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    1. Two days in a row!! Of course, there’s no glory in it for you. You were simply predestined to be first. πŸ˜‰

    2. Hey! It’s easy saying *now* that I was predestined to be the first. Not so easy when I get wind that there is a new post. I make a better historian than I do a prophet. 😎

  1. USA Patroits? Seriously?

    I bet he is one of those “your in America! Lern English!”people.

    1. The Priesthood of All Believers is a reality in the IFB. Anybody is a religious leader who says he is.
      (But not who says she is. Sorry, ladies. If you want to know why you can’t be leaders, ask your husbands. If you’re single, ask your fathers.) πŸ˜‰

  2. “CALL TO PRAYER” is in quotation marks, so I guess he doesn’t really want people to pray, even though “THIS IS A EMERGENCY.”

  3. The “revival” will happen because of a chain letter that you have to buy from them? Got it.

    1. That’s right. You will get to heaven, and God will tell you about all the people who went to hell because he only needed one more purchase on this website for revival to break out.

    2. Indulgences? Naahh. Nothing new under the Sun, right this way. Step lively. Have your ticket ready, and follow the signs to see the Egress

  4. In his testimony, he says that he prayed fervently one night and then was “filled with the Spirit.” I’m guessing that most of the people in the churches I grew up in would be suspicious of this and separate from him because this would sound charismatic to them.

  5. He was saved at 13 and started preaching at 14? I’ve never understood why people would listen to a child preaching at them.

    1. I think that Paul might have had something to say about such a young (in both senses) believer taking on that role.

  6. I think I will order his cassette titled 666…The One World Government…..2000. Should be interesting. I guess that means we are done with the Tribulation already?

    1. Yeah, somehow I though the universe would be more different, post-Rapture, but if this is Heaven, I guess it’s all right.

  7. I love his prophecy Q/A. He has interpreted “brimstone” in Revelation 9:18 to refer to Nuclear weapons. Interesting, but I am pretty sure John didn’t know what a nuclear weapon was in circa 80 AD. Just a thought…exegesis somewhat demands taking scripture in context.

    1. I don’t want to be on the side of some weirdo’s website, but I think I understand where he’s coming from on this one (not that I necessarily agree.) You would be right in saying that John wouldn’t know what a nuke was. John struggled to explain what he was seeing the further we get into revelation. He would use language to describe it in ways he and other people would be familiar with. For example, he describes heaven as having gold streets. However, he also says it is clear. I’ve never seen clear gold. He’s combining 2 things to try and explain something nobody has ever seen before. He’d do the same thing if he saw firey missles in his vision. To him, the closest thing would be brimstone.

      1. I see what you are saying…but yeah, no agreement with the interpretation on Mr. Dunn’s part.

      2. Brimstone = nuclear bombs, but a thousand years = a thousand years = a thousand years.

        If he takes the Bible literally, then brimstone means brimstone!

  8. I can’t get the “Dear Betty” button to work, and I so want to know what people have been asking her!

    1. It appears they haven’t been asking her anything. There are two posts. One about the writer’s weight, and the other about uncomfortable airplane travel.

    2. Below is what’s on the Ask Betty page:


      When I married my Husband, I weighed 118 lbs. Needless to say, I have “broadened my horizons” since then. In today’s terms, I am a METABOLIC UNDERACHIEVER or you might say I have achieved MAXIMUM DENSITY. Any way you slice it…I am living large!!

      For years I blamed my weight problem on Baby Fat…but by the time I was 22 years old that excuse just would not hold up. I had my first Child, Debra, at 23 years of age. David was born when I was 28, and Mike when I was 30…so for a number of years I could blame being pregnant as the root cause of those extra pounds. The “being a Mother” excuse was beautiful…as a Mother I had to bake brownies and chocolate chip cookies for them, and Pizza and midnight Krystal runs were a bonding tool between my teenagers and Mother of the Year…ME. It was only after my Children grew up and moved away that I had to face the startling TRUTH about the real cause of my weight problem…it had been Darrell’s fault all along!!

      After all, it is through bearing him three beautiful Children, cooking his meals, having to snack on glazed donuts while worrying about him traveling alone on the road to Revival meetings, and being forced to eat out at wonderful restaurants while traveling supportively at his side, that I picked up those extra lbs. and stubborn Cellulite.

      I have been on every diet I have ever heard about. I once fasted for 10 days drinking only liquids. I lost 12 lbs, but almost ate my sunglasses because I desperately needed to chew. I went on a carrot diet that turned my skin bright orange. I went on a diet where you ate according to your body type. It began with your standing in front of a mirror and determining your body type. This so depressed me that I went on a 3-week binge and gained another 8 lbs. I tried going to weight reduction meetings with other hefty folks, but all that talk of food only made me hungry.

