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  1. I don’t get it.

    Well, they may not be KJVO, but they want to appear as KJVO friendly as possible so they can have a large population of Fundy-Minded Friendlies.

  2. There is money to be made from the fundies!

    What I used to go through to find KJV Christmas cards during my Fundy Kool-Aid intoxication…

      1. Me too Darrell, it is quite poetic on cards. We use modern versions to study with however.

      2. I do like the KJV, but it’s the kind of English I read all the time as an English professor. Furthermore, it’s vulgar when it should be. You won’t find “pisseth” in modern translations.

  3. BTW, not directly related, but I discovered yesterday that Ken Ham’s son (you know, THE Ken Ham, Creationist crusader) is a baptist pastor, semi-fundy, of a KJV-only church. Yes, the even defend their sole use of the KJV with Scripture… another cognitave dissonance?

      1. Harvest Baptist Church, Cincinnati, since September 2010.

        Full text from their creed:

        (A) The Holy Scriptures

        We believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the verbally and plenary inspired Word of God. The Scriptures are inerrant, infallible and God-breathed, and therefore are the final authority for faith and practice. The sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments are the complete and divine revelation of God to man. God has preserved His Word from all error to this day. The Scriptures shall be interpreted according to their normal, grammatical, historical meaning. The King James Version shall be the official and only translation used in the public services of the Church (2 Tim 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:20-21; Matt 5:17-18; Mark 13:31; Psalms 12:6-7).

        1. That doesn’t mean that they’re KJV-only, just that’s what they use in church. KJV-only means you believe that it is the only legitimate English translation or possibly that it is more inspired than the Greek, depending on how crazy you are.

    1. Anachronism: Thinking there’s something in the Bible about the King James Version.

      1. Anachronism is not exactly the right word. What I mean is “having a poor grasp of chronology.”

  4. I actually took a picture exactly like this on my phone and almost submitted it. 😀 I have a theory, actually, the advertisement was put up a week or so before Bible Conference, when a bunch of fundy pastors come back to hear preaching (some of it was actually great! there was a crazy old guy named Innes who rocked my socks). And so this advertisement is quite shamelessly using the KJV as a cash cow, because even most Bob Jones graduates use the KJV. :/ Silly manipulative business practices.

    1. Darrell’s live tweeting of the #BJUBibleConference didn’t make any of the preaching sound all that great, to say the least. 🙂

    2. I work in the bookstore of another fundamentalist college. This company also called me in the past couple of weeks to ask if we would like to stock their cards. I don’t think it’s really a conspiracy 🙂

  5. BJU is more about the money than ever! Don’t be KJVonly, just look like you’re KJVonly.

  6. I stopped by my Dad’s house the other day and saw he had recd a b/day card from his fundy church. The scripture used was from the New Living Translation, and I saw where some faithful KJVonly had scratched through the “NLT” after the verse.

  7. I’ve always thought the use of the (copyright-free) KJV by greeting card companies and similar publishers was at least partly motivated by the desire not to pay any royalties.

    1. I don’t think it’s an issue. You can quote a book without paying royalties… If it was an entire chapter or book from the Bible it’d be a diff story.

      1. Don’t confuse fair use with unlimited commercial use. Although the case law is confusing for us non-lawyers ( 😯 ), the size of the quotation would probably not metter in this sort of use.

  8. This doesn’t surprise me. Seems like a Fundy can never really shake the KJV off of them. If that company or BJU had decided to quote any other book of the Bible people would claim it not to be Fundamentalist. It would cause divisions and strife. Really it is just easier to use the KJV.

  9. I’m gonna need the name and Student ID of that student who turned that in to this site. This can’t be an approved site for a BJ student.

  10. this doesn’t really surprise me. they company is catering to a niche market, which can be a good business move. BJU has plenty of KJV bibles for sale in the campus store and mandates (or at least used to mandate) use of the KJV in class and from the chapel pulpit, etc, so it seems natural that they’d have stuff like this.

  11. Darell if you had told me you were here for Bible Conference I would have taken you out to lunch! And if you were there, agree with me that Innes was a cool old man! And as a Greek student I was excited to hear him, we don’t actually hear Greek-informed preaching very often. 😀

    1. I wasn’t there in person, I listened to some of the sessions online and tweeted about my impressions as I listened.

      I must have missed the one with Innes. I don’t recall anything that was heavy on Greek.

    2. Innes – that was the one with “they google not, neither do they twitter” (and other remarks disparaging whatever-it-is-the-kids-are-doing-these-days), where he took forever to even get to the Bible text he was preaching from and then never got to the point, and said there’s nothing that God does that doesn’t get credited to evolution ( 🙄 ), and constantly asked if the audience was still awake. there were a few other really off-the-wall statements. sorry, BJU Student, I was less impressed. at least he didn’t just bash gay people, like 1993?

  12. Without referencing the technical terms, he mentioned Colwell’s construction in John 1.1, the precopular qualitative anarthrous predicate nominative! I had a little nerdgasm in my chair. The second time he preached he read straight from his Greek New Testament. 😀 And his sermons were honestly fantastic. This is coming from a Piper/Bell/Driscoll/Wright fan (diverse I know, but all talented speakers).

    1. I’m sure you’d agree that Bell is much more pleasant to listen to than Piper. 😉

    2. That’s quite a group of speakers to be a fan of all of them. You’ve seen the #LoveWins outrage from Piper/Driscoll camps?

    3. That isn’t diverse as much as it is conflicting.

      I used to be a driscoll fan, but the more that I listen to him the more I realize he is just the new wave fundy.

      1. It might be a little early to start in on “new wave fundy’s” cause the old paths are still being hammered out…
        I like Driscoll cause he is not afraid of anybody. And it sounds like he actually does study extensively. Besides, he is in Seattle…things are a little weird out there…

        1. Watch his rant on Avitar. http://www.jesusneedsnewpr.net/mark-driscoll-hates-avatar-really-hates-it/

          If that doesn’t send you back in time to your Fundy U days I don’t know what will.

          Driscoll aslo has some really skewed and frankly disturbing and offensive views on masculinity/gender roles. To Mark a man is the farting, grunting, spitting type of person. Any male who does not fit that role might as well be gay in his book. It is quite offensive when you really take the time to listen. I like his message of freedom in Christ. I like his willingness to break whatever rule stands in his way something Fundies won’t do. But in his freedom he has created chains. And in his ignorance and arrogance he has taken things too far at times.

        2. I don’t particularly like Driscoll, I find a lot of what he says to be offensive, and I think he often behaves like a fundamentalist in jeans (see the Avatar nonsense, or his twitter war over going to a U2 or Jay Z concert or something).

          I do greatly appreciate the church planting effort he’s done supporting & funding a lot of churches that are NOT Driscoll like, and as far as I’ve heard exerts no overt influence or anything over the people planting them. I obv can’t say that’s 100% true, but the people I know who have benefited by from his support to plant, he’s treated right.

        3. I didn’t listen to Driscoll much but I used to like some of what he had to say. But he does seem to be a classic example of what can happen to an “independent” Fundy-inclined preacher who feels he is not accountable to anyone except God.

  13. So using fundy logic, these could be the last cards you’d ever buy. All you need is a photocopier!

  14. As a BoJo alum and a Reformed Legalist, I just figured BJU was like me. I can fellowship with a KJVO whether they like it or not. (family)

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