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  1. I was so bummed when this didn’t turn out to be a spoof. I wanted to see Ruckman slay PCC with a King James Bible.

    Or a liberal super boss like Charles Stanley.

    Or magic Welch’s.

    Or a pulpit battleship.

    Or Master Cheif wearing Gail Riplinger floral polyester.

  2. I’ve played both of these games. They were not all that great. They were so glitchy as to render them all but unplayable. Sure they’re worth a good chuckle but that’s about it. In the Mario clone I kept getting trapped in the scenery or falling through platforms that I had most definitely landed on. Soldier in God’s Army was moderately fun. ‘Cause nothing spreads the love of Christ like shootin’ up gays and Muslims!

    1. They are made in Game Maker (www.yoyogames.com) and are just graphic swaps with a Mario engine that someone else made (although, it would be really simple to code this in Game Maker anyway). I use Game Maker to teach programming.

  3. I don’t know what to say. I never realized that Sonic the Hedgehog had secretely corrupted my childhood.

  4. At the beginning, what was “Sam Gimp” trying to do? Is the object of that level to “piss against the wall”? If so, he’s aiming the wrong way! 😆

  5. OK, surreal just reached a whole new level!!! I wouldn’t have believed that if I hadn’t seen it. Darrell, where do you come up with this stuff????

    BTW, did other fundy kids grow up not being allowed to play video games in the arcade? My brother and I were not allowed because (we were told) the money from those things went to the mafia and to getting bad people out of jail, and other evil purposes like that. Did other fundy parents teach this, or was my dad secretly just irritated at spending the money on those things?

    1. Never heard of that. Interesting, though, and not any stranger than some of the other urban legends they come up with.

    2. We weren’t told anything like that, but we weren’t allowed in arcades because of the rock music and dim lighting.

    3. There were two reasons we weren’t allowed into arcades. The first was the “rock music.” The other reason? I was told that playing arcade games was gambling and that was a sin!

      1. How old was the person who said this? like a hundred? While early arcade games did have gambling elements, and you could win money from pinball machines, no arcade game (pinball or video) in the last four decades has had any such feature 🙂

  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmm…. looks an awful like SMB II….

    Does it have the “evil” Egyptian music on some levels like SMB II?

    Careful of compromise 🙄

  7. This game (the Super Mario “spoof”) is junk. You can’t really lose at this game, as the angel keeps rescuing you. It reminds me of the KJVO rhetoric… they can’t really lose as they will continue begging the question, “Ok.. So where is God’s word right now? Which Bible is the true Scripture and which ones are not?” 😕

    1. Ugh.. Gail Riplinger is crazy, there’s no other word for it. Just look at her review for her book “In Awe of Thy Word.”


      Let’s play a(n actually fun) game here. Find the following elements in the people’s names & backgrounds on this webpage…

      1. An exaggeration about a pseudo-scientific organization based on the basement of a Fundy church.

      2. An exaggeration about a fundy-on-‘roids having to do with the fame of his books.

      3. A deceptive statement about a certain online store that has the name of a famous jungle in the world.

      4. A deceptive statement concerning a certain man that lives in the northern state of some Western European country.

      Let’s see if you can find these 4 elements. 😛

      1. This game feels like it’s unwinnable! I almost feel like I’m losing just knowing it exists.

        1. Nah, it’s not too hard.. all of these things are only found in the headings. I’ll give you no. 1 😛

          Scientist, astronomer and Professor at Baldwin-Wallace University, Dr. Gerardus Bouw, Ph.D., reviewed In Awe of Thy Word for the internationally circulated journal, The Biblical Astronomer.

          Internationally circulated? Anything is internationally circulated on the internet, even your fifth grader’s Angelfire website.

          The Biblical Astronomer is not a real journal, but a geocentrist website, based on a Fundy church…

    1. Ohhhhh, the memories. Makes me want to go shoot some people coming out of a bar with my own fruit of the Spirit.

  8. Some comments have hinted this, but I will just say it. The first game character at the very begining looks like he is shooting pebbles out of his wee. And who the heck is Sam Gipp? or Carl Baugh? And isn’t Hovind in jail? Some heros.

    1. Carl Baugh has a creation museum in Glen Rose, Texas, location of the Paluxy Riverbed footprints (allegedy dino and man). The footprints have been proven false and are therefore not a good argument in the creation apologetics arena. Carl has some other very outlandish ideas that are nonsense. Answers in Genesis is a critic of Baugh and his ill-founded claims.

      1. The Creation Evidence museum is locally famous/notorious in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (a little north of Glen Rose). Some punk/hipster types I knew when I was younger (the same crowd who enjoyed drug-free tripping on Doctor Gene Scott) prized bumper stickers from that Museum as a sort of ironic trophy.

        Last I heard, the Museum consisted of a couple of glass cases in a run-down trailer. That information could be out of date by now, though.

        Glen Rose is actually a beautiful place, great for a weekend getaway (despite the presence of the huge Comanche Peak nuclear power plant near there). The dinosaur tracks in the Dinosaur Valley State Park are quite real, but the supposed “human footprints” are pretty obviously just incomplete dinosaur tracks. The pictures that have circulated showing clear human footprints mixed with the dinosaur tracks are obviously doctored.

    2. Gipp is a nice guy. Evangelist. His sermons are less “you are all dirty rotten and your pastor is too afraid to say so” and more “Here is why the King James is right”. I’ve had breakfast with him. He was pleasant. His sermons are easy to listen to, however, they are typical baptist pick a verse and never talk about it again. He does have a great sermon he calls “The Greatest Verse in the Bible” where he talks about Revelation 4:11 and how we were created to please God. I don’t remember the gist of it now, but I liked it at the time. I probably wouldn’t now, it’s probably “please God or die”, but it was pretty liberating when all I heard all the time was “God is angry with you”. So, in terms of personality, he is pretty nice.

  9. So, is there a Christianized Wii Fit game where you, I don’t know, swing your study Bible around or something? Or do a simulated sword drill? We could have a lot of fun with this idea …

    Soul-winning Step Aerobics …

    1. Possible Christian fitness game: exercising your butt-kicking Christian liberty! (Props to pastor’s wife for that one!)

    2. “Extreme Songleading” – ONE and two and THREE and four… (featuring 3/4 and 4/4 songs)

      “Guitar Downstrumming” – Hammering down those hymns

    3. M.O.G.S….”Don’t Make Them Come To Visit YOU!” (Bad boys-bad-boys…what’cah gonna do when they come for you? M.O.G.S. is filmed on location at your local Independent,Power of the King James Version,Baptist Church…All perps are unsaved until baptized)

  10. Did anyone else notice the soundtrack for the “Soldier of God” game? Nothing like a midi version of “Welcome to the Jungle” … 😮

    1. Hey, now that you mention it…
      He’s compromising and his testimony is destroyed! The maker of this game is an apostate! I also noticed at the end of the Mario clone there was a midi version of “Days of Elijah.” He’s a fan of that heretical Contemporary Christian Music! He is clearly a liberal compromiser and all True Christians should separate from him!

    1. I have no idea what BJU is, but I know how GameMaker works. Give me the graphics and it’s done. It can be a bullethell (shmups with literally hundreds, if not thousands, of bullets on screen at once) game. Except instead of bullets, it’s rules and fingers of suspicion. Try and dodge them all. Powerups are scrolls containing Galatians 3:3 and 2:20.

      1. I was meaning a spoof rather then a serious version only based upon Bob Jones University folk rather then whoever these people are. Hmmmmm Might have to get back to you on the graphics.

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