve been a pastor a short time and have learned a lot about what to do and what not to do regarding pastoring (still learning too). My wife and I were told our church family was a group of “super-Christians” by the former “fundy” pastor (in name and attitude) and we proceeded to lose all of them over a few years, because we started to turn them toward the Lord Jesus by preaching the Truth in love, instead of allowing the church to remain the “club” that it was. Through that process we were tempted to quit and compromise and were hurt, but God prevailed and continues to provide for us, while building His church. I have seen three large churches in my area become diminished, because the pastor fell and the people were not trained to follow Christ (only a man). One of those pastors was the one that ordained me. Yes, we have been hurt too and sympathize with others that have been hurt. It is hard to not be bitter, but Christ truly helps us to forgive.

        I believe in many of the practices of IBF churches, but there are some that are unbiblical. Many emphasize “doing” over “being”, without understanding that if we will be like Jesus, we will do what he says. I believe in the balance spoken of in previous paragraphs, because without the presence, power, and filling of the Spirit, we will become a bunch of dead Pharisees that just go through the motions. Many emphasize tradition over following Scripture: we need a true revolution back to the Bible.

        So, now those things being said, I hope any who were offended will forgive me for irrational generalizations. Your responses have made me think and I am not offended. Thank you for being patient with a young preacher. Please pray that God will help us as we continue to restart the church He has placed us in. We have many desires and needs, but it is up to God to meet them.

        -Pastor Jeb (Proverbs 3:5-6)

        1. Pastor Jeb,

          There are many rebuttals I could present to the black on white you laid down but I believe then that this would just become a debate of your person against mine and I do not want to do that. However, I do appreciate that you took the time to respond and apologize.

          I was quite firm in my dialogue and while I do not apologize for my stand, I do apologize if you feel that my presumptions of you were incorrect, as you stated, we do not know each other personally.

          Our goal is to display, convey and BE as close to a Christ-like example as is pleasing to God and in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the scriptures! That being said, it’s our own personal responsibility to know and seek it and not just follow the words of a preacher or some five star guide as an absolute, although I, certainly, do not discredit good advice!

          From my heart, I hope you will continue to become the kind of pastor that exhibits guidance with an open-mindedness and an understanding of the people that decide to allow you to lead them. You have an awesome responsibility to God which is the ultimate given but the responsibility that you are willing to accept for each individual life that you will now nurture is huge!

          Your weekly words and ways will wield through households and hearts with an edge, incomparable! Be careful! Be tender! Be loving! Be empathetic! The strength of His Word will do the rest. Keep your heart humble and He will lift you up!

          While many of us find ourselves in leadership roles, only few are chosen to lead a flock. Kudos to you for accepting your calling. Understand that in any position, whether yours or secular, it is by the sweat of our brow, that progress and fruitful living is acquired, both for Christ’s sake and for our own simple pleasures!

          Stay strong and Stay True in your endeavors! Be the kind of preacher that the Lord blesses and not the kind of preacher that has to boast of blessings!

          Thank you for your contributions! I pray that Christians will find a place in your church to grow, learn and share the goodness of God from a genuine love that is displayed under your guidance, allthewhile feeling that strength of God and a respect for His will!

          Stay on course, making sure, daily, that your navigations are pure of spirit, of heart and of intellect because you are a leader to a few, soon to be many!

          ~~~Heart πŸ˜‰

        2. Ah yes the typical fundy pastor swooping in to correct everyone with their special knowledge of scripture! Jeb, you think you know the bible more than many who post here? (Please do not mistake my brevity for rudeness)It is obvious you do not; you cant even get the basic concept of “tithing” as it is presented in the bible correct.(a typical fundy sign) You show that you are indoctrinated and not educated.
          I admire your attempt to back peddle and seem congenial but i am skeptical. However if it is true that you are young then there is hope that you could shed your indoctrination and learn truth if you have not gotten too tangled in the IFB not-a-denomination-network. I have learned over the many years that once a “pastor” is too invested in the fundy world he will never change even when he is confronted with blatant error. There is too much to lose and the cost of starting over is too great.

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