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  1. Fake instruments? Check.
    Syrupy ladies choir? Check.
    Unimaginative harmony? Check.

    Crown? West Coast?

  2. The family around the 1:00 mark was VERY clean and shiny, but didn’t the mom have her hands raised? Admittedly, they were BARELY raised, but if she were a good Baptist, she’d know that only ONE hand is to be raised and then only when every eye is closed and every head bowed.

  3. I’m sorry, but the image of the naked men being pulled up to heaven in awkward poses was really disturbing, a little like a Salvador Dali painting.

    My little one asked, “Why are they flying? Are they fairies?”

    Gotta say, I’ve never heard this song before and I don’t think I was missing anything.

    1. that is HILARIOUS!! I saw your comment before I got to that painting. it does look like a work of Dali. terrifying! I am facepalming so much right now. and laughing very, very hard

  4. Men in dresses and long hair? Psychedelic colors? Darrell, why are you posting hippie videos?

  5. Darrell,

    …isn’t this ParsonRob Rob Madden of “I’m No Kin To The Monkey” and John Keeter fame?

      1. No it is the Stewart sisters from Tennessee. I had this CD until I got right with God and got rid of my fundy music.

  6. OMG, I can’t believe I’ve never heard this till now. There isn’t enough brain bleach to get this out of my head. If I have nightmares, I’m suing SFL! 😛

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    1. But Don! Didn’t you know that credit cards are the mark of the beast?!?!? 😯


    1. The artist was probably of the mindset that we shouldn’t paint a picture of Jesus (making graven images and all that). It was rather odd to see the headless guy with a crown floating over where the head should have been.

    2. Maybe it’s one of these, except he accidentally left his on the shelf back home. (Or it’s in the saddle bag, since his hands are busy holding the sword and reins.)


  8. oh my heck. i am sitting alone in my house and i just watched that and I laughed aloud!!! if i saw that in a church today, i would start giggling. That was quite bad. Dreadful. The dated pictures, the hodgepodge of styles. Someone needs to add a class on media presentation to their course list!!

  9. I read the comments before clicking “play.” Thinking I’m not going to watch it, especially since Dan Keller is calling for the brain bleach! 🙂

  10. I was a little skeptical about all of this until I saw the vandalized rock. Now i KNOW Jesus is coming soon!

    1. “To the pure, all things are pure, but…” 😈

      But I must confess, I thought pretty much the same thing… 😳

    1. Oh yes! My parents sang “Meeting In The Air” all the time when I was little! Never heard the Carter Family version though, thank you!

  11. Since I’m one of them, I’m glad the white American’s get saved and the Jesus in this video fits into my culture.

    I’m just surprised to see the people getting taken up to heaven weren’t wearing kakhi pants or long denim skirts.

  12. These comments are right, but nobody has even mentioned the total theological mix-up between the rapture and the second coming. When the rapture happens, only believers will see Him, and it will all be over in an instant. No floating believers, naked or otherwise. The second coming will be quite a different story, and nothing to make pretty videos about. Plus, why would you ever expect to draw unbelievers to the Lord by showing Him as an avenging, militaristic figure like shown here?

    1. It’s all a game of fear. This is what totally traumatized me for years, and I’m still dealing with it today. I was utterly terrified of God, and fear kept me from doing…well, anything. I just became a shell. It surprises me when I read about people who have been spiritually abused, and they don’t mention being scared into submition with all this eschotology. I figured it would happen more often.

      1. I left the church 25 years ago–all of them, and the fear is the most persistent of the vestiges of my former religion.

      2. Paige, all of this Western religion is fear-based. I went to Catholic elementary school and they pumped in you the “fear of God” constantly. It’s time people learned that we are all God and the power is within us. I agree that the Baptists are one messed up American religious group, but let’s not forget that so much of America is wrapped up in this crap about some ethereal God out there and wants to control us. While I enjoy this board and its witty posts, I cringe when I see people still wrapped up in Western religion of any stripe, be it Catholic, Methodist, whatever, and claiming to be free thinking people just because they are not Baptist. Believe me, it’s not just Baptists who are fear-mongering rubes; it’s all American mainline denominations.

