FWOTW: blessedhopebaptistchurch.net

We haven’t done one of these in a while but blessedhopebaptistchurch.net definitely makes the cut. When your bulletin lists the “missionary of the week” as Hephzibah House you know you’re in the presence of hardcore fundies. But when your site also advertises your pastor’s “life changing” books on The Seven Royal Laws of Courtship and Jesus’ Teenage Years, you know you’re in the presence of crazy hardcore fundy indeed.

Don’t miss the church History page with a list of all the church attendance records and the familiar story of how the current pastor inherited the job from his dad.

Thanks to Marie for passing this one along

312 thoughts on “FWOTW: blessedhopebaptistchurch.net”

  1. Before any of you remind me, I know———-don’t feed it. Even before midnight.

  2. Dante–When you learn what substance is, you may want to rephrase your statement and try again.

    1. Definitions haven’t been his strong suit any more than spelling/grammar have been either. 🙂

  3. Just looking at the bulletin reminds me of my IFBC in Alabama. They were hardcore HAC and this church appears to be one too. Gotta call your worship services “Preaching Services” (ugh). Heaven forbid that you don’t have TEEN SOULWINNING Wednesday afternoons (what if you have an afterschool job?). Oh and by the way, if you don’t attend teen soulwinning, you aren’t allowed to sing in church). And of course the Saturday morning visitation. I don’t really have a huge theological problem any of this stuff. But these things are huge tipoffs to the type of church you’ll be attending. What’s really sad is that these types of churches are really just carbon copies of First Baptist of Hammond.

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