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Today’s pick is chocked full of fundy nuttiness from the very first page…and it only gets better from there. The advertisement to “contact me” about “boarding school” for your rebellious teen girl, the articles about “voices in your head” and “hip hop” are just too good to be missed.

I don’t know who Steven Blankenship is personally but if his website is any measure, he seems like one seriously disturbed fundy dude.

Thanks to Rob for passing this one along.

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  1. “Spiritually, you are adding members to your body. In other words, you are creating a spiritual freak of nature that has many added on members to the body.”

    “You have members joined to your spiritual body that was never intended.”

    “Who wants to marry a girl who has had spiritual members added unto her? Or a girl marry a boy who has many members added unto him that was never intended?”

    For having such a negative attitude towards sex, these people sure do talk about “members” an awful lot.

    1. So, some teenagers get called freaks by their peers because they choose not to have sex before marriage. Obviously, the proper way to combat that is to call those that DO have sex before marriage freaks. Problem solved. All teenagers will now abstain from sex until marriage. πŸ™„

  2. “If the world is making something popular, rest assured that God is no where near it.” Really? So the standard of what is truth and right is the world, not God? And God opposes things just because they’ve been declared popular by someone, not based on His own holiness? I’ve clearly been confused… πŸ™„

    His little blurb about the boarding school for girls weirded me out a little. I don’t assume that because its a fundy boarding school it therefore must be abusive, it was just the lack of information on that page. No name, no address, no information about the school at all. Just seemed a little off to me.

    The brain scan page made me spit water on my screen! πŸ˜† I had an MRI last month, not from hearing voices (seriously…STOP SHAKING YOUR HEADS!), and when they showed me the scans I think I saw a bunny. What deep spiritual meaning/problem can we deduce from that?

      1. πŸ˜† I made the technician jump at the time when I practically yelled “You found it! Oh, thank goodness!”

    1. It means you think the Easter Bunny is more important to you than the Resurrection! GET RIGHT WITH GOD! πŸ˜‰

      BTW I work security at a hospital in California. When someone comes in complaining about voices in their head we do not give them a brain scan.

      And he said that the picture was validated. By whom? What is his credibility? What process was used? Was the process documented?

      1. the brain scan was too funny. I agree, you don’t get a brain scan when you complain of voices in your head.

        I kinda think that picture should be circulated on ebay as a picture of Jesus showing up in a brain scan.

  3. Did anyone else notice their “shocking statistics” were from the ’90s?

    1. Oh geez, as a troubled teen who graduated from PHS, I guess I should be lucky that I wasn’t dropped off the on the door step.

  4. His son’s name is Stonewall Jackson Blankenship–I kid you not

    He came to our church a few years back and our IFB had enough since to NOT let him speak–he picked up on his craziness quickly

    1. I also wonder if he knows that “Stonewall” is a gay rights advocacy group 😎

    2. He probably knows that Stonewall Jackson was a great general and a patriot that Virginans still hold high esteem for. He was also by all acounts a very dedicated Christian.

  5. Ok, the more I read, this site has GOT to be a joke.
    Surely no one is this ignorant.
    I guess I am possessed. I play WoW everyday. A mage, nonetheless. πŸ˜›

        1. I don’t do WoW, but I used to do City of Heroes. Back when 50 was the level cap I had an ice-energy blaster that ruled.

    1. Sounds like a noob who got kicked one too many times. He’s obviously never played and was just reading press releases. Couldn’t even pronounce ‘tauren’ and ‘murloc’ correctly.

    2. See, I tried WoW, but it bugs me when you are limited in choices as far as crafting skills. So I play Runescape. Not going to get into a WoW vs Runescape war, not saying RS is better, it’s just I prefer crafting to fighting.

  6. This type of preaching can be VERY, VERY damaging:

    “Praise The Lord for the Marriage Bed. When teenagers obey God’s Word, they are in for the best life ever! God’s Word clearly speaks volumes to the ears of His children. When we obey His words, He dumps over the ‘honey buckets’ into our soul.

    Nothing is more rewarding than a godly, holy, sanctified Marriage. A marriage that started right with clean participants. You obey The Lord before marriage, and He will fill your home with love, love, love!”