      I wish I had a nickel for all the times someone has said to me…”You have such a beautiful face!!” I used to think this was such a compliment until I realized that what they are really saying is…EVERYTHING SOUTH OF THERE IS THE PITS!!!!

      Now, I just tell folks I am taking something that is making me swell…I get instant sympathy. What I don’t tell them is that what I am taking are twinkies and hot fudge cake!!

      Speaking of twinkies…I have a friend whose daughter works in the Emergency Room of a local hospital. She called me the other day and said she just had to tell me this story since I am always joking about eating twinkies…it seems a grossly obese lady was brought into Emergency with chest pains. In examining her the doctors found a twinkie hidden in the folds of her skin!!!

      My first question was…”How did she let one GET AWAY???” I may lose my keys, and forget my children’s names, but MY TWINKIES ARE NUMBERED!!!!!!!!!!

      I read the other day about a new diet pill that was being tested. When they tried it on laboratory rats the rats lost 30% of their body fat. This sounds great to me! I can’t wait…even if we grow hair and crave cheese…BRING IT ON!!

      Many times as I have traveled through the years people sometimes express the thought that “jetting around” the Country must be such a wonderful and exciting way to live. As a frequent flier, I feel I can give some insight into the excitement of Air Travel.

      First, the ticketing…why you have to go SOUTH to go NORTH is still a mystery. And then there is check-in where instantly you (after paying $400+ dollars for the privilege) become a suspect of any and all heinous crimes. First, you throw your luggage on a belt two feet high while maintaining your dignity and clenching your ticket between your teeth. Enroute to the gate counter, you lay all carry-ons down on a conveyer and lose all your loose change and your sunglasses. After removing your shoes, being X-rayed, searched, questioned, eyed with suspicion, and relieved with contempt of your fingernail clippers, you press on…

      Next, you arrive at the gate counter line where you check in once again and get seat assignments and wait for that all-important announcement that tells you when you are allowed to wait in yet another line to board. Finding your seat is next. You try to look casual as you peruse the numbers. Great, 17D is…the center seat. Here is where Charm School training comes in! After vaulting over a 425 pound man working on a laptop, I am wedged into 17D which undoubtedly was designed for someone with 17 inch hips. Successfully stretching the seatbelt to its farthest point, it finally hooks and I am in…nestled between another 200 lb. man and Mr. Laptop.

      I pause to reflect that I don’t think I have ever been this close to a man except for my husband. But, I just want to keep a low profile and act like the world traveler that I am. The fact that I still have my coat on and am holding my purse and carry-on bag is a dead giveway. No way to move right or left, but I can still stretch out my feet and perhaps all will be well. As we taxi down the runway and then take off, and just as I experience a feeling of well-being and begin to exhale, the seat in front of mine comes bounding back and a man of middle-eastern descent to whom I have not even been introduced is now laying in my lap! All kinds of questions come to mind…such as…How long can your feet survive without blood circulating to them? How will I ever stand up again? How do you read Arabic? It is at this point that a baby in the seat behind me begins to cry…I don’t blame her one bit!!

      After explaining the flotation devices and oxygen information (neither of which I could reach from my location inside the “Men Pod”) the Stewardess comes around with lively reading matter…your choice of “Business Week” or “Computer Software Solutions.” I refuse this tempting offer so I can continue to reflect on surviving this flight. Next they ask for our drink order. I meekly order Diet Coke and melt as my seatmates order a whiskey and a gin and tonic. What could possibly be worse than 650 lbs. of men crowding me, you ask? Answer…650 lbs. of drinking men.

      I arrive at my destination feeling stapled, folded and mutilated, but thankful to be there. Seeing Darrell waiting for me at Baggage Claim makes it all worthwhile. But still…I almost feel the need to confess something!!!

      1. I can’t figure out why this is called “Ask Betty” when no one asked anything. I hate to admit it, though… I actually like her sense of humor.


    98% of all problems in the home are created by the husband…and not the wife!
    Ten Bible Rules for Husbands


    Four Bible rules for Wives
    What God says about the 10% of wives that are a real problem”

    **Interesting. This is a real contrast to some IFB ministries in which women are blamed for anything that goes wrong in the marriage.

    Then again, it would depend what his rules are!

    1. Hmmm… in most patriomplementarian circles men are ultimately to blame for anything wrong in the house. Women are seen as weak and silly, and men are responsible for making sure she behaves.

      It can go two ways from there. One way is that a husband will excuse and/or blame himself for his wife’s misbehavior. The other way is that the husband bosses his wife around like she’s a child.

