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    1. Now that I’ve listened, I know people who would fit in here perfectly. From the bad singing to the bragging about their selves.

  1. Who in the hell was the designer of their chancel space? That is just a horrible design and the things hanging on back wall are ugly too.

    Oh and the song – glad the only thIng they have to worry about is not going to hell. What about the people who are dying from hunger while they are signing? Oh yeah, to quote Tony Campolo, they don’t give a shit! And they would be more upset because of that word then because there are people dyIng from hunger.

    1. I heard Tony Campolo speak once, and using a “dirty” word in chapel was only one of his attention-getting stunts. He acted like a complete jackass. Someone probably cares more that I called him a jackass than that he was acting like one instead of preaching the Word. Whatever. The only result was that some people loved him and others hated him. Either way, he got attention, and that was all he wanted. (Well, that, plus more speaking engagements, book sales, etc.)

  2. I honestly can’t understand a word they’re saying. Is it a poor quality recording, is it a bug in my computer, or is Satan blocking my ears to keep me from hearing the words of the Lord? Seriously, is this comprehensible to anyone else? I mean, can other people make out the individual words if they don’t already know the song so well that they fill in the gaps? I’m not trying (for once) to be snarky, I am genuinely unable to hear more than one word in five distinctly.

    1. Sweetheart, you didn’t miss much beyond poor singing a church that appears to be decorated with belts of garlic. Perhaps they have a vampire problem.

  3. Awesome. Songs about getting out of hell. What about songs that praise the One who got us out of hell

    1. I think you put your finger on what bothers me about this song; it’s all about me, and how good my future is.

      But isn’t Jesus Christ worthy of my devotion and sacrifice and love regardless? This seems to smack of “I’ve got a ticket to heaven” mentality.

  4. Knew a kid from Camden. He wouldn’t have been welcome in this church. He was black. They would tell him there’s a church down the road for him. Due to that fact, I think they’re lying in their song.

  5. OK wait a minute. The guy just to the left of center near the back. He has a beard and farmer over-alls!
    What in the name of holy dress standards kind of church is this?

    1. And all the women are showing their lust-inducing arms with those sleeveless tops! What kind of Independent (in a manner of speaking) Fundamental Sin-hatin’ Devil-stompin’ King James Bible-wavin’ Preacher-lovin’ Baptist church is this??

    2. He is covered…thats all that matters..God is not impressed with a suit or tie..hello..maybe we should all humble ourselves and stop dressing to please the world..get some overall!

  6. Ah, Camden County, Georgia, not Camden, New Jersey. Makes more sense now. Still awful, though.

    1. Dear That Other Jean:

      Camden NJ has problems enough without adding this ‘pie in the sky bye and bye’ congregation to the mix …

      Christian Socialist

  7. Man, for not knowing these people you guys have made some interesting observations. From this 2 min clip you’ve judged them for their bad singing, horrible decor, their dress, and apparently this has led WIWK to conclude they don’t let black people attend (perhaps he knows that this particular church actually does this). Good thing God didn’t make us like these poor sinners! Yeah, the song’s bad, but sheesh.

    1. Yeah, I’m kind of with you. If I’m critical of this song, it’s because I’m drudging up the sludge left over from my IFB raising. In other words, I’d be lumping these people into a stereotype based on the style of music they’re listening to, something I wouldn’t want done to me. The only valid criticism I have is that the song doesn’t appear to mention Jesus directly by name, though it does make reference to “the One” who provides us salvation (didn’t catch the exact words).

      Still, Trevor, this site is a lot like group therapy for some of us. Sometimes some of us just need to unload some crap. Be patient with us. There’s a lot of hurt and frustration out here.

    2. Expecting my logic would be questioned, I’m in the process of emailing them (waiting on response) to verify what I have found to be true of this type of church. A racially diverse IFB KJV only church in the south is a rare thing indeed. Sad but true. I feel confident of my stereotypical statement based on the years I’ve lived there observing, churches I’ve been in there, and unfortunately having been guilty of the same racism before falling on my face before the Savior in repentance.

      I’ll be happy to report with the response when it comes. Hopefully I’m wrong!

      1. WIWK-the church my parents attend is about a half hour south of Atlanta. Deep South. They are a KJV, women in skirts, go soul-winning church. They are pretty evenly racially mixed, including many mixed married couples.

