Skits: Kentucky Young Fundamentalist Edition

If you’ll recall, a while back I posted a video from the Kentucky Young Fundamentalists advertising their conference. Well they had the conference and there they did things like this…

I highly recommend that you do not watch this. It is a complete and total waste of time.

You have been warned.

On a side note, I have to wonder exactly how gimmicks like this are considered better than the “seeker-sensitive” movement that they love to preach against.

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    1. And, ftr, I took your advice, Darrell, and didn’t watch it. I don’t need anything keeping me from sleeping when I go back to bed.

      I agree with your comment; from the looks of it, this is pretty lame. Not at all attractive to a teen, especially considering how media savvy they are today. Teens looking at this are going to think, “Christians are weirdos. If I have to act like this, I don’t want to be a Christian.” Just shows how out of touch these Fundies are with the real world.

  1. You know of course because you said NOT to watch it people are going to do that very thing!

    I stopped going to church for about three years but when I started up again I first went to a seeker-sensitive’ church. It was geared toward people who were completely un-churched but we had a nice collection of people who were like me, fleeing legalism. The atmosphere was kind and nonthreatening. It was a great place to heal spiritually. I have moved on from there as have many others but I still consider those people my friends.

    And they had GREAT skits! ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. I couldn’t take the background noise in the introduction by the MOG. I got to about 35 seconds.

  3. Those are 9 minutes of my life I wish I could have back. Thanks Darrell. I should have read the note about how this is a total waste of time.

  4. Oh my and to think how much time they took putting this skit together. And really there are many such kind young people that go to this church but heir minds are so infiltrated with the present day “resurrected” Jack Hyles.

  5. I skipped through it, so I might have watched 10 seconds total. Sad – at the end you can see people recording it like it was great.

    Give me the Skit Guys any day. At least they finish it off with an application. ๐Ÿ™„

    1. I did the same thing – the 5 seconds I watched in the middle was enough to convince me that Darrell is completely correct on this one.

  6. I did not watch it because I know it would’ve made me puke. The worst skits were the ones they did at the ladies’ spectaculars. They were so lame and infantile! I remember going to my last of those meetings back in 2002 and I was going through a very rough time in my life. I had offended a very dear friend by witnessing to her so much that she was fed up with me. She was a Mormon so she was in a cult! Yeah right, so was I but I didn’t know it yet. But I was so burdened for her that I felt I just had to win her to the Lord. Yeah the good old IFB “soul winning” where you’re so scared they will die and go to hell in the next 24 hours that they HAVE to get saved RIGHT NOW or burn forever!

    I didn’t want to go to this spectacular because I hated them even when I was deep into fundyland. But some anonymous giver had paid my way so I felt obligated to go. All the time I was there I was very close to tears and it was hard to get into anything they were saying, and it was the same old junk they always teach at the spectaculars, how to be a perfect wife and mother. Blah! The only bright moment was when the pastor’s son sang, and then THE SKIT! It was so disgusting and here I was in tears over this loss of a dear friend who I had offended, and they give us that. And the songs they had us singing, all the stupid children’s songs. Why do they make the ladies sing such infantile garbage as that? It’s hard enough to put up with during VBS but the kids like it, but to make grown women sing that stuff and go through the motions of stand up, sit down and all that, well it was all I could do not to scream. I did not return for the second day. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    BTW, I and this friend are still friends, she forgave me for my overzealous witness, and I backed off. She is still a Mormon though she’s gone to other churches now and then, and I’m the one out of my own cult! :mrgreen:

    1. To make women sing children’s songs and watch infantile skits is insulting, demeaning, and disgusting. I have never attended a fundamentalist women’s “spectacular” so I’m not commenting from experience, but what I CAN say from experience is that some (if not most) fundies pretty much equate women with children in general. They like to imagine that women are the same, intellectually and emotionally, as children. I guess it makes all the men with overgrown egos feel superior. *In another topic only slightly related, that family structure (where the wife is considered on the same level as the children, with the husband being dominant over all) is at the highest risk for familial sexual abuse…

  7. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but now I need to watch the real Three Stooges. That was a stupid opening- the preacher starts acting all spiritual talking about how great it would have been to witness that miracle and then this lame skit starts.