      How it plays out in a marriage is really a question of the personalities involved.

  10. He wants 1,000,000 Christians to be praying through the prayer book. So he needs (2500+2500+1000)x10 books to be sold. I may not be a math genius, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t a million.

    1. ah yes, but at $20 each (or at least $5) it will still make him a rich man. This page was my favorite!

  11. “America and the world are getting more wicked. Sin openly continues to lose its wickedness!”

    I have no idea what this means. Help?

    1. Five will you ten that the “sin” he means is basically sex. And to put a finer point on it, probably homosexuality, esp gay marriage. πŸ™„

    2. I’m guessing that he means that things that once were regarded as sin have now become prevalent and accepted in our society and aren’t even seen as really being that wicked anymore.

      But you’re right – those two sentences on their own sure generate a lot of “huhhhhhh?”

      1. I’m going to wear a sleeveless shirt (bra strap showing) a pair of “britches”, opened toed shoes, and wait for it……read from an NIV Bible!!!! 😯

        I am such a naughty girl 😈

  12. Clicked on “Preachers Only”. Found this gem: “Something else happened that night. I became a Bible Preacher. I determined, before the Lord, by His grace and the help of the blessed Holy Spirit, I would never again preach or teach anything else, anywhere, that I could not prove from the Word of God”

  13. I think someone just mentioned this guy on the blog yesterday. Mentioned him in that he was real crazy.

    We can now determine for ourselves.

  14. “Darrell Dunn has been preaching and teaching the truth of the Second Coming of Christ since he was saved at the age of 13…OVER 50 YEARS AGO”

    50 years! What’s up with Jesus and the TSA?

  15. On the Bible Prayers page he says this:

    “These prayers are NOT to be ” RECITED ” as most do the Lord’s Prayer.”

    Obviously that is a shot against the Catholics. But upon further review, in Luke 11:1-4 one of the disciples asked Jesus how to pray and Jesus said “..When ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven……”
    Correct if I am wrong but Jesus is telling him when you pray, say this (the Lord’s Prayer). That seems to be pretty clear instructions.

    SFL: Ignoring Bible verses that support other denominations.

    1. Yeah, but Jesus said that during the Sermon on the Mount, which we all know is about the future kingdom during the millenium and doesn’t apply to us here in the church age. :mrgreen:

      1. That HORRIFIED me when I realized that that’s what people were teaching: that we could ignore what Jesus said, despite after His resurrection Him telling His disciples to teach others to “observe all that I have commanded you”.

        1. In the fundy world, Jesus just came to die. If you want to know how to live listen to what Paul said along with whatever Old Testament passage the MOG decides is relevant

      2. Wait! What? So all this time I’ve been controlling my anger, restraining my speech, rejecting lustful thoughts, loving my enemies, and trying to give people the grace given to me when this is actually only supposed to be done during the millenium?

        Oh man is my life about to change! Porn sites and fistfights I’m on my way!

    2. The Bible supports other denominations? 😯 What great heresy do you speak?!

  16. So….the point of this blog is to mock preachers? Am I missing something? Let me leave you with a verse:
    Luke 9:49,50 KJV
    And John answered and said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us.
    And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.

    It seems that the whole point of this blog is to criticize those with whom you disagree. Liberals like to prattle on about love, grace and acceptance until it comes time to show some. Then they change their tune completely.

    It is strange how consistent liberalism is in that regard. Political liberals like to claim to be accepting and tolerant until it comes time to accept or tolerate a different point of view. Then they try to quash it and silence it. They are all for freedom of speech until someone starts preaching against sodomy. Then they are against it. Like John Kerry, they were for it before they were against it.

    Religious liberals are much the same way. You say grace and love until someone barges into the party and says something with which you disagree. Then grace and love go out the window and you start in with the snark.
    It is no wonder that liberals are so fond of totalitarianism. They don’t have to hear any dissenting opinions when Big Brother determines what is truth and what is “hate speech”.

    I never understood until recently this quote by Sinclair Lewis:
    “When facism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

    It has become clearer to me lately. We are seeing the slow creep of fascism into this country and it is being brought about by a coalition of religious and political liberals. People who claim to be patriotic teaming up with those who have a form of Godliness.

    What you religious liberals cannot seem to understand is that we are all on the same team. Jesus explicitly says that whoever is not against us is for us. I do not know Bro. Dunn but it appears he is trying to preach the Gospel to the best of his ability. He is on our team, why say otherwise?

    1. Yay! The blog just got fun again! But, Sam, you do realize that most of the people on this blog are at least moderately capable of thinking? So your non-sequiters and “conclusions” sans argument only serve to confuse most of the readers here. Although I admit that I am curious about Darrell Dunn casting out demons. I would like to see that.

