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  1. You can bet he would have been the one “without sin” (at least in his own warped mind) who threw the first stone. What a putz!

  2. @Phil pretty confident I do. Not sure exactly what you mean by authentic? If you mean faithful to the actual events, and inspired in it’s revelatory nature of God’s character and interaction w/ His creation, then whole heartedly yes.

  3. Never heard of that. I know of the end of Mark controversey, and accept that we don’t have the original ending to Mark. Never heard this one. did a cursory reading of the wikipedia entry, and am kind of unconvinced of the deauthenticity of John 8. I don’t know that that passage like the one in Mark is inconsistent w/ John’s writing style/purpose. The passages that have more doubt about them are ones that have multiple renderings in varying manuscripts not just “missing” is all I see that they say about that. Will definitely have to do some more reading of the text w/ that in mind, and maybe some day reading what Metzger etc says. I’ll be reading Metzgers commentary on Genesis before I get to this though, and that ones backburnered as well.

  4. I almost find it more disturbing that the poster of this video added this at the end, “No one thinks he would slap a grandmother. It’s Schaap’s way of communicating.”

    My first thought is that violence is just as much communication as silence or preaching. So my first thought is well yea the wife beater communicates the same way. Or it would be like saying, “Oh never mind the fact that he beats his wife on a daily basis that is just his way of communicating.” Of course we know the person was meaning that Schaap likes to use provocative speech to catch your attention. The problem is he has a congregation of a thousand or more yes? How can he be so sure that everyone in the congregation is understanding that, “Oh this is just how he communicates, he isn’t really espousing elder abuse.” It is negligence on his part to assume otherwise.

    The final thing, though is that by adding this disclaimer that doesn’t make it right. “Oh my son kills people to communicate…he’s always done that.” Schaap could get his point across a million different ways without espousing abuse. So why does he communicate this way? Well Freud might have something to say about it…but even if we throw him out as a sham psychologist, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” So really what the poster is saying is, “His mode of communication is violence, but that is ok cause that is just the way he is.” (said with a smile on their face).

    It is sick!

    1. My Grandma was a godly lady, always wore dresses but never condemned others for not (that was just the early 1900’s culture that many of that era never grew out of). Made homemade apple turnovers, I’m talking about rolling out the dough with a rolling pin (if you are under 50 just google “rolling pin”). However, with that being said, the day this jacka$$ slapped my Grandma would be the day he met his Maker.

  5. @ Mark Rosedale, I agree! The person who added that comment on the video KNOWS that what Schaap said is beyond acceptable which is why he felt it necessary to try to explain it away, but it’s inexcusable.

  6. @Mark Rosedale
    “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”

    Can I get an AAAAMEN??

  7. This Boyce College graduate and Southern Seminary students wants to punch you in the face if you kiss your girlfriend: http://theveritasnetwork.org/2010/07/02/dating-courtship-wimpy-men-why-the-current-dating-culture-of-young-people-must-change/
    Notice all his “Biblical” argumentation: sex, horny, horny, sex, Genesis, sex, sex, horny, horny, sex.

    Total fundies! Total. And they are Baptists. And they are pretty independent. So . . . I think they’re in the club!

  8. @Camille: given what certain prominent figures at SBTS have publically said/written, I’d *definitely* put them in the same boat with fundies. No question about it.

  9. On the first point the guy in that article linked makes – is that not the same as going shopping when your hungry? How did that article even come up…oh yea hitting grandma and guys who look at your girlfriend-ok I’m up to speed.

  10. given what certain prominent figures at SBTS have publically said/written, I’d *definitely* put them in the same boat with fundies. No question about it.

    I got a public smackdown from a current SBTS student a few years back. It made no sense. Not one sentence made sense! The only way it could make sense is if you understand that he really thought he was entitled because he was a male and I a female. It didn’t matter that he was my former student.

    I was so embarrassed for him because he wasn’t being at all logical or coherent. I was embarrassed for a lot of people. Some day . . . I’ll have the guts to talk about it. I haven’t yet.

  11. (((((Camille))))) Given what I know of SBTS’s (and, by extension, CBMW, since they’re one and the same) views on gender that’s a pretty likely explanation. That’s certainly a prominent attitude among certain faculty and administrative members there (you can probably guess who I’m referring to). Their discourse is nearly identical to the fundamentalist discourse you and I grew up with. Their argumentation, their unwillingness to accept other ideas, the knee-jerk reaction to shut down any and all opposition using whichever logical fallacy comes easiest, and even some of their theology is no different from that of IFBs. Sure, it’s packaged a little more attractively than the fundamentalism I grew up with, but that doesn’t change the substance of it.

  12. LOL @Grant! Their logic is similar too. “We’ve got Compromise! With a capital C and that rhymes with B and that stands for Beard!”

    Somebody please do a mash-up.

  13. PS, that Marian the Librarian was nothing but trouble willing to trot out to the foot bridge with whatever liberal compromising ne’er-do-well like Prof Henry Hill! 🙂

  14. I love how he gets the parents all worked up about where their kids buckle their knickerbockers, and whether they use the word “swell.” It’s a perfect match!

  15. Wow, just wow.

    Like many others here, I say go ahead, slap my Grandma, she is Northern Ontario French Stock and would have a shot gun in an unmentionable place faster than he could raise his hand.

    My grandma bought us condoms and told us to smarten up and learn how to use them. Jack would have loved her.

  16. Glad I drunk my coffee BEFORE watching this. This is bad enough to leave me speechless.

  17. Camille: I’d definately put them in the club. From your link:

    “It has been said that 98% of men lust after women; the other 2% who say they don’t lust after women are liars. ”

    Actually only 90% of men lust after women – the other 10% who say they don’t are GAY!

    “Also, when it comes to the engagement process then keep it as SHORT as possible. Believe me, this is the absolute WORST time for guys. ”

    Obviously women don’t like sex. And yet we’re such harlots about it!

  18. Obviously that Jacob dude practiced unBiblical dating. He was engaged for FOURTEEN YEARS.

    1. I clicked on your link and was dumbfounded at the comment about six months being long enough to know someone before making a marriage commitment. I obviously live in a much more complicated world with more complex people than the article’s author does.

  19. My sexual desire was awakened by a girl two rows over in Biology class when I was 12 years old.

  20. I’ve heard the expression, “That’s so delicious you’ll slap your grandma!” (usually about barbecue down here in Georgia) 😎 but that is miles away from this jerk’s words. 👿

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