(Yes, I know I’m supposed to be on break but I found this late last night and couldn’t help queuing it up for today. And I know he doesn’t have a fundy haircut here but there’s a video on his channel of him getting one.)

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  1. And to think 10 years ago, unless you were in this person’s circle of friends or family, you would never be subjected to his craziness.

    1. A marriage between God and the Holy Spirit produced Jesus as offspring with Mary as the surrogate mother? Wow, that’s some crazy stuff right there.

      1. Its called heresy. But then again, people aren’t attracted to fundyism because of its strong doctrinal content…

    1. Yes, this guy is very much like some of the Onion’s “columnists,” such as Jean Teasdale and Jim Anchower.

  2. I’m glad he has YouTube to share his views, and because of this wonderful listing – he will get tons of hits and his day will be made complete- well not as complete as the day of resurrection!

    He really needs a speech coach. Maybe I will volunteer my wife?

    1. If he fixes his speech impediment, then the video wouldn’t be half as entertaining.

      1. I am not sure if I am making fun of a character or a real person with a real speech impediment. If it’s real, I take it back. If it’s a character, it’s a good one.

  3. The “honorable” Dr. Jack Hyles? What was so honorable about him? Besides I thought “honorable” was something reserved for judges? Not pastors. 😕

    1. If you feel compelled to specifically point out someone is “Honorable”… it’s highly unlikely that they are… there’s an inverse correlation, the less honorable they are, the more you have to tell people the are. – according to Don’s Axiom on Humility regarding public figures.

      1. Is that kind of like how I tell my wife how awesome I am, and how I try to get everyone in my household to call me, “Your Majesty”?

    2. It is a cult thing.

      Kinda like the “Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan”, or the “Hon. Elijah Mohamed”.

  4. If Jack sees that messy room with the dresser drawer pulled out he will not think very highly of the uncomp … romising character.

  5. I think The Honorable Jack-Hole would tell “Brother Ollivander” (did anyone else think that’s what it sounded like?) to get a haircut.

    1. Yes, I think he not quite right. He seems to have some type of problem and it just does not seem right to make fun of him.

  6. He seems like a nice kid. I hope some loving believers meet him and gently get him away from the group he is currently with and he learns truth. I don’t sense the kind of arrogant meanness that lots of IFB’s have from the couple of short videos of his I did watch. Yes, he has some sort of speech impediment but that is not his fault. 🙂

    1. I hope that too. He doesn’t seem as obnoxious as the rest of them, but he is just a star struck beginner. I really really really really hope just what you said.

      I just feel like crying right now. THIS is why I get so angry about those Jack-holes like I did yesterday. THIS. RIGHT. HERE.

  7. Typical teenage puppy-love. He most likely admires Hyles because he was bombastic and acted really tough in the pulpit, a type of John Wayne image. This type also admires Batman, Superman, Siderman, and the like, bigger than live heroes. Anyone wanna bet that this kid ends up in the Marines since he likes the rough-em, tough-em image?

    1. He’s actually the guy that IF he slipped through the cracks and made it to PI, the drill instructors would have him either on an eternal snipe hunt or fire watch. He’d cry every day at boot camp until they saw that he can’t possibly be mentally stable enough to handle and actual firearm, and be sent back home to mommy.

  8. I liked this video:
    Apparently, he was videotaping a cop, and the cop confronted him about it. He talks about “people on power trips” and how “they work for us”. He questions authority figures, and expects them to play by the rules.

    If he does end up at HAC of some other FU, that’s not going to go over well with them. There’s hope for this kid. Maybe he will become one of us. I don’t envy him the painful process, though.

    1. I’m a cop. And if I was conducting an investigation of some kind and this kid was sitting in his car taping it I’d probably go see what he’s doing. I could care less that he’s exercising his first ammendment rights to free speech and religion. But his activity might seem odd in light of what I’m investigating. Or maybe I want to ask him if he saw anything. Either way I don’t really care that he’s got a camera going, unless he’s freaking out the neighbors. I record myself all the time, so his camera won’t bother me. This dude seems pretty paranoid. It’s also quite revealing how he keeps repeating things. I meet a lot of people who do that.

