We’ll Be Right Back…

Tomorrow afternoon (probably starting around noon but possibly sooner), SFL will go completely dark while I perform a hosting move.

This will mean downtime for both the blog and forums. I suggest you spend this time out soul winning instead of wasting your time in bitterness on the Internet. (I kid, I kid, but going outside and breathing some fresh air might nice even if you don’t do it while carrying gospel tracts).

21 thoughts on “We’ll Be Right Back…”

    1. Don’t play too many April Fool’s jokes, that inclues you too George! 😉

  1. Good thing I’ve got my Diet Dr. Pepper right here. Drinking game, anyone?

  2. The “suggestion” triggered a flashback to a previous church where the pastor went behind my back to one of the men in the church, and mentioned what a reprobate I was for not going soul-winning, and suggested that the man invite me to go with him. I didn’t see an easy way out, so I was stuck. He and I weren’t really friends, so he carried on for a few weeks and then dropped the idea.

    I didn’t much like the manipulative tactics used, but I got into the pastor’s good graces for a couple of weeks.

    Truth be told, I hated wasting the multiple hours we went out with no results, trying to “sell” heaven. I’d much rather have been spending time with my wife and kids.

  3. I’m SFL jonesing already just thinking about it, Darrell… 😥 but, it will be worth the withdrawal if the site will respond faster. Especially since it just keeps growing and growing! :mrgreen:

  4. *aniff-sniff* I’m going to miss the “server error” notices. SFL just won’t be the same…PTL 😀

    1. And the last shall be first. And if only you had been. Oh! That’s the thing about last… it only lasts as long as it takes for someone else to post. But I didn’t steal your last on purpose. You probably will have to end up forgiving me. 😀

  5. Well, I am here to get in my last little fix of SFL before I (involuntarily) leave it for a bit. (pulling out hankie) I miss you all already… (wiping invisible tears) I know that it will be worth it all… the sky is always darkest just before dawn… I shall take up my cross and carry on. Hurry back SFL! Looking forward to a sleeker, brighter faster future. Try not to change the format too much because sometimes us old folks don’t deal well with change. Wouldn’t want granny showing up with a sniper rifle and thinning out the population here just because she can’t find the thread she is looking for now, would you? 😈

    1. I sure hope the format doesn’t change. Right now I don’t want yet another new format to get used to. Yesterday I got my new computer hooked up but it’s Windows 7 instead of Windows XP and I’m having a hard time getting used to it. I can’t find anything. Also I am used to outlook express for my email. I may be able to download and use these programs from the internet, we’ll see. If I hadn’t saved a list of all my usual links I would’ve had a hard time finding SFL and all my other usual links. Good luck with the move, Darrell. 🙂

      1. You will come to love 7. I went from XP to 7 and it was a much smoother transition than from XP to Vista (which my laptop has). 😀

  6. Hope it all goes well – maintenance like that is no fun, and even worse when things don’t go as planned. Thanks for your work in keeping this site going!

  7. And like a Phoenix from the Ashes SFL will Rise!
    Gentlemen Darrell has the technology to rebuild SFL. He can make it better than it was, better, stronger,faster.

  8. Captain’s Log Stardate March 31, 2012 at 12:03pm.

    No signs of shutdown yet. Must. Check. Forum. Quickly.

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