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  1. @Don: “The local fundy church; the local, rule setting, ‘we have standards that will keep you from even thinking about sin,’ fundy pastor; the non-thinking, pew warming, Amening, church member”

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. The gospel-less clubs that call themselves churches do need to be avoided, and people should be rescued from them.

    But I am asking you to recognize that everyone that calls themselves a fundamentalist should not be caricatured like that. It appears that the churches @Kat and I frequent aren’t the legalistic, powerhungry clubs that you’ve separated from. I believe that the wrongs done to me were by individuals; could have happened anywhere.

    Btw, I’m so glad you’ve sought and received forgiveness from those you’ve wronged and those who have wronged you. Many people aren’t willing to do that; the fact that you have speaks loudly of your Christlikeness.

    @BASSENCO: I emailed the pastor, he’s checking their sermon archives. I sincerely hope they still have the sermon, it was a good exposition of I Tim 5:19-21 (elders are not exempt from confrontation). I’m also looking into a few “Fundy” books and articles that address the topic as well. Sorry for the delay.

  2. Thanks dave. It is all grace. As you can tell from my ranting I am still an earthen vessel. Most of my frustration comes from my having lingered sooo long at the IFB vat of kool-aid. I left church in my late teens… and what did I do? I returned to the vomit. I was out of fundyland while in the Marines (the Corps was a breeze after the BoJo bunker- Proteens crap) and what did I do when I got out of the Corps… you guessed it, right back to the IFB-KJVO bunker for more kool-aid. *beat head on desk- mumble “stupid-stupid-stupid”- repeat*

    But….God is Sovereign and merciful and gracious and I could use up all the bits available on the interwebs thingy and never describe Him in all His Grandeur, Glory and Holiness… and He knew what He had planned for me. *take asprin for headache*

    Still it is tough to change one’s worldview after a lifetime of fundy programming. It truely is a detoxification process, a de-programming if you will. And the first mask to be discarded is the one of “self-delusional need for perfection in order to be a good Christian”. I am me, and I am learning what it is to be me again. I am having to relearn who I am and if I can like me, I mean really like me or if (shades of Smeagol) we are going to have a problem with me, myself and I?

  3. @BASSENCO: That’s fine. Just keep in mind that I’m trying to find in about ten days what you’ve been looking for for probably about ten years. If I don’t get back to you here, I’ll send it to you through your website.

    I know the probability of them reading this is low, but… I’m still waiting for @Darrell and @mounty to resolve their discrepancy. “Goofy” or “sacrilegious”?

    Also, @Darrell, you said you could reproduce “all the places where [you] do in fact make suggestions and try to be helpful.” You haven’t shown me one, never mind ALL. (besides the link that @pastor’s wife posted, in which you really only give generic advice that any nominally Christian group should follow) If I’m to be held accountable to get @BASSENCO what she asks for, shouldn’t I ask you to do the same for me?

  4. @dave, The definition of sacrilegious actually offers some insight into your big issue with SFL, which seems to be “Offering scorn/satire without a solution; I don’t see how that helps.”

    Sacrilege is violating something that is held sacred. When people are holding the wrong things sacred, then violation is helpful, even necessary. Look at Isaiah’s mockery of those who carve their own idols out of the same wood they use to cook. (Isaiah 44) It’s humorous, it’s goofy, it’s also sacrilegious to those who considered their wooden gods sacred. Sometimes the solution is understood. Burn the wooden gods and worship the living God.

    In the case of eschatology, the problem is that people hold sacred a very specific map of the end times, when the Bible doesn’t clearly give one. Offering another very specific map of the end times as an alternative would be like offering a god carved out of a different type of wood.

    Many of the other problems with fundamentalism compare in the same way. They don’t need new wooden gods to cling to. They need someone to laugh at the foolish things they hold sacred so they can see that many of those gods are just idols carved out of firewood.

  5. @dave “If I’m to be held accountable to get @BASSENCO what she asks for, shouldn’t I ask you to do the same for me?”

    No, not by that logic. Maybe you should be able to hold somebody else accountable, but not because I am holding you accountable. I maintain, and have proved by years of evidence, that no Fundamentalist preacher has ever preached a sermon against grossly sinful preachers within fundamentalism, nor has a sermon ever been preached against wife/child beating. You said your preacher had preached against the first, so the burden of proof is on you. To disprove me, you must produce just one sermon on either topic. And I still maintain that you cannot.

    Whatever anybody else says has nothing to do with that. You are not proved right if somebody else in another discussion entirely with whom you disagree is proved wrong. Avoid fundamentalist reasoning at all costs, young dave. At its heart lies deception and self gratification.

  6. This showed up on the random post generator. The post is FUNNY! As far as the following convo, can never tell what post is going to generate a long, interesting, and at times deep, comment string, can you?

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