Fake Anthrax Scare At David Grice’s Church

I don’t know who the disturbed individual may have been who sent these letters but not only is what they did illegal but it’s really unhelpful too. There’s nothing like handing people the persecution card wrapped up in a pretty bow and then giving them free publicity and public sympathy.

17 thoughts on “Fake Anthrax Scare At David Grice’s Church”

  1. David Grice: “I hope they find who sends letters through the mail like that and they punish [him].”

    Jesus: “The sinless one among you, go first: throw the stone. […] Go on your way. From now on, don’t sin.”

      1. Since the law is concerned with justice, that is an appropriate response. The church (and her representatives) should be concerned with showing God’s love and extending His grace. As such, a comment such as, “I hope the sick individual responsible for this is found and given the help he needs.” would be more in keeping with the command to “love thy neighbor.”

        1. Gotta give him the benefit of the doubt on this one – his comments were obviously very edited. There’s no way the audio clips they used were the only words he said – he is a preacher after all.

        2. I gotta say I’m with Kreine on this one. David professes to know the Bible, believe it and be an example. He should know hoping for punishment isn’t compatible with what scripture actually says, and it may be edited, but is completely in line with his love of hell & punishment.

        3. I know what you’re saying, but I disagree in the context of this article/video. There are plenty of full-length sermons of Grice’s online to condemn his version of Christianity – so let’s use that, rather than snippets where we don’t have his full statement.

  2. Sending letters with white powder in them is totally uncool, even when you send them to David Grice. Not funny at all.

    I bet it made him squirm, though when the newswoman repeatedly talked about how small his congregation is.

  3. I’m tempted to suspect a hoax by someone at Lighthouse Baptist Church trying to prove how martyred they are, except that apparently very similar letters were sent to several schools in the area, which a hoaxer trying to get attention for the church probably would not have done.

  4. It sounded like an attention ploy upon reading the headline, but it doesn’t come off as anything that Grice was trying to milk. He seemed bemused in the interview, and, as Gary said, it wasn’t just him that was targeted.

  5. The thing is, the powder scare wasn’t aimed at the church. It was aimed at a daycare that used to rent the building years ago. There were a few other daycares in the area that received similar envelopes the same day.

    1. Huh, I didn’t know that fact. I realized from the report that it wasn’t just Grice that got it, but a number of other buildings including day cares. I doubt that fact will stop Grice from ranting from the pulpit that the church & himself personally was targeted.

  6. Theology aside, I’m do feel bad for Grice and anyone else who might been in the office at the time. It clearly wasn’t “persecution”, but it must have been a scary moment for him as well as all the others who received the letters. I hope the police catch the ones responsible quickly, before they can scare anyone else.

  7. Let’s narrow this down. 💡 Either it’s that Catholics, the “new evangelicals”, Rick Warren, Billy Graham, Steve Green, Amy Grant, Sandy Patti.
    Should be solved by Grice the Great by Sunday where he will name the offender from the pulpit. It takes a holy man with special insight to be able to call out the wicked and he is not ashasmed. Praise Gid!!! Hay-men??

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