  9. This has got to be some kind of joke. There’s no way this kid actually believes this !@#$ if he even comes close to knowing how to operate Google. It’s got to be some sort of Poe’s Law kind of thing.

  10. My 15 yr old is convinced the dude is trolling LOL. He had all kinds of reasons to support his theory too LOL.

    1. I am inclined to believe this is a character being played on all of us. I’ve seen other people do something like this. Not Jack Hyles fanboy stuff, but just a character doing different things. I don’t know for sure. He’s good if he is a character, and really bad if he isn’t.

  11. I think this young man has some type of developmental problem and it does not seem right to make fun of him. Check out some of his videos on his you tube channel, like his review of his local Arby’s food, and I think you will see what I mean.

  12. Oh dear, I can’t listen to anything. Who keeps their room like this; I’m always baffled when people post videos with that kind of state all around them. I’d be incredibly embarrassed. It’s as disturbing as his praise of Hyles.

  13. I was thinking the same thing about his room. At least close those messy dresser drawers.
    Maybe he’s just trying to fit in with a fundy group??

    1. I don’t think so. In the fundy group I was in, having a room that looked like that would get you in HEAPS of trouble.

      1. I agree, this kind of room would point towards a “spiritual” problem for some people. I’m hesitant to go that far but it does show a general slothfulness. Again, we all come from different backgrounds and I fight my messy tendencies tooth and nail. I’m always shocked by people who willingly post photos/videos with this kind of background. Again, as a recovering messy it’s a personal thing and a way I never want to live again(by the Grace of God). I don’t live in a museum; there is a balance. I don’t actually want to judge people, it just makes me sad.

  14. A-haha! His video on “Ouija boards are of the devil” is funny. He sounds kind of spooky himself, and then tells of salvation, and adds “that is true for women, too. Women have a right to be saved. God loves you, too.” Hilarious. No Ouija boards?? No fun. How am I going to find direction in life??

  15. Because of my *strong* feelings about Jack Hyles (as anyone here probably already is aware of) I cannot make fun of this poor man. He is obviously so brainwashed and deluded by a LEGACY! WHO did this to him? Who still worships Hyles? How long with that man cause damage even after his death? Is he like the Christian version of Joseph Smith or something? This is very unsettling to me. One more time I am reminded what a CULT this group really is. 😥

  16. More pieces to the puzzle: Despite the two videos about Cici’s opening in Howell, NJ, both of which appear to be taken in his house, there are many more geographic clues pointing to Racine, WI. I’m 90% sure that the Arby’s he visited is in nearby Kenosha, WI. (Given the landmarks visible from the parking lot. I happen to be familiar with the area.)

    He mentions in one video that he is 23 years old. He sounds like some people at his church showed him a little friendship, and he adopted all their opinions as his own. (And maybe picked up theologically where they left off.) If he’s not the real deal, he’s a VERY good actor.

  17. I carry a little stone in my pocket at all times as a reminder that “he who is without sin…”

    When I remember what my views were at 23, I have nothing but compassion for the hard road ahead for this fine young man who is in for a rude awakening.

    Meanwhile, our task now continues to be the same as the day we left our fundy church: How do we separate the Love of God, the Good News of Jesus, from the screwed up acts of His followers? (Us included.)

    To paraphrase 1Cor13:
    “If I can uncover all of Jack Hyles’ false teachings and hypocrisy, but I don’t have LOVE…”

  18. To me this young man appears simple and naive thus easily missled. Leave him be. Recently when I’ve visited this site I have found the regular contributors to be increasingly mean spirited. So many of you have great healing things to say. many good laughs to share, and the ability to ensure exfundies life can be normal. This boy is no Jack Hyles, why talk about him or even post him? Bitterness is skewing your discernment. I am glad to see several posts do recognize something isn’t quite right.

  19. I know several people (including my son) with autism spectrum disorders. Those who are high functioning can appear quite normal in some ways, and just slightly odd in others. The more I watch his videos, the more I see subtle things that are all too familiar. I think this is the place to apply Ephesians 4:32.

    1. I don’t know anyone with autism, but I agree there’s something wrong, and I don’t know what it is, and I just feel bad for the guy being taken advantage of by fundies.