    2. You are partly right; yes, this video is a mess. But all of religion is a fraud and a lie, not just this “2nd coming” stuff. I think we all agree that fundamentalists are mentally ill, but I don’t get you people on here who still believe and cling to aspects of religion such as Catholics, Lutherans, 7th Day Adventists, etc. We all pick on the Baptists for being a joke, but you people are the joke who still cling to any of this religious stuff.

      1. I won’t defend religion…but I will say that Jesus Christ is Lord.
        People occasionally hurt other people and churches let people down, but Jesus is the man. He never drops the ball.
        He is perfect.
        He is God.

        You may not agree with me…but one day if he chooses to draw you to himself, you will find his grace absolutely captivating and irresistible.
        In Christ you can find the real love and beauty that all of our hearts so desperately desire.

        I wish that I could share with you my experiences, I wish you could see God work in the crazy, unimaginable ways that I’ve seen…
        But I can’t.

        Just know that you are welcomed and loved here even if you think guys like me are foolish.

      2. and me as well.
        I am about as un-religious as they get around here. I hate the Americanized trappings of religion and the excesses that are presented as Christian religion. Yet, for all that, I know what I see is just man made attempts to reassert himself as preeminent and move God off his throne.

        For 38 years I was Baptist born and Baptist bred, but because of the Grace of God when I die I will be more than just a dead Baptist. He is real, His promises are real, his dealings with mankind are true and real. His sacrifice to pay for our sin is real. His death, burial and resurrection are real events and offer real hope. We are real sinners in need of a real savior. Jesus Christ is that real.

        By grace we are saved through faith:

        For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

        And like PS said we may not agree on this but you are welcomed and loved here. There are several who are self proclaimed atheists, and agnostics who are traveling with us already. You are welcome to continue on with us.

  13. Doesn’t the second Second Coming in fundamentalism mean that Jesus is coming back three times?

    1. In the fundy rapture His feet don’t touch the ground and thus a disqualification. This disqualification prevents it from being counted as a coming.

  14. That creepy TBN psuedo Jesus at 2:07 kills me. He looks like a western buddhist or something. The best thing about His coming is that he’ll throw southern gospel into the pit forever, amen? And yes Darrell, the 3:40 mark was the best part of the video.

  15. I lasted 5 seconds until my brain started screaming… NOPE! NOPE! My mom wanted nothing more than for me to become one of these foofy fundybots. 😈

  16. *Gasp* The verse being read at the beginning of the song doesn’t seem to be in KJV!! 😯 If it is, they didn’t specify it! And gotta love the white Jesus at 2:07.

  17. I was already dreading an eternity of living in a Kinkadian landscape, but it appears that the final judgment and our heavenly reward will feature a more diverse array of kitsch than any of us could ever ask or imagine.

    If these portrayals are accurate, seems to me the best way to “keep our minds on things above” would be to center our worship services around the sacramental usage of LSD.

    1. 😉 I never saw anything this bad on lSD, but then maybe I wasn’t doing it right…

  18. Apparently heaven will resemble a disco. Honolulu, I’m gonna go party like it’s 1829, and 1999, and 2009…

  19. I know what I hear, but what I see is Jesus Loves White People Especially Those White Jews….ugh

  20. Oh my! I must admit that I sang this song with the teen girls group at my church in the early 90’s. *glup* Must I also admit that I still remember the words and harmony … and was singing along?!

    I’m sooooo embarrassed…

  21. This song was song at my Fundy School in the mid-80’s. . .Thankfully, I was far too young to participate in the choir.

  22. I like the way it goes from ‘another earthquake’ and ‘just another war’ to joyous faces. Yes people all around the world are suffering but as long as I’m ‘in’ its all good. 😡

    1. Love how it trivializes earthquake and war. I guess they’ve never been in a major earthquake or had to see a spouse or family member off to war. Having done both, I can assure you neither one’s a picnic.

