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    1. That was my first first 😯 😯 Natalie, I need my butt cushion! Please fill it with water so it can double as a cold pack. I will pay extra.

      Darrell, I am fearing for your sanity. But it was pretty funny.
      Those SKIRTS.

      1. I like this bladder idea a lot. If it’s designed well can fill it with other beverages or partially with other beverages and a stealth delivery device for IFB Sundays!

    1. I’d actually be first now and then if it wasn’t for this snail of a computer! 👿

      1. It’s not? 😉 I always think it is when I see “no comments” and think I have a chance… :mrgreen:

        1. I bet if we got in our cars and drove to this camp, I’d get there first. I’ll even spot everyone else three hours.

      2. It isn’t a race until you click up SFL at random and there is a new post with NO COMMENTS. Then it is a race.

        1. Sometimes I am tempted to click on all the random posts that come up and go to the bottom of them and comment, “The last shall be first” but then I decide to check my e-mailor start a load of laundry instead.

  1. Again I am so glad I didn’t grow up fundy or I’d have been going to these youth camps and revivals and like these girls being expected to play sports in a skirt. It’s not safe, I’d be surprised if they didn’t all fall on their faces because you can’t run in a skirt! Didn’t they even allow culottes here? Not that they’re much better! 👿

    1. You can *totally* run in a skirt! I am an expert run -in-a-skirt-er. NOT that I think you should have to, but it is possible. 😉

      1. True, it is possible. But you have to run in an entirely different way. Either move just below the knee (cuz that’s the only part that CAN move), or you take short, really quick strides.

        1. Or lift it up and wrap it around your waist. (Make sure you are wearing pretty panties though if you are going to do it that way ~ and run REALLY fast)

  2. Mt Salem Revival Grounds
    Sounds like a specialty coffee.

    That was too funny, but is the only way it would have been viewable.

    1. Mt Salem Revival Grounds
      Sounds like a specialty coffee

      Reusable coffee? It revives between brewings?

  3. So, just another run-of-the-mill fundy summer camp? Seems pretentious to call it “revival grounds.” The montage of preachers, all of them looking angry at the audience (if they aren’t actually yelling). And the skirts and ties! Ug! It’s summer camp! Can’t you let the poor kids relax?! But no, being comfortable would be a sin.

    Curious, anyone here gone to this particular fundy camp?

    Oh, and I’m waiting for the next post to be a poorly worded email from someone threatening legal action against Darrell for that video (or for the owner of the camp to start a comment-crusade against us). 😀

    1. I used to go there every year. I loved it, but I think my perspective on it would be a lot different now. It’s a high dose of manipulation. Invitations that last hours trying to make sure everyone makes it to the altar. I was trying so hard not to be a hypocrite, so I wouldn’t go forward unless I actually had a reason to, and I never understood that they were trying to force me, so I probably contributed to the long invitations. 🙄

      1. What you said about the invitations is what I really dislike about the camps — the push to show good numbers and to manipulate decisions. For crying out loud, preachers, don’t you believe the Holy Spirit can work and change lives? Let go of your pride and let Him do His work – you aren’t so important that you should be doing it in His place.

    2. “..The montage of preachers, all of them looking angry…”

      That was my impression as well. They all looked angry. If only they preached as fast as depicted in the video.

  4. Can somebody please tell….what is up with that hair part to the side that all FBC guys seem to have?

    Is that in a rulebook somewhere? And does it say something like, “All male hair must be parted approximately 3 inches from the center. Any deviation thereof can and will result in eternal damnation.”

    1. Most places I was at in Fundyland it was one of those unwritten rules. That was a long time ago, I don’t know if that has changed any or not.

    2. Ha. My mom cut my hair throughout grade school & high school. In grade school she made all the decisions about my hair, and was actually cutting me a comb over on me. I think it was just what she knew how to do since had learned to cut hair on my bald/balding dad at the time. I’ve definitely never needed a comb over, but had one for years early on in life.

    3. I was sitting at the lunch table one afternoon during my freshmen year at my former Fundy U, hair messed forward, no part, when I overheard a conversation taking place next to me.

      An older student commented on his belief that male students should part their hair, saying, “I can’t imagine any preacher not having a part in his hair.”

      The next morning, I diligently rose from bed, prepared for classes, and parted my hair to the right.

      I think someone should start marketing a cheap hair gel specifically made for Fundy college guys–they could sell it by gallon.

      By the way, that student is still at that same church and Fundy U, is now a staff member, and is still slickin his hair to the right.

      Me? I am messed forward again, sporting a 2-3 day beard, and preaching in blue jeans.

