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  1. I keep staring and staring, but the way the wind is blowing is making it hard to tell which naughty bits this person has. Naturally I’m festering with lust because of this.

    1. Exactly! If you can’t tell what it is, give him or her the benefit of a doubt and lust anyway!

  2. Sarong Guy looks like Clint Eastwood somehow. I’ll never watch Dirty Harry the same way again.

    1. That makes me wonder, are there any clips out there of a MOG claiming that the cloths God made for Adam and Eve after the fall were pants and dresses? Please say yes.

  3. Years ago one of my son’s elementary school teachers told him that, if a woman wore pants and he only saw her from the waist down, he wouldn’t be able to tell if she were a man or a woman. I told my son that Mr. H***** must not of been paying attention when his dad had “the conversation” with him.

      1. Yeah maybe his dad whacked him in the eye with a nail-studded board.

        Mary-Catherine Gallagher: “That happens a lot.”

      1. I was told I would be instructed about what I needed to know about sex on the day of my wedding. I told me Mom that was a terrible idea because how scary would that be to find out then!?! Our fundy church believed “the talk” made youngsters want sex so it was better not to have it and just keep sex taboo & “dirty”. It just made it that much more mysterious and desirable and the result was a lot of sexually active teenagers with no clue about how to practice safe sex or why we should keep ourselves chaste ’til marriage.

        1. That is such an ignorant, unloving, fear-driven practice. Elisabeth Eliot (http://www.elisabethelliot.org/) whom I generally admire for her wisdom, made the comment in one of her many books that you do not need to have any talks with your children other than instructing girls on their cycle. She said they will figure it out on their wedding night. She lost a lot of stature in my eyes when I read that.

    1. Does it have pleats? Double aprons? Max. knee length?

      See – no kilt!


      Hermann (Kilt and longyi wearer)

    1. If only Darrell had a satchel full of the Liberty Gospel Tracts with him. The men would have been wearing khakis in no time.

      1. My wife’s grandmother, bless her heart, comes from the era when “thongs” meant flip-flops. It still cracks my wife up every May when Granny calls us and says “Old Navy has their thongs on sale. Better get some for summer!”

        1. How about the choir director, tired of those open toed flip flops told ALL the ladies in practice one fine Sunday afternoon: (down south by the way) “y’all need to quit wearin’ them there thongs while yer up here singin'”
          True story.

        2. I come from that era too. When I was a child in Texas in the 60s, we wore “thongs” in summer, and it wasn’t something that gave us wedgies (flat feet, maybe, but not chafed privates).

          By my lights, in the photo above, the man in the sarong is wearing thongs as he mosies along singing a song full of diphthongs to the ding-dong of a Hong Kong gong, perhaps carrying long tongs that belong to a Hmong from the Mekong while he thinks of an oblong dugong.

        3. funny…and the comment was made in Texas by the way…

          Although, it might have helped if the tenors were wearing them…

        4. I am sure they did what they were told to do.

          I wasn’t quite bold enough to volunteer for “thong check guy” πŸ˜›

        5. Even in the 70’s, in Southern California, thongs were flip-flops – at least to us kids. What was funny was, as I got older, the amount of double meaning statements we could make with that! πŸ™‚

        6. I know a lot of people who say thongs for flip-flops. My family, friends & I call them slippers. (A Hawaiian thing) It always takes me a second to realize someone is referring to their sandals, not their underwear & it gives me a chuckle.
          And…makes me think of, “The Thong Song”. πŸ˜€

  4. But I thought skirts were that which pertaineth to a woman? Is it possible that culture changes? Is it possible that different societies in different places have different norms? Tell me it ain’t so!

  5. In Fiji, men traditionally wear a type of skirt called a “sulu”. The police wear a sulu with a zig-zag cut right out of the Flintstones. Classic.

    1. Well, that hippie-looking bus thing behind him pretty much says it all. And look at his untucked shirt! He is a slob AND effeminate! I hope he doesn’t think he is a Christian because he is such a Bad Testimony!

  6. I have been staring at his breasts for a while now. It is so hard to tell his gender just by looking at that part of him. Maybe we need a picture of him with a woman for comparison purposes.

  7. Darrell! How dare you! I have now been enticed into insatiable lust over my confusion over whether this person is a man or a woman!

    Or… wait, does the insatiable lust thing only happen if you’re a guy?

