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  1. Wow! I remember these stickers. We had the one in the top photo. That comment about if it ain’t King James, it ain’t Bible is just so arrogant. This really brings back memories. On the other hand, after this many years of reading King James, nothing else sounds quite right, nor is anything else quite as beautiful.

    1. I used to feel the way you do but not any more, not for at least a decade, actually, I prefer plain freaking English. Having fundys deceive me by “explaining” the king james is what kept me in the dark about what many verses actually mean because they twist their explanations to match their man-made traditions or rules. The kj bumper sticker is just sad, so very sad and pathetic in my opinion.

  2. Haha. The Fundy minivan LOL. Even though I’m no long Fundy, I still own one. They are great for hauling my crew around. πŸ˜›

      1. On the other hand, the best way to save face is to keep the lower half of it shut. ( that’s in Proverbs, somewhere)

  3. Too bad there’s not a verse in the KJV that says “Thou shalt not be a jerk in traffic.” Somehow I don’t think they understand “charity suffereth long and is kind.”

    1. Amen, sister. Preach on!

      That is the main reason I refuse to have a fish or any other religious symbol on my vehicle.

      1. Me too. I know it’s inevitable that no matter how “normally” I drive, I’ll annoy someone in traffic. Why give them more ammunition?

  4. Has anyone ever been saved by reading a bumper sticker? Or is it just another case of someone claiming to be more spiritual than you?

    1. Agreed. I think it’s a pride thing. As in “look at me, I’m so spiritual.”

      1. I think it is more of a, “Look at my car, and then in the great judgement day you will have NO EXCUSE. You saw the truth on my sticker.”

  5. There are folks in the church in which I serve that have this attitude. I am wondering what will be said about our Sunday School series in my college and career age class if word gets out. We are discussing the history of the Bible, as in translations, versions, textual criticism, extant manuscripts, etc. Next Sunday is Erasmus and the T.R. Last Sunday was the ben Asher family and Jerome. And we won’t beatify Erasmus as our “brethren” to the south have. We also won’t vilify Westcott and Hort.

    Excommunication might be fun…………….

  6. Actually the vehicle they are driving is unbiblical. How you may ask? If you look at Acts 4:24 (KJV of course) you will see that everyone was in one accord.
    They should be driving a Honda!!!

  7. So, if its the kjv or nothing and everything else was/is wrong, what about ALL the people who lived and died BEFORE 1611? Are they all in hell? ❓

    1. Are they all in hell?

      Probably. That’s because they weren’t able to see this bumper sticker.

      1. There could be people in Hell now, because they were too busy trying to read stupid bumper stickers they couldn’t stop in time πŸ™

  8. You should’ve seen our old truck. It had so many religious bumper stickers on it… I don’t think any were actual Bible verses, just phrases like “Born once, die twice, born twice die once,” (I like that one), “No Jesus, no peace, Know Jesus, know peace,” and others. :mrgreen:

  9. Love the use of inproper English – adds to the reason people think Christians are uneducated hicks.

    1. Doesn’t it seem ironic or something that the people who have the “If it ain’t KJV it ain’t the Bible” bumper sticker like the KJV? What with all them highfalutin *words* in it and all. Do you think it makes them feel smarter that they kin read it?

    1. ‘Cause you really don’t need the Holy Spirit. If you did, you might be Pentacostal.

  10. ‘Cuz, you know, the Bible ought to sound old and hard to understand. The King James Version gives us that without making us study Greek or Hebrew.

    1. …as I was saying, this god can be reduced down to some kitschy slogan designed to induce guilt in those who read these spiritual slogans. Yep, nothing shows the love of god like a “Turn or Burn,” KJV, weather-proof, self-adhesive, UV resistant Sanctivehicle sticker. πŸ™„

  11. Hover text #2: “The person who sent in this snapshot reports the driver cut him off. Twice.”
    He was probably late for soulwinning meeting.

  12. saw a christian fish on a corvette the other day. middle aged man had the top down blasting a flock of seagalls I ran. dont want to sound inappropriate, but if you looked up the definition of douchebag in the dictionary this guys picture would be there. I wish I had videoed what a cliche. I hesitate to put anything visible that can cause people to classify my behavior as an example. I would be the one blasting highway to hell, speeding, cutting people off with a christian fish on my bumper.

  13. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye shall have white bumper stickers with black all-caps Helvetica Bold slogans.

    1. The yellow ones on the van show that the driver/owner is a compromiser. Probably subscribes to the Sword of the Lord instead of Revival Fires.

  14. I remember when I used to think that King James = Bible. It was not a version, it was the only version! All others were perversions. I thank God for delivering me from that awful mindset.

    It is hard to break that way of thinking but with God’s grace I am learning to do it.

    That said, I still love my KJV and read it. I have done all of my Scripture memorization from it. I have enjoyed starting to read other versions and seeing the beauty of the ways that they convey God’s truth.

