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    1. Yay! My second first.

      But I only got this because my husband hurt his foot at our 4th of July party and we came home early.

      1. Aww… hope he feels better!

        I’ve spent this fourth being absolutely lazy- and it felt great!

    1. The last thing I think of with “teenagers” and “hot” is certainly not “preaching.”

    2. I’ve been a youth minister for over 5 years and before that taught youth Sunday school. The last thing teens want or need is “hot” or “hard” preaching. They mostly need our love, time, encouragement and respect. I remember almost none of the best sermons I’ve ever heard. I’ll never forget, as a teenager, the adults in my life that took an interest in me.

  1. Love the faux-Nascar sanctuary decorations. I bet they’re ready for VBS. Any ideas about what that theme would be and who would sponsor it???

    1. I have friends who attended this event; this was a Youth Conference, and the theme was racing; probably something like “Winning the Race”.

      1. Darrell, for a real laugh (cry?), check out the sermons page and listen to the message “The Fall of Saul” – full of sycophantic pastor worship.

        1. Ah, thanks. Do they call themselves extreme, or just us normal people recognizing a special brand of the excessive nut jobs?

        2. I’ve never heard anyone in the IFB call themselves extreme. Those I know present themselves as true believers and everyone else as backslidden, apostate, or damned.

      1. Domelle was a staff evangelist under Hyles and even taught at the college for a few years. He left with Jeff Owens (he of the infamous “hunt a homo” sermon) when Owens became a pastor after Hyles death. Owens and Wells preach together often. Wells was an evangelist until last year. There’s your link….do I get a cookie? 😀

  2. Seriously? They applauded someone coming up to preach? That never would have gone over well in the fundy circles I grew up in.

  3. This may be semantics to some, but I prefer to think of youth today as the church’s present, not just their future. This sort of thinking holds them back rather than encouraging youth that they matter now.

    1. I completely agree with you, to the point of not thinking it “semantics” at all.

    2. Youth groups are awesome…take the children from the home, place another leadership figure before them, and totally discount the Scriptural mandate of Malachi 4:6

  4. All those numbers makes his bio read like a tax return. It’s ridiculous. Do you think they justify quoting numbers from the Acts 2 Pentecost passage? Because the LORD received glory for those numbers Acts 2:47. Decision statistics are not just an IFB phenomenon. But to my knowledge it’s only in IFB traditions that MEN get literal Soul Winner awards and titles for numbers. Just a thought.


  5. Didn’t watch the video, nor do I know the folks in it (at work it’s hard to watch videos).

    I’ll assume there was some discussion about racing. One thing to note about NASCAR. Watch the pre-race coverage on FOX. They always show the invocation. This must really chap some of the libs. Most times, not always, but most, the prayer is very “Christian” and is closed in Jesus Name. At the Charlotte race Joe Gibbs (race team owner, NFL coach) prayed what I would term an evangelistic prayer thanking God for Jesus death, burial and resurrection.

    Now I know a good fundy would separate from NASCAR since it primarily runs on Sundays but I, for one, love to follow racing.

    1. Yeah. I love that about NASCAR. It is surely a brand of Southern (everybody is a) Christian(ity), but I still love it. Reminds me of my pre-teen days in the SBC.

      My friend has gotten me into NASCAR. I am learning more and more about the races. The tag-teaming at Daytona was pretty crazy. I am currently a Kyle Busch fan primarily because he drives the M&M’s car. (What, how would YOU pick you favorite when you didn’t know anyone?)

      Oddly enough, there was nothing said in the video about NASCAR, though. I think the VBS suggestion is probably spot on.

  6. With the way he’s lit, he looks really spooky. Like one of those cartoon supervillains with no eyes… 😯

    1. I tend to associate the term “good hot preaching” (or “hard preaching”) with a metaphorical punch in the gut.

  7. Nice to see SFL feature a church I’ve heard about… They are a strong Hyles-type church; they following Jack Hyles’ unscriptural teaching about pastor authority: namely, that the pastor should be obeyed in all things, whether he is right or wrong. He is not to be challenged. He will show you God’s will for your life.

    According to my information from spies, this church has had plenty of scandals in their youth department… what teens need is not ranting, but a real relationship with Jesus Christ, not just the empty, following of rules to please someone else.

  8. I thought this was pretty funny. I have been to these type of conferences as a teen and a college age adult and the “red hot” preaching typically always connects with the adults in the room not the teens. Funny also is how they address the adults in the room in front of the teens and adults say amen. The teens generally sit there wishing that the earth would swallow them whole and spare them from the “red hot” ranting of Dr. Bob the 2nd or Allen Domelle.

    Why are they losing teens? You tell me!

    1. I have been in youth conferences like this as well. All i remember was feeling guilted into “making decisions” and leaving services feeling horrible and worthless. The best part was the youth conferences we went to had activity days where we went swimming (girls and boys separately and fully clothed of course) or skating. Something fun where we didnt get yelled at.

  9. Regular Baptist Press has a race car theme this year, so that was the theme of my church’s VBS. My church is a pretty fundy church, but VBS went really well. Chaplain Greg Berkey of Auto Racing Outreach was the guest speaker and over the course of the week he did a good job of sharing the gospel and teaching other lessons, as well as integrating info about NASCAR. He’s the chaplain for the second circuit of NASCAR.

  10. ugh.. Domelle. I remember this windbag from my last fundy church (pastor was a distant relative, cousin I think). The last time I heard him we actually had to take the mic away because he was SO LOUD he was hurting everyone’s ears.

  11. Ah yes, Allen Domelle, the guy who can’t preach. Seriously, he read one verse from the Bible and then proceeded to talk about something totally different. I generally liked my church but I couldn’t believe my pastor actually invited this guy to come. I don’t think these guys spend more than five minutes preparing for a sermon.

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