Sri Lanka: Closing The Gap

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a month since I arrived home from Sri Lanka. In some ways it seems like just yesterday I was rolling out of bed and eating curry for breakfast. In other ways, being on that beautiful island nation seems like a distant dream. Our lives go on but the needs continue.

The good news is that in the project area that we visited, many kids have been sponsored over the last month thanks to both our writing and the combined efforts of other promotional programs. At SFL I’ve been given an opportunity to show you a few specific Sri Lankan kids who are not being featured on any other blog. These children all live in the recently started project area that I wrote about.

If you’ve been thinking about sponsoring a child but just aren’t sure exactly who to sponsor or when to start here is yet another golden opportunity to consider it. Just click on any of the pictures to learn more.

Rujithson – Age 9

Jeneeza – Age 4

Mohommad – Age 9

Ahda – Age 3

7 thoughts on “Sri Lanka: Closing The Gap”

  1. These kids are adorable. Thanks for taking us along on that journey. I can’t believe it has been a month already.

  2. Second!

    And I agree with formerHACgirl: Adorable one and all!

    Just in from one of the ‘socialist’ websites I visit:

    In this land where poverty, joblessness, high debt burdens and other social problems run rampant …

    ‘New official data shows that Sri Lanka still has one of highest suicide rates in the world, with almost 4,000 people killing themselves per year, or about 11 per day…’

    This isn’t offered as a downer. Rather, let’s keep these kids in our prayers.

    A blessed Lord’s Day to you all!

    Christian Socialist

  3. Darrell, do you know how long this community will be available for sponsoring? Is there a point when they would say you have to sponsor from a different area because this one is closed?

    1. Eventually the area will be fully funded but these specific kids are “reserved” for SFL readers. So nobody else is going to sponsor them before we can.

      No pressure.

  4. Thanks for “taking us with you” on your trip. I have been able to go to third world and developing countries and try to give what I can. I believe every one should go see more of the world than their own back yard.

  5. Thank you again for what you did and are doing. Don’t stop reminding us about the children! We as a family very much agree with mission support. Maybe one day God will provide the means to include Sri Lanka in our support. You have taken our family to a place we have not been. Thank you!

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