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I’ve wasted way too much time over the past couple of days reading the entries at It’s a collection of religious bits and pieces from over the last several decades which are just fascinating to me. Yes, not all of them are about fundamentalists but they are mostly about crazy religious goings on and that’s right up my alley! I have a feeling most of the folks here will enjoy this stuff too.

A bit about Jim Linderman…

Linderman is called”The King of Internet Ephemera” for his series of odd art blogs under the Dull Tool Dim Bulb umbrella. Now comes this new book of bold obscure graphics, tracts, pamphlets, screeds, photographs and more from the last 100 years of Bible Thumpers and Evangelists. The True Heritage of the Religious Right! Linderman lovingly preserves and presents these dopey artifacts because no one else does. Astounding, frightening and hilarious at the same time. Get down on your sinful knees! Is the Apocalypse coming? YES, and it has been for the last100 years!

42 thoughts on “Blog Shoutout: OLD TIME RELIGION THE BLOG”

  1. Yep, first.

    Well, thanks Darrell, you’ve given me another website to waste time on.


    1. It’s why I keep coming back.

      The promise of interesting things to spend my time on. 😉

  2. I can’t read all the text in that ad, but I think it’s the first time I’ve seen an aluminum pressure cooker as a prize.

  3. Serve the Lord to get random stuff … just lovely.

    I was sad that there weren’t any snarky comments hidden in the picture. I dragged my mouse over it and nothing happened … maybe I have to fill out that pink form to get a hidden comment. :o)

      1. *Mental Note To Self: Don’t read the comments from the bottom up. It distorts the intent of the original message, and leads the mind on its own course.* 😉 :mrgreen:

  4. Ohh! What an exciting contest! I’m going to enter the door-to-door invitation tract my church uses! I think we might win!

  5. i NEED that arthur godfrey ukulele!!! i’ll go soul-winning, i’ll give a phoney testimony, i’ll tell random strangers that they use the wrong “per”version… hell- i’ll say the freakin’ shahada for a chance at that ukulele!

    1. I seem to recall that Arthur Godfrey sold a ukelele-learning system that involved some kind of mechanical fingers that pressed the strings on the ukelele neck to make the different chords. Sort of like a ukelele/autoharp hybrid. I’ve never actually seen one of those things, but I heard about them from people who had ordered the whole works.

      1. I even heard from one guy who tried to use one-and-a-half of these to try to play a guitar (six strings instead of four). He said it sort-of-almost worked.

    1. reminds me of old comics sinners read back in the 70’s

      ya heatherns

  6. Amazing how they show Drink as being the first thing that is “hit” in this Christian Crusade.

    Of course they quickly went out of business due to their statement of “Trust.” 🙄

  7. I never knew this blog existed . . . what a hoot. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  8. What’s with the tiny people behind the large items? Is it necessary to show a tiny cowboy peeking over the guitar or a girl exclaiming in joy over the gigantic watch?

  9. I’ve heard you play guitar, Darrell. I think you’re about ready to move up to Cowboy guitar now. 😉

  10. The giant fist is crushing WAR? Wait i thought fundy’s loved war?
    FACT: it’s violent, there are guns, and most of the time it’s wicked heathen getting killed!

    1. And the fingers are not proportioned right. they are way too oversized and thick.

      1. Not to mention that lady, who’s torso has been taken over by a 30 foot watch.

        1. That watch is OBVIOUSLY too big for her. I’m not sure why she is so excited. It almost looks like it might be a Championship Wrestling/ Boxing belt. It would be pretty hard to sell watches that are this big.

          @Don- Maybe the awkward sizes of these items contributed to the downfall of this company as well.

    2. Isn’t it only those hippies who are against war? But that giant deformed fist smashing down doesn’t look too pacifist!

  11. I’m sure “PRIZES!” are inappropriate as a motivational tool for winning the lost. Our prizes should be “Laid up in heaven where moth and rust” won’t corrupt. We know that these prizes WILL burn up at the judgment seat. This colorful little tool of satan mentions that “The world is on fire,” well folks, these prizes will be on fire at the judgment seat.

    And exactly what “elements will be melting with fervent heat?” FIRST, the aluminum pressure cooker for sure. We all know that aluminum melts at 1221 degrees F.