        And in spite of all this, aren’t overly legalistic and understand it’s Jesus first. A strange, by IFB standards, group I love to worship and fellowship with.

    3. +1. Just because you’re not a “fundy” anymore doesn’t somehow make you better than them. Remember how much that judgmental mindset hurts you?

  8. Wow! This could be the church that I grew up in. It is all very familiar. The pastor standing up at the front during the special music for some reason, the way people are dressed, the tune that most Southern gospel is written to and the layout of the church building.
    I think I will go lie down and stave off some flashbacks. Thanks Darrell. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  9. What the heck was THAT?!?
    It’s been a long time since SFL caused me to stare open mouthed at my computer screen for a full three minutes…
    Thanks Darrell 🙂

    1. Sure the yelling is not easy on the ears and their over all music program probably lacks the dynamics, musically speaking, to keep it from sounding monotonous, but I have heard worse singing in my time. Honestly, I have!

  10. In their Statement of Faith:

    We believe that believers should be separated from the world while being present in the world; that he should abstain from all appearances of evil as a testimony to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ; that the local church should maintain a position of separation for all forms of apostasy, modernism, ecumenism and any other departure from the written principles of the word of God.

    …would “any other departure from the written principles of the word of God” include indoor plumbing, a PA system, pews, electricity, automobiles…?

    The Statement of Faith does not exhaust the extent of our Faith. The A.V. 1611 BIBLE itself is the sole and final source of all that we believe.


    1. Nice chinchilla Ronnie! My husband and I have been breeding them for a long time. Nice to see another chin lover around here 🙂

      1. Unfortunately we had to give Koda to new owners (3 small children and higher maintenance pets don’t mix), but chins are still some of my favorite animals.

    2. And here I thought Jesus lived around 4BCE to 28 or 30 CE. They are saying 1611 is when the real Bible arrived?

      What did Jesus quote from? Or the Apostles? Or the early Church?

      I know. I am being snarky. But honestly, this 1611 nonsense is really painful to someone who has actually read the Translators’ preface and realized their fondest hope was for better translations to be done after them.

      The singing reminded me of Lester Roloff’s groups.

      Time for some aspirin for the song-induced headache!

    3. Dear Ronnie:

      It must need be the 1611 edition; for the edition published one score years later wast corrupted by the synfule deletion of ‘not’ from Exodus 20:14.

      Now make ye haste and turne ye in thy own translation that ye may see the problem … :mrgreen:

      Christian Socialist

  12. If I were a visitor to that church, and sitting in the audience, I’d be wondering how they could be so certain that they weren’t headed for perdition. Also, are they implying that other people ARE going there if they’re singing about how they themselves have avoided it?

  13. I am sorry but as soon as I heard them belt out the first line of “Aaaahm not goin’ tuh hayullll . . . ” well, let’s just say its VERY GOOD that I didn’t have a mouth full of drink right then!!!

  14. Why all the criticism?

    I know we carry baggage from our back in fundyland days, but really this is no different than most CCM—just a differnt style.

    Picking on people is just bad taste IMO

    1. really this is no different than most CCM

      Ah! So you DO understand the point of the GOH meme. Well done.

  15. Had I not seen this with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears … I wouldn’t have believed it. Unbelievably awful song. And who decorated that God-awful auditorium??

  16. Now that I have wiped the blood from my ears, I can honestly say they sound like calves dying in a hail storm.

  17. The song itself is not very deep. How the church looks and the people and how they look or dress or sound or whatever, doesn’t matter. It’s just their style.

    1. Let’s be honest. There are a lot of worship songs out there that are not all that deep. If you changed the word God to he/she in a fair number of them, they could pass for just another love song.

      1. Conceded. I personally don’t like many modern Christian songs, including some hymns, of course that’s just one opinion. Can’t make fun of other people’s choices though; who am I to hate their style.

  18. Wow, that was great, I really liked this.
    I can see where someone who is lost and going to hell would NOT like this.

    I realize the poster thought he was making fun but in this case it backfired, this is a Bible principle, of course.

    Genesis 50:20 But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.

