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      1. Don, I’m sure you get this a lot, but you are by far my favorite poster on this site. LOL keep it coming!

        1. 😳 Awww, shucks you’re making me blush, ain’t he george?
          “ahh yep”
          **thanks for the validation… do you do parking tickets? 😉

        2. LOL you better believe it! I’ll take care of it for ya. mail them to me at 1700 Wade Hampton Blvd, Greenville, SC 29614.

        3. The more I thought about my response the worse it got. That came off as arrogant and I didn’t mean for it to. One of the issues I have discussed with some folks over on FB is why we…I post. I came to the conclusion that I did it for validation. I crave FB feedback as a way to validate… me.
          So it is with tongue firmly in cheek that I make the validation remark. I guess one of my coping mechanisms is to be sarcastic and biting at times… sometimes it works…and then there’s angst like this. 🙄

        4. For real! That man dripped sweat in my lap and spit in my face quite a few times. Every time he would preach revival at our church he would single me out. I guess God told him I was a sinner who needed savin’?

        5. it’s alright, mate! to be honest, I don’t even know what you’re talking about half the time, but I love it. seriously.

    1. Yes, Don, keep it coming! I love your sarcasm, erm, perspective on these Clowns.

  1. Not only does the site include alliteration, it also includes a lot of “ified”s.

  2. I went to their website, clicked on “Our Shepherd” and was SHOCKED to see something other than a representation of Jesus…

    1. You do know that Jesus consults Sammy on all shepherding matters. Why with out Sammy’s blessing I just don’t know how the Lord gets anything done. 🙄

  3. Bro. Allen visited Miss Nix and told her what God had laid upon his heart. Miss Nix’s only response was “he did?” She then began to correspond with Bro. Allen through letters and on October 2, 1961, the Concord Missionary Baptist Church was born in the perfect will of God. Bro. Allen has been the only pastor the Church has ever had.

    Pretty slick way to take over. “God told me to take over this work.” Sammy said it, that settles it. Good work if you can pull it off.

    Sammy’s Camp is Legenday through out the Rural Southern IFB network of non-networked bunkers. Any Rural IFB preacher worth his salt has several pocketed illustrations at the ready from Sammy’s Camp Meetings.

    Illustrations of how the “Spirit Moved.” How “There was Liberty to Preach.” And especially an example or two how the Lord used Sammy or one of his minions to call out some teenage girl who has a 7 and 1/2 inch slit in her full-length Denim skirt. That extra 1/2 inch is proof of her loose morals and rebellion. Yep ol’ Sammy had her in tears in just a matter of seconds, under conviction and at the altar in just under one minute and seven seconds. God was all over her (until the devil in the pulpit scared the hell out of her), yep you can’t call yourself a true fundie until you’ve been to Sammy Camp and learn Spiritual Terrorism from a master like Sammy or Phil Kidd.

    1. “Concord Missionary Baptist Church was born in the perfect will of God.”

      Just love the wording. It’s just more rhetoric to mean you should never argue with the church or it’s MOG, because that would be going against the perfect will of God (whatever the hell that means.)

      1. If it benefits you, and promotes your cause and elevates you above others… that is the IFB “Perfect will of God.” Longevity is “proof” that the decision was the “PERFECT” will of God. It’s alkl perfectly obvious that Sammy is intune with the “Perfect Will of God” and as God’s anointed whatever he says might as well be taken as the actual word of God. (btw,I believe that this is one of the classic definitions of a CULT)

      2. I love how they never mention the town or state the church is located in? I guess you just must be led there in some manner? Not that I really care but someone might!

  4. So the “DR” has two of those coveted honorary degrees and he is president of a “college” but best I can tell from his stirring bio he has never even attended college himself?

    1. In IFB-land, college degrees mean nothing when hiring but mean everything when you’re at their college!
      “Don’t be quitter. You can’t do great things for God without our training.” 🙄

      1. Well of course, Sammy’s Perfectly God-will borne school wasn’t around when Sammy went to school – his only option was those heathen state-run indoctrination camps…

    1. Yeah, I know. I’ll be 60 next month, which means I’m still in my late adolescence. Whoo-hee! Am I gonna have some fun!

    2. I’ve always wondered, was Methusalah,(sp)? a teenager when he was 150? In his mind 150 was the new 15.

    1. ^FTW^
      split BAMboo QUALIFIED!
      Honolulu! I wanna go there

      In the IFB the building is the church. They may give lip service to the sheeple being the “church” but in the IFB the building is the place where they “come apart to pray” to their god in the name of the Creator. If only Ephesians chapter 4 were actually practiced in totality rather than being a narrowly defined focus on the so called offices of verse 11.

