Poe’s Law

Is this video real or an intentional fake?

Although several people have sent me this horrific rendition, I’m going to call shenanigans on it for several reasons:

1) The singer starts out by talking about Brian Free and the Assurance which is definitely not an IFB group but then transitions right into talking about Gospel Light Baptist Church in Salisbury, NC which is most definitely an IFB church.

2) The applause track after he mentions the church is an obvious fake.

3) We see three heads of audience members but there’s nobody on the stage or in the choir loft. In fact, this guy is sitting on the arm of the pastor’s chair (right next to the phone). Nobody would do that to the pastor’s throne and get away with it in an IFB church. [Edit: Thanks to everyone who pointed out that he’s actually on a stool in front of the chair. I concede the point]

4) He’s wearing a polo shirt and sneakers. Sneakers. On the platform. Not likely.

5. He chooses a song best known by Vestal Goodman and then murders it in a way that could only be purposeful. While doing it he runs around the stage and holds the microphone in both hands.

I suspect that some hooligans managed to get into a Baptist church somewhere when nobody else was around and shot this video as a spoof. But I’d love to hear your opinions.

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