If you happen to have any friends or relatives who are still fundamentalists it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve been blessed with their forwarded e-mails that inform you of lurking dangers and global conspiracies backed up by the finest new source known to man: Unlike the liberal mainstream press who only report on how evil Republicans are, worldnetdaily stands in the gap providing fundies and others of their political ilk the real inside scoop on why the CIA is monitoring your toilet paper usage or what really caused Mrs. Augustine Puddlemeyer to cry “Lord Have Mercy!” at 3:47 on Monday afternoon.

If it weren’t for worldnetdaily, there would be so much less material with which pastors could frighten their congregations during the monthly “19 Reasons Why I’m Stockpiling Ammunition Until Jesus Comes Back” sermon. And my e-mail inbox would certainly be a more empty.

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  1. I actually used to like WND. Somewhere they jumped the shark though, and then their readership sky-rocketed.

  2. My dad sends me ridiculous stuff like this all the time. He’s not a IFB, we did go to an “Assemblies Of God” church many years ago, but this stuff if absolutely ridiculous.

    Sure, I believe that Obama is not a good fit for this country, but I’m not going to insult the man by calling him things he is not.

    I wish I had the heart to tell him that this stuff is BS, but I don’t know how…

  3. I have gone round & round w/ scores of fundies demonstrating that WND is NOT a news site. They may occassionally accidentally report some news that then has to be flushed out & verified by actual media/news organizations, but WND doesn’t report anything, and mostly makes BS up to enrage their readers. Of course the answer always is that even if that particular story isn’t true it somehow is demonstrative of a movement that is going on despite the inability to find any instances of it.

  4. I used to actually have a faint passing interest in keeping up with current happenings in the political sphere. Since then, I’ve been around so much Tea Party ranting that it almost makes me want to switch to Democrat… (not that I’d consider myself a Republican, either)

  5. I used to get emails all the time from fundy relatives containing this stuff and similar. I made it a habit to hit Reply All and include the relevant debunking article, usually from Snopes but occasionally from other sites. That caused the emails to trickle off and then disappear.

    Are you trying some sort of Fundy brainwashing technique on us? I have fundy flashbacks everytime I have to press Submit to post a comment! 🙂

  6. “Don’t agree with Obama? Get ready for IRS probe.”

    Yeah, because the Patriot Act (which monitors your library book checkouts and provokes “random” airport security strip-downs) was an Obama act. Oh, wait …

  7. It’s like the Weekly World News for Fundies! Where’s Bat Boy? Guess I’ll have to settle for Molotov Mitchell. sigh.

  8. I thought the material came from the websites of Jack Van Impe, Hal Lindsey or John Hagee. Maybe WND is where they get their stuff. Nothing like newspaper exegesis from the pulpit.

  9. I was defriended on FB when I pointed out how wrong his WND posts were. Oh, well… .

  10. As a Canadian who supports univeral health care and other “socialist” ideas, it is plain to me that there is an “American” gospel which is a strange mixture of extreme right wing politics and fundamentalist theology. Many Americian missionaries have tried to sell that snake oil here in Canada and they have very little to show for their efforts. The U.S. has created a new gospel which is nationalistic and practically undigestible for the rest of the world. As a French Canadian, I was astonished by some American missionary idiots who tried to translate the KJV into Quebec French (imagine someone who barely spoke English trying to trasnslate “Huckleberry Finn”). What a farce!!

  11. I am sorry for the rest of you who are obviously deluding yourself from the facts, but if Chuck Norris is on the front page of a website, than anything contained within that website must automatically be taken as fact.

  12. WND jumped the shark about 10 years ago, IMHO.

    I don’t agree with Obama, but I don’t think he’s the antichrist, either. Sheesh.

  13. “I used to get emails all the time from fundy relatives containing this stuff and similar. I made it a habit to hit Reply All and include the relevant debunking article, usually from Snopes but occasionally from other sites. That caused the emails to trickle off and then disappear.”

    Yeah, I used to do that with my brother-in-law. They stopped after a while too, LOL!

  14. @phil … Oh, I’m under no delusions that the Patriot Act is going anywhere. I just have to roll my eyes at those who freak out that the “Dem’crats are takin yer freedum!” but were totally okay with their rights being violated by the Bush administration because it was “savin us from the turrists.” Nope, no disconnect there at all …

  15. @Morgan – spot on.
    I had this discussion with someone recently about Obama’s birth certificate. That subject gets mentioned on WND more, I think, then anything else. They even buy billboards to ask the question: Where’s the Birth Certificate?
    I’m not saying whether it’s valid or not (personally, I don’t think it’s really relevant). But I tried to tell my friend that “even if Obama showed them his birth cert, they would say it’s fake 20 minutes later, and there would be a news story to boot. Or, they would change the signs to say, ‘Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate?'”
    Then, there’s the fact that G Gordon Lilly has his own radio program through them. Enough said.

    1. You must be a Prophet sir! That’s EXACTLY what they did when he released his long-form Birth Certificate about 9 months months after this post. How did you know? 🙂

  16. Its all about finding the news that supports the bias. Facts are tools of Satan. This ia their world view, this is not only how they see religion and politics, its how they see YOU. I have been slandered by relatives in a very WND way, just so they could get comfy with their poor treatment of me. Its easier to hate when you trump up the charges.

