Site Disruption

Thanks to everyone who let me know that SFL generating a warning page. Apparently, we’ve had a visit by some Russian hackers.

Hopefully that issue has now been resolved and once the site has been re-scanned the security warning should vanish.

I appreciate your patience.

50 thoughts on “Site Disruption”

  1. “Russian hackers”? I suspect something more sinister afoot.

    Well, I would, if Fundy techological knowledge went beyond Geocities…

    1. But! The fundies HIRED someone to do the dastardly deed, David! (I am addicted to alliteration.)

      1. Quite a while back my husband found a clip of Jack Hyles saying “I don’t like computers, They’re spooky to me” and used it as the sound his computer made whenever it came on after sleep. It was funny. (to us anyway)

  2. There is no way it was a fundy hacker. They’re too afraid of technology to be advanced enough for hacking. It must have been a NEO-Fundy. Our newest next enemy. I’m not paranoid. Did someone say I was?

  3. Well I guess their fun was short lived. :mrgreen:

    Hopefully they’ll at least buy one of our SFL T-shirts since they stopped by! 😎

    1. Ooohhh I got you now! Be prepared to recieve the bills for lots of big screen TVs and XBOX’s and chinese take out food. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

  4. Ewww! A warning in red kept coming up saying the site was BADWARE! And it wouldn’t let me on! Still getting it. I had to come in through the backdoor. Not the fundy way but oh well!! 😛

  5. All ur posts are belong to us!

    There is no way it was “russian hackers” – every site that contains truth about the BJU network has run afoul of the pirates of the interwebs – perhaps this is not a coincidence?

    You shouldn’t have went and let someone outside the family know what you were thinking – fortunately it appears to have been an offer you could refuse.

  6. Okay you do not like IFB, KJV,etc. Please tell me what you do like in a church. Some of your comments here are so uncalled for. Can you just let these people rest for a while.

    Now please, don’t go sending me dirty comments. I think I have heard them all. I really am tryng to be nice here. Thank you and have a great day.

    1. Please tell me what you do like in a church.

      Define “Church”
      Tell me what “church” is then I’ll answer your question.

    2. Drive-by Comment Bingo time!

      I’ve got:
      Why don’t you ignore it?
      Expects vicious response
      Free Space

      Not quite a Bingo. 😥

      1. I need to print and laminate my bingo card for future the next drive-by.

        By the way, *cue violins* “Can you just let these people rest for a while?” Oh my 🙄

    3. I will be happy to! I like the following in a church:
      Meaningful liturgy
      The presence of God
      Beautiful Hymns
      A message of God’s love and grace for us today.
      People who are glad to see you, not asking where you were last week.
      People who aren’t quick to judge.
      A church that doesn’t marry conservative republican politics with church announcements.
      How’s that ❓

      1. Sounding pretty orthodox to me. What church is this you are defining? I’m looking for it also.

    4. I want a church where God is worshiped rather than the pastor.

      I want a church where God is worshiped and not Jack Hyles.

      I want a church where I can be led of the Holy Spirit to serve in whatever ministries the Lord wants me to serve in, not whatever the pastor wants me to serve in based on the fact that I am female. I want the right to say no to things I am uncomfortable with without being labelled rebellious.

      I want a church where I can look forward to the services instead of dreading them. Where the pastor understands our human nature and that we do have to go to the bathroom and eat sometimes, and it doesn’t make us less spiritual because we don’t want to sit through his hour + long sermons.

      I want a church where I don’t have to sign stupid idiot papers promising to obey every edict of the pastor and do things I don’t agree with just for the dubious “honor” of serving in their ministry and teaching their Sunday school where the pastor writes the lessons himself and they are full of hyles crap.

      There is more but that’s enough for now. 🙁

      1. Mac, don’t get me started on the signing of “stupid idiot papers.” You hit the nail on the head there. I find the practice of forcing people to agree to a set of questionable “rules” in order to serve in ministries repulsive and unbiblical. That’s one of the big reasons I left my Fundy church.

    5. My church is nature. The sky is the ceiling of my cathedral. Birds and crickets are the choir. No one yells at me. No one tells me I am going to hell.

  7. Current side ad: Slippery Rock University, “ROCK SOLID education.” So many innuendo possibilities, so little time…. 😈

  8. Very many uber-intelligent Russian hackers have nothing better to do (due to lack of jobs) except hone their skills on random websites w/minimum security. Also some of the best hackers in the world come out of Eastern Europe…

    (BTW, at least here in Ukraine, there ARE KJV Only church plants, to my great chagrin and dismay as an American. Not really needed, either, since many/most Russian speaking fundies have their own ‘inspired’ version – the Russian Synodal Version. =)

  9. Come on guys, it was obviously a sign from God that this site is wicked and we should stay away. Stop blaming it on the Russians!

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