    1. Maybe there is some good there, maybe there are some good people who love Jesus there, but they are not good musically. And I don’t just call Poe, I infallibly name Poe for that post.

  19. I couldn’t understand all the words to this song, but another song from their playlist is wonderful. “Precious Jesus” I really believed some of them thought that He is precious while singing it.

      1. No. I am rejoicing as Jesus suggests, because my name is written in the Lamb’s book of life. I Praise HIM, because I am not going to Hell. Thank God for HIS mercy and grace. Thank God for His righteousness, because mine are filthy rags.

  20. I think, maybe, the boxed in look of the pulpit area symbolizes the Christian life with all the standards.

  21. You all are so pathetic, hating on ppl and calling them rascist because they’re southern and are happy they’re not going to hell? Truly pathetic.

    1. Some who post on this site have valid points in regards to Fundamentalism. However many discredit themselves with their pride and prejudice.

  22. I liked it. I’ve seen some of the other Camden videos, and the congregation has some real talent.

    It’s not the hippest song in the fundy world, but I think the quality of the music at this particular fundy fort is well above average.

    1. No, that was in the Northeast. My cousin worked in that place for a summer when he was in Bible college.

      That song was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

    2. That was Faith Baptist Church in Delaware. The IFB church I used to go to was acquainted with both that church and the church in this video.

  23. If you can’t understand the lyrics of this wonderful song, here they are:
    In sin I was livin, no thought I was givin of dieting or where I would go. I was lookin at buying, so hard was I tryin to gain all this world had to owe. No peace and no pleasure could I even measure with all that I had to gain. I repented and prayed and Christ saved me that day and now I have got somethin to say.
    CHORUS: I’m not goin to hell, I’ve been forgiven what a story I tell, I’m saved and forgiven, set free all is well, I’m not goin to hell, no, I’m not goin to hell…

    Now my lifes worth liven since I’ve been forgiven Christ made a real change in me. I’m no longer cryin when I think of diein cuz Hevan is waiting for me. And now Satins still buyin and he’s always tryin to lead you down the wrong way. Just call on Christ’s name he save you today. You’ll look back to Satin and say…

    Cuz I’m saved buy his power devine, saved to new life’s sublime. Life now is sweet and my my joy is complete… For I’m saved and I’m not goin to hell! ❗

        1. Changing the color of the satin?

          Just make sure the fibers aren’t mixed. Also, don’t use purple dye because that comes from some kind of shelled sea critter and it’s probably a bottom dweller like lobsters and they’re not kosher and that would be bad. Also, don’t pierce your ears.

    1. could you please email me the sheet music to Im not going to hell. My pastor and church loves this song and would like to sing it.. God bless you all for all you do. And I love them dixons man they can SANG!!!

  24. I once was a woman
    then I saw a surgeon
    He fixed up my plumbin’ for me
    Now folks they don’t stare
    When they see my chest hair
    Cause now I stand up when I pee!

    Oooooh I’m not going to heeeeellll
    No I’m not going to heeeelllllll
    I drive my big Dodge
    To Cowboy La Cage
    Oh I’m not going to heeeellllllll

  25. I have actually attended this church a couple of times (for revival meetings).
    They are actually far from the IFB movement as portrayed by Hyles-Anderson, BJU, PCC, or even Trinity Baptist Jacksonville, FL.
    As far as I know they have no stand against pants on women, short hair on women, women speaking in the service, etc….
    They do, however preach against men wearing earrings, men with long hair, 7-11 choruses, and dead churches (ones who do not shout and lift their hands during worship).
    They are kind-hearted for the most part.
    They do have some black people that attend their church (I guess the video just didn’t catch one), although they are mostly white.

  26. does it not matter what the church looks like. you guys are so woried about what it looks like than what the song says. God said make a joyful noise unto me. i know im glad im not going to hell because i am saved by the book, the blood, and the precious blood of Jesus Christ our Lord. im only 13 years old and i love serving God not no false doctrine that is written by some person that doesnt even want anything about the true KJV Bible.i know this world needs more christians out there and the teens and kids need to get fired up for God and stand for His word. remember that it doest matter about the outward look it is about the inward look and what the words say not who is singing it. God bless nd keep Christ Jesus in your life.

    1. because i am saved by the book, the blood, and the precious blood of Jesus Christ our Lord.