    2. I am the last one capable of judging someone else’s spiritual state, but I have my doubts if we are all on the same team. While not attacking Jesus, many in the fundy world place other things ahead of what he taught. Jesus did say that there will be many who say, “Lord, look at all we did for you,” and he will tell them to get out because he never knew them. That doesn’t just apply to those who have never said the “sinner’s prayer.”

    3. Sam! You gave us some scripture to leave us with yesterday! Did you discover some more dust on your feet and come back to shake the rest off?

      Well don’t leave. We need a good ranter to spice things up a bit.

      I vote “Poe” as well (where did that term come from anyway?

        1. Just ripped a mean version of this at karaoke the other night.

          My favorite part were the guitar solos. :mrgreen:

    4. >I never understood until recently this quote by >Sinclair Lewis:
      >β€œWhen facism comes to America it will be wrapped >in the flag and carrying a cross.”

      LMAO. Quoting the guy who wrote _Elmer Gantry_. It’s not even debatable that you’re a troll.

      1. I apologize for my confusion. Imagine my embarrasment when I Googled Singlair Lewis and read about him on Wikipedia! I have seen this quote floating around and just assumed that Sinclair must have been one of C.S. Lewis’ pseudonymns.

        I apologize for posting anything from that man. Thank you for pointing out my error.

        1. Hey Sam, don’t listen to all these scoffers. You sound like an intelligent man who knows his Bible. I’d like to hang out with you sometime. Where are you located?

          I figure we could get together and have a few drinks. Do you like wine or beer? Maybe we could go cruise some chicks. And I don’t mean tracts. Nudge nudge wink wink. Know what I mean?

        2. This is a joke, right? You didn’t really think Sinclair Lewis was C.S. Lewis, right? No one is really that … woefully undereducated … It just can’t be.

    5. Hiiiiii Saaaaaaam. πŸ™‚

      In seriousness, I have a question for you.
      What is your goal here? Are you here to try to turn people away from this website? Are you here because you feel it’s your duty to argue from the PoV of the people who end up as the object of these posts? Are you just here because you can’t stand someone on the internet being “wrong?”
      What’s your goal? I’m genuinely curious.

      1. That was my first thought…he seems to equate fascism, a generally right-wing ideology, with leftist liberalism

      2. Lately, I’ve noticed that a lot of right-wingers seem to have the working defintion: “Fascism = disagreeing with me and saying so.”

        Look, if someone says, “If you state that opinion I’ll imprison you or kill you,” that’s Fascistic, or at least repressive. But if someone says, “I disagree strongly with your opinion, although I defend your right to say it,” that’s democracy.

    6. For the record, I’m a social and fiscal ultra-conservative. If disagreeing with legalism makes me a liberal … well, I just don’t know what to say to that.

    7. Dear Sam Baker:

      Thanks for sticking around.

      You wrote: ‘what you religious liberals cannot seem to understand is that we are all on the same team.’

      I reply: ‘I thought that ‘we’re all on the same team’ thinking made liberals, liberal.’

      So which is it?

      Christian Socialist

  17. I can remember hearing him preach on prophecy in my young Fundy days. He said Jesus would return by July 4, 1976. I wish I had a tape of that sermon. It would be priceless.

    1. Maybe you can find it in his Tapes/CD backlist. It should be half off by now, I would think.

  18. TAPE list? I love it.

    Try to tell a kid today that he recorded a sermon on a tape, and enjoy the confusion.

  19. Well folks, I am still waiting. I have asked for Biblical responses to my concerns but so far I have not gotten any. The closest was the Christian Communist who gave me a bunch of homework assignments which I do not intend to complete. The rest of you have just called me names.

    I do not know why this surprises me.
    I Timothy 3:12 KJV
    Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

    If the world, the liberals and the devil are mad at me I must be doing something right.

    It appears to me that most people here do not have a very teachable spirit. Otherwise such anger against preachers would not be present.
    I understand that some preachers are bad. I get that. Why do you insist on tarring all preachers with the same brush? They are not all like the ones who hurt you. It is not fair to the good preachers to claim that they are all like the bad ones. I suggest that the problem may be with you. When a preacher stood up and publicly corrected you like the Bible mandates you had a choice to either accept the rebuke and repent or to get angry. Anger is unBiblical, is it not? Why do you persist in your anger towards those who rebuked you in love?

    1. Anger is not unBiblical, sin is. “Be ye angry and sin not; let not the sun go down upon your wrath.”
      If you are going to type, please get it right. And for the record, it is Christian Socialist. Communism and Socialism are not the same thing. πŸ˜€

    2. Most of us here aren’t angry, we are just slightly amused. Of ROFL, depending on the troll/preacher/topic in question.
      SFL: Assuming they know which emotion any given person is feeling at any given time.

