SFL Turns 4

This past weekend marked four years that SFL has been around. Four years has brought over 1,300 posts, 125,000 comments, and 5 million visits.

Thank you all for making SFL happen every day. I’m better for having had the chance to know you.

138 thoughts on “SFL Turns 4”

  1. May I add some comments? SFL is one of the few sites that I can return to over and over again and enjoy! This site is friendly in not just how its formatted, but in the material and in the people. The blog posts can be funny or thought-provoking and if I want more I can tussle on the forums. 😀 Darrell, it’s also you and all the regulars here that make this a fun place. Everyone is welcome, and although we get out of hands sometimes and there’s a few I don’t agree with on much, we are on the whole nice to each other, we interact, we share our stories, and it really helps make this place stand out from other blogs. There are some who don’t comment much anymore that I actually miss reading because they were so interesting (I Am His Beloved, where are you?)!! To all of you who keep posting: it’s been fun reading and interacting with you all. Happy Birthday SFL!

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