      Only one of these three has anything to do with atonement and one’s salvation.

      What does “get fired up for God” mean” Can you give us any scripture to back that phrase up?

      What do you mean when you say, “stand for His word”?

      And Finally can you explain how to, “keep Christ Jesus in your life?”

      I see claim to be 13. I’m not trying to bo a bloggin beat down, but I want you to use your mind to think for yourself and not parrot what you are hearing from the pulpit. It seems that you are already entrenched in the King James Only camp. Do you understand what you are saying when you make KJV the standard by which you compare English Bible translations? That makes the KJV an idol. Something that the original translators never intended.

      You seem to have the lingo down pretty good, all I ask is that you look at the phrases that you and probably your pastor and others are using for religious terminology and make sure that you understand what it is that you are saying when you use them.

      Case in point: “Keep Christ Jesus in your life” how does one do that. That phrase actually makes Christ Jesus subject to your actions rather you being able to rest in what he has already done and your life now abiding in him. We do because of who we are in Christ, we are not in Christ because of what we do.
      To use a King James term, Selah… Think about this.

  27. I was not raised a “brain-washed fundy” as you would say… but I would like to say that I became an independent, fundamental Baptist because I felt it was the Word of God. I am not fundamental because I’m “brain-washed”, I’m fundamental because I’m Blood-Washed. And by the way… I’m glad that I’m not going to hell!
    “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so…” ~Psalms 107:2

  28. Could you please email the piano sheet music to this wonderful son so our youth choir can sing it ? Thank you and God Bless !!

  29. PRAISE THE LORD! What a wonderful song!
    You all sure are showing a “Christ like” spirit by criticizing folks who are simply JOYFUL about their salvation. I for one, am so HAPPY that Jesus Christ saved my wicked soul, and saved me from hell! ANY born again Christian should be just as joyful, if they truly realized the reality of hell.

    -Sincerely, an independent fundamental Bible believing, born again, Child of God!

    1. Maybe some of us are just so joyful about having a real relationship with a loving saviour who valued us enough to become human and experience our trials and sacrifice himself for us that we can’t understand why someone would have such a shallow understanding of salvation that they’re just relieved to have escaped hell?

      1. You act like this is the only song fundamentalists sing. You are mistaken. We also sing “I love you Lord!” “What a savior” “Thank God I’m Free” and so many more. Showing gratitude for salvation from hell is just ONE of the many things we sing about. I have been in non-fundamentalist churches for years, but now I am in a IFB church. Believe me when I tell you, these folks love the Lord!

        If you take a closer look at these lyrics, you will see that this song is about FORGIVENESS, and SALVATION. Personally, this is one of my favorite songs, and it often brings tears to my eyes, when I remember what Christ did for me. And I think of where I could be. I could be in hell today! I deserve to be in hell, but thank God, I’m saved! I’m not going to let mainstream “Christianity” water down my praise for God. I dont doubt that many of you are saved. I was saved in a non-fundamentalist ministry. But the Bible makes mention many times about lifting up hands, and SHOUTING! Too many churches today are deader than last years bird nest.

        In sin I was livin, no thought I was givin of dying or where I would go.
        I was lookin at buying, so hard was I tryin to gain all this world had to owe.
        No peace and no pleasure could I even measure with all that I had to gain.
        I repented and prayed and Christ saved me that day and now I have got somethin to say.

        CHORUS: I’m not goin to hell, I’ve been forgiven what a story I tell, I’m saved and forgiven, set free all is well, I’m not goin to hell, no, I’m not goin to hell…

        Now my lifes worth living since I’ve been forgiven
        Christ made a real change in me.
        I’m no longer cryin when I think of dying cuz Heaven is waiting for me.
        And now Satan’s still buyin and he’s always tryin to lead you down the wrong way.
        Just call on Christ’s name he’ll save you today. You’ll look back to Satan and say…


        Cuz I’m saved buy his power divine, saved to new life’s sublime. Life now is sweet and my my joy is complete… For I’m saved and I’m not goin to hell!

  30. And to all you whiney people who are worried that there are no blacks at the Church…first of all who cares if there wasnt. Second…look closer! You will see a little black girl up there singing with all these God loving white people.

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