  15. The top photo reminds me of the teaching that you are supposed to read your Bible every morning before you do anything else at all, even eat breakfast. I never was able to follow that. I am pretty much useless until I have had something to eat and a cup of coffee.

  16. At my fundy church in the Southeast we used to have missionaries come through every now and then who were raising support to go to California. I can’t help but wonder if that is one of them in the second photo.

  17. Let’s use the King James Version because it has such beautiful language, but slaughter same said language by using “ain’t”? πŸ™„

    1. It’s not butchery, it’s archaic. Undoubtedly the move to ban this word comes from prejudice; in America, it became a hallmark of poor Appalachian Scots-Irish (whose dialect remained close to the early Colonial Elizabethan) while in the UK it was associated with 19-th century Cockney.

    2. Bill Grady and all of the arguments made for the KJ allude to the scholarship, spirituality, and general preparedness of the translators for the task at hand.

      Of course, all them high falutin’ arguments don’t hold no water for us true Bah-Bull believers, but we like to use them just to throw lots of stuff at the wall.

  18. wow, my first thought was “I’ve seen that car in our former churches parking lot”. That’s the second car, but I think it just reminds me of similar cars I’ve seen. This whole King James issue is such a great example of parroting. Hear something in church, don’t really understand the how and why, but if it means that I’m righter than other Christians, I’ll run with it and parrot it. I used to be a parrot. A mockingjay, if you will, for those of you that read/watched the Hunger Games. What a sad state of mind. No more!! ❗ ❗

    1. Ahh-the Hunger Games. Anyone else had to endure the why it is wrong stuff in their circles?

      1. It was wrong for me because I found it boring, almost walked out twice, kept thinking it was sure to get better soon… it didn’t. A waste of $9.50.

      2. of course, I’m quite the evil woman with both Moms at the former church, and one at the new church. My son got to read it and we watched it together. I didn’t think the movie would click if you hadn’t read the books first. Watching the movie, knowing what you know from the books, was different, I’m sure. I really liked them, because they didn’t paint the world in black and white, good guys and bad guys, there were no easy choices, but were pretty multi-layered, keeping you guessing. The end of Mockingjay just blew me away.

  19. Somebody call Hovind and Riplinger!!! The emblem of the KIA auto company must certainly have some occult or demonic meaning that is hidden to the naked eye but revealed when ANALyzed.
    Sadly we all know that KIA is making of fun of all the MOG’s that have been Killed In Action….that action being digestive intercourse with a lifelong love affair with fatty foods. Praise Gid!!!!

  20. Reminds me of a cartoon I once saw. Two cars driving down the road with the driver of the one behind shaking a fist at the one in front, while at the same time saying to his passenger “Don’t worry, they’ll know we are Christians by our bumper stickers.”

  21. I love the King James version, except for its two major problems. The first problem is that it is translated from an inferior critical text. The second problem is that it is not translated very well. I was just noticing this weekend in 1 Tim. 2:12, King Jimmy says “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man”. Unfortunately, the word they translate as “usurp authority” (authentein). This word doesn’t mean “to usurp authority” in any way. It just means “to use authority”. This is just one of many passages where the translators “colored” the meaning of the text to fit their theology.

  22. I don’t like the kjv anymore, simply because kvo-ism was the issue that won me over to the IFB.

    When I read a bible in the vernacular now, and I find something where the meaning just seems to hit me in the face, I go back to the kjv to see if it’s there too, and it IS, and I wonder how on earth these guys missed it?

  23. Just because I am not KJV only doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it or more importantly, God’s sovereignty, in using this particular translation to bring the Gospel to many people over the last 400 years.

    Having said that. God also uses the NASB, NIV, ESV,NKJV, etc. etc., and they are also the Word of God. Some are better than others, but all are merely translations.

    I just see no need to diss the King James just because some people have a crazy view that the translators themselves didn’t even share.

  24. Took me years after being out of fundyland to realize KJV wasn’t the “true” version. A friend who had just been freed from fundamentalism asked me, “Do you really think God thinks KJV is ‘THE ONLY TRUE VERSION’?!” The honest answer of my heart was… no. I don’t think God cares a bit about the KJV (in the way fundies uphold it). It was a huge bondage lifted & now I love reading other versions and understanding the deeper layers of the Bible. My favs are ESV, NCV, the Message and NLT. Good stuff!!!

  25. The people driving that van are amateurs compared to some of the ones I’ve seen around here. The most recent one was a large beige station wagon with Bible verses all over it in a random pattern and the words “MAN OF GOD” in large letters on the back windshield. I tried to get a picture but I was in traffic and I couldn’t get a good shot.

  26. The only Christian-related bumper sticker I have on my car (and the only bumper sticker overall) is one that simply says “K-Love” on it, advertising a Christian station I love listening to. I also have a Biola University license plate frame, but people wouldn’t know that’s Christian unless they’d heard of Biola before or looked it up online.

  27. What is your final authority? Answer: “You”. You Laodicean Christians are your own god. You determine what is truth and what is not truth. Rave on.

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