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  1. The picture of the display of the camp in Texas could read, “Where you’ll never eat as well as I do.” With that being said, I’ll admit I’ve had my share of problems in the food department.

  2. I was going to write a caption for Fundy Ventriloquism, but then I remembered how things go for the ventriloquist’s dummy (some dude’s arm shoved WAAAAAY up his fifth point of contact), and I just didn’t have the heart to continue.

  3. Proctology humour aside,

    You’ll notice that anytime he calls anyone into the fenced-in enclosure, PCS grabs on to them by the neck in a not-subtle gesture of physical domination, and manipulates his interview so that his questions can be answered in one or two words. The person might as well be a ventriloquist’s dummy.

    Those were terrible, terrible days.

    No thanks, Dar-El.

  4. They think they’re changing the world. They think that God is so pleased with them. They’ll stand before him one day and see their ministries as he does. I feel sorry for them.

  5. I know this is a fun thread but I do want to say for the record that of the half dozen IFB churches I attended, Johnny Pope’s Prestonwood/Christchurch was the only one that exhibited true Christian behavior towards the community. For instance they opened up the doors to Hurricane Katrina refugees to stay until they could find housing.

    I sincerely wish Pope would stop preaching at these IFB colleges that I know he doesn’t think highly of anyway. Overall, I think the church would be more comfortable with the SBC. Half of the IFBers have already blacklisted him for doind “Liberal” stuff like preaching at Southern Baptist churches and hosting a Steve Green concert.

    1. He was my pastor.
      The church was and still is very fundy on dress code. Aside from that, yeah, I don’t think he gets into camps and clicks too much. He enjoys fellowship with other Christians period.

  6. According to the Baptist Friends International website, churches do not “join” because “local churches shouldn’t join anything.” They simply “add their names to a listing” and there is a charge to “register.” Wouldn’t want to be accused of joining anything. 😆

  7. Anyone else notice that their fb page is called: The Crown College of the Bible?


    Is that the college that Elijah went to? Or are they simply differentiating themselves against another “Crown College” fb page as the one that’s the most Biblical?

    1. “The Crown College of the Bible” is the actual name of the college… That probably explains the naming of their Facebook page. -Because that’s what their name is… (I just thought I’d clarify that for you.)

  8. I was there. Johnny Pope preached a great message. I would go out of my way to listen to him again.

    FYI: Before he began to preach Johnny Pope addressed his wife via the live stream. He was laughing as Sexton slipped behind him and told the cameraman to pan the crowd and he then told everyone to say hello to Mrs. Pope.

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