  23. But….but….the preacher just said that the coming of the Lord is closer now than it’s ever been before!

    1. Well, as time pretty much goes only one way, he’s right. Of course you can say the same thing about the sun blowing up, or the next ice age, or half a dozen other things. 🙄

    2. It reminds me of the claim, quoted here a while back, that sugar (or something) “is only one molecule different from cocaine.”
      This is indisputable, since any chemical (water, oxygen, protein, etc.) is only one molecule away from being any other chemical (cocaine, plastic, iron, aspirin, gold, etc.).

  24. My head just exploded from just the music alone. Now off to get rid of a horrible earworm.

  25. about 10 seconds into it my eyes glazed over and I started thinking about my “to do” list.

  26. What’s with the pretty horses? Are they supposed to be the mounts of the Four Horsemen? It looks more like they’re part of the Carousel of the Apocalypse.

    1. bwahahaha. I just fell out of my desk chair laughing at that one. Thanks. That’s awesome.

      1. I don’t think I would ever stop laughing if My Little Pony went medieval on the Four Horsemen.

  27. Why is it that almost every fundie or evangelical hymn about the Second Coming is either tacky or trite? (This was an observation I made over forty years ago.)

    Earworm is right. I’ll be hearing those hackneyed chord progressions in my brain all the rest of the day.

  28. My little one said “Aslan!” at 2:18.

    Darrell said crescendo at 3:40???? I found one at 1:38 and another at 3:16, but all was quite at 3:40 — or was that some kind of subtle point that escaped me!?

    1. I was disappointed that they missed the flashing epilepsy trigger in the middle chorus. I almost didn’t realize a crescendo was there because I wasn’t given clear floating-text warning.


  29. One of the best messages I ever heard was by my HS principal. He was a very down to earth guy. I’ll never forget one day when he told us that he always thought that the idea of sitting around in heaven singing all the time seemed kind of BORING to him. I instantly locked in, because that’s exactly what I’d always thought. He then went on to speculate about what me might be able to do in heaven, making sure to point out that his speculation had nothing to do with the Bible. I like to think that I’ll be wearing some very comfortable Under Armour shorts and a t-shirt. I hope I’m driving a Ferrari, and have Superman like abilities in some world that Jesus puts me in charge of. I know no one is married in heaven, so I hope I get to have a lot of smoking hot girlfriends. And that once a year, we all get together to sing.

  30. I know this family. They sang often at my former fundie church. They are really sweet girls and have someof the best harmonies I have ever heard. They are hard-core fundies though.

  31. @ 3:23 I love it, another White guy, this time doing his Titanic “King of the World” immatation.

    Is that Kenny G behind him? 😯

  32. After watching this clip, I feel like opening a bar and calling it Crescendo. Seems like a good name for a bar. Plus, I won’t have to pay someone to design my outside neon signage. 😀
    Friday night special: Discounted adult beverages for former fundies!

  33. So, I am a worship pastor presently and I used to hear this song all of the time as a child.

    I HATED IT. Everytime. Plus, I had no idea what the crescendo thing meant. I was like six, okay?

    The other day though, I heard my younger brother jokingly bellowing this song (he really nailed the crescendo)…and it made me chuckle. Thanks for the post.

  34. This song is the perfect illustration of Fundy messed up theology. The line about “just another earthquake or another war” sums it up perfectly. Instead of kneeling next to their brothers and sisters as they pick up their belongings, or helping build new homes or digging out their checkbooks to help aid those in need – they stand in their backyards with a pre-orgasmic look on their faces, dressed in their Sunday best, waiting for Je-he-sus to come and remove them from the horror of this world or better yet the debts that they owe – yes I have a fundy aunt and uncle who are up their their eyeballs in debt – but they just know “the Lord is coming soon” and they won’t have to pay it back!

  35. Dang. This showed up as a random post and I was sad that I couldn’t watch the video. Is it hidden someplace on the interwebz?

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