    1. Of course women don’t lust. I know this because I am a man. Women cause GOOD CHRISTIAN MEN to lust. And that is all.

      1. Well, this is no good. I always thought I was a woman, but I definitely lust. Just ask my husband. πŸ˜›

  8. Uh-oh, did the bearded lady leave the circus again without permission? They really need to warn people when that happens, so us Good Decent Christian folk don’t go gettin’ the Wrong Kind of Thoughts, looking at a person and not knowin’ ‘zaxtly what they is, knowhaddimean? πŸ˜›

    1. Clearly, Sri Lanka is a massive mission field. And there are liberals there who only worry about food and medicine for those queers prancing around their island in SKIRTS. They need the gospel of Jesus Christ to learn how to be real men! Haymen!

    1. Yep. They use the “King James Bible” for their “Tamil-speaking church” so we know they are A-Okay! πŸ™„

      1. That makes perfect sense. About as much sense as the medieval Catholic Church refusing to allow the Bible to be translated out of Latin, which was itself already a translation–oh dear! Are fundies acting CATHOLIC now?!

        1. There are actually KJV-only websites that say stuff like: “If you wanted to be a Jew in Bible times, you had to learn Hebrew to read their Bible. Today, if you want to be a Christian, you have to learn English to read the King James Bible.” Always kind of wondered how they squared that with the scene in the book of Acts where the apostles speak in different tongues to communicate the gospel to others.

        2. Deacon’s Son – Don’t be deceived. Everybody in Jesus’ time spoke and wrote perfect King James English. The Hebrew and Greek languages were just the first perversions by the devil to cause confusion. Amen?

  9. “For some weird reason nobody ever expresses concern that they’re just not able to tell men from women there.”

    Maybe the influence of World *Vision* has given Sri Lankans better eyesight than the author of yesterday’s pamphlet has. Or optometry is more advanced in Sri Lanka than in North America.

  10. In light of yesterday’s post, this is absolutely hilarious.

    However, Liberty Tracts (or whoever that was yesterday) would just say that this proves nothing – just because some cultures have men who wear something that looks like skirts doesn’t mean that it is right or Scriptural.

    After all, in some cultures, cannibalism is sanctioned, and child-sacrifice is common in others, but these acts are clearly against Bible teaching.

    (I’ve had very long discussions with family about the fundy declaration ‘woman should only wear skirts or dresses’).

    In discussing this with a friend, he pointed out the hypocrisy of fundy churches: they go bananas if a woman in pants shows up, but it is common for women to wear their husband’s jacket if they are cold… and however one defines “pertains”, the jacket should clearly be out of bounds. In addition, I’ve never heard anyone preach against women wearing their husband’s t-shirts or shirts – why is the focus always on the clothing for the lower part of the body?

    1. Exactly! Blazers, anyone?I am surprised that I’ve never heard any preacher have a field day over that one since it could be presumed that a women’s blazer may have been modeled off a man’s suit?!

      1. I remember telling my students in the Christian school that I was wearing my husband’s sweater (we were newlyweds plus I thought it was cute). One day they came back to me and said that the history teacher (who was a youth pastor in another church) said it was a sin for women to wear ANY men’s clothing, including my husband’s sweater.

        1. Oh Lord, that’s ridiculous…though not really surprising! Sometimes it seems like the more ridiculous a “rule” is the better they like it and latch on to it.

        2. PW, its too bad yall don’t have nuns, they serve so many purposes. You just say, “a nun told me I could!” and everybody is afraid to argue back with you after that.

        3. My wife always steals my work out shorts! What it is with you ladies and taking your husbands cloths. If I wore some of her cloths, she’d think I was a creeper, but for some reason, you ladies can pull it off. Who made that rule?

  11. At least he’s not wearing a PINK shirt with his skirt and purse! Don’t know if you all are fortunate enough to hear from the MOG that a man that wears a PINK shirt (picked out by his usurping wife)then… Bless GOD… he is a SISSY!

    Pink is for women that’s why the hospital wraps girl babies in pink blankets and boy babies in blue blankets!

    1. Great, now I want to see a video of a pink shirted man battling a MOG who called him a sissy. Guarenteed the tough talking MOGs out there can’t fight.

        1. Thank you. You’ve added strength to my stereo type that all women would like to see their man dominate in a fight at least once.

