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  1. I’m planning on having 7 of my 10 children sing this song for church this Sunday, playing their harps and hammer dulcimers. It’s sure to get an amen or two out of the deacons.

  2. That was just … marvelous.
    I’m all verklempt.

    Once more, your stock pictures are unparalleled.

    Apparently, Waco, Texas is the capital of the Bible Belt. That sounds about right.

  3. AllHatNoCattle.com, that’s hilarious! Actual website, unbelievable! Keep up the good work here Darrell, I have been quoting the Fundy Rules to a few fundies, specifically #64 lately. Good stuff. The problem with quoting one of the rules is that the situation quickly leads to an opportunity to quote another one, sometimes even in sequence, unfortunately.

  4. Oh man, the preacher at 57 seconds is Kerrigan Skelly, an absolute nutcase. Any sin will cause you to lose your salvation according to him. He is pelagian and boasts of the fact.

  5. The picture of the natives in their “thongs” that is black markered out from neck to ankle/wrist is spectacular.

      1. Worst fitting unitards ever?

        I love it actually looks sort of like some of them have bulging pockets. If you were fundy naive you might not even notice, just think that was a weird pic that might’ve had something wrong with it. I know the first time @ PCC I saw them black markering up news papers & stuff I did like a quadruple take of “what is going on here”?

        1. I can’t keep track of which side of the church Natalie is on. My head is spinning. 😆

        2. I just hope you found a breathing apparatus in the radio flyer if that wasn’t Don & George’s whoopi cushion.

      1. That’s IT, Don!!! Now, I have that song STUCK in my head.

        I’m taking my butt cushion, my drawing pad that Jenn gave me to doodle on during service like she does, my snacks and drinks, my blanket, my chick tract supply, my pens, my dogs, my makeup, hairdryer, brushes, toothbrush, toothpaste, pillow, and of course, my lace covered Bible cover… and moving it to the OPPOSITE side of the church!!!

        1. HAHAHA! You’re gonna need a radio flyer to get all that to the other side of the church by the time the sermon starts.

      2. That B-52s video was badly produced. They forgot to black-marker some of the people in brief native costumes.

  6. Okay, that was absolutely hysterical. . probably because it is SOOOOOOOOOO true!! I have heard all those “same old stories” from evangelists. That made my morning (really)!

  7. Free Chick tract to the first person to name all the evangelists pictured at the end??? 😆

    1. Not all of them are strictly speaking “evangelists” but all of them do “conference speaking” and suchlike.

      I think almost every one has been featured on here at some point.

    2. Well, that would be none other than Phil Kidd! However, I want a free coffee, instead of a chick tract! :mrgreen:

      1. Interesting factoid: Every North Korean adult is required to wear a picture of either Kim Jong Il or his father on his/her clothing at all times. I’m guessing there’s an exception for bathing.

  8. Layers of irony! It’s so true: according to the song, the story we love to tell is “of Jesus and His love”, but too often evangelists spend little time on that and LOTS of time on man-centered moralistic stories.

    I like the acknowledgement of the old hymns you gave in the third verse with your pronunciation of “ashamed.” LOL And that verse is spot on too – with all the outlandish stories of personal achievement the evangelist tells about himself.

  9. I saw the white piano. The quick shot of Philly the kidd at the end scared the shite out of me.

  10. Wow. Win. If that’s you, if you have the rights to it and everything, I’d love a download link!

  11. Jeff Owens is one of the evangelists pictured at the end. Where do you get these pics? Recognized the pastor on stage in one of those…yea that’s a first for me! I actually know that church and visited there.

  12. Anyone know who the guy at 2:22 is? Just curious, because for some reason he looked familiar.

  13. I woke up to the sound of my husband playing this video on his computer. It definitely started my day with a smile! 🙂

  14. I posted on the wrong thread earlier, but if you had a display table in the back w/ cds for sale, I’d definitely buy.

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