      I can’t say that I have totally found my own way/voice yet, but I have started the journey.

  5. It looked like the slide into their pool was called The Backslider. Wouldn’t Fundies want to avoid that like the plague?

    1. I saw that too… was wondering if that was slipped in for extra humor or they seriously named it that.

    2. You wouldn’t want to be seen having any fun going down that there slide. I’ve been at a lot of camps and that one looks like the shortest I’ve ever seen.

  6. I’d say a couple of the posters here, and Darrell need to start attending some cough syrup annonymous meetings! 😛

  7. My family has been watching Charlie Chaplin on Netflix this week, so this was extra funny. 😆

  8. Loved watching the preaching at 190 mph. Ah, It would it have been nice to have a fast forward button back in the day when I sat in the fundy pews. :mrgreen:

  9. It went by really quickly, but I think I saw girls in skirts/dresses trying to participate in (thank God low) hurdles races?

  10. The first (and thankfully the only) time I heard Randy Taylor “preach” he spent 10 minutes blasting Precious Moments. Even as a 14-year-old fundy I knew that was crazy.

  11. I remember some of these summer camps back in the mid 60s when I was a teenager. The water slides are new, but the rest is the same old, same old. What particularly irritated me then, and it does now in a way, is that we were taken to these beautiful country locations where there were lots of things to do outdoors, and then we had to sit through meeting after meeting as we watched the sun rise, cross the sky, and set through the window as we sat there listening to someone take perhaps five minutes’ worth of ideas and stretch it into an hour-long sermon. I went to the Island on Schroon Lake (Jack Wyrtzen sp!) one summer, and I believe that we got a measley two hours of recreation a day. The rest of the time we were in chapel.

    When I was at a church camp for a winter retreat in the mid 60s at a camp more than 100 miles upstate NY, my sister and I really got the pastor pissed off. We got hold of a toboggen along with some guys who were invited from Kings Point Academy, and went toboggening outdoors while the others were in a meeting. We were careful to do this in a more secluded place, but we had a blast. And then we were caught and grounded because the leadership took attendance. We further got into trouble because we listened to the car radio, a forbidden act, and found out that a major snowstorm was coming in, so we left after breakfast on Sunday morning and drove home. We ate at a fancy restaurant, something I had never done “alone.” The leadership, knowing that there was a storm coming in, made everyone go through Sunday School, Church, and a dinner even though they saw it starting to snow outside. We got back to Long Island just as the storm started to come in. The others got caught in the storm, their cars got stuck, they spent the night in a shelter, and so on. What was so amusing was that two of the leaders called our home to yell at my sister and me. My mother, who never ever supported us before in situations like this, got on the phone, and set these people straight. The result? My sister left the church. I was still in my mid-teens, so I still had to go, but I used to sneak out of church after Sunday School and attend the 11:00 service at the Lutheran church across the street. I loved the services and went almost every Sunday. And I never got caught, but then again, it wasn’t cool for kids to sit with their parents, so my folks assumed that I was in the balcony with other teens.

    1. and I believe that we got a measley two hours of recreation a day. The rest of the time we were in chapel.

      That is commonly referred to as indoctrination.

  12. Is it bad that you could tell (even sped up) that the preachers were ending their sentences/rants with “Amen?”

  13. Boy, that video is exactly why I despised the camp meetings. Stuff to do when its nice out side, but where were we? Sitting in a building with no air conditioning while its 104 degrees outside and a balmy 110 inside, wearing ties while someone yelled at us at how bad we were, blah, blah blah…

  14. This reminds me of a camp I went to in high school. Another girl and I had been flirting with one of the guys who worked at the camp. He had a boat and water skis and offered to take us out on the lake in his boat. We met him early one morning and went out onto the lake with him, blowing off the morning devotional chapel session we were supposed to be going to. We took turns water skiing out in the center of the lake, thinking we would never be caught because we had walked halfway around the lake to meet up with him. We had the most magnificent time. When we were in the boat on the way back, we noticed that the chapel had a HUGE window behind the speaker that overlooked the lake and ALL the other kids had been treated to the sexiest skiing show ever presented during the sermon. Fortunately we had both been wearing our dresses or boy, would we have been embarassed. 😎

  15. I have never heard of these people. I wonder if they’d be devastated to know that. And compared to Northland, their “camp” is pretty hokey. 🙄 But I wish I could have fast-forwarded the preaching there, too. 😎

  16. Aman Im gong up there this summer and cant wate. Hope to meet a nice young lady up there and will ask bro tayler if he’ll preech on needing to be preechers wife and maybe one of the counslers will be called that nite and I can pray with her aman. Just hope the church bus makes it aman. its long way from Grace Bible Baptist Tabernacle Sevill Florda all the way up to Wets Virgina. Last yere we never made it past Beckly whent he bus broke down on the side of hills. But we went to Applachan Biblle College aman I was hoping to find a good wife there but they was out for the summer but let us stayed in the dorms wile the bus was fixed. Bust broke down again in Weston and we only made last nite of revival at Mt Salem and it wasnt enuff time for me to find a wife but this yere were taking up a love offering to get the bus fixed before we make the trip aman.