    3. Sammy baby!
      Do you like movies about gladiators?
      Have you ever been in a Turkish prison before?
      Have you ever seen a grown man naked?

    4. Name calling? In my post to you yesterday, I referred to you as Mr. Sam Baker. I apologize for calling you Mister out of respect. I shan’t do it again.

      Also, anger is Biblical. Often times in the Old Testament God gets angry at his people. Exd 4:14, Num 12:9, Num 22:22, Num 25:3, Num 25:4, Num 32:10, Num 32:13, Num 32:14, Deu 6:15, Deu 7:4, Deu 9:19, Deu 29:20, Deu 29:23, Deu 29:27, Deu 29:28, Deu 31:17, Deu 32:21, Deu 32:22, Jos 7:1, Jos 7:26, Jos 23:16, Jdg 2:12, Jdg 2:14, Jdg 2:20, Jdg 3:8, Jdg 10:7, 1Sa 11:6, 2Sa 6:7, 2Sa 24:1, 1Ki 14:9, 1Ki 14:15, 1Ki 15:30, 1Ki 16:2, 1Ki 16:7, 1Ki 16:13, 1Ki 16:26, 1Ki 16:33, 1Ki 22:53, 2Ki 13:3, 2Ki 17:11, 2Ki 21:6, 2Ki 21:15, 2Ki 22:17, 2Ki 23:19, 2Ki 23:26, 2Ki 24:20,1Ch 13:10, 2Ch 25:15, 2Ch 28:25, 2Ch 33:6, 2Ch 34:25, Neh 9:17, Job 9:13, Job 18:4, Job 21:17, Job 35:15, Psa 6:1, Psa 7:6, Psa 21:9, Psa 27:9, Psa 30:5, Psa 37:8, Psa 38:3, Psa 56:7, Psa 74:1, Psa 77:9, Psa 78:38, Psa 78:49, Psa 78:58, Psa 85:4, Psa 85:5, Psa 90:7, Psa 90:11, Psa 103:8, Psa 103:9, Psa 145:8, Isa 1:4, Isa 5:25, Isa 9:17, Isa 12:1, Isa 13:3, Isa 13:9, Isa 13:13, Isa 30:27, Isa 30:30, Isa 42:25, Isa 48:9, Isa 63:3, Isa 63:6, Isa 65:3, Isa 66:15, Jer 2:35, Jer 3:5, Jer 3:12, Jer 4:8, Jer 4:26, Jer 7:18, Jer 7:20, Jer 8:19, Jer 10:24, Jer 12:13, Jer 15:14, Jer 17:4, Jer 18:23, Jer 21:5, Jer 23:20, Jer 25:6, Jer 25:7, Jer 25:37, Jer 25:38, Jer 30:24, Jer 32:30, Jer 32:37, Jer 36:7, Jer 42:18, Jer 44:3, Jer 44:6, Jer 49:37, Jer 51:45, Jer 52:3, Lam 1:12, Lam 2:1, Lam 2:3, Lam 2:22, Lam 3:66, Lam 4:11, Lam 4:16.

      I shall leave off the rest of them as this should be plenty of Biblical proof. We are created in the image of God. God gets angry, so do we. We are to remember to be angry and sin not. Please, before saying that something in unBiblical, do your homework.

    5. I’m sorry. Did you ask for something? I guess I wasn’t paying attention. Probably because your rhetoric is so predictable and all I see is, “Wah Wah Wah…. Scripture quote, some grandstanding question, blah blah blah”

      Nothing new.

  20. “And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand (200,000,000).”
    Um … Nice math skilz there, Evangelist/Dr. Darrell Dunn.

    “By these three was the third part of men killed by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone (Nuclear Weapons) which issued out of their mouths.”
    Hmmm. Nuclear weapons don’t involve any brimstone (sulphur) at all. And while there are nuclear warheads small enough to fit into a suitcase, there aren’t any that could conceivably be put in the mouth and spit at an enemy.

  21. WEll…I guess at least he doesn’t insist on the use of “Dr” before his name and admits his doctorate is honorary.

  22. I enjoy the fact that Pastor Dunn can, in fact, prophecy that China will, without a doubt, nuke the rest of the world. I believe he ought to be a State Department consultant.

  23. Well that is it for me. I can tell when I am not welcome. The people on this site have been unkind to me and I do not appreciate it at all. I came here with an humble spirit and tried to have a discussion and all I have met are arrogance and condescension. People have tried to argue with me using logical fallacies, word traps and sophistry. Nobody has been able to use the Bible to refute me. I wonder why that is?