  8. I work with teenagers on a regular basis at my job and as a Sunday School teacher at my church. I can’t imagine any teen that would think this was entertaining or funny.

    I can only come to two conclusions — either the youth leaders are so out of touch with their teens they don’t realize this is not something the kids would relate to or the teens are so sheltered from the real world that this is actually something that appeals to them. Either scenario is scary. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    The saddest part of this video is that they take an amazing lesson that they could use to open up good dialogue with these kids, and teach some great lessons, but no they’d rather yell (oops, I mean preach) at these kids for an hour and then try to appear cool by portraying the holy scriptures in the form of the three stooges.

    1. I can only come to two conclusions โ€” either the youth leaders are so out of touch with their teens they donโ€™t realize this is not something the kids would relate to or the teens are so sheltered from the real world that this is actually something that appeals to them. Either scenario is scary.

      Actually, there’s a third, even scarier, scenario… that both are true. ๐Ÿ™

  9. They should have just played a Tim Hawkins Youtube (when he had short hair, of course) and have been done with it.

  10. Oh my. Got to about 2:38 and couldn’t watch anymore. I know you warned us, but I had to see for myself.

  11. Insipid and pointless. The one positive thing I can say about it — and this is just a baby step above damning it with faint praise — is that I thought the guy who played Curly actually did a pretty good Curly imitation.

  12. I thought about watching it and wasting a few minutes of my life. But 9 minutes! Good grief. No thanks.

  13. I thought it was funny. ๐Ÿ˜ณ But then, I’m a fundy. And I thought the 3 Stooges parody was amusing.

  14. Any seekers who would be sensitive to this need to start taking their meds again.

  15. My former fundy church participates in this group. This is the epitome of the dumbing down of American Fundamentalist teenagers. My oldest will be 8 in a couple weeks. So 4 years and she wouyld be participating in stuff like this. I am so glad we got out.

  16. Eh. It always seems really off the wall to parody The Three Stooges. And I love The Three Stooges. What really bugs me about turning a Bible story into a Three Stooges skit is this: How many of the people in the audience would lambaste a book or film that presented a Bible story in a flippant, disrespectful, or even just marginally inaccurate way? It’s just curious to me that on the one hand, they’ll talk about the heresy of the world’s presentation of anything biblical, and on the other hand, they’ll present a skit like this. Odd.

    1. So often in fundamentalism a pastor’s subjective opinion is presented as objective truth. That’s how you end up with situations where “if I do it, it’s OK; if you do it, it’s wrong” and no one seems to spot the double standard.

  17. That was PAINFUL to watch! A favorite lament of my fundy church is “that’s bringing the world into the church, and we don’t do that!’ Last time I saw the three stooges, that seemed like a pretty ‘worldy’ program to me. Also, my church hosts an annual single’s conference this year will be the 7th if they have it and they do really stupid skits like that while we are divided into groups randomly and they also play very childish games in the gym. It feels like they think we are still needing heavy supervision even though everyone is well past 21 years old. I will never attend one of these again, nor do I sign my boys up for all these fundy camps and things because I suspect they are similarly cheesy. I mostly always avoid “women’s” things at church for the same reason the lady a few posts up does, same ol same ol.

    1. When I was a younger mother I had the same outlook you did. The problem was I had such a horrible attitude with all of the extra silly things like this. I know the children sensed it and for that I am sorry. Because I was in a supposed leadership position, I was always in the โ€˜hot seatโ€™ for speaking my mind. My biggest regret is that I didnโ€™t just leave peaceably so the children could have a positive experience with church.

      I do agree with you as you make some very valid comments as to why you don’t attend the extracurricular activities. I am however curious as to why you continue to attend the church?

