Personal Update

Two weeks from today I’ll be leaving Alabama and heading down to start a new job and a new life in the Tampa, Florida area.

I’d like to thank you all for the prayers, support, and encouragement you’ve given my family and I during the job search. It has meant more to us than you can possibly know. Please do continue to send us your prayers and well-wishes as we still have much work to do with moving, settling in, and starting over in a new place.

If you happen to be an SFL reader in the Tampa or Orlando areas please feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to meet you.

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  1. Giving thanks that you’ve found new work. I trust the Lord will continue to supply all your needs.

    No doubt, adjusting to life in a new community will present its challenges, so just remember – you’ve got a whole community here that’s not going anywhere 😉

    Praying for you!

  2. Congratulations on your new job Darrell! Your new company is blessed to have you. God’s best to you and your family.

  3. I remember loading up our U Haul three small kids and moving from WI to VA. It was a little scarey for us to move away from our families.

    May God give you a smooth and safe transition!

  4. Congrats. Except for the unrelenting heat and humidity in the Summer, I’d love to live in the Tampa/Clearwater area.

  5. I trust that you researched where to go to church first? I am sure there are several good, KJV-only churches in the Tampa area.

    Seriously though, congratulations on the new job and good luck with the move.

    1. No no no no no no!!!

      It has to be a KJV-only, Bible believing, separated, only-church-that-preches-the-gospel-in-150 miles type of church. :mrgreen:

  6. I lived in the area for several years after graduating from a Christian College in Clearwater, a slightly less strict version of Bob Jones. At least it was in the mid 90’s. (Apart from a few chapel sermons from some fundy evangelists, it wasn’t bad)

    The “winter” is delightful. My birthday is in mid February, and every year I was there the weather was literally perfect.

    Summer is hot and humid.

    But the area rarely sees real threats from hurricanes, and the beaches are amazing if you’re into that sort of thing.

    God bless you, and congrats on starting a new job.

    1. My brother went to CCC. From what I could tell, it was nothing like PCC or BJU…he could hold hands with his girlfriend on campus, for instance.

      1. Like I said, it wasn’t bad. Holding hands with the opposite sex on campus was one of the distinct features.

        But the prohibition against Contemporary Christian Music, the dress code, and the meetings with “Evangelist” Tom Farrell and the like made it feel pretty doggone fundy sometimes.

        I have friends who are still connected to the place, and I understand it’s eased up on silly rules like “you must wear a sportcoat and tie to dinner”, like we had when I went there.

        Wow, I sound like a grumpy old man. “In MY day, we didn’t have “smart-phones”…if we wanted to talk to our girlfriends after lights out we had to call before 1030 and just leave the line open until after our room was checked!

        1. Yeah, I remember him mentioning that he had certain cassette tapes that had to be left in the car, since he couldn’t get away with them being in his room.

          He was there from 92-96 or so…wouldn’t be surprised if you know him.

  7. Congratulations and best wishes for both the new job and the move to Florida!

    The best moving advice I ever got: set up your beds first–you’ll be too tired to bother later, and the floor is uncomfortable.

    1. 5) Sunscreen.
      6) Gator gun.
      7) Terrorist Tourist Avoidance Maneuvering Manual.
      8) An unlicensed PI to deal with cases of kidnapping, random theft, extortion, and whatever else might happen.

  8. Congrats.

    If you go towards Pensacola don’t let Jack Hyles know about it, all fundies know how much Hyles hates Pensacola…I mean PCC.

  9. Congratulations Darrell!

    As a side note, with Israel-Gaza tensions getting a bit out of control, anyone want to hazard a guess on how much new End Times prognosticating we can expect from our fundie brethren???

  10. I live in St. Pete. I’d love to meet you when you’re settled in. Travel safe! 🙂

  11. Congrats! I lived two hours north of there (Gainesville) for 18 years. We used to buy the year-long passes at Busch Gardens because they were the same price as one-day tickets for Florida residents. That’s all I really know about Tampa. 🙂 Hope your move is stress-free!

  12. Now Darrell, I am sure you have heard a fundy pastor or three say you are not allowed to leave the area for a job – ever. Does not matter how good or bad things might be…or how wonderful the job opportunity might be. Grow where you are planted, and all that… 🙄

    Of course, you also know better than to believe that self-serving dribble. 🙂

    Congratulations on the new job opportunity. Tampa sounds like a great place to live.

  13. Darrell,

    Congratulations and have a safe move. One question though, is Stuff Fundies Like ending?

  14. Congratulations! Have fun in Florida and enjoy being so close to the “shore”. (since you could never go to the beach 😉 )

  15. Tampa, lovely area, wonder if you’ll see any manatees, God’s own favorites? Good luck on the 😎 move!
    I do have to warn you, it’s where I dated my ex. 🙄

  16. I have been to some good churches down there. There is also plenty of SFL fodder in the area. Have fun.

    Blessings on the new job.

  17. The wife and I will def be dropping you a line…hopefully for a visit and maybe to help you settle in! Good luck getting everything packed and down here in one piece. 😉

  18. Alabama was too redneck for him so he’s moving to the outskirts of Tampon.

    Let me know how that works out for you.

  19. I am also in St. Pete. Maybe we should organize a dinner out—meet and greet for the SFL readers once you get settled in.
    If you need anything, drop me a note.
    Safe travels,

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