        1. Not sure what you are asking about the site. Is a source of great humor & delight for me.

        2. I too have enjoyed this site immensely. You were gracious. But I see this site has taken advantage of this man as have the fundies thus my reply to you. It isn’t always the fundies lately who have taken advantage of the easy prey. Curious if anyone else thought the same.

      1. I don’t know this guy personally. Neither (apparently) do any of you. We can all have an opinion about what may or may not be the source of his personality quirks. None of us are in a position to know for sure.

        What I do know for sure is that he is an adult who is posting videos of himself on the Internet on topics which we frequently discuss here. So I featured him just like I feature so many other of his ilk.

        If anybody can show me definitive proof that he is mentally ill or a troubled individual then I’ll be happy to pull this post down. I have no interest in “taking advantage” of anybody. But what we have so far on all sides is speculation of one degree or another.

        My guess is that he’s just a quirky dude to likes to make videos. Good on him. I’m a quirky dude who likes to feature videos other people make. Let’s hug.

        1. I don’t think anyone was accusing you of mocking or taking any advantage of anyone. Your post is legitimate and reasonable. Some of the comments, however, are appear to be a bit over the line. I think that’s all that was meant.

        2. Darrell You have a great site with lots of great posts. I just disagree with this one. Maybe you only watched the one video. When listening to this guy’s other postings he doesn’t seem well as opposed to quirky. I can’t prove anything. I prefer to err on the side of compassion.
          I used the term “take advantage of” in replying to RobM because the term was in his post concerning fundies. I don’t believe you had any intentions of exploiting this man but I feel he was. We’ve all talked about him.
          It’s great to express myself, challenge, and be challenged. That’s what this site is about right?

      2. When Finalyme says “I see this site has taken advantage of this man as have the fundies” then I tend to take it personally.

        If that wasn’t what was meant then I’ll be happy to retract what I wrote.

  20. I have asperger’s syndrome so I tend to be quick to recognize it in others who are on the spectrum. This young man sets off my aspie-radar like crazy.

    He’s 23 yet he sounds like the equivalent of a 12 year-old and is very socially awkward in his presentation. He also seems to have an obsession about Hyles and we aspies are prone to obsessions.

    I wouldn’t worry about him staying within that church’s fold for long, though. People with aspergers hate hypocrisy with a passion…which is why he will eventually leave that church and probably religion all together, eventually.

  21. My opinion is that if this guy is willing to put his video on the internet for all to see then he needs to have tough enough skin to recieve the criticizm it may attract. If he wants to be tough like Jack Hyles, that is.

    And just for the record, I thought there was tremendous restraint used on this one… I personally feel sorry for him. Not for his problem (whatever you armchair doctors have diagnosed it to be) but more for the innocence that is going to be stolen and dashed to pieces.

  22. Anybody who puts their videos on the internet does so because they want to have people see the video and discuss it. Nobody is therefore taking advantage of the person by linking to the video so that many people can see it and discuss it. They are, in fact, doing exactly what the author wanted.

    Of course, the author usually does so because he thinks he’s made amazing points, and may well be surprised that everybody else on the internet doesn’t fall over in shock now that they’ve seen the light and understood what they previously were mistaken about.

    Now, as to this particular video, I haven’t seen it. I’m trying to conserve bandwidth at the moment. But most people here have posted that he seems like a nice kid, and have expressed genuine concern for him. I’m not sure how that could be misconstrued as taking advantage of him.

  23. @JL – You are the first cop I’ve ever personally heard say they wouldn’t mind being videotaped. Obviously a police officer being videotaped. and not caring at all. isn’t newsworthy, so I know that it happens and we never see it. However, the ones that make the news are very troubling. It’s usually some cop, then his arm coming up, hand over the lens, and that’s it. If they aren’t doing anything wrong, why do they care? Put it on the JumboTron! I wish they all shared your opinion, but given what seems to be a national push by police everywhere to outlaw filming them, I don’t think they do.

  24. Oh wow! Just watched the video. Yeah, that kid has real problems. If not, give him all of the Oscars for every category. Yeah, if he (JH) was alive, he’d probably try to straighten your mom out, then use you as an example in one of his sermons about “hippy kids these days.”

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