    I don’t want to get into TMI here, but my husband and I were very diligent about saving ourselves for marriage, yet we faced many challenges in our marriage. Adding to our problems was the fact that they came out of the blue: we were sort of expecting everything to be awesome because we had followed God’s plan.

    This quote oversimplifies a very complicated issue and it also makes God simply a rewarder of good behavior instead of the sovereign ruler of the universe whose plans are beyond our own and who is not obligated to give us a comfortable life of ease because we waited for marriage.

    1. Couldn’t agree more.
      1) We are all sinners. What’s the difference between married sinners and unmarried sinners? A notary stamp.
      2) Sex is awesome – if you are any good at it. It doesn’t happen by magic just because you obeyed fundy god, you actually have to have some knowledge and practice.

    2. OK, hope I don’t offend anyone here, but this struck a chord.

      This is something that sometimes bothers me about *some* Baptists I know: They always seem to be putting on this “happy-happy-joy-joy” facade. Good grief, we are all a mess; we are all dysfunctional; and we all have problems and issues. Why can’t we just be honest about it, instead of pretending everything’s perfect? It makes me very uncomfortable.

      One time my then-Baptist boss and I drove together to the funeral memorial service of a mutual friend/colleague. The service was supposed to have been conducted by our late friend’s pastor, a Catholic priest, but at the last minute he got called away and couldn’t make it. So a deacon conducted it instead. Father had known Barbara very well, but the deacon didn’t know her at all. As a result, his homily was very impersonal. I felt kind of let down, because I thought Barbara deserved better. Afterward, as my boss and I drove back home, I vented my disappointment re the homily. My boss took this as an opportunity to tell me how much more beautiful the Baptist funeral service for another recently deceased colleague had been. (I had been unable to attend this other service.) She went on and on about the great sermon — which partly consisted of evangelistic outreach to the “lost” attendees — and the glorious music and the heartwarming eulogies and the warm, personal approach and the uplifted feelings all around, until I was ready to barf. OK, so Barbara’s Catholic service wasn’t perfectly wonderful…so what? That’s life: It’s messy sometimes. Wouldn’t it be healthier, in the long run, just to acknowledge that life isn’t all happy-clappy, so you don’t have to keep maintaining this brittle joy-joy-joy facade? Won’t that facade crack after awhile? (Unless you crack first from the strain.)

      (Of course, my boss’s peon to the other funeral service was a classic case of one-upmanship, and that also irritated the blazes out of me…but mostly I just couldn’t take the happy-happy-perfect-perfect stuff.)

      Anyway…sorry for rambling and ranting. Apparently, everything wasn’t truly perfectly happy-clappy in my Boss’s Baptist-Land, because she’s now PCA. (And more relaxed about life, too, thank God.)

  7. I can’t believe he wrote this under MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN ONE WOMAN AND ONE MAN:

    “This world says, “If two people love each other, it doesn’t matter what gender you are, what race you happen to be, or anything else. Love is the deciding factor.”

    Ummm, where did the RACE issue come from?

  8. This has to be a joke. There is no way that a father is going to see this web site and think, oh I should send my daughter to this guy so he can cleanse her of the evil spirit of harry potter.

  9. I went to college with Stephen Blankenship. This website is right on with the typical Fundy belief that the more outrageous a “fact” is, the more true it must be.

  10. Hello attention everyone, I would really like to know if anyone here used to attend or knows someone that used to attend the school that this “psychopath” is running, I really need to know more about it, someone who is really close to me got sent there & from what I heard. That place is a Psychological death trap.

    1. Ive already contacted them I have people there that are helping me trying to get her out, I’m trying to find people who used to attend that school to help the exposΓ© it, & to help me get my girlfriend back.

  11. I find it humorous that at my college this got blocked for “pornography”..

  12. My favorite line is from the “Teen Testimonies” section:

    “I know I’ve only spent a couple of hours with you all, but it seems as if it’s been a couple of years.”

    Yeah, that pretty much sums up how I’ve felt whenever I’ve spent time with fundies.

  13. LOL. the website is taken down now for “updates”. My guess is that this blog post brought him too much unwanted attention.

  14. I clicked the “voices” link and this is what I got: We apologize but those mp3s have not been uploaded yet.

    Please check back soon.

    We are sorry for the inconvience.

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