Using the Devil’s Music?

I’m really not sure how to classify this video. If I had to put money down I would say that it’s a fairly clever parody of fundamentalists performing badly. I just can’t imagine real Ruckman supporters admitting to knowing who Eminem is — much less using his music.

But then again, who knows. Poe’s law applies here.

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  1. Actually calciumboy is definitely a legit ruckmanite. His videos are hilarious. There is a few videos where he is in a debate with James White, rather interesting series lol.

        1. Wants to be cool, but isn’t self aware enough to know how poorly he’s done at imitating/parodying.

    1. He’s for real? *head spins*

      That’s a level of weird beyond any experience I had in Fundyland. A few times, someone got a sanitized version of a secular song past the preacher, but nothing like this.

      1. I guess in his world it’s OK to listen to Eminem but wrong to read any Bible version but the KJV?

        I wonder if he really thinks he’s free to listen to Eminem (which he is unless he’s led into sin) or if he thinks it’s wrong but did it anyway because he wanted to do the video. Does he think the end justifies the means?

  2. Despite a truly horrible performance, it’s clear that whoever wrote this is intimately acquainted with the original song. And he said “balls”.

    Weird that this is real.

    1. For one horrible moment I thought he was about to rhyme a word with “suck”–and he’d already used “luck”.

      1. Actually, if he would have lit up a meth pipe, before he composed this weak thing he did here, he would have came closer to the manic rage that is Eminem’s music.

        Rather, he probably just sniffed some glue before performing this.

  3. That’s in a class of its own. Though I have to admit, I haven’t listened to “The Real Slim Shady” in forever, and it’s actually pretty tame, relatively…except when it isn’t.

  4. I just started playing before reading anything. I would think if this guy is a fundy, admitting he knows eminem this well would seem to be highly counter productive, certainly to the point of the video that he’s a real fundamentalist christian. Someone doesn’t seem to understand the inherent dissonance he’s created for himself & anyone in his congregation. You just can’t pull this off, & call yourself a hard core true fundamentalist, you’re gonna get ousted by another screaming, angry fundy who is willing to call you out. It’s not that surprising that a fundy (who are so often fueled by anger) picks eminem who is totally fueled by testosterone laced anger. Not sure if he realized why he likes that music so much, but I don’t think that’s escapable.

  5. The commie USSR flag is classic fundie. Soviet Union officially crumbled in like 1991, yet in fundyland Soviet Communism is alive & a real threat. I know they’d never set foot in a public school, but idea that people are taught to be communists in public high school is laughable.

    1. now I can’t stop poking around on the rest of this “real Christian’s” website. For example,

      I believe planet Earth is motionless (Genesis 28:12-13, Job 26:7, Psalms 93:1, Acts 7:49,55)
      at the center of the universe (Genesis 1:1 with 1:14-18, Exodus 20:11, Psalms 24:1, Ezekiel 5:5,
      Colossians 1:17 with Ephesians 3:18) and the sun revolves around it. (Psalm 19:4-6, Joshua 10:12-13,
      Ecclesiastes 1:5, Isaiah 38:8, Ezekiel 8:15-16, 1 Timothy 6:20) The entire universe, filled with a dense
      medium (not “empty space”), rotates daily around the earth.

      1. “medium”

        He should say “ether,” if he wants to get really Aristotelian/Thomist. Of course, Fundies seldom recognize or acknowledge their influences.

        1. I’ll also note that the whole “geocentricism” thing is quite popular in uber-conservative Traditionalist Roman Catholic circles. Funny how Fundies of various stripes often start looking alike– despite how much they may hate each other.

  6. from the website: can you tell i like rainbows?

    methinks there are bigger issues than kjv-ism at play here.

    1. theres some stuff that Weird Al didn’t publish because it was lame even to him that is better than this.

  7. Yeah, this guy has the Ruckman attitude alright. The ESV didn’t make his little devil bible list. He’s so behind the times as this version helps me most in my relationship with Lucifer.

  8. He said in his website,
    “Anything done solely for one’s own entertainment
    is a selfish waste of time. (2 Corinthians 5:15, Ephesians 5:15-17, 1 Timothy 5:6, 2 Timothy 3:4)”

    He felt he needed to redeem his unfortunate knowledge of Eminem.

  9. It’s perfectly fine to listen to banned music if you’re using it to make a spiritual point. Kinda like watching R-rated movies so you can rant against congregants attending R-rated movies. [/fundy logic]

    1. That was one thing that always got me–how do you know you’re not supposed to watch/listen to something unless you watch/listen to it to tell other people why they shouldn’t watch/listen to it? ❓ ❓ ❓

  10. I think that possibly this guy was trying to come up with a legitimate parody such as this one done by Apologetix. I don’t necessarily agree with all of their theology in this song, but at least it was well done and sounds pretty close to the original song. 😎

  11. Okay, I get the Birkenstocks for the Feminist Women. Because feminist = lesbian, and lesbians wear Birkenstocks.

    But the headdresses? The mockery of Native American garb? I do not understand how that is supposed to = feminist. Lesbian feminists are Native Americans, but they wear sandals … or … ? I … what?

  12. Give an isolationist fundamentalist a webcam throw in some mental instability and this is what happens.
    Bet his momma is proud!

  13. I am still wondering if he is serious or making a mockery of Fundamentalism. It looks as if he is serious…

    Wow, so what he is saying is that ‘real’ Christians… use the KJV, don’t mess with the devil, are really serious about Christianity, etc… The only problem here is that I didn’t hear him mention ‘Jesus.’ Where was Jesus in this video? Isn’t it Jesus that makes us a real ‘Christian’? Isn’t Christ the center of our hope, the reason why we are Christians?

    This video was ‘Christless.’

  14. DANG IT!! Ruined a quality Eminem song for me. =( At least he didn’t do Lose Yourself cause then I’d have to hunt him down.

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