Jack Trieber, “pastor” of North Valley Baptist Church, practices a little blasphemy in a sermon from September 26, 2007 by substituting “the pastor” for “the Lord” in Psalm 23.

Keep your eyes peeled for MULTIPLE white piano sightings.

If you’ve got the stomach, you can catch the entire sermon including demands that “all money in this church must run through the pulpit.” The comments begin at 1:23:00.

Note: because of the video format I had to settle for screen captures + audio from the sermon instead of streaming video. If someone else would like to try their hand, feel free.

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  1. In the church I attend, the man (we’re allowed to call him a man) who started the church does not set himself up higher in authority than any other member. His only distinction is that he is the one that started it. We have many locations throughout the city, but call ourselves one church. Different pastors from the multiple locations regularly preach in each other’s pulpits. And they are all very much under the elders in the church who we (members)have a very active role in voting in. Because we really don’t know who is going to preach from one week to the next, we don’t develop any strong loyalty or bond to any one preacher. I think this system is very good in preventing man-worship. I’m not saying it’s THE way to go, it just impressed me coming from the IFB where the pastor is literally worshiped and the people are frantic when he goes out of town…

  2. “What a lot of people are worshipping MIGHT NOT BE JESUS.” – J. R. “Bob” Dobbs.

  3. This was a big issue in my lil fledgling BJU outpost. Over and over again, do NOT give to charities. ALL money is to be given to the “ministry.” After a few years this included no money to family members in need, oh, including children. Yep, no money for anything outside of the ministry. Its a cult. Oh, but ever month on a Sunday night, there was a special offering for the BJU kids from our church. Its a cult.

    1. Wow! That’s pretty controlling. I don’t remember anything like that at my church. There did seem to be some tension though when BJU faculty members wanted to “tithe” to BJU. The church didn’t seem to like that a whole lot.

      1. My mother refused to pay for my sister’s SAT exams out of her public school but always had a 20 to throw into the pot for the BJU kids.

    2. My fundy church (Paul Chappell) taught that all giving was to go through the local church. He did have that empire to build after all…

    3. Maybe, the pastor of our NON-legalistic, somewhat (comparatively) liberal IB church preached the same thing. All giving should be done thru the local church. Christ died for the local church, doncha know! 🙄

      1. John, vague stories shakey on the specifics were told about the Big Charities giving most of their money to staff. Of course this is completely false but it wasn’t until well into my adulthood that I could give without feeling a little icky about it. The conditioning dies hard.

  4. This has bothered me all day. Although I’ve always known that pastors are shepherds, I’ve NEVER associated pastors with Ps. 23. Instead it’s a beautiful, amazing Psalm about God’s presence throughout our life and to our death when we will dwell with God forever. I really don’t want this Psalm tarnished with the image of the pastor replacing the gentle and loving image of Jesus.

    1. Psalm 23 is clear. “the Lord is my Shepard”. Not my priest/rabbi/vicar/pastor. Now if that’s obvious to me, an atheist it should be crystal clear to a religious leader with many years of theological training and bible study behind him.

  5. What arrogance. What hubris. What a horrible misrepresentation of what Baptists have historically stood for.


    1. You are right! I attend an IFB Church and I have NEVER heard such junk in my life. My Pastor is a precious man of God and he is the most humble man I have ever met. It is a shame that these wicked men are using God’s pulpit to do such horrible things and to preach such heircy. I wish I could get out CD’s of my Pastor preaching or people could come to my church and see that these things do not go on here!!!!Most of our parents homeschool their children, but not all of them do. We do it at home on our own…we have no church homeschool. It just blows my mind at the stuff I am reading about IFB Churches..I have never experienced this at all. I pray that God stops this one way or another. God Bless those that have had to go through this horrible abuse.

  6. oh wow! the ex mog is a triber clone! he came from the camp of triber.

    they are truly a different breed of ifb (not your fire and brimstone preachers) – they play on the sensitivity of sheep and always make out like they are doing you a huge honor by preaching. they are good guilt trippers.

    these men are DANGEROUS. they really only care about 2 things:

    1. how much is in your wallet
    2. do you love your pastor

    1. They are the BEST guilt-trippers. I dared watch a couple minutes of the “raising up boys to be men part 1” (or whatever it’s called) sermon that he just gave recently. He said it’s wrong for parents to be part of a softball league, or to listen to a game in the car while you’re with your kids. It’s probably unhealthy for me to re-expose myself to that after all these years. I’m just reminded about how I analyzed every stupid thing I did – is this of the Lord? Would pastor approve? Can’t go there anymore. I’m getting woozy.

