YACFRAM (Yet Another Crazy Fundy Rant About Music)

This time it’s Brian T Coates – Publishing Director for Anchor Baptist Missions International – who sets us back on the straight and narrow by telling us that if we fix our music then EVERYTHING else in our lives will fix itself.

Update: the owner of the video has now disabled embedding and turned off comments on the video. That smacks of cowardice to me.

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  1. I am an Independent Baptist Pastor, however I am sick of seeing these men rant and rave about nothing. It is nothing more than failure to study the Word. Preach the Word and point people to Christ. What kind of music do you have to listen to in order to be scream and yell while being severely over weight?

      1. yeah, lets preach about one “sin” while committing another (gluttony) . And BTW, where exactly in the Bible does it say you cant listen to all kinds of music? Or has that been twisted around (IFB Specialty) ? GOd is going to Judge all of these people and their crazy rules someday for putting him in such a small box and turning so many people off to him! just sayin!

    1. I’m so glad that my God is bigger than my choice in music. I didn’t grow up with hymns, mostly praise and worship. No choir, but instead each week we had a different group lead. Some weeks (my favorite) we would have a rock style band, drums, horns, keyboards, all professional musicians. I remember a few Sundays where we would have Voices of Liberty (an acapella group from EPCOT),I’m pretty sure that not everyone was a Christian in the group.
      I’m so thankful that I was exposed to such diverse music as a kid. I want my kids to know that God can be praised in more ways than one. Heck, when our church was doing a series on hell our worship leader started the service with “Highway to Hell”. It did offend a few, but most got the point.

    2. Really, dude…an IB (no F given your own description) pastor who reads this blog and sees the crazy for what it is: that’s awesome.

      1. The only F in my description is “Forgiven” I hate to see what is happening with the legalism and nonsense that is coming from the Church!

  2. excuse me as i go listen to some “RAge AGainst the Machine” to de program myself after that. amen.

  3. I was visualizing Hannibal Lector listening to classical music as he ate his dinner…. 😈

  4. What disturbs me out of the whole video (besides the obvious) is that the people in the audience are agreeing with him?????

  5. β€œIf you change your music, you change your heart.”

    Wow, according to this speaker it is to change our own hearts…No Holy Spirit required.

    I reject this humanistic teaching and, instead, rely on God for my sanctification.

    1. Corrected version:

      β€œIf you change your music, you change your heart.”

      Wow, according to this speaker it is EASY to change our own hearts…No Holy Spirit required.

      I reject this humanistic teaching and, instead, rely on God for my sanctification.

      1. The funny thing is, if you don’t agree with him on music, he’d call YOU worldly, but in truth it is HE who is farther from Scripture by inserting the power of music for the power of the Holy Spirit.

    1. They just disabled embedding so I can’t post it here.

      Give me a little while and I’ll work on that…

  6. This man annoyed the heck out of me. If I was in his church I would walk out. I don’t need to hear preferences preached from the pulpit as if they are biblical principles.

    1. That’s what made non-fundy Cedarville University soooo instrumental in my spiritual life: they proclaimed (and by “they” I mean…the president, to the incoming freshmen) the difference between “institutional preferences” (“ways we’ve decided to live as a community of Christians” and “if you don’t like ’em, there are other Christian colleges that’d be happy to provide you with more structure πŸ˜† ) and…Biblical mandates. HUGE!

  7. What seems pointless to me, if this is like most fundie churches ive been to, isn’t he just preaching to a choir of people who already think like that AND harping on lifestyles none of them demonstrate? Is he hoping they will continue his rant and find people with said lifestyle, because I am pretty sure thats what ends up happening.

  8. There are many things that can be said about this rant (and I’m sure…have; I’ll not take the time to read, at last count, all 264 comments). I will say these:

    Yeahhh, ’cause tracts are such a thoughtful and effective tool for evangelizing. πŸ™„

    I love how the Moonwalk is (seemingly) OK, but “the whatever” is not. …And here I was planning to go clubbing soon just so I could do “the whatever.” :sob:

    Oh and “If you’re tired of and you need to go leave, go ahead” = WIN! Freudian slip FTW!

    P.S. Did anyone else see the same commercial on RuTube as I did? It’s for a STRAW but the web addy? get-hard.ru. 😯 πŸ˜†

  9. Wow. I watched the “Bro Cecil” video before this one. I’m almost not sure which one is the satire! 😯

  10. Q. Why don’t I F Baptists like to have sex?

    A. It might lead to dancing. πŸ˜€

      1. LOL I did not watch the vid, just noticed his name. He really is nice though πŸ™‚

        1. Maybe he can start demonstrating that in his preaching by not screaming at people, and not trying to tell people that his music prefs have been handed down from God?

  11. Does he remind anyone else of Barney Fife? His mannerisms and facial expressions.

  12. It is pitiful that he thinks he has actually been taught – SOMEWHERE – how to “preach.” Sad, sad commentary on IFB churches/colleges etc… Why does he keep looking at his phone??? How distracting and tacky is that??? Lord, help us.

  13. For the life of me I can figure out why the church is not packed out to hear this pure man of genius expound such magnificent and mind-blowing exposition and logic! You go gluttonous flat top boy! He so tech savy with notes on his smart phone. Um..Jealous

  14. i’d bet a million bucks when he’s “reading the text” on that phone he’s actually checking his victoria’s secret app.

    a million bucks.

  15. “I won’t bet my life on it, but i would bet ALMOST my life on it…” hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  16. another jim jones.where’s the kool-aid..this is legalism okay?? would this guy like to tell my shy,emotionally ill daughter that her music has to be tossed out “in the name of jesus”?? this man lacks spiritual wisdom ..totally

  17. So all the problems in my life can be ‘fixed’ if I change the music I listen to? Another fundy rant that produces a whole lot of heat but no light.

  18. Did anyone else catch that he starts off saying that if your music is right, your heart will follow, but later he switches and says that if your heart is right, then you will pick right music because it will minister to your right heart? So which is supposed to be right first – the heart or the music?

  19. I’m way late to the party, but did he forget about David dancing before the Lord when the Ark of the Covenant came in? That was some pretty serious dancing. What a dumbass.

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