143 thoughts on “Reader Submitted Photo: The Captain”

  1. Defends the King James. Amen! Somebody has to give themselves for that rusty old thing

  2. I can’t see “heresy” without thinking of Warhammer 40k. Death to the heretic, in the name of the Emperor!

    The angels from Frank Peretti’s books are just like God’s Space Marines.

  3. Something similarly vomit-inducing was the book Hyles wrote about his wife after the scandal broke. It was aimed at showing everybody how much he really loved her, despite the fact that he had apparently not acknowledged her from the pulpit for years.

    One gem in the book was an actual tour of her closet. “Come with me as I go into Beverly’s closet. I see dresses hanging neatly here. I see skirts. But I DON’T see any pants!” (Paraphrased, but you get the idea.)

  4. Only Hyles would have the solid bass cojones to build or allow this sort of personality cult to exist in his church.

  5. This seriously reminds me of “Praise to the Man,” a hymn written in honor of Joseph Smith. Something tells me the guy who wrote this poem might have had a problem with that if he’d thought it through…

    Sorry, not a big fan of man-worship.

  6. Boy, after reading that poem (and I use that term loosely), it appears to me that pastor has a little more than a “man crush” on hyles.

    As Forest Gump would say, “That’s all I have to say about that…”

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