    1. Oh MY! Dr. Phil. I just can’t imagine a great Godly many like yourself not already spoken for. It gives me great sadness to think that so far you have not found your help-meet. Our pastor used to say (sometimes when he was preachin’ weddings) “There ain’t no pot so crooked there ain’t no lid to match it.” And he is right. Don’t give up hope. I will tell all my single, Godly friends about your search so they can prey for you. Haha… Look there what George did… (Prey?) I will leave it because I think it might be Freudian now that I think about it. God bless you in your search.

  17. I’ve been to that camp. It’s where we heard Matt Jarrel preach, and my hubby tried to have a conversation with him after the preaching, and walked away less than 2 minutes later, shaking his head, saying “there’s something very wrong here.” Matt Jarrell was still scheduled to preach there, after he was way into trouble with the law. That was the major shock for me, that the crowd he ran with (the macho crowd that liked to have hunting and preaching meetings, the “Dennis Corle crowd”; definitely included Mt. Salem) apparently could not discern his spirit, when it took my husband less than 2 minutes to be creeped out. My younger son “got called” to preach there at age???? maybe seven? That’s when you get to ring that bell, you see in the video a boy pulling a rope.
    Anyhow, I had a small runin with “Dr.” Taylor, and we stopped going there while still in fundyland.
    It’s like getting revived into zombieland. 🙁

  18. I remember going there SEVERAL TIMES as a teenager. I even went to work weeks to get the camp set up and cleaned for the campers that summer. Invitations that lasted for HOURS…lots of screaming over “sin” in our lives. I wonder now, how it would’ve helped me in my “worldly life” back then to hear as many sermons telling me how precious I was to Christ…how much He loved me. Oh well. I was pretty close to the leaders, so much so…that when I got married, we actually stopped by the camp and stayed our “first night” in one of their chalets. Ick. At one time I really thought that Mt. Salem protected my life from worldliness…now I feel like they manipulated me from truly learning about a loving Christ. I was conditioned to conform to be loved and accepted. For a troubled teen, that’s all I really wanted was love and acceptance. So I go to get screamed at about how wicked I am (even though my sin was supposed to be under the blood)…then I was confused-did God forgive me and love me? Or was I still wicked and undone? Best go forward to repent…just in case. I was the tender hearted “good girl”…I hope God knows through all of that I only wanted Him. Now I see, it was all conforming to man…what a waste.

  19. Soo many hot, hot days playing lame field games in long denim skirts or culottes. I hated summer camp every year. We only got to swim once or twice the whole week because they practically had to shut the whole place down when the girls swam. The guys got to swim a ton more. We had to go to LAME craft sessions or “special” classes for girls when we passed around the f$%*!ing rose to symbolize our virginity. And people wonder why I’m a feminist now…

    1. No KIDDING! The overall treatment of the girls and the inequity of ability to do anything FUN. Well SOME of the camps I went to were divided. The girl’s camp was one week and the boys was another week altogether. You would think that at least at THOSE they would have let us have some fun, but noooo…

  20. There is nothing that I hate more than invitations, except for blanket group invitations such as, “If you love Christ, come forward now/throw a stick in the fire/light this candle/do the Hokey Pokey.”

    It happened one time at the church that I am currently in when we had a guest speaker. One of our pastors pulled the speaker aside afterwards and told him that we don’t manipulate our congregation into decisions. I have never been more thankful for our pastors as in that moment.

  21. The best part of the camp is the name of the water slide. Can I go for a ride on the Backslider? A backslider on a backslider, the ultimate thrill ride…

  22. The church i went to went to this camp. Somehow it worked out I never went. One of my best friends back then met and married a staff evangelist from Mt Salem. Looks like I didnt miss much. 😀

  23. I saw the original video to this in the local fundy church where I live, and I was like wtf? 😯 the whole time. I mean who in their right mind plays sports in a skirt.

  24. Other suggestions for background music:-
    1. *Yakety Sax”
    2. “Dance Of The Cuckoos”

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