Refusing Help From Those Who Aren’t Just Like Us

Former missionary and Fellowship Tract League representative Tom Patterson tells an apocryphal story from Myanmar while speaking at Solid Rock Independent Baptist Church.

I can’t imagine having my children starve and then having the arrogance to refuse help from another Christian organization simply because they weren’t in lock step with my beliefs. This is not Christianity. I don’t know what this is.

Discussion question: exactly how many Burmese Bible translations are there?

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  1. I love how the “leader” always gets to make these decisions. Bet there would have been plenty of his people who would have taken the food with gratefulness. But as the leader, he gets to be as trivial as he likes while his people suffer for some stupid hair-brained idea they don’t share.

    But I agree…this story sounds like crap. I kinda have gotten to the point where I automatically discredit any story a preacher starts to spin. 9.9 times out of 10, they are pure fabrication.

  2. The pastor of Solid Rock Independent Baptist Church is a double doctor! Why is such a learned man stuck in a small town?

    “Dr. John Klink, Sr. has been a part of the ministry of SRIBC from its inception on June 10, 2007. He has a master’s degree in Biblical counseling from Trinity Baptist Theological Seminary in Newbergh Indiana. He has an earned doctorate in Biblical studies from Andersonville Baptist Seminary in Camilla Georgia, as well as a second doctorate in Christian education that was awarded by Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary in 2002.”

  3. Someone needs to tell the good reverend that instead of worrying about insignificant theological differences, that he should be concerned with the amount of fat, fried chicken that he is ingesting on a daily basis. The dude is so FREAKING fat he cannot even open his eyes up all the way…..oh! but I forgot Indy’s pay no attention to all that gluten talk….but surely he is not a gluten, he must have a thyroid issue….. πŸ™„

  4. I suppose he never speaks about Rahab the prostitute offering Joshua’s spies sanctuary and hiding them out for a few days.

    1. Good point! And the spies were Israelites under the law at that time who I would imagine would have been much more concerned about worldly contamination that we today who are redeemed by Christ’s blood and sealed by the Holy Spirit.

      His story, if true, just shows how often fear and pride (masquerading as righteousness) rules the day in certain circles instead of humility, graciousness, and love.

      1. And how about Ruth the Moabitess? She’s David’s grandma and an ancestress of Jesus!

  5. Reminds me of when electrical workers from the south went up to help restore power to Hurricane Sandy victims but were turned away because they were not union. I guess refusing help because you’re “different” isn’t strictly reserved to IFB’s.

  6. So does this mean if a member of his church won the 480 million (or whatever it was) HUGE, powerball lottery they shouldn’t pay their tithes? Hmm… ❓ πŸ™„

  7. WOW! Pretty sad. How arrogant and foolish. “When saw we thee an hungered, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick or in prison…”
    Imagine the Jewish man who fell among thieves, on his way to Jerico who was beaten, robbed, stripped and left for dead and a good man from Samaria reaching out, and offering help and love, yet is rejected by the Jewish man because the Samarian was not Jewish. That is absurd and yet – that is what this preacher is boasting about as being spiritual and pleasing to God. What a waste of a church service! “ye know not what spirit ye are of”

  8. Ok, just a few comments. Yes, this church would probably constitute as IFB by some standards. (eg. they are basically KJO) And yes, the pastor of the Church is John Klink, Sr., which makes him my father. This man doing the preaching is not my dad, as seemed to be misunderstood by some of the commenters. I really don’t know the guy in the video, and am not really interested in defending him. Nor am I necessarily defending the fact that my dad is for all practical purposes a KJO. I am not KJO (I prefer the HCSB and ESV), nor am I pastoring an IFB church.

    I would like to point out that this video is out context and ends abruptly, however. Since IFB types are often accused of taking parts of the bible out of context, I find it curious they are mocked with an out of context video. It might not make any difference, but what if the next sentence cleared up some of what he’s being mocked for?

    Some in these comments have a very mocking tone even to the point of using foul language. I’m curious, how is such attitude and language any more “Christ like” than what is seen in the video?

    Next, someone in the comments mocked my father’s two doctorates by asking why someone with two doctorates is still in a small town. Now I understand the point was to mock the institutions that gave the degrees. No doubt both are basically KJO IFB schools and they are generally considered ‘degree mills’. But the real issue is the attitude of the question. Do people in Cumberland, MD only deserve someone with a Bachelors in Bible? Are big city folks the only ones that deserve pastors with doctorates? Could a pastor with doctorates have a reason for wanting the smaller church and more country area? For example, this is my dad’s hometown, and most of the people in the church are from his home church.

    My point is, that some here are actually acting as much like the priest and levite as the guy in the video. You seem to like justifying your departure of the IFB movement by denigrating those you don’t know. Perhaps you’re not as ‘over’ the IFB as you thought.

    1. This video is out of context? I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean. But even if that were true can you describe exactly what context would make this story any better?

    2. How would more context have improved the anecdote?
      Was the preacher’s next sentence, “That Karen leader was an idiot who was badly perverting the Christian Gospel?”

    3. I know the guy doing the preaching personally. Believe me, the intent of what he’s saying is very clear. That was all the context you need.

    4. A doctorate isn’t going to make someone a better pastor/preacher. Knowledge is a good thing to have, but having it doesn’t make one better. One might simply be a more educated control freak. (I’m not saying that’s your father’s case.)

    5. If someone is claiming they have two doctorates, and is using that information to justify their position, but in reality those doctorates are not accredited, they are simply from diploma mills, then that person is being very deceitful, aren’t they?

    6. I understand the defensiveness, but I don’t really see any valid points in your comment.

    7. Kink Jr. is correct on this point:

      “This man doing the preaching is not my dad, as seemed to be misunderstood by some of the commenters.”

      As far as the “foul language:” if you are referring to, “The dude is so FREAKING fat,” this would be a stretch.

      With all this being said, I do understand where you are coming from, but also understand that you don’t know where most on this site are coming from. I’m still learning myself


  9. Actually, we had Pastor John Klink, Sr here in Lexington a few years ago and he did an incredible job demonstrating the meaning behind the Passover observance as well as many other Jewish customs. This marvelous week made me want to sign on for an Israel trip with him in the future. He is a very learned scholar in biblical teaching. Wish he’d come back!!

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