    SECOND: if we look at the wicked Arthur Godfrey (more like Devilfrey), he lived to be 79 years old, and the spruce ukulele he played, well spruce burns at 575 degrees F.

    THIRDLY: Joe DiMaggio lived to be 84 years old, was a 3 time MVP, played 13 years with the Yankees and was an All Star all 13 years. Now when we see a number like that repeated we know it’s there for an extra special reason. Wicked Joe, as he was called, also hit in 61 consecutive games.

    FOURTHLY: The Red Ryder BB gun was introduced in 1938. The wicked Hellywood movie “A Christmas Story” was released in 1983. Did you see that folks, or did satan slip that by you? He juxtaposed the last numbers of this wicked movie with the date the rifle was introduced. Wickedness. The catchy, worldly phrase made popular by this movie was “You’ll shoot your eye out.” {24 key strokes there folks. We’ll revisit THAT for sure!}

    1221 aluminum’s melting point
    79 age of wicked Arthur Godfrey
    575 combustion point of spruce
    84 age of Wicked Joe DiMaggio
    3 time MVP
    13 years with the Yankees
    13 times he was an All Star
    61 consecutive game hitting streak
    1938 introduction of Red Ryder BB gun
    1983 wicked Hellywood movie “A Christmas Story” was released
    24 key strokes in phrase“You’ll shoot your eye out”

    Grand total = 5994 If we look closely at the dice in the top right corner, we clearly see the numbers 4 and 5, which added together = 9.

    5994 divided by 9 = 666

    1. Again, Shoes, you have proven how subtly Satan has infiltrated our culture. Without your skill with numbers, we might inadvertently become involved with sin!

    2. Shoes, I am truly humbled and amazed at your mathematics prowess.

      However, if I recall many an IFB sermon, the kind of education needed to be so proficient in any subject other than bible, was only to be found in one of those evil, godless, heathen public institutions. I certianly hope your spirit was not affected by all the sin you were exposed to. 😆

  12. The “PRIZE!” sheet has a Joe DiMaggio baseball set.
    Joe DiMaggio was married to Marilyn Monroe.
    Marilyn Monroe was born in L.A., California.
    L.A. Reid is a record producer that signed … Justin Bieber.
    We know that Justin Bieber is the devil.

  13. In British usage, though, “graft” can mean “hard work,” so double-check what your British friend is accusing that politician of before you jump to conclusions.

  14. Whoa! Some great minds obviously driven to wordsmiths by the images on my blog! Good…and just like your local church, at old time religion the blog all are welcome. Feel free to follow and share. I try to post a few times a week. A fella has to collect something, and religion ephemera has a low price indeed! Thanks for the post here and thanks all for the comments! Jim Linderman Editor of old-time-religion the blog.

  15. Thanks so much for posting this1 I so needed a good laugh this afternoon, a healthy escape from life’s stresses and a handful of church crazies’ ‘infuriating behavior’! Always wanted a degree in ‘sociology a la religion a la fundyism etc in America. And here, I can get one FREEEEEE! And have my own ‘laugh in jollies’ at the same time! Love you guys. Fundyville + Fundamentals Ville = know everything-ville= Religious confusion and ‘a whole lot of laughs’ AFTER you ESCAAAAAAAAPE from the crazies!!! Then you are free to be as crazy as you want to be, and even have fun at the same time! Bcause you no longer have to put on an act! And think how much energy you save, when,while enjoying being crazy while having fun at the same time, you don’t have to ‘pretend’ you’re happy’ all the time,when you’re really ‘not’, going about with that ridiculous ‘everything’s alright’ evangelical’ SMIIIIILE! That you used to ‘wear’ because you thought doing tat, was how you were supposed to ‘look and act’ like a “True Believer”. HAAAAAH! Free to be yourselves, free to be you, free to be real. And God actually lets you do that too! What? No lightening bolts from God, for enjoying ‘being human??!!!” HAAAAAH! Take that you religious wet blankets. HAAAAAH! Now I’m ‘really happy’ because I don’t have to pretend. And you guys have done it again. you’ve relly made my day! HAAAAAAH! 😎

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