      1. Hi, PW, thanks for your comments. I am divorced and for the most part my boys go to church with their father. We are both born-again both came to faith after the marriage. He goes to a grace, kjv only church. I at this time I wouldn’t be allowed to be in any position of leadership for women or kids because I don’t follow the dress code. As to why I still attend, my heart struggles with that. Our former senior uber-fundy pastor messed up big time on several fronts several months ago and is no longer with the church and now I have joined in order to be able to vote and because I feel like my suggestions might actually be considered instead of hitting a plexiglass wall. I am waiting to see which direction it goes. Right now we have a team of pastors that are feedings us the Word but occasionally some fundy guys are sent in to give us not so subtle sermons/warnings about the dangers of getting out of the fundy club. I do have many friends there also and my kids go to the school because x wouldn’t let me homeschool. I go to a megachurch on Saturday nights which helps balance my worship experience. I enjoy your posts and this site has been very helpful and entertaining to me.

  18. I felt physically sick after watching that. A biblical story should never be taken as lightly as this was. I mean really where is any application at all here? We all here can agree that this is stupid, but there are people at these conferences that lack the spiritual discernment to know that that is completely wrong, disrespectful, and pointless. 9 minutes that had no effect on those teens that could have been used to change their lives.

  19. First, you gotta love the leather upholstered thrones on the platform. They killed both a tree and a cow for those.

    Second, these guys are so lame that they have to pre-record the dialogue and then act it out. Gimme a break.

    Third, I used to find the Three Stooges funny, but when I became a man I put away childish things. (ducks for cover)

    Fourth, I’d say more, but that’s all I could come up with since I didn’t finish the whole thing. (2:35…but that was while multitasking)

  20. I took your advice and didn’t watch the whole thing, but i LOVED the beginning where you get to watch a fat white guy sit in a chair with hokey music playing. I should be pumped for the rest of the day!!!

  21. Only watched a few seconds of it, and couldn’t stomach to watch all of it. It was ridiculously corny things like this that kept me from wanting to invite my lost friends to church.

    I actually saw a church skit with The Three Stooges before (well, just Curly, but still). It was several years ago. I think it was about some “teenager” (portrayed by a 40-something-year-old man) laying out of church and watching TV after hearing a sermon against it earlier. The first thing he saw on TV was supposedly Curly from the Three Stooges, and they started to talk about the Bible (I didn’t know the Three Stooges were Christian, but then again I haven’t watched it since I was little so IDK). Then he started flipping channels, and I believe that towards the end he was watching Marilyn Manson on MTV or something. I don’t remember it very well, but it was weird and corny. I think I have it on an old church tape in my closet somewhere.

    1. No, Moses Horwitz, Jerome Horwitz, and Louis Feinberg were most likely not Christian. ๐Ÿ˜†

  22. Another thing:
    Why is that ‘pastor’ guy sitting down? I’ve never, ever seen a fundy sitting while droning, er, preaching before. Never. And I’ve been around [some]. Is he too exhausted to stand up for like the one minute he was talking?

    1. I think the idea it was supposed to convey was a man (a pastor, perhaps) sitting at home in his study or out on his deck and thinking about this particular Bible story…

  23. I an just thankful that Darrel takes Sunday off so that I can catch up on more important things~~ Like taking with my family members etc.

  24. I may be the only one who got all the way through it!

    It seemed rather pointless; neither fish nor fowl, as it were… not one thing or another. Was it trying to be straight comedy? (it failed that). Was it trying to tell the Bible story? (it failed that).

    I’m just badly puzzled by it… the only redeeming thing about it is that it is good to remember that the people in the Bible were human beings, not some half-deity, perfected humans… they had faults as we do. That was about the only good thing I got out of it.

    1. I watched it all the way through! I didn’t get anything good out of it like you did, but hey, I watched it all!

  25. There goes 1:58 I’ll never get back. What is it with fundy churches and the Three Stooges, anyway?

  26. I loved it! Actually loved it when I saw it live! And there was an application on the last day of the conference….
    I thought it was pretty funny, well thought out and for a live skit, not a bad production…..

    Plus the guy that did Curly… Nailed it!

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