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    1. I was in the middle of reading PCC’s Twitter feed, then Darrell’s post popped up in my timeline. This felt like ‘an idea that came from God.’

    2. Sorry, music is such a non-issue to me that I have no comment…
      Except that “Christian music” to me is sadly lacking other than the TRUE GOHs i.e, “When Peace Like A River”, “The Doxology” (in it’s many incarnations”, and many other. Whether trite revivalist chorusess or CCM “worship” songs that focus more on the worshiper than the Worshiped, so many have lost the “Spirit” of worshiping in spirit and truth.

  1. That’s kind of funny actually.

    Did I detect clapping along in the crowd? I can’t imagine that’s kosher there. Was kind of surprised they allow acoustic guitar, no way clapping is approved is it?

      1. That was me that tweeted it to DD this AM. Although that one is like what are those bozos thinking?

    1. It’s a Youth conference which means they’ve got kids from other churches and probably more than a few non-fundy “unsaved” kids in the crowd as well.

      They’re just trying to be all relevant and seeker sensitive. 😮

  2. Skip beer and go for the good stuff 🙂

    J/K you just need to find the right type of beer. I have 2 in the bottle right now. 3 weeks and it will be ready to drink. Real Christians make their own 😎

        1. My issue is that my house stays very cold. So I actually needed to figure out a way to keep the fermenter warm. Luckily we have heated bathroom floors and that actually worked. Bottling I just put them in a dark non-insulated closet.

      1. You need the equipment to start. That link that aaron shared is a very good start. From there you need to start by buying kits. Kits come with all the ingredients and directions. After that it is just following the instructions. I use http://www.austinhomebrew.com/ for a lot of my stuff, but I also go local from time to time. Oh and reuse bottles. You need about 50 for a 5 gal batch so it makes for fun times acquiring all those bottles.

        After you make a 4-5 batches you start to figure out ways you can adjust or tweak your recipes.

        Making your own recipe or using full mash is when things start to get difficult.

        1. Oops I meant to say, otherwise it is pretty simple. Follow the instructions and in about 5 weeks time you’ll have 50 bottles of beer. I have several friends who make beer and none of us have ever ruined a beer yet.

  3. And Jesus even made 120 gallons of wine for a wedding where the guests were already to the point that they couldn’t really appreciate how good his wine was (and it was quite some good stuff, too!). But at FBCH, they’re holier than Jesus himself, and wouldn’t let our Lord join their church (hey, I thought it was his church…).

    1. Jesus made 120 gallons of Grape Juice, not wine!!javascript:grin(‘:shock:’)

  4. “I don’t drink Beer”, but I’ll utilize wordly music when it suits me, Hay-men?

  5. This is a ripoff of a Steven Curtis Chapman song. This isn’t “worldly” music per se.. it’s fake Christian devil music 🙂

    1. AAARRRGGHHHH! I got in trouble for liking the real song at a Hyles-linked church, but these guys get away with doing a parody… even the same tune… in the “mother church”? Oh puh-leeze. *facepalm*

  6. I TOLD you guys that fundies have a thing for Tim Hawkins! 😛

    I think that Tim Hawkins is one of the things fundies like to convolute so that it is acceptable to them, like how certain parts of the Bible are ignored.

  7. Thank you for introducing me to Tim Hawkins. He’s pretty funny.
    About the Hammond skit, the less said, the better.

  8. They think it’s hilarious because they have never heard the song before and they have no idea it’s a parody of another song.
    so s’all good.

  9. Sort of like how PCC didn’t know the Tostido Tuesday guy was ripping off Adam Sandler. 😉

  10. My favorite Tim Hawkins song is “Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife,” to the tune of “I Hope You Had the Time of Your Life.” And his bit about going to La Madeleine restaurant–in which he gradually morphs into his wife while ordering–is hilarious. (In an effiminate lisp):”The Danish? Shouldn’t, but I’m gonna! And do you have raspberry tea? With Splenda? BONUS!”

    1. Am glad I’m not the only one that found it amusing. I think it’s funnier than the orig linked.

  11. I’m sorry, but the guy on the left looks too much like Elton John to be allowed in a fundy church.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Just a low-budget, less stylish Elton, in his bad bleach days.

  12. That guy is a teacher at HAC. The character I think is a mix of Austin Powers and Benny Hinn.

  13. I went to Hammond youth conferences back in the 80’s when Hyles was there and clapping was always present there – even then. Their music has always been up-tempo at that church. My pastor didn’t like us listening to their ensemble music because of the worldly beat.

  14. Beer was probably invited as a way to store bread by turning it into a liquid form. The alcohol content was also important because it killed germs. Through human history most people preferred alcoholic beverages over water, because most water was unsafe and could kill you. Most fundies are ignorant of this fact. Also North America is lucky to have so more fresh water than other parts of the world. So fundies take this for granted and assume that other people in other parts of the world had the same access to abundant sources of fresh water.

    1. So since we have fresh water and some people in the world do not we should drink beer, brilliant.

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