    Are dissenting opinions not allowed here? I know you liberals want to do away with freedom of speech but I was not aware that you had already succeeded. I guess freedom of speech is okay for your heroes on the stinkavision but not for Bible-believers.

    So, party on. You won’t have me here to spoil your chuckle-a-thon by quoting the Bible at you.

    To be honest, I am sorry I have wasted so much time on this site arguing with you all. You do not appear to be ready to hear the truth and I have better things to do. I am headed out the door right now to go soul-winning. Let me guess, you don’t think Christians should do that do you? Pitiful.

    1. SFL: Liberalism. Cuz if you don’t agree with me in complete and total lockstep, you MUST be a Liberal.

    2. Actually you are more than welcome to stay, even necessary. While not many people may agree with your views, you are giving the more conservative side a voice, at least to challenge us, make us think. Not all the “fundy” stuff is nonsense, and it’s vital we as Christians remember this. 😎

    3. But Sam you are welcome. I invited you to hang out with me. I’m sad you’re leaving.

      1. I think you are right, Scorpio: if Sam got his rocks off he’d be a lot more laid back and easier to deal with.

    4. Sam Baker,

      You make a great deal of assumptions of who we are and what we believe. Is anyone that questions and demands proof a liberal? Do we loose our conservativeness because we are not enamored by a particular preacher? Were not the Bereans praised for not accepting everything at face value, but searched the for the truth? You are angry at us that we have not fallen at your feet in repentance for our perceived sins.
      We are not perfect. Many of us have been terribly hurt by the fundamental world. This is a place of self-searching and healing. While some have left the fundamental church, other have not. And those of us who still attend, we want to separate what is just tradition and what is real Biblical teaching.

      You are welcome to be here, but you may not get the respect you seem to demand until you have earned it.

      I hope your soul winning is fruitful.

    5. Dear Sam Baker,

      Have you ever known a woman in the Biblical sense? It might make you feel better. Scorpio and I would love to coach you if you need some pointers.

      1. Oooohhh, no!!!! Whatever you do, don’t get pointers from those two! That is, unless you like being tazed by a female.

    6. I’ve seen lots of people offer you Bible verses. And I’ve seen you tell them you weren’t going to look them up. Don’t blame others for your personal failings.

    7. I love how you think we’re liberals. Sometimes we just like to make fun of people.

      Have fun storming the castle!

    8. “Humble spirit” my ass. You’ve had your head up yours since you first started posting here. πŸ™„

    9. To be honest, I am sorry I have wasted so much time on this site arguing with you all.

      Then please don’t be hypocritical and waste anymore of your valuable soulwinning time here in cyberspace with us. The blood of some poor sinner may already stain your keyboard as it drips off your wicked non-time-redeeming fingertips. How awful it will be when standing before the Universe’s largest Panasonic tv screen having their life reviewed some sinner stops the play back points at you and screems that its your fault because YOU were too busy arguing with the reprobates on SFL to share the gospel with them.
      Don’t wait another second, get down on your knees right now and repent! then run and find that poor sinner and do whatever it takes to get a decision out of them! You don’t want to be humiliated like that in heaven. How could you live that down theough all of eternity? Get that sinners blood off of your hands by getting off the interwebs. Don’t be shamed publically like that in heaven, make sure that you are not the one they point out as the reason they are going to hell.

      Go now! GO! Before its everlasting too late for you to avoid being humiliated like that.

  24. This guy used to come and preach at the church I grew up in every year. He was notorious for his sermon where he predicted the Rapture. He was so effective that there were people who withdrew their entire retirement and gave it to the church, because he convinced them the end was Yom Kippur 1984…then it was 1988…then it was 1990, then 2000. I think that after being wrong so many times he finally stopped preaching the sermon. The church had a cassette recording “ministry” and recorded sermons for a lot of IBF evangelists at the time. He wound up owing them around $10,000. He preached a sermon once where he used ONE VERSE…”Who is on the Lord’s side. let him come unto me!” He set the table by recounting the rebellion of the people of Israel and then he took an imaginary sword and drew a line across the front of the church. If you came across the line it meant you stood “With God” and the pastor and against a long list of sins as he defined them. Things like “Long hair, pants on women, rock music, “ungodly” Christian music, cigarettes, any version of the Bible other than the KJV, men wearing designer jeans etc. Our church was divided in a way that it never healed from. What was once a great, loving congregation became internally embittered and it became the rule of the day to judge each other on how strict our standards were. If you watched 1 hour of TV a day, I would cut it back to 45 minutes. If you went to 45 minutes I would cut out TV altogether. It became a contest and a horrible system of works-based approval. To be accepted you had to perform. It was coupled to a teaching about a God who was pissed at everything I did and said and even thought. I literally had to go to counseling for three years to escape this. Thank God for my counselor and for Brennan Manning. “The Ragamuffin Gospel” otherwise I might have gone the rest of my life running from a God I was convinced hated me. I have friends who are still bearing the scars from this man and this was in 1980. He might be in Heaven…but I will punch him in the throat if I get the chance.