      1. Why did he say it’s wrong for parents to be part of a softball league (or listening to a game in the car)? That’s just ridiculous… there’s nothing wrong with either of those things.

      2. i can totally believe that kat! you get into a mentality where enjoying something simple (spending quality time with your family on a wed night instead of attending mid week service) makes you feel guilty.

        it is a shame these men have such power over these poor people. and it is sad to see these poor people always striving to please the mog.

  7. Wow, that was disgusting. I had to go read Ezekiel 34 and John 10 to reassure myself that clowns like this are not shepherds. God Himself shepherds His flock, the Good Shepherd Himself has laid down His life for the sheep. Not some jokester behind a pulpit.

  8. A buck 23 to that sermon? Seriously? I attended Mount Minnick for four years and he almost never went that long. That’s a nearly unheard-of length in fundy circles.

    I’m thinking more and more that there’s no such thing as a “slip of the tongue.” After all, “out of the heart the mouth speaketh,” right? You might never be so bold as to *say* “The pastor is the Good Shepherd on Earth” but if you believe that in the recesses of your heart you’ll start doing things like swapping “the pastor” for “the Lord” in Psalm 23. And if the pastor is the Lord, who are you to challenge him? Who are you to accuse him of wrong-doing? This kind of spiritual abuse is prime breeding ground for other, less abstract forms of abuse.

    I don’t know the guy so I won’t accuse him specifically of anything…but speaking in general, this is a window into how that cycle starts.

    1. More than likely a Sunday night. Doesn’t the choir always go down and sit with the peasants on a Sunday night in fundy land? Assuming those pics were from the actual message preached, of course, he probably was able to rant this long because it was a different venue than a Sunday am.

  9. The pastor is my shepherd,
    I know him very little.

    He makes me to stare at the backs of others heads giving lectures, while he really lets me have it.

    He gives me teachings that don’t hold water.
    He leads me in the paths of legalism
    For his alma mater’s sake.

    Yea, though my family goes through turmoil and confusion, I will fear no evil;
    For I said the sinner’s prayer.

    Your church and Your staff, they adore you.
    You provide a comfort zone for your devotees in the presence of your liberal enemies.

    You do not anoint my head with oil;
    You don’t even know my name.

    Surely questions and doubting shall follow me
    All the days of my life;
    And I will be at church every time the doors are open from this time for ever. Forever.

      1. Hahaha, this is a great poem in a very sad sort of way. (I’m new to the site and been reading older posts.)

      1. No. It was written for Jack Trieber (and his clones), of whom this post is about.

        Though Osteen would definitely fit into the category as well. :mrgreen:

  10. So wait…If the pastor is God’s representative on earth, I’m assuming that he’s a papalist, because that’s the same thing? (Except even the pope doesn’t go around replacing God
    s name in the bible with his own.) He even says he’s God’s mouthpiece to us!

  11. Disgusting how someone like this clown can feel no qualms about twisting, no MANGLING Scripture like that.

    It’s like the guy openly exposed himself as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If there is any shred of discernment left (not liking the odds), there would be a mass exodus or at least an attempt to remove this guy.

  12. This is classic abuse of scripture…I had a fundy pastor who once said that Pharoah harden his heart three times before God ever hardened his once in a message. (The bible states the exact opposite. God hardened his Pharoah’s heart three times.) I talked to him about it and he laughed and said shuuu don’t tell anyone. WHAT!

  13. David wrote the 23rd psalm long before there were pastors. A shepard was a very brave person that confronted many hazards while tending sheep.As is told David killed lions, bears and ferocious annimals while tending sheep.A “good” shepard would lay down his life for his sheep. There were other qualities that would jeopardize the title of shepard
    that I think the pastor would not be entitled to for how many are willing to do what the “Good Shepard” did for His sheep.

    1. Have they really?

      They SHOULD be ashamed of it.

      If Trieber believes the KJVO is perfect as written, why did he find the need to meddle with the wording?

      North Valley Baptist Church needs to repent and find a new pastor.

  14. As I read the comments on this “sermon,” I was reminded of something our ex-pastor said many times from the pulpit. He would say that if he asked us to do something (teach a class, drive a bus, or whatever), it was God telling us to do it and we didn’t need to pray about it.

    Wow…when I read that I’m amazed at the arrogance.

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