        2. I mean…yeah…ok, it’s a little true in my case. I think I fit that stereotype a bit. LOL! But only for a good cause! πŸ˜†

          It would take a lot though, he is much more patient than I am!

      1. I’ve mentioned my friend Steve here before. Steve was an Army Ranger. He trained the Sandinista Rebels and was there when they ousted Noriega in Panama. He is about 5’10 and 180 lbs. He was a kick boxer and held black belts in several forms of self defense. And he was in our church. He was not much for dressing up at church, but when he did, he regularly wore a pink dress shirt. I said something to him one day about preechers who said only sissies wore pink and he said “I’m comfortable with my masculinity, aren’t you?” OUr pastor wasn’t one of those radicals, but he had guest speakers who would say asinine stuff like that. A group of us were talking to him one time and I said “I dare so and so (This guest preacher who was coming one Wednesday) to call men who wear pink sissies, cause Steve is gonna wear his pink dress shirt, just to get his goat.”

        This was not a very large church, so you couldn’t miss Steve on Wed night. The guy never said one word about dress standards, and we were all amazed. After we asked the pastor and he said he had told the guy Who Steve was, and the guy had said “Out of respect for the armed forces, I will tone it down.”

        Riiiiiight. He was a big wuss and was scared s***less. I still laugh when I think of it.

        1. Bob-

          Ha! I love it! I’m sure that’s EXACTLY the reason he kept his mouth shut…didn’t want to get his a$$ whooped by a pink-shirted Army Ranger!Hooah! :mrgreen:

        2. Dude should have kept his mouth shut. The guest speaker didn’t learn his lesson. He just dodged a bullet.

        3. My gospel bluegrass group is playing at a fundy tent-revival meeting next week, our regular bass player is in Romania on a missions trip, so I’ve asked my son to sit in with us…..not sure how they are going to like his gold nose ring though! 😯

        4. Dear Bob:

          I tend to see this differently. I think the pastor ought to have spoken about this. I tend to think that it may have done said pastor a world of good to see his a posteriori served up on a platter.

          Christian Socialist

      1. I’m a bit confused. I assumed your name “Tiffundy” was a play on the name “Tiffany.” Am I wrong or are girls forbidden to wear purple for some reason? 😳

        1. That is why we need Liberty Gospel tracts to avoid confusion. Not only with clothing, but also screen names.

        2. I had also made that assumption, but Tiffundy has made several comments that belie it. My next guess is that Tiffundy means someone who’s in a tiff about fundies.

          Tiffundy, want to clear this up?

        3. Thou art correct. I am in a foul mood about Fundies. Mainly cause I still stuck in the ‘dom.
          I am in a “tiff”, yes.
          I am not Tiffany, nor shall I ever be.

          There, Tiffundy has come out of the closet. No, I am not gay…

      2. I’ve worn a pink suit a few times. People poked fun at me (I knew they would, and I didn’t mind), but the only person who started to look a little apoplectic was the assistant pastor. He said something about “I left my heart in San Francisco?” and walked away.

    2. My husband has more pink in his wardrobe than I do. πŸ˜€ Including hot pink board shorts & numerous pink (and purple) T-shirts. He’s 6’6″, 230 pounds of man. I’d Looooove to see a MOG tell him he was a sissy. 😈

      1. LOL! Mine is big guy too, 6’1″, works out, etc… He is normally a very laid back, good natured guy BUT…under the right circumstances,he could mess someone up pretty bad! I have a feeling most MOGs would probably not have the cajones to mess with either of our guys if it came right down to it! MOST of the MOGs I was exposed to were little Napolean-esqe fellas LOL!

        1. Yeah… or obese blowhards who equated being large with being tough. πŸ™„ Oh brother.
          My husband didn’t grow up fundy or anything like it. He grew up “normal” with grace & love and CCM *gasp* πŸ˜† When we watched the 20/20 episode together he said J2 was a very weak man to say things like “not get his doctrine from a woman”, etc. It is interesting how mog’s & fundies equate strength with their verbal abuse/diarrhea of the mouth behind the safety of their pulpits. πŸ™„ πŸ™„ Mogs have no idea what it means to be a man despite Jesus modeling it so clearly. πŸ™

        2. LOL @ PW!

          Yes, EliACas…so true, everything you said is SO TRUE! My Hubs was not a fundie either…close in some ways but, no where near the level I was raised in. He is a pretty open minded guy, some of the things I’ve told him about my growing up in Fundyland (beyond the no woman-preachers and the dress/skirt wearing) have kind of shocked him. He was also shocked to know that the pastor of the church that my family attends is in total control, with no accountability to anyone in the church. Which we all know that it’s pretty much the norm in the IFB world!