    1. That is such a testimony to the truth of the book of Galatians. “If you bite and devour one another, take care or you will be consumed by one another.”

      I loved “The Ragamuffin Gospel” as well! It did wonders to unlock the truth of the gospel to me. I’ve been trapped in the same legalistic mindset that you described too.

      I am curious though; where were the elders of the church? Why did they stand for this?

      1. Because it was a typical one-man show. The pastor had started the church himself and his deacons were hand picked yes-men

      2. Wait a minute? He set dates for the rapture, and he still preaches? Maybe he should be hired as Harold Camping’s replacement. I don’t mean to discredit Harold Camping πŸ˜‰

    2. I was once in a highly manipulative meeting where the evangelist demanded that if we were saved and wanted to honor God, we would come forward, shake the pastor’s hand, and tell him we were 100% behind him.

      I detested that, and hated myself for going along with it. I never want to be in that position again, and am very, very unhappy when manipulation occurs.

  25. I have an honest question for you, Mr. Baker:

    What is a “Biblical response”, like the ones for which you were searching but failed to find?


  26. The more I think of the Dunn era of my old church, the angrier I get. We were kids! High school kids who suddenly felt it necessary to judge each other based on whether we listened to “ungodly” music like The Eagles or Abba. We turned on each other simply because it garnered favor with the upper echelon. Had it not been for a Godly Youth pastor and his wife who refused to embrace this nonsense, I might have been lost to church forever. He abided by it out of obedience and stayed at the church mostly to act as a buffer between the ridiculous rules and the kids whose lives they were ruining. There is a mental list of kids I grew up with…good kids who simply refused to live this way…who barely have a working faith at all anymore. It’s heartbreaking and it’s so wrong and it breaks God’s heart to have people go through life with this opinion of Him.

      1. So what?

        My own opinion is that ABBA is just unmusical, but either, way, if somebody listens to ABBA songs, and dances to them, it’s not going to kill anybody. Jesus doesn’t cry every time “Mama Mia” comes on.

        1. Oh, come on Big Gary. SOMEWHERE in the Bible is a verse that says that Jesus cries every time he hears Mama Mia. There can’t not be.

        2. Hezekiah 4:2 Whenst thou listenth to the musicks and contemplate the words and beat and tempo to determine if it be glorifying to the Lord, thou shalt not listen to ABBA lest you be thrown into the pit and the sadness of the Lord shall be great.

  27. The more I think of the Dunn era of my old church, the angrier I get. We were kids! High school kids who suddenly felt it necessary to judge each other based on whether we listened to “ungodly” music like The Eagles or Abba. We turned on each other simply because it garnered favor with the upper echelon. Had it not been for a Godly Youth pastor and his wife who refused to embrace this nonsense, I might have been lost to church forever. He abided by it out of obedience and stayed at the church mostly to act as a buffer between the ridiculous rules and the kids whose lives they were ruining. There is a mental list of kids I grew up with…good kids who simply refused to live this way…who barely have a working faith at all anymore. It’s heartbreaking and it’s so wrong and it breaks God’s heart to have people go through life with this opinion of Him.

  28. I would just like to say that I am glad to be Bro. Sam Baker’s pastor. He is a good brother and has been a member of Gloriously Saved Baptist Tabernacle since way back in the beginning almost three years ago. I am thankful for his stand and that he is a proud fundamentilist.

    If any of you heathern want to go to church we are having an ordination service for Bro. Sam and Mrs. Baker this coming Sunday evening. We hate to lose Bro. Sam but he is going on to do better things.

    Bro. Sam is going out of our church on deputation to reach an unreached area of our state. God has called him to go an hour and a half south of here to the city of Lancaster, CA to start a church. That is a city of nearly 200,000 people and as far as I can tell there is not a TRUE Gospel witness there.

    Bro. Sam hopes to have his deputation done in 6-8 years so that he can move down the road to Lancaster and start doing what God has called him to do.

    If you want to come we will be ordaining him at 6:30 PM this coming Sunday night. Come early if you like. Our Bible College class meets at 4:00 PM. I am teaching Advanced Haggai (AdHag 300)

    We are located just off the bypass in Bakersfield in the Big Lots shopping center. Some people have trouble finding us so if you pass the Merle Haggard museum you have gone too far and need to turn around.

