Grand Old Hymn: He Touched Me

Here’s some video of special music from the the Mount Carmel Baptist Church who’s website was featured in our last post.

I’m sure the singer is doing his best and singing from his heart but the build up of talking about how nervous his is and how we should all “pray for him” while he sings just tickles me. It puts so much focus on the singer that whatever (or Whomever) he’s singing about just gets completely lost in the mix.

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    1. BLAST IT!!!!! I missed it again!!!!

      Well, you get no butt cushion, because I’m not speaking to you.

      😉 :mrgreen: (jk, of course)

  1. looks like a few cheeseburgers “touched ” him as well. They obviously ignore the gluttony sin!

        1. Well, its still in the oven and just has a few minutes left. You might get ONE piece along with my ONE piece before HF gets to it. Cops eat a lot. 😉

    1. As to the Seven Deadly Sins, I deplore Pride, Wrath, Lust, Envy and Greed. Gluttony and Sloth I pretty much plan my day around. ~ Robert Brault

    2. Naw, these people sound like they come from the south, so it’s grandma’s fried chicken that’s touched him… and her banana pudding, and if I mention the cornbread I may cry. I miss my southern grandma! 😥

  2. in my church we didn’t applaud unless it was a child, or an adult who’s performance was particularly embarrassing.

  3. Hey! It’s me (er, I)!

    For someone singing about being found and having joy flooding his soul, this sounds very funeral-like.

  4. I know how terrifying it can be to sing in front of people. But the accompaniment would have helped him greatly. Sometimes effort is not enough?

    My 5 year old daughter ran over to see the video. When the man started singing, her eyes got big and she covered her ears. Nuff said. 😯

    1. @RJW…Providential Pot, Covered Dish suppers are ok. PotLUCK is not. For shame! 😉

  5. I’ll just throw this out there – with all the recent scandals around Fundyism, “He Touched Me” is an…um…interesting choice of song.

    1. “Here Bubba, look at this doll, where did he touch you? Was it a good touch or a bad touch?”

    2. A youth pastor I had a long time ago told me about adding the phrase “in the bathtub” to the end of hymn titles when bored in church.

      There were times it was really hard not to completely burst out laughing in the middle of a service. 😈

  6. I’m surprised that “He Touched Me” would even be given the time of day, given that the Gaithers aren’t fundies.

    1. I think it depends on each church. Strict BJU-style churches would probably not allow music that is known for being sung by Gaithers. And then sometimes it’s just completely arbitrary: one song will be allowed, another will be forbidden, and there’s not really anything you as a church member can say about it.

  7. By not hitting play, I don’t have to pretend to enjoy what I’m hearing, shift around in my seat because I’m bored, read the bulletin for the 3rd time that morning, shhh my son when he asks an inappropriate question about his Webkinz, and send a mercy text to my husband in the sound booth to “Please, make it stop.”

    (That being said, usually I pray for the poor soul who is brave enough to sing in front of a crowd when he’s scared half to death.)

  8. That’s a song that was usually sung solo in the churches I grew up in. It ws also a song that gave me the uncontrollable giggles because of the double-entendre. Ah, the good old days of losing the “I gotta control my giggles” battle.

    1. Pew Shaking laughter is nothing to mess with. Once folks get started, there’s really no stopping it!! 😆 😆

      And getting the “stink eye” from your mother only makes everything funnier!

      1. Been there, done that and had tears running down my face laughing so hard! I had to hold a tissue over my face, and I know someone must’ve thought I was crying my eyes out. Then comes the coughing from all that phlegm coming up in the throat. I wished so bad I was sitting in the back so I could’ve left the auditorium til I could pull myself together. I could’ve killed the person who made me laugh like that. I can still remember what it was about too. 😳

    1. In some churches it’s okay as long as you hold it in a “noneffeminate” way, keep it down by your chest, and don’t move around too much on stage. 😉

  9. Isn’t there a little old lady in a beehive hairdo who could accompany him on piano?

  10. Maybe if he would have abided by Fundy rules, meaning a tie and sport jacket, maybe it would have sounded better?? Probably not though.

    1. The term Grand Old Hymn is mostly used in a very tongue-in-cheek sense on this site. Extra points are not awarded for being a stickler, a stick-in-the-mud, or a smart-pants know-it-all.

      1. But extra points ARE awarded for being a stickler, a stick-in-the-mud, AND a smart-pants know-it-all all at the same time.

      2. Darrell,

        Sorry, I forgot about the tongue-in-cheek thing. My only wish was to clarify, not get points (laugh).

  11. Not be rude or ugly to the above comments, but just a statement for consideration. I’ve been lurking on this website for some time. I love it. Brought me healing. Just to share. I am a sexual abuse survivor. Abused in church during the church services. The pastor was great. Insisted my parents involve the police. (and this was the early 80s). However, I can’t hear this song. I used to tremble and shake whenever I heard it. It brought flashbacks. I know the comment was made tongue in cheek above re the abuse scandals but please know the pain is very real. I would hazard guess that I am not the only survivor to react to this song this way. Please don’t take this as criticism. This site has helped me hope that I can hope that there are “real” Christians. Just food for thought.

    1. Chris, I’m so sorry for what happened to you. I’m glad the pastor supported you. May God continue to grant healing and comfort to you and direct you to a safe community of believers who follow Christ in truth and love with grace and humility.

  12. OK, this is strictly from a musical perspective. How can someone sound like he’s singing really flat when he’s doing it a capella? I’ve heard this happen before, and I just don’t get it.

  13. The story the dude who did the introduction told about being so nervous that he sat next to the woman in front of his wife is old. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but it sure is a Fundy thing to recycle other people’s stories and anecdotes and place one’s self into the story as if it happened to the one speaking. How hard would it have been to say, “I once knew a man who was so nervous that he sat in the wrong pew after he sang…” Anyway, has anyone else ever heard that same story? I’ve heard it a few times.

    1. Every preacher tells the same stories over and over. I can only think of one that I enjoyed hearing over and over, because it made me laugh but the rest of them I can almost quote word for word. 🙄

    2. You may not believe the story, but I’m the dude that told it and it is the absolute truth.
      Seems there are a lot of critics here, but I appreciate the folks that had a kind word to say about my Brother (both earthly and In The Lord)! We can’t all be perfect as some of you guys seem to be.


  14. “He Touched Me” in the bathroom
    “He Touched Me” in the bed
    “He Touched Me” in the shower stall
    “He Touched Me” in the shed

  15. In some camps, Gaither is a no-no. In some camps, Gaither is fine. But the singing would be much better with a white piano.

  16. The song is ok, but it’s not my favourite Gaither song by a long shot, it’s just the one that gets sung the most. Not so much at church but at the southern gospel concerts we used to go to before we moved to Canada. It seems every group has a rendition of it, and it’s on plenty of cd’s as well. It’s not a bad song but when it’s the thousandth time you’ve heard it, I want to scream enough already! I really prefer “Because He Lives” of the Gaither’s songs. 😉

  17. Actually was ON the ‘Gaither Tour’ for a while…have enjoyed the posts! SPOT ON!!!

  18. I like him, and at churches like this nobody cares whether you can sing or not. I like his humility anyway. He seems like a nice man. The fundies I despise aren’t like this at all. My grandma’s church was like this. They were really pleased when anybody would do anything in their small Ozark church. 🙂

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