      1. I remember I used to hear ALL THE TIME from FBC and the FBC clone church we went to after we graduated from HAC, “We will not use our people to build our ministry, we use our ministry to build our people.” And every time I heard it I stopped (in my mind) and went, “Huh.” because what they ACTUALLY did was just the opposite. Building the “ministry” (church building and pastor) is their only goal (In my opinion) and they use any and all methods possible to do so.

  5. “He has been preaching over 50 years and has preached over 2000 weeks meeting.” erm…heh? I don’t get it. Did George do their website? 😕

  6. The church my parents were at when I was born used to have Sammy Allen for weeks on end revivals all the time. I’m sure they thought great things were in store for me when I was born during one, but now I’m a Presbyterian and a complete disappointment…to my dad anyway. So glad we left that place when I was 2 🙂 The church I went to most of my life has a pastor now who is a “Sammy Allen protege” as my grandparents describe him. My aunt complains that there is a lot of screaming.

    1. alm517, I can relate. My parents are both graduates of Tennessee Temple, and they thought the fact that Dr. Lee Roberson and I share a birthday was a major fundy omen. Now I’m an out gay man, and a member of a Unitarian congregation with distinct pagan tendencies. Woopsie.

  7. It even has the obligatory grammatical errors! “He has been preaching over 50 years and has preached over 2000 weeks meeting.”

  8. What makes me sad is that 90%+ of people from my church would think his website is fine, that he’s great, and his excitement is what we need. 🙄

  9. Had a guy from Sammy Allen’s camp come and preach at my Bible college. Guy had white hair and a face that would turn tomato red when he would yell…which was most of the service. Told us that all the great revivals to happen in America started in the Northeast and if we didn’t start one America was doomed. During the “alter” call only two people responded…and this is a place where almost everyone responds all the time. After that the president of the college got up and said “See what I mean…they’ve grown cold” and berated us for the next 10 minutes.

    Fun times.

    1. I know how to help them. After every chapel service have the music groups get up and sing ‘We Need Revival’ again. 🙄 I hated that song so much from singing it for two weeks straight.

  10. You can tell that he “has been preaching over 50 years and has preached over weeks meeting” because it sounds like he’s gonna permanently lose his voice.

    1. Not bad for a guy who lists no undergrad training, yet runs his very own “Bible College” (whatever that means). A classic case of “We don’t need no education, but you do.”

  11. Ok, now while I enjoy this site as much as the next guy, I do take exception to you including the second link in the Sammy Allen circle, as that happens to be the church I go to, and we are *not* involved with Sammy, or his crowd. As I’ve stated before, the Baptistry thing was a one-time occurance, and although it did put our church on the map, I can guarantee you we are far from fundy! By the way, we all thought it was funny when it happened, and although we aren’t affiliated with Sammy, I do think you trying to link us with him is hilarious! Our pastor took us to hear him one time, and before we went in, he instructed us to hide our walets, because Sammy would probably take an offering, and try to guilt trip us into giving. We all took note of this warning, all except for one guy, who went home with no money because Sammy had sucked it all out of him!

    1. If you read what I said, I described his camp as doing things “like that” — a charge which can hardly be denied.

  12. I’ve been to his church before. I went there one year with a friend over Labor Day weekend. I remember him saying something about how he only preaches at other meetings if they’ve gone on for so many weeks or something. I don’t know how true that is, but it came off as arrogant IMO. But his church was really friendly, and I love their choir.

    That night, we laid out of church and went to Helen, GA.

  13. 9414 Fairmount Hwy SE
    , Fairmount, GA30139-2708

    Darrell, I got the address! Hehe!

  14. I went to the camp and heard Sammy preach there and other places several times in my childhood. It was an experience.

  15. I have also have heard Sammy preach. In fact one time he preached for three hours! Longest preaching service I have ever attended in my 50 years. I will say that he can quote more scripture by far than anyone else I have ever heard.

  16. One thing for sure you don’t leave the last night of Sammy Allen’s campmeeting untill all of his bills are paid! You stay & stay & stay! He may say you come free of charge and they will pay for your accomodations but believe me YOU PAY FOR IT!

    1. PerfectlY horrendous. Reminds me of Jim Vineyard, in his HAC days, at Wednesday night bus workers’ meeting. He shook down poor college students and laughed while he did it. 😕

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