    I hope to see some of you heatherns there!
    Pastor Fred

    1. BWAAAAAAAHA I lost it at the snide reference to Lancaster’s lack of true gospel witness!!!!! πŸ˜†

  29. The joke’s over. I am a Poe.

    Sam Baker
    AKA Pastor Fred
    AKA Proud Fundamentilist
    AKA ?

    1. And I found all those verses for you, too. Humph.
      Job well done. I like the part about calling Tony Hudson.

    2. The biggest give away was that your spelling and grammar was too good. A smaller issue is that usually when a Fundamentalist is confronted with a Scripture that directly contradicts them they’ll try to engage it or spin a litte, but your troll went straight to the accusations of being gay, liberal, atheist, etc.

      Quoting Sinclair Lewis was a thing of beauty. You were recruiting people to join in and help you. I almost did but instead called you out. I kind of regret it now as we could have kept the fun going longer. πŸ˜†

    3. DAGNABBIT! *#%^*€£Β₯€%*!!!!!!!!

      And, I ALWAYS fall for it!

      Give me back your butt cushion!

    4. Dear Sam Baker:

      I’ve not been here long enough to grasp the meaning of the ‘Pastor Fred’ gig. And being abroad, I have limited computer access at present.

      I would note two points:

      1] You were branded as a ‘poe’ before you admitted to it. Of course, you also admitted to having socialist leanings, which is why I said that you were Γ ll over the board. So there are people with wit around here.

      2] You earlier mentioned calling Mr. Hutson and inviting him to this site to defend himself as a Christian gentleman. You then said that Mr. Hutson laughed.

      So did I.

      Christian Socialist

    1. It’ll take me a while to get over my disappointment that Sam didn’t turn out to be Tony Hutson himself.

  30. I keep putting in DarryleDunn.com in my browser and their site appears to be down. Any suggestions?

  31. I just read the “My Testimony” page as if everything unnecessarily in quotation marks were the euphemisms they seem to be, and it’s been a long time since I laughed that hard.

  32. One of his titles on his sermon list:
    How to reach lost loved ones and friends often without them even knowing.
    Really? You can come to Christ and not know it??

    1. “Poe’s Law” is the oft-cited theory that satires of fundamentalism are indistinguishable from real fundamentalism, mainly because some Fundy out there is sure to have a theory even crazier than one somebody can make up as a joke. It’s named after one Nathan Poe, who proposed a version of this concept in 2005 (although similar statements by others preceded Poe’s formulation).

      Here on Stuff Fundies Like, people who pose as Fundies in order to parody them are sometimes called “Poes.”


  33. Who poses for a picture like the one of the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Dunn? It looks like the prom photo for the adult high school.

    1. Sadly, our church did an immediate 180, from grace to legalism after one of his meetings…tragic story of the carnage left behind by this MOG that continues still today in the lives of many…I’ve moved on…”Grace!”

  34. I feel ya Bama Man. The good news is that you CAN get his “Rapture 1984 / 1988 / 1990 and 2000” cassettes at a deep discount.

  35. Am I the only one that had the miss fortune to be in his cabin at the “Ranch” back in the late 60’s early 70’s?

      1. They had one big cabin where kids stayed that didn’t have enough counselor and he over saw that cabin. It was a different time and place but if you got out of line you might get a beat-down. I remember laying there in fear that I’d mess-up somehow and he’d come over take a crack. I wish I could remember who the kid was that got taken down on the first night. Needless to say we had no cabin pranks in our cabin.

  36. Dear SFL Readers:

    Perhaps we should all start posting on his `prophecy Q&A`section of the website. It would be fun to get the guy rattled …

    Christian Socialist

  37. Dragged to hear this guy for a week when I was about 12 years old (1976). He preached on prophecy. Told us the push button phone was the beginning of the one-world gov’t and the credit card was gonna help usher in the anti-christ. Scared the crap outta me. Thought Jesus was coming before the week was over… πŸ˜₯

    1. DUDE!! I forgot about the push button phone!! Supposedly the reason the phones have a # and a * are so that when the mark of the beast comes in you can dial your number and hit the “star” button and you are linked in to the “Beast”. (The giant government supercomputer). So that night I go home and dial “666” and then hit * and it rang! Scared the crap out of me. It got a “The number you have reached is not in service” which scared me more because I thought the system was all set up and just waiting.

  38. My favorite part of the homepage:

    A – Answers to your Prophecy questions
    B – Easy to understand
    C – God’s Word and world events reveal the truth

    Now, an unrelated question. What happens if a deacon clicks on the “preachers only” button?

  39. Just so ya know … this FWOTW domain expired this month. Anybody wanna snap it up?

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