29 thoughts on “We’re Back!”

  1. That was a quick and painless attempt to get on the new homesite. I’m at work on my phone, where it usually times out. I look forward to fewer to no database errors

    Thanks, Dar-El!

      1. I tried that, no results.
        downloaded Firefox and tried from there, so results.
        Rebooted… nothing
        finally did the ipconfig /release the then the Ipconfig /renew and that got me in.

        1. I never use IE, but had tried this anyway. No help. I know the answer will likely be a simple one, causing me to give myself a dope-slap.

        2. Do an ipconfig /all from a cmd line. If the DNS server(s) are listed as your local router (probably or restart your router and try it.

        3. Nothing yet. I’ve been up since 4:30 this morning. I’m done for the night. I’ll play with it after church tomorrow. Thanks, RobM. Goodnight.

        4. Somehow, it all now works. Whichever of you had the correct help (my guess is release/renew) thanks.

          Please report any issues you might be seeing on the appropriate thread in the forums.
          —–Darrell, sorry if I disobeyed. I missed this on the tiny phone screen.

  2. The iPhone connection is excellent. The computer say “We’ll be right back…”
    So far nothing has worked on te laptop. I guess I’ll keep trying, ’cause this little keyboard won’t cut it.

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