Fundamental Flaws E-Book Released!

I’m happy to announce today that my (very short) e-book Fundamental Flaws: Seven Things Independent Fundamental Baptists Get Wrong (And How to Fix Them) is now available on Amazon for Kindle reader! This book includes both familiar posts from the best of SFL plus some brand new material.

This isn’t an exhaustive tome (30 pages can only hold so much) nor is it stuffed full of citation, cross-references, and Bible verses. I’ve been asked over and over by people who have happened by this blog why I don’t spend more time pointing out the RIGHT way to do things instead of simply harping on things that are wrong with fundamentalism. In that spirit, I’ve included not only a discussion of seven problem areas in fundamentalism but also a brief statement of what I think would help fix them.

Now in the interest of getting this book into the places where it may do the most good, I’d like to make a very special offer to any current student at a Fundy U: send me a note via the contact form or e-mail using your student e-mail address and I’ll shoot you back a link to a PDF download of this book which you can feel free to share with other students if you dare.

I’d like once again to thank Ted Williams who did some really great illustrations that add a lot to the book. Buy a download for yourself and then buy one for every fundy on your Christmas list. Then all that remains is to sit back and watch the fun.

63 thoughts on “Fundamental Flaws E-Book Released!”

  1. Congrats!

    Out of curiosity, are you planning on making it available in other formats?

  2. The question is, how long will it take a Fundy U to publicly ban the possession of this book with the threat of immediate dismissal?

    Going to buy this. Any chance it’s going to be available on the Nook? (I’ve got gift cards from B&N.)

    1. Oh, never mind. That is a GREAT price. Not to make you feel bad or anything, but I would have paid more. Well, I would have spent more off the gift card. (Backhanded compliment alert?)

  3. I’m a little mad at you. $1.99? Seriously? How will you ever get rich off that?? No, but for real. You didn’t charge enough.

    1. it’s probably a good price to reach a reasonably sized audience… if you feel like giving Darrell more money, the donate button is in the upper right corner!

  4. I was just wondering a couple days ago if you were going to come out with a book anytime soon. I’m looking forward to reading it!

    1. You all can download a kindle e-reader to your computer, and read it there. At least, I can on my Mac–surely you can on a PC, too?

    2. If you have a computer or smartphone you can easily download a free Kindle app that will allow you to read the book.

    3. Yes, my first “Kindle” was a PC download. Since my Iphone, it’s the Kindle app. Works fine for me.

  5. Do you think Lifeway might want to carry it? Or that the Southern Baptist seminarys may want copies?

  6. The best quote…

    “…the current stand-in for Jesus is swept into office on the Republican ticket and temporarily makes things better.”

  7. If you publish Independent Baptist Book of Everlasting Rules and Requirements, I will buy a copy for everybody in my family (I have 9 siblings)

  8. I posted a recommendation on my FB page and plan to post a recommendation and link on my blog by Monday morning. Congratulations, Darrell!

    1. You would not believe how much proof reading went on before I pushed publish.

      George apparently lives on Amazon too.

      The good news is that I’m in the process of updating it and those of you who bought should automagically receive the corrected copy soon.

      1. I only saw one typo but it was big. There was a stream of characters in the midst of a sentence…like you just pounded the keyboard for a few seconds. I tried copying the text but it wouldn’t let me. Otherwise…BRILLIANT!

  9. Yay! I’ve been looking forward to this book! I’ve downloaded it and will start it after we finish our family Dungeons&Dragons session. 🙂

  10. Congratulations!

    Any chance this might be available soon for those of us who have other e-readers besides Kindles?

  11. Darrell, just give me a day or two to set up a fake fundie on-line u and once I have an e-mail address set-up I’ll be sure to scam a free copy off of you in the true spirit of fundieness.

    To all the suckahs who paid for a copy: the xerox machine (or, if you are on the old paths, the mimeograph machine) is your friend. If God meant for Christians to be subjected to copyright laws, He would have said so in THE KJB. But because the KJB is not copyrighted, we know copyright is a sin.

  12. This is awesome! Very poignantly written. This is the first book I’ve downloaded with my iPhone, and it truly deserves that honor. Thanks so much, I was just wondering when this was coming out. Seriously, though, you should really charge more – this was too cheap.

    Count me as another one who recommends putting the Everlasting Rules and Requirements out as a book – perhaps e-Reader and coffee table version?

  13. I’m glad the price is low; I plan to encourage a friend of mine to get it and to read it with an open mind. He is reasonable, but still in an IFB church (I’m not sure how extreme his church is, though).

  14. Another disturbing sign? I followed the link for this video to YouTube (the music is original and not Darrell’s addition), and found the church responsible is named “Bible Baptist Church of DeLand”. A brief google search places the church in DeLand, Florida; the church’s website is “”.

    That’s right. The church’s website is the pastor’s name.

    And if that wasn’t enough of a red flag for you, the banner at the top of the site has the pastor in a classic Billy Sunday pose.

    Yikes. Run away, my sweet children. Turn away from the demagogue and run to Christ.

  15. Awesome book! I’ve been trying to explain the fundies to people in my new church who ask where I came from. They have a hard time understanding what I came out of. They are shocked to hear of such things still are still taking place in this century.

    This book is a quick 30,000 foot view of the IFB.

  16. Fundies can have Kindles? If they can I’m sure there will be raving against the Evils-Of-Kindle (EOK) very soon.

  17. I picked the book up (excuse me-downloaded it) last Monday and read it Tuesday while sitting in the woods.

    You did a great job, as usual. Thanks.

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