29 thoughts on “We’re Back!”

  1. That was a quick and painless attempt to get on the new homesite. I’m at work on my phone, where it usually times out. I look forward to fewer to no database errors

    Thanks, Dar-El!

      1. I tried that, no results.
        downloaded Firefox and tried from there, so results.
        Rebooted… nothing
        finally did the ipconfig /release the then the Ipconfig /renew and that got me in.

      1. delete your cached/temp files. IE, it’s the delete button on the main/first tab of internet options.

        1. I never use IE, but had tried this anyway. No help. I know the answer will likely be a simple one, causing me to give myself a dope-slap.

        2. Do an ipconfig /all from a cmd line. If the DNS server(s) are listed as your local router (probably or restart your router and try it.

        3. Nothing yet. I’ve been up since 4:30 this morning. I’m done for the night. I’ll play with it after church tomorrow. Thanks, RobM. Goodnight.

        4. Do you have crap cleaner? I ran mine (was really overdue for it) and that took care of things.

        5. Somehow, it all now works. Whichever of you had the correct help (my guess is release/renew) thanks.

          Please report any issues you might be seeing on the appropriate thread in the forums.
          —–Darrell, sorry if I disobeyed. I missed this on the tiny phone screen.

  2. The iPhone connection is excellent. The computer say “We’ll be right back…”
    So far nothing has worked on te laptop. I guess I’ll keep trying, ’cause this little keyboard won’t cut it.

  3. Still not able to get on except through phone. I did the ipconfig / all, cleaned everything up and still nothing. Anymore ideas?

    1. Try rebooting your modem/router.

      If all else fails manually set your DNS to Google Public DNS: and

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