  17. but, but, but…. Chuck Norris writes for WND and he’s a Christian!! And he’s Chuck Norris!!

    What’s that? Ann Coulter does too?

    Nevermind then..

  18. Well, whatever that book is, I am sure it is nowhere near as bad as the child abuse for dummies books that the pearls write.

  19. Off topic, but I knew a family who were as fundy as you could get (ATI, Gothard, the Bible says rock music is bad, always wore suits, etc.) and they had this really weird thing about Coke. They were just in love with Coca-Cola (presumably still are). As in they had tons of memorabilia, would only drink it, liked to take pictures with Coke cans. Weird, right? So, was that just those freaks, or is this something common in fundy circles that might warrant a post?

  20. The last pastor I was “under” (that sounds real authoritarian, but it was), loved coke. They drank litres of the stuff (Diet and Zero of course).

  21. @Bob,
    That sounds like just a normal kind of weird. I grew up really fundy and most of our circles either ignored the pop issue or were anti-pop for reasons such as, “It’s a stimulant, it originally contained Cocaine, you shouldn’t let yourself be addicted to anything but the Bible and soulwinning, etc.”

    I drink Diet Coke or Vanilla Coke Zero. : )

  22. Ah yes, the coke addiction….
    I cannot believe just how much soda, diet or otherwise, was consumed by the people in the church I grew up in. It must be like how frat-guys put empty liquor bottles in their dorm rooms. Same thing, but with soda. Of course, eating unhealthy (gluttony) is almost always glossed over in IFB circles. Never really undertood that. Will someone please enlighten me in a hilarious manner?

  23. Tyler,
    nothing like a fat, sweaty comb-over BJU preacher boy in a polyester suit, yelling at you about the dangers of alcohol addiction for two hours, then eating three doughnuts and a coffee with 5 sugars and half n half during the break (aka “fellowshipping”).. *burp* indeed….

  24. Isn’t WND like the only group left out there still clinging to the Obama birth certificate thing?

  25. i’ve never read wnd (knowingly, that is). but if sfl is to be believed (and it is), i’d have to say that wnd exists so that people like me can say “yes, i’m a right-wing extremist, but i’m not crazy like the birthers over at wnd”.

    also, i love soda more than life itself.

  26. @Reader Mo I may be on the opposite end of the political spectrum but I can totally respect anyone that is willing to identify the paint sniffing birthers for the nutcases they are! 🙂

    Count me among the sicko’s that has occassionally nipped at the remainders of a mt dew bottle first thing in the AM.

  27. @Kevin

    I am with you 100%, if it’s good enough for Chuck it’s good enough for me.

    “A blind man once stepped on Chuck Norris’ shoe. Chuck replied, “Don’t you know who I am? I’m Chuck Norris!” The mere mention of his name cured this man blindness. Sadly the first, last, and only thing this man ever saw, was a fatal roundhouse delivered by Chuck Norris.”

  28. I still have a Mike Huckabee t shirt that says “Chuck Norris doesn’t predict, he just tells you how it’s gonna be”.

  29. I saw Chuck Norris speak – well actually he read – some excerpts from our Founding Fathers at the Kennedy Center rally last week. All I could think of was that he was an awfully old man for his young wife standing by his side.

  30. I must confess: I have WND on my favorites list.

    Surprised that the fundies didn’t discount WND based on liberal commentator Bill Press’ Friday commentary. I guess they can get away with it probably because most of the readership wouldn’t know the Huffington Post commentator from Adam.

  31. I’ve seen these fundy conspiracy theories all my life, and often from the pulpit.

    Fearmongering: for when faith in God’s sovereignty just isn’t controlling enough.

  32. Another example of Poe’s Law.
    That is, I can’t tell if worldnetdaily is satirizing fundamentalists and right-wingers, or if the people who run it are just barking mad.

  33. Never heard of WND before, until now. But this reminds me of a certain fundy from my old church. I happened to see some facebook status of his that claimed something nasty about Obama and his supposed spying on people’s facebooks. Then some person commented on it saying that he/she was sure that the CIA or whoever was hacking his/her facebook and messaging nasty video links (we all remember those) with viruses. I would’ve told him/her how ridiculous it would be for the government to hack someone’s facebook and then send viruses to his/her friends. But the conversation was ugly and vicious, so I abstained. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was the source though.

  34. Things Fundamentalists like :
    The Word of God
    verbal , plenary inspiration of Scripture
    The love of God
    firm belief that God loves all men . Your feeble attempt to paint all who claim to be fundamentalists in a less than wholesome light , only exaggerates your poor effort to participate in any intelligent discussion of issues .

    1. Huh. And here I thought that Liberty wasn’t supposed to be a real fundy organization. Interesting.

      Also, this is parody and not intended to be a serious discussion. So your main point is rather irrelevant.

      1. Dr. Hughes was the pastor of the church I volunteered at back when I was in seminary! I worked in a small inner-city church with him. Interesting seeing him comment on here….

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