      2. Some men can pull off pink better than others. My husband looks better in pink than I do!

      3. I prefer not to wear pink, but I have in the past. I also don’t care for yellow. But mostly because I just don’t care for pastel shirts. One of my favorite pics of my wife and I is from a long time ago, when guys could wear ruffled tux shirts. The one I’m in is pink to match her dress.

        One of my clothing goals is to go to Scotland and get a kilt to wear with my Chinese shirt, knee high moccasins, and a derby hat. I will never be allowed back into Fundystan after that. (Or home, according to the lovely Mrs. Wilver.)

  12. Wow, this evokes so many memories of “sermons” and sermon points I heard back in the day. For those that somehow could see their way allowing pants on women, we were told that there was no reason whatsoever for the zipper to be in the front – that side zipper pants were appropriate for a woman. I also remember a group within a church that even rejected the notion of women wearing any sort of blazer or suit jacket, even with a skirt, as this was manly attire. Rubbish, all of it!

    1. I’ve heard it said that it’s sinful for women to wear ties, although that was somewhat popular when I was in college.

      1. Our church taught it was a sin to go eat at Olive Garden because the waitresses used to wear ties. This was perceived as an endorsement of lesbianism

        1. We were allowed to go to restaurants that served alcohol as long as we didn’t drink any because it was a good testimony to go to a restaurant that had a bar and not drink any alcohol. Everyone would be soooo impressed.

          (Also, the non-fundie rumor in our small town was that “hookers hung out in the Olive Garden bar.” No way of knowing if that was true but there were non-fundies who avoided Olive Garden for that reason.)

        1. About 7 years ago I went to an Olive Garden and ordered the Lasagna. The piece they brought me was 2″ x 2″ x 2″ and the price was something like $12. I complained and got a refund. The manager sighed and made it seem like I was being ridiculous for insisting on getting more than two bites for my $12. I haven’t been back to that Olive Garden or any other since.

        2. I’m with you, Scorp. There are too many options with good food. (But when Mom says that’s where she wants to eat, I’ll make an exception. She’s been my mom so long I’d hate to do something now to get disowned now.)

  13. I love his sarong! Looks so comfortable. I always thought kilts were sexy. I’ve heard kilts preached against which I thought was sissy (to preach against them) because not one MOG would actually say that to a kilt-wearers face. It would be their last words. 😎

    1. Aye!! Kilts are THE masculine clothing! And sarongs/longyis are wonderful! BTW in Myanmar at least you can see if itΒ΄s a man by the pattern/colour of the longyi, also womens longyis are fixed differently.

      Hermann (down with pants, up with kilts!)

  14. I have to know something… did that guy in the pic make it safely across the road? He’s got that, “O crap!” look on his face like he sees something we don’t.

  15. Men in kilts are seriously sexy. MMMMm… kilt lust. I think this may be due to my scottish heritage. I also really like bagpipes.

  16. Oops! I misread the title as ‘Barongs’ which is Filipino formal wear. For Fundies, it’s a Missionary shirt. I always envied them as a kid. It wasn’t meant to be tucked in, and you couldn’t put a tie on it.

    The Sarong is a wussy garment. The kilt, on the other hand, is one of the most masculine pieces of clothing known to man. Women should refrain from wearing it, as it could cause other women to lust after them, and confuse the men around.

  17. Uh oh! Its a man, wearing an ankle-length skirt, and it is appropriate for him to do so in that culture, he isn’t cross dressing. THAT MEANS ANKLE LENGTH SKIRTS PERTAIN UNTO MEN!!! Somebody call all the fundy churches and fundy U’s right away, ’cause according to their own doctrines they have to change all their rule books!

  18. “Sarongs are a way of life in much of Sri Lanka and throughout Southeast Asia.”

    ‘Sarong, Sarong Blue, Everybody Owns One’

    Next up on the hit parade, a song about a woman who refuses to return an article of clothing to a former friend because she claims it was a gift– “Whose Sari Now?”

    Well, that’s enough goofing off. By the way Darrell, who’s that really homely gal in the dress? πŸ™‚

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